Birthday Messages for Sister – Elder, Younger Sister Birthday Wishes

Do you want to make your sister’s birthday more beautiful? Then Wish her a beautiful happy birthday message. Here you can find the best birthday messages for sister. Wish your elder and younger sister these lovely birthday messages for sister. If you want you can edit these birthday messages, wishes with your own word.

Happy birthday messages for sister

1. Happy birthday to my little sister, I hope it’s a great day for you. I love you so much.

2. Happy birthday, Sister!!!! Wishing you all the best today and always. As we look back on this image to remind us of all the good times through the year we had celebrated. Always fun to plan our excursions. Moving on to bigger and better. Enjoy your day!!!

3. You are my best friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! LOVE You lots. Enjoy your great time.

4. Pop some bubbly for this beauty because it’s her birthday! Happy birthday, sister! Love you!

5. Happy Birthday to my “little sister”.I hope your day is as amazing as you!!! I love you!!

6. Happy Birthday  ” One Is Related By Blood, But you Make Us Fam…… God Bless Your New Age Sissy Grow Stronger And Richer

7. Happiest of Birthdays to my sister and all around cool chic!

8. Singing Happing Birthday to my youngest sister. May God continue to guide and protect you on this special have a blessed and enjoyable day. Love you always.

9. Happy Birthday to my sweet sister. I love you dearly and wish you the best years ahead. LIBRA POWER.

10. Happy birthday to the greatest sister in the world. I love you so much and so does this man and NYC.

birthday messages for sister

11. My beloved sister and my sweetheart happy birthday. Am so proud of you and I wish you God’s bless you and love as you celebrate this special day of your life.

12. Wishing a very happy, happy 24th birthday to my best friend, a partner in crime, & sister. You’re 24 & more fabulous than ever, I know this year will be your best yet!

13. It’s my sisters 2nd birthday today! It’s been an incredible year and I can’t wait to enjoy the years to come with you! I will always be here for you!

14. Happy birthday to my sister. Hope you had the best 5th birthday!!

15. Happy 15th birthday to my lovely sister! I hope you enjoy this amazing day and have a year full of happiness, I love you so much! Having you as my sister is one of the greatest gifts! Stay beautiful.

16. Happy Happy 17th Birthday Baby Girl!!! Love you to the moon and back. May the Lord Almighty hand continue to be upon you protecting, shielding, guiding healing and blessing every part of your life. May He reveal and glorify himself in wonderful ways.

17. Happy birthday to my big sister, we not related but def family in a way Love you girl! Live it up!!!

18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ender SISTER love you!

19. Sending a big birthday shout out to my sister  & pops first child Happy Birthday.

20. Happy birthday to your beloved sister. You are my best sister and best friend forever.

21. Happy birthday to my amazing sister! live long. Best of luck in your future life.

22. Happy Birthday my soul sister. Have a great day. Enjoy your special day.

23. Wishing to my sister a beautiful Happy Birthday! I love you lots. You are my one of the best friends.

24. Happy birthday to my favorite girl in the world. Thank you for being the most supportive, loving, caring, smart, and most beautiful sister in the world. Sissy, I love you unconditionally. Forever and always my partner in crime.

25. Good morning everybody today is a special day because it’s my sister’s birthday. I want to wish her a Happy Birthday and may God bless her with many more years. I”m so lucky to have such a Great big sister like you thank you for everything you have done for me. Love you lots.

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Best birthday messages for sister (elder/younger)

Happy birthday messages for sister

26. Happy 17th birthday to my beautiful sister. You are growing into such a well rounded young lady. I am so proud of who you are. I love you so much.

27. Happy birthday to my best friend, soon to be a mommy, future MOH & sister. This year has brought nothing but amazing blessings and the best is yet to come!

28. Happy birthday to my one and only sister love you so much!!

29. Happy birthday to my sis. Enjoy your day baby, can’t nobody stop your shine!!!

30. Happy birthday to my sister, and best friend. I miss you as much today as ever. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. Love you with all my heart.

31. Happy birthday to my sister. We don’t get to see each other often but when we do it’s like we never parted ways we’re still two women that laugh like little girls we use to be. I love you enjoy your great day.

32. Happy Birthday to my annoying sister I love you, honey!

33. Happy birthday to my precious baby girl you make me so happy!!! I love being your mommy so much.

34. Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Sister. I love you! Hope you enjoy your day to the fullest.

35. Happy birthday beautiful. Here your cake. Eat up. Sis.

36. HAPPY happy birthday to my lovely sister and best friend. You’ve been such an inspiration to me over the years and have helped to shape the person I am today. Your constant support and guidance have helped so many people other than just me. You make this world a better and brighter place and I’m so proud to call you sister.

37. Happy Birthday to my little sister. Even though I’m far away, doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore. You’re dead-ass growing up so fast and I’m really sad that I don’t get to see you anymore but when I do its straight love. So once Happy Birthday Beloved enjoy your great day.

38. Screaming very loud and clear Happy Birthday to my little sister. Love you to the baby girl. Enjoy your special day.

39. Happy birthday to one of my favorite girl from my favorite uncle.

40. Happy birthday to my dear sister, I love you and miss you very much.

41. Happy birthday, sister You are so special in my life, not only for being my lovely sister but also for being one of my best friends. If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have made it this far!!

42. Happy Birthday, Sister!  Thank you for being a big sister and best friend. I hope you enjoyed your time and enjoy your birthday today God bless you.

43. Happy birthday to my sister-cousin!!! I’m so proud of you. You’re a blessing & I’m so happy to call you Love you!!!

44. Celebrating HER! My Princess! Happy Happy Birthday Sis! Love you lots!

45. Mom and dad did pretty well we are beautiful happy birthday sis.

46. Happy birthday!!! Greatest little sister I could ever have. My frozen princess.

47. Happy birthday to my best friend and not so little sister! Love you more than I can say!

48. Happy Happy Birthday to my lovely Sister.

49. Screaming out loud Happy Happy Birthday to my big sis may the Lord continue to bless you with lots of health and happiness.. love you to infinity and beyond.

Top birthday messages for sister (little)

Happy birthday messages for sister

50. Happy Birthday To My Sister!! Without her, I never would’ve been a Singer! SO… Shout it out! Happy Birthday To you my dear sister!!!

51. Celebrating Sophia’s 7th birthday! Love you baby girl… Sophia, for most who know her, loves scary characters and movies, so her mommy made reservations at this restaurant, she loved it.

52. Happy Birthday to my Big sister. Love you lots!

53. Celebrating the most beautiful birthday girl in all of New York City. Happy birthday my wonderful sister.

54. Happy birthday to my wonderful sister!!!! I love you more than you know!!!

55. Happy birthday to my sister wish you much more to come to enjoy and God bless you.

56. Good morning. I want to send A Special. Happy Happy birthday to my big sister

57. Happy Birthday baby girl!! So glad we could be together!! I treasure these times!!

58. Just wanna say happy birthday to my sister. she is not just family shes my bigger me #REALblood.

59. Happy Birthday to my amazing sister. I’m Things I love about you, your mind and your relentless spirit. You set your mind on something and you go for it. You are courageous and adventurous and a continuing driving force of someone who is a leader. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you and the places God is going to take you. Enjoy your great day beautiful!

60. Happy 21st birthday to my person, my best friend, my soul sister, my biggest cheerleader, my right hand. I love you more than life itself. Thank you for sticking by my side all of these years do what I would do without you seriously. Forever thankful for you and our friendship. I hope you have a lovely birthday. I love you to the moon and back.

61. Since she doesn’t have Facebook. asked me to post a birthday image of her little sister. Happy Birthday. Love you always.

62. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister! Live long. Love you lots.

63. Happy Birthday to my one and only sister. We had some hard times together but no matter we are always for each other I hope you have a great day. We love you.

64. I want to wish my sister a happy birthday I’ll be there later to turn up love you, miss you and see you soon.

65. Happy birthday to this girl one of the people that deserves my unconditional love. I wish her all bless and successes. Thanks for being part of my life… enjoy your good day to the max.

66. Happy birthday to my sister. Love you and enjoy your day.

67. Birthday Blessings to my, Sister. You are incredible in every way. Keep on shining and smiling. Happy birthday my Beautiful Smart Sister! I love you. The Family Loves you.

68. Happy birthday to a wonderful sister and best friend. You have always shown how amazing it is to be you. So I just want to wish you many more years of health and happiness. May all your wishes come true.

69. Happy birthday to my great sister. Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy to the fullest and see you on Sunday to celebrate.

70. Happy last birthday in your 21’s sis. love you always, even when I’m a biatch.

Happy birthday messages for sister in English

Happy birthday messages for sister

71. Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook one and only Sister.

72. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister and my bro in law may Amma blessing be with u guys forever.

73. Happy Birthday, sister. Wish you have a best one!

74. Happy birthday, sister!! Love my fam and as you noticed we all love each other.., not all of us.

75. Happy Birthday! You are the best sister ever. It is from you that I learn and gain strength. MUAH.

76. The birthday boy and birthday girl are getting ready to see you! I’ll let you know what I thought later, but from what I hear, it’s a GREAT show!

77. A big, beautiful happy birthday to my big sister. Happy birthday! LOL.

78. Happy Birthday to this beautiful girl, to my sister from another mister. Here’s another year to success, health, and happiness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetie!!!

79. Happy birthday to the real baddie ok love my sister to pieces & Leo gang the only way.

80. FB fam Please Wish My Beautiful Amazing Sister A Happy Happy Birthday. You never switched up. I love you and wish you much more.

81. So when I say we party, we party. Lol. Enjoying our sister.

82. Happy birthday, sis. Wish you a happy and enjoyable day may U C much more.

83. Date night with the birthday girl…best NYC experience at a restaurant to date. And I’ve been every year for 6 years. I’ve stayed right across the street from Carmine’s every year and had no idea what I was missing. Look at that tugboat dessert…

84. Me holding my baby sister for the 2nd time. I love my Darling. Happy Birthday.

85. Happy birthday little sis great things have come and great things in store. Have fun boo I’ll see u tomorrow. Turn up but not too much.

86. We argue & disagree like sisters always do. She taught me everything about being a Designer. Thank you, God, for giving us the greatest mom She raised us alone! Have a happy day sister!

87. I want to wish my Sister the most happiest, wonderful Birthday ever! She is always there for everyone, as a mother, grandmother, Sister, and most of all my best friend who will stand by me right, wrong or indifferent. My rock of Gibraltar who keeps me sane. I love you lots!

88. Happy birthday to the best woman mother sister friend everything in the world with you and many more years. May the Lord continue to bless and protect u for me. Happy birthday, mummy.

89. A wonderful Sunday to celebrate my sister birthday with my family, including my 90-year-old Dad, my children, future son-in-law, sister, brother, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews and some best friends.

90. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY Beautiful sis. LOVE you and enjoy your day.

Lovely birthday messages for sister

Happy birthday messages for sister

91. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister!! I love you so much! I wish you a wonderful day and a great year to follow. No one deserves it more than you

92. I’m chilling today celebrating my sisters birthday. I work hard but I play harder. Time to slow down so we can slay. It’s Virgo time.

93. Happy Birthday to my sister!! What a way to ring in “14”

94. Wishing my blood sister a very happy birthday. I love you baby girl..enjoy your day and see you soon.

95. Happy birthday my beautiful girl! Best wishes for you! I love you!

96. I can’t believe this happened. Best surprise birthday party by the one and only best sister who is basically a twin. How can you have known exactly what I needed this year? I love all of you – my heart and souls.  Old friends are best friends.

97. Good times with family celebrating my birthday! Happy Birthday again baby girl!!

98. Happy Birthday to my amazing, smart, lovely, beautiful, strong, hardworking, always pushing fwd and never looking back SISTER. Here’s to much more and may God continue to bless you.

99. Congratulations to my baby girl and happy birthday to my lovely brother love you guys so much.

100. Happy 22nd Birthday to My Beautiful sister.

101. Happy birthday to my little sister. Your not so little anymore, time really flies. I want to wish you all the best. Be happy, healthy, successful. May you and Ariel grow a lovely bond and live a long life together. May Liam make you proud and in due time have many siblings. Love you very much, enjoy your special day.

102. Happy 17th Birthday to my not so little sister your getting old. Hope you have a lovely birthday loves you little one!

103. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my sister. I hope today is the start of the best year yet. Love you.

104. Happy birthday to the best brother a sister can ask 5. I truly miss you and Stop getting old because you making me feel old. I love you.

105. Happy Birthday To The Best sister!! Have A Great Day! Love You !!

106. Happy birthday to my beautiful sis! I don’t even have to wish you a great year ahead because we know it’s going to be a wonderful year ahead with a little princess on her way !!! can’t wait to meet her and spoil her anyways back to your birthday. Hope you enjoy your day you old lady !!! Love you.

107. Abt last night!! So lit didn’t have time to take photo.. happy birthday to my baby sis.. love u to the moon and back 5000 times. it’s a celebration every time we link up!!

108. Happy birthday to my baby girl!! 11 years old now. I could not be any prouder of her! She’s growing into a beautiful, brilliant young lady!!

109. Happy birthday to my best friend, big sister my everything no need for a long essay you know wassup.

110. Happy 32nd Birthday to the sweetest girl I know!!!!! Enjoy your night.

111. At my sister 40th Birthday party, with our dear loving friends at their bar.

112. Happy birthday to my baby girl so I’m giving a big 2nd birthday shout-out to my autumn 365 days on this earth and 365 million to go can’t wait till see you 2mm baby girl I don’t know where I would be without you. love you.

Unique birthday messages for sister

Happy birthday messages for sister

113. Happy birthday, sister love you hope you’re having fun and being the S-A-F-E love you annoying.

114. Happy Birthday, Sister. You Know It’s Turn Up Time. You The Best Sister Ever.  I Love U So Much. U Mean The World To Me Nd More. Have A Bless Birthday Sister.

115. Happy birthday, sister, I love you so much. I miss you a lot. I hope u have a great day. love you.

116. Happy birthday, sister. I hope you have a nice birthday. I love you so much.

117. Happy birthday sister we love you so much.

118. Happy birthday, sister hope to see you guys again soon!

119. Happy birthday, sister. Miss you more than ever forever missed forever loved.

120. Happy birthday, sister wish you the best sis !!!  I love you.

121. My big Sister Renee is not on but FB can u all help me wish her a happy birthday so I can show her all the love. Happy Birthday, Sister, I love you lots.

122. Happy birthday, sister! I love you to the moon and back. May God bless you today and always. Have a great day!

123. Happy Birthday, sister, I’m so sorry for wishing you a late birthday .love your 1 and only sister.

124. Happy 19th Birthday Sister. We Love You, Princess.

125. Happy 22nd birthday sister!!! I love you!


127. Happy birthday to the best sister ever. She helps me through everything and I love her so much. Anyways happy birthday sister.

128. Happy Birthday, Sister!! Love you !!

129. Happy birthday, sister. Hope you have a good day God bless you with many more years to go Love you.

130. Happy Birthday, sister. Love you to the moon and then some wish you were here.

131. Happy birthday, sister. Hope you have an amazing day love you.

132. Happy birthday, sister!!! Hope you have an amazing day.

133. Happy Birthday Sister, thank you for everything u do for us..we love you! Have an awesome day.

134. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister! We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

135. Family time! How I miss them, right now cherish this time. Celebrating my sister’s birthday Happy birthday!!

136. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister-in-law!!! Hope you had a lovely day.

137. Happy Birthday my lovely baby girl, I love you! May you always dance with life!

138. I’m excited for this weekend and I go on our first family trip to California!! Family reunion time & my lovely Sisters’ Birthday!!!! It’s just around the corner

Cute birthday messages for sister

Check out here cute birthday messages for sister.

Happy birthday messages for sister

139. Celebrated my sisters 18th birthday at the Arizona Grand Resort! A fun time!

140. Happy 19th birthday to the most beautiful smart and lovely sister ever! I’m so proud of you for how far you’ve come in life. N I’m so blessed to have someone so amazing in my life who has always been there for me. I love you n hope today is as AMAZING as you are!

141. Happy Birthday to the greatest sister, mother, Aunty in the world. We love you!

142. Wishing my baby sister a wonderful birthday today. Hope you’re celebrating to fullest!!!

143. Happy Birthday to my sister today! Love you both. It won’t be a trip to Scotland but I’ll do my best on a great Monday birthday dinner!

144. Happy Birthday to my sister and much more. Love you, dear.

145. Happy birthday to my beautiful, smart, sweet, lovely, awesome sister!

146. Happy birthday, sister! So thankful for you! You deserve an amazing day and I wish I was celebrating with you! Love you!

147. Gm family and friends please join me and help me with my lovely sister and one of the most important women in my life my day one!! Happy Birthday, Sis.

148. Happiest of Birthdays to our favorite girl. #14! I hope you enjoyed your special day. Love you.

149. Happy birthday to my lovely big sister! Sissy, mommy would be so proud of how we stick together like brown and serve rolls and hot tea with lemon! Enjoy this day and much more to come!

150. Big shout out to my baby sister. 35th Birthday. Enjoy your day.

151. Happy birthday to my favorite girl hope you have a great day an continue being the sweet 23yr old that you are we love you happy birthday sis.

152. Happy birthday baby girl I love you and I hope you enjoyed your day so far.

153. Happy Birthday to my beautiful best friend. I’m glad to have a wonderful friend and sister. I can say I’m truly blessed to have you my life and the kids life.

154. Having a wonderful time with the BIRTHDAY GIRL you.

155. Happy birthday to my sister. I wish you all the best wishes you can imagine for yourself .healthy life in the future. Good luck in your studies and happy marriage all your life. I will love you forever. Thanks.

156. Happy 13th Birthday!!  Daddy’s little girl your energetic & funny and you keep amazing me every day love you to the moon & back !!

157. Happy birthday !!! My top 7 girl words can’t describe how much I love you Hahahaha but I think you know happy 19 years old lol keep stay carry stay hot and pretty.

158. Happy 28th Birthday to my favorite girl, my second mother, my Aunt Cat!!

159. **HAPPY BIRTHDAY** To my wonderful sister, lovely mother, and friend to the end

160. Happy birthday to this beautiful special because my friend, sister and partner in crime today is your day and I’m so happy we are all together to celebrate this day may you enjoy your special day and live to see your niece or nephew !!!

161. Happy birthday to our baby girl. This day 24 years ago you brought such joy into our lives and still do. We love you with all our and are proud of the person you are. Never ever change!!!

162. Happy birthday, sis enjoy your day!!

163. Happy birthday to my sister! your special day I love you.

Amazing birthday messages for sister

Happy birthday messages for sister

164. Happy Birthday to my little sister! You are a wonderful mother and an awesome aunt. We love you so much!

165. Happy 20th Birthday to my baby girl, We is so proud of the young woman you have become. Hope you have a tremendous day. We love you and no matter how old you are you will always be my baby girl!

166. Happy Birthday to my wonderful little sis!! I love you very much. I’m so thankful for you. I’m proud of you sis… until next time.

167. Help me with my big sister, a happy birthday! If anyone knows her, you’ll know that she’s the one that makes everything happen & a conference planning guru!

168. HAPPY BIRTHDAY  ERIN – Big girl now 7 years old <3 We had the Birthday Party at Waldo’s Beach NC.

169. I want to say happy birthday to my little sister. I’m so blessed to have you and daddy in our life. Enjoy your good day.

170. I’m taking the time to wish my sister a happy birthday..this lady is one of a few that has pieces of my heart she knows if she is ever in need I’m there..enjoy your great day and don’t let anyone ruin it.I love you (name here).ENJOY!!!

171. Sending a big shout out to my Sister today is her birthday so help me wish her a Happy birthday to you I’m singing lol enjoy your day beautifully.

172. Happy birthday to this beautiful girl! Much more to come.

173. Birthday girl!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Had a great day with my munch.

174. DO NOT KILL ME. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sissy. You’re seriously one of a kind and I couldn’t imagine spending my life & weekends without you! I’ll take a bullet for you. My sister. My best friend in my life Better gets ready for the weekend. Love you forever and always.

175. Screaming and yelling happy birthday to my best sister………… Lots of love.

176. Happy birthday to my good sis, who’s always there when. Need her.. Love this chick to death. Love you sis enjoy your day…

177. We seriously need some new photos hahaha. Anywho Happy Birthday Girl. Enjoy Your Special Day. You’re A Great Mom, Singer, Wife, & An Even Better Student (speaking it) lol. Thank God For You & How You Bless Others.

178. Happy Birthday to my sister/ best friend, my food dancer, my ride or die full of life fellow cancer Tiffany Howell. I love chic we going to turn all the way up!!! It all about you today.

179. Happy birthday to my sister. I love you lots and you are such a strong girl. Enjoy your birthday weekend. Keep your faith and keep being you!

180. Happy birthday, sister. Hope you have a wonderful day.

181. Had a great time at my sisters 50th birthday party and seeing all my friends from Fairmount it was a blast.

182. Birthday shout-out to my beautiful sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS LOVE YOU lots.

183. Happy Birthday to one of the most important girl in my life who is not only my sister but also my best friend…love you lots and I hope you have the best day and greatest year ever.

184. Hey, My little sister who has always been there for me !! Happy birthday !!! Love you !!

185. Happy Birthday to the best sis in the world!! Thanks for loving me and always making me laugh. So glad we could see you last weekend, so much fun #

186. Happy birthday to my baby girl, double digits! Also congrats to her for getting selected as one of 4 captains for her Calvary U12 cheer team! So proud of you. I love u to the moon & back.

Funny birthday messages for sister

Happy birthday messages for sister

187. Screaming happy birthday 2 my sister love you.

188. 7 more days and my sister will be 14 and will be 21 … Where have the years gone? ( old picture new pictures coming on Halloween and our birthday).

189. Special birthday s/o to my blonde hair blue eyed baby girl HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY AUBS!!!! enjoy your day princes’ auntie loves you.

190. We are off again to the races. Heading to Charlotte N.C for our sister birthday. We are excited to share this birthday with her. We have an exciting long weekend plan.

191. Happy birthday to the girl who never stops! Seriously your getting old start taking a rest It’s my turn to run on no sleep! Happy birthday! Love you

192. Happy Birthday to my great sister. As the matriarch, she always makes sure we are cared for. Love you so much and I hope you enjoy this new chapter.

193. Happy Birthday to my sister. Thank You for always being there for me and my family, Hope you have a great day.

194. Happy Birthday to One of the Best Big Sister. I love you! Happy 28th Birthday  This is one of my favorite picture of us!!

195. Happy birthday to my elder sister. I can’t believe you are 30 and getting married this week. love ya!!

196. Happy Birthday and the longest day of the year to my sister and to my best friend! What are the odds that my 3 favorite people would both be born on this special day?! Love you both to the moon and back, so SO happy you were born.

197. Everyone Say Happy Birthday to my BIG but little-sized sister,! Little.

198. Happy birthday baby girl It’s all about you this weekend.

199. Thank you, for the birthday wishes and special thanks to my sister. Us For the best birthday every the surprise painting w a twist today a very beautiful day for me.

200. When you get a call from your sister Say get dress it’s your Birthday Ok she up to something but ok I’m ready for whatever it is.

201. Happy birthday little sister. I love you and enjoy your day. PEACE AND LOVE.

202. Happy Birthday to my beautiful & much older big sister. Hope you have a great day. Love you.

203. It’s my sisters birthday Y’all! Past best friends. I love you hope you’re enjoying your day.

204. Shout out to my friend and sister on her birthday. Love you!! Have a wonderful day!!.

205. Happy birthday to my sis we might fight each other but also love each other TURN UP.

206. Happy Birthday to my favorite girl…… Fuller! Have a fabulous day!

207. The cool thing about my sister’s birthday is that we get to keep celebrating the next day with her first child’s birthday. Thus, FB family join me in wishing my beautiful niece, a Very Happy Birthday!!! And anyone that knows Qui, knows that she has more likely than not, been laughing the day away. Happy birthday and enjoy your special day of celebration.

208. Omg, she is 21 can’t believe it My baby girl is 9 years old. Happy birthday baby girl. I know you are going to have the best day.

209. GM FB fam & friends, Stop what you doing to wish my sister a Happy Happy Birthday… you girl enjoy your day God Bless you.

210. Happy Birthday to my big sis! Love you the long time.

Birthday messages for sister quotes

Happy birthday messages for sister

211. Happy birthday to my fabulous-in-every-way sister-in-law! We love you & hope you have a great day!

212. Happy Birthday To You!!!! Enjoy Your Day. Birthday Girl.

213. Happy birthday to my sister thanks, I had a good day.

214. Screaming Happy Birthday to this chick my pain in the butt sister love you lady Enjoy your Day.

215. One time for the birthday girl…Happy Birthday, Sis, you look lovely.

216. Happy birthday to another one of my sister/ best friends, enjoy your day wishing you much much more. Luv you girl!!!

217. I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY To my big sister I love you!!

218. It’s My sister -Birthday!! – She is Lovely & beautiful! Happy birthday!

219. I can’t let this day go by without wishing my sister happy 20th birthday enjoy your day.

220. I want to take this time in thanking God for you my lovely sister. As you celebrate another birthday of yours today, may God bless you with many birthdays. Best wishes, long life and property. Happy birthday my wonderful sister. We love you. Enjoy your day.

221. Can’t let the day end without telling my little sis Happy Birthday Love you hope you enjoyed your day. May God Bless You With Much More.

222. Happy Birthday to a sister who has the greatest sister, dang you’re so lucky because I’m really the only gift you need. I love you sister, thank you for being such a great friend. We weren’t raised together, but now that I have you in my life I can’t imagine it without you.

223. Happy birthday my lovely beautiful sister and wishing you all the best in your life and many more years to come amine little princess.

224. Happy Birthday to my pain in the butt sister! Have a blessed day, enjoy it to the fullest! Love you! Big Sis!

225. Happy 15th birthday to the first girl that stole my heart my mini-me. you are becoming so a great young lady and I couldn’t be any prouder of you!!!!!

226. Help me with my baby girl a happy 25th birthday, she’s such a wonderful mother, daughter, sister and friend and I love you very much.

227. I wanna say happy birthday!!!! o my cousin, my love, my sister, my everything! Omg, you’re a legal girl!!!!

228. Roses are a striking red, Violets are a stunning blue, But I’ve never seen a flower, Nearly as beautiful as you. Happy birthday Sis. God bless you.

229. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister., 40 never looked so good. Have a wonderful day! Love you.

230. Shouting out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big Sister,… May GOD continue to bless you. Love you, Sister.

231. Happy birthday to my sis. love you and enjoy your day.

232. Happy Birthday to my little sister from another mister. Words can’t describe the love I have for you but on the day I wish you a very happy birthday.

233. I wanna scream and shout Happy Birthday to my sister in law, my love, my friend Love You Girly and have a fantabulous day!!!

234. Happy Birthday, to my sis, thank you for being such a great aunt, mother, and friend to me. I love you lots, have a wonderful day!!!

235. Wishing this loving good hearted can’t drink too much sister of mine a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today…I know it may be bittersweet but try to enjoy your day and everyday…love you lots sis…

236. Happy birthday to my bestie! I love you sister. You are a best friend! Great aunt! beautiful heart.

237. I want to scream to say Happy Birthday to Sis, Hey Sis enjoy your blessing birthday and much much more. Love you lots.

238. Happy Birthday to my best friend! She is the most amazing person I know. Awesome mother, Loyal friend and best big sister I could ever ask for.  I love you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday like you!

239. Happy belated birthday girl..many years God bless you always.

240. Happy birthday to my younger sister. God bless you always. Enjoy your special day.

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