140 Birthday Messages for Son From Heart – Best Bday Wishes

Every parent loves their children. Each child likes the heart of their parents. Parents love their children from the heart. If today is your son’s birthday and if you are searching for lovely birthday messages for son then you are in right place. Here we have a great collection of the best birthday messages for a son. You can edit this birthday message with your own word. Check below for the best birthday messages for son.

Best birthday messages for son

1. Happy birthday to my dear son, may God keep you for us in good health, and may he continue to provide the wealth to take good care of you. Happy birthday.

2. 20 years ago God gave me the most amazing happiness to be a mother. I’m so proud of you. You are always there for me whenever I need you. Thank you for your support and your love. Happy birthday!! I love you lots.

3. Happy 19th birthday son, wild the ride and completely worth it! Love you more than words I can say and to the moon and back! Enjoy your great day!!

4. Couldn’t be a prouder papa. These pictures are courtesy of his big sister. I know she feels the same way. Happy birthday, dear son!! We all love you lots!!!

5. Good morning Facebook family today is my son’s 17th birthday I’m so proud of him and in 1 more year, you’ll be able to vote. I love you happy birthday.

6. Happy Birthday to my handsome son has a blessed and wonderful day ahead son.

7. Happy 23rd birthday in heaven my Chrissy. I have pages to write, but I’ll just leave it at that. Until we meet again my sweet son, forever loved, forever missed, our hearts are forever broken.

8. I just wanted to wish my 21-year-old son a happy birthday and remind you how much I love you.

9. Happy 16th birthday to my youngest boy. We love you lots.

10. Happy birthday to our oldest son! We love and appreciate who you are and all that you do. Have a wonderful day.

Birthday Messages for Son

11. From laying on my chest to this boy telling me to lay on him… Is the most amazing boy I know. What a personality. Happy Birthday, son! Many more to come.

12. The happiest day of my life!!! Happy 19th birthday to my sunshine!!!

13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SON… Timeslip on me… From little to an intelligent young man and proud of you and your accomplishments… My God continues to wake you up to another and another year. I pray every day that God let you grow old so you can enjoy life… Enjoy your day Love Mom.

14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the COOLEST nephew/son… ALWAYS!!!

15. Happy 13th Birthday to my beautiful son!!!! I love you with all that I am and I’m so blessed to call you mine! You are the greatest thing I have created and I believe God sent you in my life to give me something to fight for, to show me that there is love in this world, to give me hope and bring me happiness, all the proof of God I need is in you, and I’m happy you continue to grow healthy and beautiful inside in out. Hope you enjoy this day

16. Happy Birthday to my dear son. All the best to you today and always. Proud to call you my dear son.

17. Thank you to the Highest for Blessing me and my family at this moment and time. Happy 21st Birthday to my 1st born son. I am so happy and blessed to have you here with me/us on this 8th day of Jun 2017 (change by your). May your light continue to Shine Brite like The Diamond You Are. May God continue to Bless You and Keep You Wrapped in His Glory Forever and Ever! I’m so happy to see this day right now and I hope to see many more days. Wishing you all the best my son. We are proud of you my dear son.

18. Time is flying so fast. you have become a young great man, but you will always be our sweet child in our hearts. I wish you nothing but luck and happiness. Happy Birthday my son!

19. Happy 12th Birthday to my Puppy Boy! my second favorite boy in the whole world!.

20. Happy birthday to my son. Somethings you may be naughty, but mostly you are nice. Sometimes you may be naive, but mostly you are wise. Regardless of all these sometimes, there is one thing that is ALWAYS. It is my love for you, which will keep growing day after day.

Birthday wishes for son

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Top birthday messages for son

Birthday Messages for Son

21. Happy Birthday! To my son whose birthday is today. From myself, n Nar has a great day.

22. 22 years ago my first child born. Never forget that moment. The happiest day of my life! I love you son Happy Birthday!

23. Want to wish my daughter and son along with his father a very happy birthday. I hope y’all are blessed and may Y’all have much more to come.

24. A year ago today my beautiful wife brought Sawyer into the world. Happy Second Birthday, son!

25. Happy 2nd Birthday to my adorable son! I can’t believe you are One already !! I love you, baby boy! And I miss you so much! Don’t worry we are almost rich my prince !! Enjoy your day! Mommy loves you to the universe and back !!!!

26. Happy birthday to this lovely boy that has a personality that is one in a million, this boy is always happy enjoyable, and super nice May God Wish him more and more.

27. My precious boy!!! Happy first birthday Tiger baby.

28. Seven years ago, a new little man entered my life. Happy birthday, sweetie baby.

29. A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LIL BOY! I’m coming home. Daddy loves you so much!

30. Happy birthday to my son your 18 now and I hope you enjoy it and be safe.

31. Sorry for the Late post. on my friend’s son’s birthday and annual gathering party.

32. Happy birthday to my wonderful son. Your mom loves you lots.

33. Today is my loving son’s 12th birthday! I am so very proud to be his Mama! We had a fun day that started off with his favorite breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, gummy worm vanilla cupcakes at school, and a Sushi dinner. Now we’re going to play with Emma to end off a good day!

34. Happy birthday to the greatest son a father can ask for can’t believe your 15 now enjoy your day you love you to the moon and back.

35. Sharing my birthday with this guy. My niece and her husband’s beautiful baby boy Nice birthday present.

36. Happy 2nd Birthday Son. I Love you lots.

37. Hey, can everyone do me a favor and wish my son – a Happy Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Son I love you so much!!!

38. I wanna do a shout out to my only son. He is so handsome. This dude always has me laughing enjoy your birthday son momma’s boy.

39. Happy birthday to my dear son. You so deserve this. I love you lots.

40. Happy birthday, son, … I love you so much there will never be any words to truly express my love and pride for you. You have been such a blessing since the day I had you. Thank you for showing me how to love unconditionally. Have a good day! May all your wishes come true because Baby you deserve it !!! I love you so much.

41. So blessed to have a life-changing angel in my life. It’s only become better and this funny guy makes it so much more worth living !! Happy Birthday, son !! I love and adore you lots!!

Lovely birthday messages for son

Birthday Messages for Son

42. Happy Birthday, son! This journey tonight is a step into the next chapter of your life. And at midnight it brings you another year older.

43. I can’t believe how fast time flies…He was just a little gentleman a minute ago insisting on wearing a tie!! Now he’s my big BOY Master. Happy Birthday, son. I live to love you! Now let’s PARTY!!

44. Wishing the best you, sir! Happy birthday, so.

45. On June 21 I had a baby boy’s name even tho he badass hell I will always be there for my child My Heartbeat. Happy Birthday, Son.

46. Screaming to the other side of my bed happy 2nd birthday son. You made our family complete when u came.

47. Happy Birthday, Son! Great times! Baseball has been a part of our lives for a long time and I am so glad. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! love Dad…

48. Screaming Happy 22nd Birthday to my oldest son. Wow, 22 already …….crazy how time goes by so fast I remember when you were a little boy, now you are a grown man with children. Happy birthday, son…..love you too much.

49. Wishing my son a very happy 18th birthday. May God continue to bless and keep you and may you continue to grow as a leader and always give your all in all that you do. There is no limit to what you can do. I am very proud to be your mom. Happy birthday, son.

50. To my namesake and hero happy birthday son have a wonderful day love and very proud of you pass 1 more year and KODs here we come.

51. 18 years ago today God blessed us with a wonderful Son! I am thankful God entrusted us with this wonderful young man. We are so proud of you, Happy Birthday son!!

52. Yes we started early, and my son bought the first round yes, Happy 20th Birthday son….my gift to u all pay vacation, love you.

53. Happy 18th Birthday to my son. He is kind, compassionate, and hard-working with strong convictions. We are so proud of the young man he has become and know that greater is in store for him. Happy Birthday, son.

54. Happy birthday, son!!! Glad we brought in your birthday together! I love u so much! You are such a blessing in my life!!! not to mention such a great dad and well raised respectful Man U are!! I couldn’t ask for more. May God bless you forever baby mammy loves you so much.

55. Good Morning Family & FBF! Help me with my Baby son a Happy Birthday!

56. I cannot believe a year has gone by this quickly, my awesome son. You continue to grow, learn, and amazing. I look forward to another year of happiness with you in our lives. Happy Birthday, Son, I LOVE YOU.

57. Happy Birthday, son. Me your other momma your auntie, uncle, and all your work family proud of the young man you’ve grown to be. Keep up the good work we love you. Also Happy Birthday to the coolest supervisor.

58. Screaming all the way from Chicago happy birthday son. Daddy loves you so much.

59. Thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes my boy had a great time on his day!!! Appreciate the love. My job is done but it’s not over yet Friday is the real turn up. Again Happy Birthday Son.

60. On this day an 8lb-3oz bouncing baby boy was born, l was blessed with my second son. I want him to know that he has truly been a blessing and an inspiration to me can’t imagine life without him or any of my children, Happy 2nd Birthday Son love you!

61. Happy 17th birthday son has fun on the field today.

62. Screaming to Vegas happy 26 birthday son and wish you much more to come.

Amazing birthday messages for son

Check below happy birthday messages for son.

Birthday Messages for Son

63. Today I have a 19-year-old. Happy Birthday, son – we miss you and can’t wait to see you at Thanksgiving.

64. This is a Birthday wish to my reward in life, my best friend, to my son in whom I am well pleased, Thank you for being the joy that God bless you to be for me, and all the friends of yours. May God forever shower his blessings on you… Happy birthday, son… Love Pop.

65. Happy birthday, son. God owns you and all that you will become in the future. I pray to you God to be in each and every part of his life. Amen.

66. It’s Been 3 Long Years Since I Watched you Go From A Pup To A Big Dawg I & Yo OG don’t see eye to eye on a lot but I promise things gone to get better. Happy Birthday My Son.  It’s Gone Be A Party Just Wait On It.

67. I want to wish my son. A happy birthday, asking God to give me the opportunity to see you achieve all your dreams. You’re the most passionate and disciplined person I know. I admire your strength and courage.

68. 18 years ago, in the wee hours of my 28th, gave me this guy as a golden birthday present. Have a fantastic 18th, and thanks for being a great son.

69. 25 years ago was one of the best days of my life; gave birth to my son!!  Love him. ALWAYS made us proud. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

70. Wishing My Youngest Son Happy 16th Birthday I am Extremely Grateful and Blessed you are an Amazing Young man May God continue To watch over you And keep you !!!! Keep up the good work.

71. Happy 19th birthday to my sweet son, you are everything I ever wanted in a kid and you make me the happiest mother on earth. you have come so far and I’m so proud to be your mom. I can see a kid you are going places. I love you son you are my sunshine ..enjoy your great day.

72. Getting, my son, Birthday, stuff, out, the way. THEME: #FindingNemo Second Week, in July. Either, Garfield Park. it’s, going, too, be nice All, is Welcomes.

73. On this day today January 3rd, 2017 my son was born weighing 7pounds 6ounces and 18inches long…I love this man to death and wishing him a big #4 Happy birthday wish your grandad can see you.

74. Happy Birthday to my son. Daddy loves you lots.

75. Spending this beautiful day w/ the birthday boy! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day! Love u so much!

76. You’re my first son you show me what it is to be a mom as a teenager and no matter how young I was you were my first love always knew that you would grow up to be a great man and the best father ever just want to wish you a happy birthday and hope you have a great day!! May God bless you always and give you much many more love you so much.

77. Happy Birthday to our own, great kid, smartest funniest boy we know! Much much more! We love you lots!

78. You’re perfect in every way son. Wishing you a Happy “28th” Birthday.

79. In between getting my blood pressure taking and watching Power, I would like to wish my Other Son a very special Happy Birthday. May your day be filled with love, fun and, safety. I’ll see you as soon as I’m released from this hospital love you to the moon and back.

80. Happy Birthday to my firstborn, my son, my mini-me. I love you so much. I want the best in this world for you, I just need you to go out and take it. Happy 10th birthday. (Ugh next year is a teenager). I’m so happy you’re such a great big brother.

81. I had so much fun yesterday with you! Thank you for everything. Happy birthday to you. I love you lots, my son.

82. I’m shouting happy birthday to my firstborn son !!!!

83. Today is my son’s Birthday, He just made 6 today. I would like all of my Facebook friends and family to wish my son a very happy birthday and hope you enjoy it.

84. Happy birthday to my Son, Live, Love & Laugh!!!

Heart touching birthday messages for son

Birthday Messages for Son

85. I’ve worked out, grocery shopped, and completed housework. Now I’m at a birthday party with my son. I’m gonna have to hire this guy. That’s what I’m talking about.

86. Happy birthday, the big 16. Enjoy your day son. love you.

87. Happy birthday from a boy to a grown man, Look at God.

88. Birthday chat with the birthday boy. Happy birthday!! Love you so much.

89. Big shout out to my baby boy. today is your day pa. happy birthday loves you.


91. It’s our favorite boy/son’s birthday. Happy Birthday my boy. My Lil rugrat, bay-bay kid, a ball of energy. I love you, Lil boy.

92. Happy birthday to my son, enjoy your day! I love you.

93. Happy 2nd birthday to my boy may you continue to Rest In Peace my love.

94. I love you Happy birthday. You will always be my baby boy.

95. Wishing You Son “A Very Happy Birthday” Enjoy Yourself, Dallas Glenn!

96. Happy Birthday to my firstborn. love you son.

97. I got two kids I don’t want anymore got, my girl, and boy, their birthday July 23&24.

98. Happy birthday! I am so proud to have you as my son and we are blessed to have you a part of our family. I love you! Have an ice day.

99. This is one family coming to trivia last Sunday night at Evergreen Durbin’s. They chose us to help celebrate the birthday of their late uncle/father/son Joe. I was honored to be part of it.

100. Finally got he rolled ice cream!!! Happy birthday, son.

101. You may have turned 18 today, but this is how I still see you. Happy Birthday, Son!

102. Today is my little guys 19th birthday how telling flies I can believe it he is salt from a big kid I am so proud of him brings me good grade he is very polite and his the love of my life just wanna say, Happy Birthday son.

103. Happy 19th birthday to my son … bout to surprise him with a visit today haven’t seen him in about 15 years …. happy born day baby daddy.

104. Happy 15th Birthday to my son. You are beyond your years in the compassion you have shown me this weekend. I am overwhelmed with pride, respect, admiration, and love. Love you so very much.

105. It’s my son birthday help me wish him a Happy birthday and much more love you until the world blow up.

106. Happy birthday to my baby boy. He’s 3 today… This little kid got a huge personality. They love fatty. Little heartthrob. I love my baby!

107. Happy birthday to you. Today I was blessed with my first son he made 19 years today I love you son.

108. Today I’m thankful for my son. Help me wish him a Happy Birthday.

109. Happy first Birthday son. Hope your grown-up will be fruitful. Cheers!!!

110. On this day 6yrs ago God gave me the greatest gift in the world a reason to change my life for the better He gave me my son Happy birthday big homie love you to death.

111. Screaming all the way to wish my babe boy a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday, son. Daddy loves you so very much enjoy your day and your PS4.

112. Hey FBF, today is the day I was blessed w an Awesome son, help me wish him a Happy Birthday!!!

113. You may have outgrown my lap, but you’ll never outgrow my heart wishing. Happy Birthday to my son.

114. Hey, I wish my number# 1 Son a Happy Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your day.

Unique Happy birthday messages for son

Birthday Messages for Son

115. Great time last night with old and new friends! Happy Birthday to you! Also great party Sol Son!

116. Birthday boy ready to turn up! Happy 5th birthday baby Mommy got you.

117. Happy 14th Birthday to my baby boy. Momma loves you lots.

118. I would like to take the time to wish my youngest and only son a Happy 12th Birthday! Mommy loves you!

119. Hoping that our son has a great day on his 10th birthday. We are so proud of you and the man you have become. Happy Birthday a good dinner after all of this. Love You.

120. Just wanted to wish my son a HAPPY BIRTHDAY first birthday in 23 years out.

121. Today is kind of a hard day for me!! Had a hard time waking up..what to wish my son a happy birthday he turned 10 today!! I miss him so much!!

122. That moment at 3 am on your son’s Birthday and the both of you realize that you are dressed alike. Much Love and respect for this young man…

123. HaPpY BiRtHdAy. Where did 15 years ago? So proud to have you as my son.

124. This one goes to 12. Happy birthday to my number one son.

125. I found the sauce birthday boy. My Hitta Happy Birthday Fresh.

126. Screaming happy 15th birthday. love you son.

127. About to take the birthday boys out to eat for the birthday home run in it is.

128. Happy birthday to my twin my son you can have whatever you like.

129. Happy Birthday, Baby I Love You Like I Birth You Myself Can’t-Wait To See You Later On Son.

130. I just want to wish my son. Prince a very happy 4th Birthday this little boy brings me so much love and laughter he is a character, I love him so much.

131. Happy Birthday!!!! Thank God for giving me the happiness of having with me the love of my life my son!!!!7th Birthday !!!

132. Want to wish my son. A Happy Birthday and much more come to get you to count before I spent it on something…

133. Great day for a ballgame w some of my favorite boys on my birthday!!! While Jack is at Hoco

134. Good morning my loves. Help me with my son, Earl Lindsey, a HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY. Enjoy your day and be blessed.

135. Well, look at the birthday boy! You are right FB! I do want to wish you a happy birthday!!

136. I would like to say happy birthday to my son Pierre much much more to come and just to let you know your mother loves you.

137. To our handsome and wonderful son Happy birthday.

138. Happy Birthday to my son from another mother, wishing you much more and be safe…

139. Spent the day with my son and grandbabies…I’m tired but it was worth it… Happy birthday my dear son.

140. It’s My Son’s 4th  Birthday. I Couldn’t Have Asked 5 A Better Son Honestly I Love Him to Death!!!! Help Me Wish Him Happy Birthday!!!

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