180 Unique Birthday Messages for Cousin

birthday messages for cousin

Is it your cousin birthday? Then wish your cousin brother or cousin sister with special birthday messages for cousin. We have an amazing collection of unique birthday messages for cousin. If you want then you can make your cousin’s birthday more enjoyable, funny and memorable. Check below our collection of birthday messages for cousin.


The best birthday messages for cousin


1. Happy Birthday cousin (name here of your cousin)….We love you !!!


2. Happy birthday, cousin, I love you so much and wish you more years to come!!


3. Happy birthday, cousin. Love you more than words can explain. enjoy your special day!


4. Happy Birthday Cousin (name here). We Love And Miss You lots.


5. Happy Birthday, cousin. Have a great day and may God bless you with much much more. FYI don’t forget to schedule your prostate and colon exam.


6. When your original song doesn’t go through so you got to make a backup happy birthday cousin. Didn’t know the voice changer sounded like this in hooked now (name here).


7. Happy birthday, cousin. Love you and hope you have a great birthday.




9. Happy Birthday Cousin (name here).  we waiting for u to make a grand entrance.


10. Happy Birthday cousin (name here). Sorry, I can’t make your party tonight. I really wanted to shake my groove thang.


11. Happy Birthday, cousin. Enjoy your day tomorrow wish I could be there to help celebrate!!


12. Happy Birthday, cousin. Pray you get everything your heart desires. Love you so much.


13. Happy Birthday Cousin& congrats on you Baby Boy.


Birthday Messages for Cousin


14. Happy birthday, cousin. Give Xavy a hug and kiss from me too.


15. Happy Birthday, cousin! Hope you enjoy with much more to come.


16. Happy Birthday, Cousin. Love You lots, Had a good time, Sorry didn’t get the chance to say so long. (name here).


17. I had a great time last night at the Luau party!!! Happy birthday cousin  (name here).


18. It’s one of  (name here) cousin’s birthday.

Cousin: can you buy me some Jordan’s? All my friends have them.

Me: You need friends that better reflect your financial reality.


19. Happy birthday Cousin  (name here). I hope you are having a fabulous day.


20. (name here) so many damn Libra’s around me I can’t take it but I want to wish my blood my rider one of the best daddies and all around family man I know A very wonderful Happy Birthday cousin. I love you to death and hope you enjoy your day to the fullest you already know we lit the whole weekend.


21. It’s still some real niggas left they just ain’t freed him yet. Happy Birthday Cousin.


22. On my birthday, eating at a restaurant named…  (name here)? Ty and I really are Cubs fans, not tourists. Oh, and the child is my cousin Peter.


23. Nothing like a Davis celebration. Enjoy your birthday cousin  (name here). Much love!


24. Happy Birthday, Cousin. May God Continue To Bless You With Many, Many More. Enjoy Your Day


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Birthday Messages for Cousin


25. Happy Birthday, Cousin! You know it’s not official until I say it on FB! Love you dearly!


26. Happy birthday, cousin. He turned my birthday up..so here a little clip of him doing his thing. TURN UP for your B-DAY CUZ!!


27. Happy Birthday, Cousin!!!! Hope your day is awesome and blessed!! Love  Love you.


28. Having the best time with my  (name here)! Happy 22nd birthday cousin!!


29. Happy 24th birthday cousin. Love you so much.


30. Hey,  Look who’s birthday it is today. Wishing you a happy birthday cousin  (name here). Enjoy your day to the fullest.


31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COUSIN U The best I wish to you the best birthday ever one day give your presentation. Lol.  Love you, cousins.


32. Happy Birthday, cousin hope you have a fantastic day!


33. Happy Birthday, Cousin! Have a Blessed Day, Enjoy it to its fullest Primo… Much Love! Enjoy…


34. Happy Birthday, cousin can’t wait to get crazy tomorrow!!! Lol, love us hope you have a great day.


35. (name here) happy happy birthday cousin the most upbeat person I know your day. Love you.


36. Happy Birthday, Cousin! Enjoy your day have a blessed one and too much more! Stop by the restaurant sometime and your birthday drink on me!!!


37. I will be 30 years old tomorrow. it’s my birthday weekend. Happy birthday cousin  (name here) take off that way.


38. Glad this little girl had a very happy and blessed birthday! Cousin Sandy loves you tons  (name here)!


39. Happy birthday, cousin, it’s your time to shine today  (name here). May God continue to bless you with much more and lots of growth and wisdom you are a phenomenal beautiful black sister and I wouldn’t trade my cousin for no other so whatever u doing boo just go all the way up.


40. Happy 46th Birthday Cousin (name here). Haven’t seen my cousin in over 35 years, it was a beautiful family gathering.


41. Enjoy Your Birthday Cousin. Wishing You Much Much More.


42. Happy Birthday cousin (name here). I couldn’t find a recent image of us which means we need another family event lol. I hope your day is filled with nothing but love


43. God bless my cousin  (name here). I am so proud of her. A former graduate of Harvard University and presently a principal in Philadelphia…. She wanted some shots downtown for her birthday. Happy birthday, cousin.


44. Don’t know where to start. You’ve blessed me in so many ways I don’t have enough space to write it down. HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY COUSIN!!


45. Happy Birthday, cousin. May all your hopes and dreams come true.


46. Happy belated birthday cousin hopes your day was filled with joy and happiness you.


47. Happy birthday Cousin  (name here). I hope you like yours.


Top birthday messages for cousin sister


Birthday Messages for Cousin


48. Happy belated birthday cousin! Hope your wonderful weekend continues.


49. Happy happy birthday cousin! Hope you have an amazing day! Love you!


50. Happy birthday cousin and I wish you long life and prosperity. Enjoy your new age.


51. Damn, I remember when we were young, now look at us. Happy 18th birthday cousin.


52. Happy birthday, cousin!!!!! Have a great way to spend your birthday!!! GGC style!!!


53. Happy Blessed Birthday Cousin. Wishing you Gods highest and best for your life.


54. Happy Birthday Cousin  (name here). Love the Jenkins Family.


55. Happy birthday, cousin!!!! I love you and I hope you have the best day, you definitely deserve it.  (name here)


56. Happy Birthday, cousin baby. y’all help me wish my handsome Lil cousin happy birthday.


57. Happy Birthday Cousin and May God Bless You With Many More To Come!


58. Out in New York, celebrating my cousin  (name here) birthday and having a wonderful time doing it. Always an Amazing feeling being around this. Beautiful Bless Queen. Happy birthday cousin (name here) and much more to come with blessing after blessing.


59. Happy Birthday, cousin. I hope you have a good one love you.


60. Happy Birthday, the cousin, hope you have a great day celebrating. Hope to see you soon!!


61. Happy birthday, cousin! I love you so much!  (name here).


62. I honestly can’t believe it been so long.. Happy birthday cousin. You are always missed..  (name here).


63. Celebrating my cousins birthday !! Happy birthday, cousin! Love you.


64. Happy Birthday, cousin! Blessings! Change your football team and you’ll be more blessed!


65. Happy birthday, cousin. Have a fabulous day. May God bless you always. I love you for life.


66. See Y’all in a min! We cousin! Happy Birthday cousin  (name here). Happy Anniversary to you Ike! Let’s go!


67. They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice! I can vouch for that!! Happy birthday, cousin. I love you.


68. Happy Birthday, Cousin.May God Continue You Bless You With Many More To Come… Enjoy Your Day To The Fullest.


69. It’s a celebration every time we link up happy birthday cousin! I love you and I hope your day is nothing less than an amazing baby!  Throw that ass in a circle one time, TU.


70. Happy Birthday, cousin. Love you wish I was there wit Y’all to turn up.


71. Happy Birthday, cousin hope you enjoy your day. Love you.


72. Happy birthday, cousin! What’re the plans for the birthday weekend?


73. Celebrating  (name here) 50th Birthday at (place name here). Happy Birthday, Cousin!


74. Couldn’t let this day go by without saying happy birthday to Ma drama queen Ma crazy ass cousin Ma mom Ma big sister /cousin everything in one I love her to death been there since I was a baby and she’s always there right or wrong. Happy birthday cousin  (name here).


Unique birthday messages for cousin

Check below unique birthday message for cousin.


Birthday Messages for Cousin


75. Happy 14th birthday cousin!!!! We had a fun time and loved the Halloween snacks!! Love you  (name here) and babies.


76. Happy birthday cousin (name here). God bless you always. I hope you enjoy your special day. Have a nice day.


77. Enjoyed my peeps last night the turn up was real. Happy Birthday, Cousin.


78. Had a Good time with Family Happy Birthday cousin.


79. I have the best cousin in the world…..today is her birthday and she spent it with me working the table all day heat. I love you (name here). Lovely Holmes. Happy Birthday, cousin…


80. Happy Birthday, cousin!  Love you!! May you have a fabulous one!


81. Happy Birthday Cousin .. May you be blessed with much more. Love you.


82. Happy Birthday, cousin love you!!!!  (name here).


83. Happy Birthday, cousin Love you  (name here).enjoy your day.


84. Happy birthday, Cousin! May you be blessed with much more. Enjoy! Love you!


85. Happy Birthday, cousin enjoys your blessings & your day. Love you, sweetie.


86. Happy Birthday, cousin. A parting of the clouds and a glimpse of sun during a hail storm is acknowledgment enough that you know I love you!


87. Happy birthday cousin (name here)! I hope you have a wonderful day! I love you cousin!


88. Happy birthday cousin (name here)!! Man, you’re getting too old. Soon you’ll be driving me around Stop growing I don’t want you to leave for college yet I want you to stay with me. I love you more than I can say. All the good times me and you have had.


89. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COUSIN! LOVE YOU LOTSSSS!! through all our shenanigans lord blessed me with lots primos and your one of them(name here).


90. Happy Birthday, cousin! Wishing you a very beautiful and wonderful day!


91. Happy birthday, cousin! I hope you’re having a blast in heaven! Love you lots.


92. It’s my Little Big cousin birthday today (name here)  Happy birthday cousin. Love you.


93. I wanted to wish you a great big happy birthday Cousin. Hope you are enjoying your day. God bless you always.


94. Happy birthday cousin may your special day brings you wonderful birthday wishes. Love you.


95. Happy Birthday, Cousin. U Enjoy Your Day We Gone Party Soon. (name here).


96. Today is one of my favorite person Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COUSIN. ENJOY YOUR GREAT DAY.


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Birthday Messages for Cousin


97. Happy birthday, Cousin/Sister! Thanks for being there when I need someone to depend on! hope you have a great and blessed day! I love you so much and I am here for you ALWAYS!


98. Happy Happy Birthday Cousin. Enjoy your day, I would buy you a margarita today but I got a work I’ll take you tomorrow … or we can go this weekend. Love You.


99. Happy Birthday, cousin!!! I love you so much and hope this year is amazing!! Missing you like crazy!


100. Happy birthday, a .cousin I love you, man, I miss you so much.


101. Happy Birthday Cousin, (name here)! You continue to amaze me! Can’t wait to see your beautiful face in nov! Until then… keep it bendy girl.


102. Happy Birthday Cousin (name here). I suck when it comes to birthdays so I rely on FB to tell me. well have a good one and enjoy your day. Love you lots


103. Happy birthday cousin (name here). We miss you a lot cousin to heaven we said happy birthday to you Priscilla you always will Beast my best cousin I had had we love you a lot to Heaven I send this to you.




105. Happy  Birthday, cousin. (name here)I hope you have a wonderful day and much more to come. Love you…


106. Happy birthday cousin …… you know (name here) is stuck out because it’s not a picture you and him. Oh well, Lol Love you to pieces! #


107. Balloon release for Foreign Flocko HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY COUSIN! REST IN PARADISE.


108. Happy birthday, Cousin!!!! I love you and hope you have a fabulous day!


109. Happy Happy Birthday Cousin, Like Ron Burgundy, says… Stay Classy!


110. Happy Birthday, cousin. I love you more than you know… have a fabulous day!


111. Happy birthday cousin and may God bless you to enjoy so much more I love you!!


112. Ayyee It’s the Grand Girl Holiday. Happy Birthday, Cousin!!!! Enjoy your day, Love you lots!!


113. Happy 17th Birthday, Cousin (name here). We thank God for the blessing that you are to this family. You amaze and inspire us each and every day. We love you and happy birthday.


114. Happy birthday COUSIN (name here). Enjoy your day big cousin stop and shout out for me.


115. Happy Birthday, cousin. I hope you have a day full of love and blessings. love you.


116. Happy Birthday, Cousin, I hope you enjoy your day.


117. Happy birthday, cousin!!! I love you and wish I could celebrate with you! We need to catch up soon!!! Love you!


118. Happy Birthday, cousin! We need to hit up 5th Halloween party again!


119. Happy Birthday Cousin (name here) and I celebrating with Fam in B’More!


120. My heart forever. Happy birthday, cousin.. missed every day. Love you (name here).


Amazing birthday messages for cousin


Birthday Messages for Cousin


121. This chic right here is a HUGE pain in my ass but I wouldn’t change that for the world, (name here). HAPPY BIRTHDAY cousin, I love u & enjoy your day


122. In the process of two-stepping at my cousin birthday, happy birthday cousin loves you (name here).


123. Es teaming happy birthday to by beautiful god sister and best cousin in the world enjoy your day boo I love you lots.


124. Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Cousin (name here)!!! So grateful to be with you on your special day during a significant weekend!! God Bless you, baby!


125. S/O Dominique Strap She always doing her thang on the cakes. Happy Birthday, Cousin.


126. Happy birthday cousin Love you (name here) I hope you enjoy this day and much more.


127. 40 and flawless!!! Happy birthday, cousin. Love you (name here).


128. Happy Birthday, cousin! I hope your day is a filled with happiness and love.


129. Happy birthday, cousin. I hope you have an Awesome Day!


130. Happy Birthday, cousin. (name here) have a wonderful day. God bless you always!


131. What an awesome day. #family #friends Happy Birthday cousin! Love you lots.


132. Happy birthday cousin (name here).

Stay strong I know today is gonna be hard imagine how my birthdays feel;

But you’ll get through it have a fun day.

See you soon.


133. Happy Birthday cousin (name here). I hope you have a lovely day.


134. Happy Birthday, Cousin! I hope your day is as Beautiful as you are!


135. Happy Birthday, Cousin!!!! Hope you have an amazing day! I love and miss you lots! We need a road trip ASAP!


136. Happy birthday (name here). I love you so much it feels like just yesterday we were together and aunt house for Christmas, I can’t believe its been 6 years since you were taken from us, I know you’re watching over us and your beautiful daughter, she resembles you so much, cousin. Soon we will meet again.


137. Happy Birthday cousin (name here)!! Eat a piece of birthday cake for me.


138. Happy birthday, cousin. I love you so much. I’m so proud of you to keep grinding gorgeous.


139. Happy Birthday, cousin. Enjoy your day and turn all the way up, love you!!


140. Happy Birthday, cousin! Enjoy your very special day. May God Bless you with much more.


141. I would like to give my cousin (name here). a big shout out, Happy Birthday cousin, have a blessed day & be safe.


142. Happy 40th birthday cousin (name here)!!! May God bless you with a day full of joy!


143. Damn check that birthday dance, go Valerie Davis-Biggins! Happy birthday, cousin. love you (name here).


144. Happy birthday, cousin. it’s your special day. Enjoy may God continue to bless you with many more years amen love you.


145. Happy Birthday, cousin! Have a blessed & fun day!! Love you!


Beautiful birthday messages for cousin

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Birthday Messages for Cousin


146. Happy birthday cousin (name here) and much more. Please enjoy!


147. I hope that you had a FANTASTIC & very BLESSED BIRTHDAY COUSIN (name here)!! May this year bring you the positive & uplifting things you want in life! I MISS & LOVE YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


148. Happy Birthday, Cousin!!!! This YOUR year I can feel it. God is going to do some amazing things in your life. Congrats on your new adventure.


149. Happy Birthday, cousin. I so miss you already..can’t believe I can’t be there for your day.




151. Happy Birthday, cousin. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day…don’t turn up too much…love you lots.


152. Wanted to be income this weekend but I couldn’t but happy Birthday Cousin love you.  Got a put it on your page cause it wasn’t tagging u in everything.


153. My cousin (name here) wanted me to sing Happy Birthday to her!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COUSIN!! Love you!! Here you go!! Hope I did ok.


154. Happy Birthday, cousin hope you’re having a great day love you.


155. Up wishing my cousin (name here) a happy birthday. I can write a book about you but I’m not so enjoying your birthday. cousin love you.


156. (name here) wishing you a very Happy Belated Birthday dear cousin. Hope it was fantabulous!


157. I want to wish my cousin (name here) a very happy birthday. I’ve seen you grow time goes by so quickly all. I want to say is I wish you the best you deserve the best and keep doing what you’re doing keep your head up stay strong. Happy Birthday, cousin. Today is your special Day.


158. It’s all about her today. Happy birthday, cousin. I love you so much, girl.


159. It still hurts like yesterday! Happy birthday, cousin! I miss you more than anyone will ever know!


160. Happy Birthday, cousin! Hope it’s the best day ever!!! Love you!


161. Happy Birthday, cousin!!! I hope your birthday is everything you wished it would be & more. Love you bunches & we are so glad we got to see your beautiful face.


162. Happy birthday cousin (name here).  Today is your day I didn’t forget to turn up enjoy your day all day.


163. Happy birthday cousin (name here). Love you cousin.


164. Happy birthday cousin (name here). Had to stop to see my Lil cousin.


165. Happy birthday, cousin. I didn’t make it but I got you I love you g blood thicker than water yeah blood little cousin family shit.


166. Happy Birthday, cousin!! Thanks for having your party in the evening so we could make it. We love you (name here)!!


Lovely birthday messages for cousin


Birthday Messages for Cousin


167. Happy Birthday cousin (name here). Hope have a great day.  Love you lots.


168. Just so I can Be the first one to tell you happy birthday….I’m saying it right now because I’m sleepy….but I will give you a real shout out in the morning. Happy birthday cousin (name here).


169. Screaming all the way to (name here) saying Happy Birthday!! Cousin, it’s your day enjoy can’t until you get dressed tonight.


170. Happy birthday, cousin. Love you hope you have the best birthday ever!!! (name here).


171. Happy birthday, cousin!!!!! I love you and hope you enjoy your day! (name here)


172. Happy birthday, cousin-in-law! I already know you will have a wonderful day just because of how wonderful you are! Enjoy your day…


173. Happy 21st Birthday Cousin. Continue To Rest In Heaven. I Know You & Steve Up There Turnt Together. Sipping Holy Water & Stuff lol. I Love You &I Miss You (name here).


174. Happy 40th to (name here) Mom!!! Happy Birthday, Cousin… We love you!!!


175. Screaming Happy Happy Birthday Cousin. May You See Much More !!!!! Enjoy Your Day Turn Up.


176. Happy Birthday, Cousin!!! We are so very proud of you!!! Enjoy your Special Day.


177. Happy 20th birthday cousin!!!! I’ve watched you grow and blossom into such an AWESOME individual. Our bond can never be broken, Lu! I LOVE you and enjoy your birthday babe.


178. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUSIN (name here)…I love you so much…I’m so LUCKY to be your teacher LOVE Y’all!!!


179. It’s my cousin 24th birthday Happy birthday cousin wish you were out but when you touch we gone celebrate for all time missed I love you like crazy men your new baby cousin can’t wait for you to be officially a home man.


180. Happy Birthday to you (name here)!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday cousin!!


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