150+ Special Birthday Messages for Nephew – Best Bday Quotes, Wishes

Say happy birthday to your lovely nephew with lovely birthday messages for nephew. Show your love to your favorite nephew. Here we have an amazing collection of birthday messages for nephew. Send your nephew a special happy birthday message. Make your nephew’s birthday more special and memorable. Check below our collection of birthday messages for nephew.

Birthday messages for nephew

1. Wishing my baby nephew a very happy birthday….. May Allah bless you with a lot of happiness. Have a blast birthday baby.

2. Happy 26th Birthday to my Nephew, enjoy your day…

3. Happy Birthday to my nephew love you aunt. May God bless you.

4. Happy 24th Birthday to my nephew! Enjoy your special day! Welcome to adulthood!! We love you!!

5. Happy birthday to my nephew. Boy oh boy, where does the time go. I guess out to eat and toys r us!!!!

6. Happy 3rd birthday to my youngest nephew. it has been such a joy being your Titi!!! You are the best birthday gift for me I love you and I wish you much more.

7. Happy Birthday to my nephew. Wishing you much more. Live you boy.

8. Good morning today is a special little person 2nd birthday my nephew. love him down that’s my baby enjoy your special day auntie and Marquise loves you.

9. Wishing a happy 4th birthday to my handsome nephew!! loves you.

10. Happy Birthday to my handsome nephew. Love so much, God bless you, my love.

Birthday Messages for Nephew


12. Happy 2nd birthday to my nephew !! Love you very much, baby boy.

13. Happy 14th birthday to my first nephew my baby I love you.

14. It’s my godson/nephew’s birthday. oh, have you grown my chunky but see you later for your spooky birthday party.

15. Happy birthday to my gorgeous amazing nephews. You will both always have a very special place in my heart. So proud of the men you’ve become. Love you more than words can ever say. Be safe and enjoy your day and year!

16. A wonderful Monday to celebrate my sister’s birthday with my family, including my 90-year-old Dad, my children, future son-in-law, sister, brother, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews, and some close friends.

17. Happy birthday my nephew. You know uncle love you more blessings pon blessings little FAM.

18. Happy 8th birthday to my firstborn nephew… I love you stinky so much and you are growing into this young Lil boy… You had my heart from the beginning. You will always be titi Lil baby love you.

19. Wishing my firstborn nephew a very Happy Birthday. Born less than a week after my 8th birthday, you were the best birthday gift ever. Words can’t describe how proud l am the man you have grown up to be. Hope you have a wonderful day sweetheart. Love you so much.

20. Happy Birthday to my fabulous, and classy sister. Continue to enjoy this fabulous life you created for yourself. I’m very proud of you. But please I need a nephew soon. Love you sister and enjoy your special day.

21. Wanna give a big happy 18th birthday to my niece Sydney. And my nephew. Happy birthday, guys love you. Oh and also congratulations Sydney on getting a tour license.

22. Special shout out to my nephew happy 4th birthday little man.

Cool Birthday Wishes For Nephew

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The best birthday messages for nephew

Birthday Messages for Nephew

23. Happy birthday to my awesome nephew. I am so very proud of the fine young man you have grown into. Stay as sweet as you are. Love you to the moon & back!

24. We had a birthday celebration in the same month My kids and Stephanie and my nephew. we had a good time last Monday.

25. You are very special and that’s why you need to float with lots of smiles on your lovely face Happy birthday my nephew.

26. It’s my Nephew’s Birthday. Happy Birthday To My Super Star The Future Baseball Player Auntie Boogie Loves You.

27. Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet little nephew!

28. Sending a most heartfelt Birthday Blessing to a cool Young Cat & my Nephew!! Enjoy your day Lil Man!!

29. You’ll know I’m good for late postings. we were little Friday for my nephew Pops birthday. ALWAYS fun and laughs with these guys when we link up… oh yeah let’s not forget this.

30. Happy birthday, I thank God for bringing us closer than ever, you get little bro, now all I need in my life is a nephew from you brother, and in exchange you’ll get a little minion from me. I celebrate not just your birthday today but new beginnings for the family.

31. THE REASON WHY 12/10 WILL ALWAYS BE A VERY SPECIAL DAY TO ME***This is the day my nephew was born!!! Happy birthday to my one and only nephew..!!! I love you to the moon and back!!

32. Can you help me with my little nephew, Son of my niece? Reid special Birthday wishes on his 9th Birthday.

33. Happy 10th birthday, Auntie loves you.  Hope the birthday fairy grants every birthday wish of yours, so you get everything you deserve.

34. Shouting happy birthday to my very distinguished nephew. A great husband, and a great dad. Wishing you a very blessed, peaceful, healthy birthday. May your birthday be blessed with much love I love you, Aunt. Enjoy to the fullest.

35. Happy 7th birthday to my baby nephew! He’s all grown up now! Time flies so fast!

36. Happy Birthday to my handsome nephew & my crazy brother. I love you so much!!!

37. Had an amazing birthday night and a very special post-birthday with my siblings and nephews at my brother and sister-in-law. All in all just perfect with love and happiness.

38. Happy birthday to my nephew. He turns 5 years old today.  He is growing up 5 fast. I love him so much.

39. Happy Birthday to my nephew. May God continue to bless you.

40. TODAY IS MY birthday I may not be your mother, but I will forever be your best friend. I am someone whom you can always count on, through good times and in bad times… Happy Birthday To my nephew auntie loves you so much.

41. Happy, happy birthday to you my ever handsome nephew !!! Wish u more birthdays to celebrate…. stay happy, studious & handsome as always… Enjoy your special day & see you soon … P.S. Is there anything that u want me to buy again from here?? Please. Let me know in advance… love you !!

42. Happy Birthday to wonderful godson & nephew! The best youth accomplice a girl could ask for, and the only 4-year-old I know who could pronounce ‘sarcophagus’. Love!

Top birthday messages for nephew

Birthday Messages for Nephew

43. Happy Birthday. The most rocking nephew an Uncle could ask for. Seven years feels like seven seconds, but I’m relishing every one.


45. It’s my nephew’s birthday today, so I am posting this for him! Happy Birthday, Tuck Tuck!

46. My nephew singing happy birthday I just love him so much!!!!!!!

47. Another amazing day hanging with great friends and family. Happy early birthday to the best hubby, my nephew, and my bro in law.

48. In honor of my nephew’s birthday today, I am gifting everyone his last year’s happy dance! You are all welcome!!! Happy birthday, love you!!.

49. Happy 3rd  B-Day to my little nugget godson/nephew! We love you!

50. Happy birthday to nephew turn 10, uncle love you very much.

51. Happy birthday to my nephew. love you. I’ll see you soon.

52. Both of my awesome nephews have birthdays this weekend! Today, happy 7th birthday to Max!! Love him so much, can’t wait to celebrate with him tonight at dinner and tomorrow at his party!

53. Just wanted to start the day off right and wish my nephew a very happy birthday had a great time with you and your lady and your mom.

54. The Birthday boy and I yesterday via Facetime…… Happy 4th Birthday to my cute Lil nephew. I love you and I can’t wait to see u this August in Florida. May God Bless him always. Titi loves you so much.

55. Happy Birthday to my handsome nephew!!! You’ve grown up so quickly. God bless you and know I am very proud of the young man you’ve become. Titi Loves you, sweetie.

56. Happy Birthday to my nephew!! We will celebrate when I visit in a few weeks!!! Love you!!

57.Happy birthday to my nephew.  May God grant you the strength wisdom and health as you grow. Love you loads.

58. “Screaming Out Loud” Happy 7th Birthday To My Nephew. I Love So Dearly That’s Why I Name You Brownie When I First Saw You Auntie Baby Wishing You Millions More Birthday To Come We Gone Rock Out !!

59. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my nephew. You were about five to six months old in this picture.

60. My little Mexican is 7 years old today!!! Yayyyy!!! God bless your smile Alex, your such a happy boy and loving. I love you lots! Even though your a big boy now your always gonna be our baby. Happy birthday!! My first nephew.

61. Can’t let the day go by without wishing my nephew Happy Birthday…Wish you much more to come to enjoy your special day baby boy…Love you.

62. Happy 3rd Birthday to my nephew! You have brought so much love and joy to our family and I can’t imagine life without you. Titi loves you and can’t wait to see you.

63. Happy birthday to my most favorite nephew!! Thank you once again to all our friends and family for making today a success.

64. Shouting out happy birthday to my big nephew. God blessings upon you always. More life ma nephew. Enjoy your day to the fullest Nuff love.

65. Taken This Time Out My Day To WiSh My Sister From Another Mister a Very Happy Birthday. Today is Def a Celebration not only for you but for my niece or nephew that’s in the Oven. The Turn up Shall be Real can’t wait to Find out what you’re having later. Friends Become Sister. Enjoy your day see u later Chick.

Lovely birthday messages for nephew from Aunt

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Birthday Messages for Nephew

66. Screaming Happy 8th Birthday to my nephew. 1st cousin, we love you so much, papa. Spend all daddy money today I heard that nigga got it YA Boy Blacc.

67. Look at these beautiful pics my niece.  just sent me from our family weekend get together celebrating my great nephew’s 2nd birthday…

68. Happy 15th birthday To our nephew & May all your dreams & wishes come true we love u God bless you both.

69. Happy birthday to my favorite nephew! I love you!

70. Happy birthday, nephew today you could give all the trouble you like.

71. To my handsome nephew. Never change who u are. You are unique. We love u so much… Happy Birthday nephew. You are a blessing to this world and I hope you continue to be a blessing to all those around you.

72. Happy Birthday, Nephew/Son. May God continue to blessing you. I MISS YOU VICTOR DESHAUN BENJAMIN.

73. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEPHEW in my Snoop Dogg Voice! Love you lots.

74. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday. Happy birthday to you. LOVE YOU enjoy your birthday nephew.

75. Happy 9th birthday nephew. love you.

76. Happy Birthday, Nephew. Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Be safe and God bless you always family… Have fun for me too but mostly enjoy your day. Everyone, please give my baby nephew a shout out for his birthday. You’re a young man now, so enjoy yourself. I Love You Always Nephew.

77. Happy 27th birthday nephew now you will always be a part of Monroe we planted this tree and in honor of you this is Dee’s tree.

78. Happy Birthday nephew. You’re getting so big on me man it’s crazy how these 12 years done flew by I know you’re going to enjoy this day and may you be blessed with more to come.

79. It’s another favorite nephew’s Birthday!!!!  l just love this young man and all his crazy. Happy Birthday, nephew.

80. Okay..not only is it my niece’s birthday….but my nephew’s as well…He has my back on any given!!!!! Happy Birthday, nephew!!! Love you lots.

81. 22!! Where does the time go?! Happy Birthday, Nephew! Enjoy Your Special Day!! God Bless You!

82. Happy birthday, nephew enjoys your day love.

83. Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday Nephew! Enjoy Yourself!

84. Yelling All The Way Out. Happy Birthday.  Nephew Want To Wish You Much More Have Fun Enjoy & Spend Up All Yo Daddy Money. But Nephew Don’t Spend The Money He Owe Me

85. Biggie Biggie Biggie. Give me one more Chance. Happy Happy Birthday Nephew with his Aunties pie face. We love you so much! Happy 2nd Birthday Handsome fella.

86. Happy Birthday, Nephew. I hope you enjoy your special day!!!


Unique birthday messages for nephew from uncle

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Birthday Messages for Nephew

88. Shout out to my nephew!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nephew!! Enjoy your day!! Love you lots!!

89. Shout out to my nephew! Today he turns 23!! Happy Birthday, nephew!! May God continue to bless you with much more to come!! Hope u have a great day!! ENJOY!! Love you

90. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEPHEW !!!! Hopefully, you enjoy your great day to the fullest extent possible and you are surrounded by those that you love the most. Just remember that you can carry on, but just don’t get carried away. NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR YOU NEPHEW !!!!

91. Happy Birthday, nephew. I hope you have a great day. Love ya bunches.

92. Happy 10 birthday nephew…Have an amazing day. We love you so much.

93. Wishing my firstborn nephew a very Happy Birthday!!!

Nephew, I love all the time we get to spend with you. Never a dull moment.

Hope you like throwback.

94. Happy 19th Birthday Nephew!!! I’m so proud of the young man you have become. Love you!!!

95. Happy birthday, nephew. Love you and enjoy your special day.

96. That was a wonderful Birthday celebration for my daughter and nephew. Happy blessed birthday to you all!!!!

97. Screaming Happy Birthday to my Crazy, Cool, “LIFE OF THE PARTY” nephew!!! Enjoy your day!!!! Love you so much!!

98. Happy Birthday to my little nephew!! Love you so much Lil guy!! Miss you!!!

99. Singing Happy Birthday to my nephew the older he gets the more we spoil him. hope you’re enjoying your day I love you.

100. Sunday Fun Day and celebrating these amazing kids’ birthdays. We love you so much! Happy Birthday to my nephew.

101. I want to wish a very Happy 3rd Birthday to My Baby Nephew that I Love lots!!

GOD bless you always my little monkey boy. I’ll see you later today Baby Boy! Love You lots

102. Happy Birthday to my nephew and thanks for sharing a little of your cake with me too.

103. Big Happy Bday to you. Proud of your nephew. My success relies on our dedication and commitment. You’re carrying the torch well.

104. Happy Birthday to my handsome nephew. I love you bunches boy!

105. Happy Birthday to my one and only nephew. I love u papa and thank the lord for your 2 years of life. Know that Tia will always be here for u.


107. Yesterday Celebrating my Lil nephew’s 14th birthday! Cake time, blow 14 candles, make a wish, and get smudge with cake!

108. Happy Birthday to my niece and nephew!!! The twins turned one today!!!!

109. San Diego for baby nephew’s 2nd birthday! We go to the zoo tomorrow.

110. So talented!! nephew Nick serenading her with his beautiful voice and r & b runs for her birthday. I got the end on video..so this is just a little piece of something that was amazing!!!

Cute birthday messages for nephew

Birthday Messages for Nephew

111. Today you are 7!!! Wow, time flies May God bless you and fill you with all the joy and health of the universe!!! Te Amo LUCAS JOSHUA HAPPY BDAY NEPHEW.

112. Get ready for the cutest thing you will see for the rest of the year. My nephew singing me happy birthday. Thankful for the great-time of Fellowship w/my nephew-mission completed: his birthday dinner…Amen ( Enjoying great weather/fun)

113. Taking care of my nephew while mommy and daddy rest…happy birthday baby.

114. Happy happy birthday to my first handsome nephew !!! I love you.

115. Thank you to my nieces and nephews for attending my bday celebration and for making some of my deserts! Thanks for my flowers! Love u guys!

WOW, 17 years old today, I can’t believe it. How time has flown by. I am so very proud of your Nephew and I love you so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rock your day Boo!!!!!

116. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous wonderful nephew! I love you lots!

117. Happy 10th birthday to my nephew!! Can’t wait to actually meet him ..he’s such a sweetheart.

118. I am SCREAMING AND SHOUTING TO THE TOP OF MY LUNGS HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to my Nephew! Auntie loves you enjoy your day!

119. Happy 3rd Birthday to my great-nephew! I remember the night you were born. You are such a blessing. Love you, sweet boy!

120. Happy birthday to “the map”  I mean my nephew !!! He officially became my favorite out of the three this summer lol…turn up that footwork nephew! Love you!!

121. Happy Birthday to my nephew. I wish you the very best on your special day… I’m so proud of you for all your new life changes…good things come a long way…

122. Want to wish my nephew a happy birthday! You’re a fine young man; keep up the good work.

123. At work again for more OT only 5 hours this time need more money for my nephews, and birthdays coming up.

124. Happy birthday to my cousin/nephew you 15 year ago you came in my life with a big in the pack I love this young man to death is truly a blessing and his mother keeper love. HAPPY birthday handsome man auntie loves you.

125. Thank you, father, for letting my nephew see 22 years of life Happy birthday youngster.

126. Happy Birthday. Nephew, I Love you more than words can explain…..

127. It’s my nephew’s birthday today and we are on the opposite side of the country from him.

This is not an unusual situation. What is unusual about his birthday this year is that I got to actually meet and spend some time with him this year. Happy Birthday!

128. Hello Family and friends could you please help me to wish my nephew a wonderful Happy birthday, nephew this is your day, may God bless you with much more, we love you.

129. Happy birthday nephew and congrats on the video good luck! Love you.

130. Lord, I guess my age is catching up with me. Happy Belated Birthday Nephew. Charge it to my age, not my heart. Auntie loves you.


Cool birthday messages for nephew

Birthday Messages for Nephew

131. Happy birthday, nephew.  Come home we got work for you FAM Love you dawg.

132. Happy Birthday Nephew, from a Lil Ham Hock to Bigger One lol

133. Happy Birthday, Nephew!! Love you. I do not own rights to this music.

134. I would like my nephew a happy birthday. May God give happiness to all years to come.

135. Happy Birthday !! I love you nephew.

136. Happy birthday to my nephew.  love you boooo…and Happy Anniversary to my BF n JUN.

137. I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law and my handsome nephew Shawn Bettencourt I love you both so much..have a great day.

138. Happy 4th B-day to my one and only Precious Nephew!!! Aunty, we love you!!!!

139. I want to wish my Niece a great big Happy Birthday!! I know you had a great time at your party and now you are hanging with the rest of my nephews, nieces, my two sons and cousins, and friends!! Love you all the time!!

140. Happy 14th Birthday to my nephew. Now that you are a teenager don’t forget to still hang with Raquel and me. We love you

141. Happy 19th Birthday to my Handsome Nephew.  loves you Hope you have a great day.

142. We’re out here with the fam bam at Renatos in San Jose celebrating my nephew’s 19th birthday.

143. Remembering my Funny, Crazy, Sweet, Nutty Nephew on what would’ve been his 40th Birthday!!! So, Happy Birthday Steve we Miss you and Love you always. Enjoy! The Crazy Pictures Everyone!!

144. Facebook totally didn’t tell me that today was The Best Nina in the world’s bday definitely not that happy 23tht bday lady. Love Favorite Nephew.

145. Happy Birthday to my cutie nephew! Hope you have a super fun day.

146. Today would have been my oldest nephew the 50th birthday. Now my brother and his son together forever rest in peace Dean and Dean.

147. Had the best time celebrating my Great nephew. third birthday. I was so glad that he was able to come out. We had a great time with this little monkey. I’m so glad I finally got to meet him.

148. I wanna wish my handsome Lil nephew. A very happy 10th birthday. We love you so very much. Love auntie niece.

149. Want to wish my nephew a very Happy Birthday today. love you to the moon & back.

150. Celebrating my Nephew’s 30th Birthday in true 90’s style. We had so much fun. Love you all

151. Happy Birthday, to Sis, hope you had a great fun time with your family and friends. May God Bless you. love you, and YOUR NEPHEWS, and NIECES OROZCO.

152. Happy birthday to my nephew. He is growing so fast. Congratulations!

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