250+ Special Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister – Best Way To Wish

Birthday Wishes for Sister

On this article, we have shared the best collection of happy birthday wishes for sister. Wish your elder or younger sister with lovely birthday wishes. Show your love to your sister on her happy birthday. Each sister needs to hear that she is loved, that she is an essential person in your life. Birthday is a perfect time to show your sister that how much you loved her, how much you care about her. Use this wishes collection to make your sister birthday more memorable, more beautiful, funnier. Happy birthday to your sister on behalf of Allupdatehere.


Best Happy birthday wishes for sister


1. Happy Birthday to my lovely Sister. Hope you have a great and blessed day.


2. Happy Birthday, Sister!! Hope you have a great one!!


3. Happy Birthday, Sister!!!! Hope you enjoy this beautiful day. See you soon.


4. Happy birthday to my sister and best friend! Family times are the best!!


5. Someone I love was born today. I’m grateful for my crazy, loving, Gorgeous wonderful (but also sometimes weird but still very loving ) baby side by side or miles apart SISTER will always be connected by heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISTER LOVE YOU so much.


6. God made us sisters, life made us BEST FRIENDS!!! Happy Birthday, Sister!!! Love you to the moon and back!!!


7. Happy birthday, sister! Glad we had a fun night with you before I left! Have a good day.


8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISTER!!!! Stay blessed!! There’s always time for cake!!


9. I would like to wish my big sister and best friend the happiest of birthdays. we didn’t always get along but for every bump and every hiccup in life you have been there for me and my little girl is so lucky to have such an awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


10. Happy Birthday, sister! They all float today!!Love you, don’t worry I’ll protect you!!! I’m making you a paper boat for Birthday, LOL!!!


11. Happy birthday to my little sister!! I love you so much. Enjoy your special time.


12. My childhood would have been deficient and blemished without a sister like you. Happy birthday my dear!


Happy Birthday Big Sister


13. Happy birthday to my elder sister! Yes, she is older than me..haha. The following picture is when we use to spend our summers in the Caribbean.


14. Happy birthday to my baby sister. We miss you like crazy and not a day goes by where something doesn’t remind me of you!


15. Happy Birthday to my favorite sister. Hope you have an awesome day. See you when you get back


16. Happy Birthday to my oldest most aggravating sister she’s going to be upset but I just had to do it for her birthday.


17. Look who’s the BIG 8 today!!! Happy birthday baby girl! Enjoy your this special day!!


18. Happy Birthday to my little sister, may you have an amazing day love you.


19. Sisters are not customary people. They have the tolerance of a friar and are more excellent from inside, then what a stunner event victory would look from outside!


20. Pharmaceutical organizations ought to take a couple swabs of your DNA and container its substance piece to make an item called Emotional Healer. Happy birthday, sister!


Funny Happy Birthday Sister


21. Happy birthday to my wonderful sister. Love you and enjoy your day!


22. Happy birthday to my beautiful crazy sister! Wish I could be with you to celebrate but I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time! Miss you so much! Love you lots!


23. Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE baby sister!!!! I love you girl!!!, you are THE BEST!!!


24. Happy birthday and we all wish you the best!! You know that we love you and your sisters are all waiting for the shout!!


25. Birthday girl learned how to surf!!! Happy 22nd birthday my little monster!!!


26. Happy birthday to my sister had a good time hope u enjoy your self.


27. Sisters like you are precious stones. They shimmer, they are invaluable and they are genuinely a lady’s closest companion. Happy birthday, sister!


28. I will never pardon you for each time you have battled with me. However, I need you to realize that in spite of our disparities I will, in any case, love you unequivocally. I know this sounds eccentric yet that is the manner by which magnificent sisterhood is, you see. Happy birthday!


29. Sisters are God’s method for consoling humankind that agony exists, yet so do healers. Happy birthday to one such sister!


Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl


Birthday Wishes for Sister


30. Happy 14th Birthday to my not so little anymore sister (name here)! Hope you enjoyed yourself last night and that you be blessed with many more birthdays! I love you!!!


31. Happy birthday, sister. Wish you the best in life n more years to celebrate……. Sorry, it’s coming late.


32. Happy Birthday, Sister. Have a Wonderful Day. Love you bunches.


33. Happy birthday, sister, may God bless and protect you, best wishes for my sister.


34. Have a great Birthday! I lost track of how old you are maybe 25? Hope to see you soon! I love you, sister!


35. BFF implies Best Friends Forever yet do you know what SBFD implies? It implies Sister yet Best Friend in Disguise. Happy birthday, #SBFD!


36. Peer weight, grievousness, and depression; instability, dread, and misery – the main thing normal in these, is that they can be amended by embraces from a sister like you. Happy birthday!


Birthday Wishes for Sister


37. Wardrobes can’t get any trendier, breakups can’t get any less demanding, the school can’t get any more pleasant and life can’t show signs of improvement – when a young lady has a stunning sister. Happy birthday, sister!


38. Happy Birthday, Sister, I know you’re celebrating in heaven with our Mom. Our lives are not the same without you but your Beauty, Smartness, and your Laughter are seen in all your children and grandchildren. Love and Miss you lots.


39. How does one wish the fabulous happy birthday? I guess just say it. Happy Birthday, sister and my best friend!


40. Happiest birthday sister! You are so blessed so all I could say is stay pretty, healthy and happy. Enjoy your great day.


41. Happy birthday, sister loves you and enjoy your day. God bless you always.


42. How deficient would one hoop look when worn without the other? That is the manner by which I would look like without you. Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Sister Quotes


43. Neither of us is immaculate yet our defects make us the adorable kin that we are. Happy birthday!


44. Thank God for great doctors and medicine. Our birthday girl is straight again. She has a long road but it’s a great start.


45. Happy birthday sweet girl, I love you more than you will ever know! Hope you have a great day! God bless you.


46. Had a birthday lunch with these two lovely ladies and my wife. These two just happen to be my sisters. The cute blonde is my sweetie. I am a blessed man. Happy birthday my younger sister.


47. Wishing my beautiful sister, a wonderful, beautiful and blessed 30th birthday. Love you, sis. Welcome to the 30 Club.


48. Look how Beautiful our “Almost Birthday Girl” looks! Happy Birthday (name here)!


49. Dear sister, you are the fortune confine which the most valuable recollections of my adolescence have been put away and saved for a lifetime. Happy birthday dear!


Birthday Wishes for Sister


50. Happiest of birthday wishes to this dear role model I now call sister. She is the hardest working, successful business owner, Jesus loving, hilarious, lovely and villain knowing, find her own, speak her own voice, healthy eating, husband loving the lady I know! I look up to you in more ways than you know, I love you always! Happy Birthday!!


51. Had a great weekend with the birthday girl! Blessed to have this wonderful person side by side with me thru life! I love you and happy birthday my sister!


52. I Would like to wish my lovely sister a happiest birthday There is no better friend than a sister and there no sister better than you best sister ever may your day filled with love, happiness wishing you stay healthy, Successful in life and best of luck. I love you always sis!


53. I want to take this time out to wish this my fine sister a big happy birthday. We go way back like cornrows and big jerseys. Happy birthday to you sis. I wish you the greatest things this life has to offer and more. I wish you long life, good health. Enjoy your day.


54. Some individuals charge regard, some profound respect, some envy, some intensity and others, unrestricted love. Be that as it may, you order every one of these things on the double. Happy birthday to my ideal kin!


55. When I take a gander at you, I have an inclination that I am taking a gander at myself in the mirror. When I take a gander at myself in the mirror, I see you. Happy birthday, sister!


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Birthday wishes for elder/younger sister in English

Are you searching for best birthday wishes for sister? Want to wish your elder/younger sister with some special word? Don’t worry here we have shared special birthday wishes. Find here the best word for your sister birthday.


56. The Forbes Billionaire List is thoroughly off-base. I am the wealthiest individual on the planet on the grounds that nobody else has the love for a brilliant sister like you. Happy birthday!


57.Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl!!! I hope you enjoy your day! Love You.


58. Happy birthday to the best sister a brother could ever ask for. Your love and compassion for others are simply amazing, lovely and you have positively touched so many people’s lives. I hope that you are able to celebrate with all the Moscato your little heart desires.


59. Happy Birthday to my AWESOME sister! Have a great day!


60. Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl!!! 25 primavera today. Love you? let’s celebrate.


61. Happy Birthday, Sis!!!  I love you to the moon and back ……you are one of the best people I’ve ever come across in life God has truly blessed me to have you not only as a friend but a sister for life enjoy your special day.


Animated Birthday Wishes for Sister


62. Everything in our lives coordinates so splendidly that our kin relationship could be the world’s absolute best rhyme. Happy birthday, sister!


63. Happy Birthday lovely Girl! I miss you so much! You would have been 17 today! Loves you. I will see you at the Bridge! Take care of you!


64. Happy Birthday to the best sister anyone could ever ask for!! What you do for our family and to help dad is beyond what is expected of one person!!! Enjoy your day with friends!


65. Happy Birthday to our Sister and the best friend you are missed every day. Like every year the girls and I will be at your favorite spots tonight. We Love you.


66. It’s my sisters 40th birthday there’s so much I could say but that would take forever I love you sis and I wish you a very happy birthday turn up for me.


67. Even, however, I generally wind up making myself resemble a trick, I want to do all that you do to look uber cool. Happy birthday to the coolest sister in the entire world!


Birthday Wishes for Sister


68. In the kaleidoscope of my life, you shape the most wonderful examples with the most lively hues. Happy birthday, sister!


69. Happy Birthday to my amazing sister! I can’t thank you enough for taking us under your wing when things got rough in UBC. Love you dearly!


70. We had so much fun sister I I love you happy birthday again you were so happy I love you with everything in me so you know the turn up ain’t over so yea happy 20th Birthday.



71. Happy 24th Birthday to the best little sister anyone could ask for! Thankful to have you in our lives even if I want to throat punch you at times! I know you’re working but I hope you have a good day today! I love you very much, little accident!


72. Happy Birthday! Thanks for being my twin, built-in best friend, sister, a partner in crime, and so much more! Love you.


73. My insane, adoring, mindful and fun sister, existence without you would have been a terrible twister. Happy birthday!


Animated Birthday Wishes for Sister


74. Even when nobody else demonstrates concern or care, a sister is somebody who’ll dependably be there. Happy birthday!


75. Congratulations, on the birth of your beautiful baby girl! Happy 2nd Birthday Baby!


76. Happy birthday to the gassiest sister in the world! Even though you used to constantly get me in trouble and rip an awful man farts in the world I’m still glad to call you my sister! I love you and I hope you have a good day!!!


77. Happy 18th Birthday to my twin! Hope you enjoy your special day. My God bless you always.


78. Happy birthday to my soul sister, my spiritual advisor, my hippie goddess, my boo, one of the rare few that just get it I love you, baby!!!! See you tonight.


79. Nothing can interfere with me and you – not even a battle or a contention new. Not at the present time, not never, essentially ‘coz, I Love You, sister! Happy birthday, sister!


80. To a sibling, a sister is all that the closest companion or a partner can never be. A debt of gratitude is in order for filling the holes throughout my life. Happy birthday, sister!


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Birthday Wishes for Sister


81. We may have been sisters by destiny and luckiness, however, there is nobody else who I would love to such an extent. Happy birthday!


82. Everyone wish my cousin, sister, a very Happy Birthday! Today is your day! I hope it’s the best one yet. Love you.


83. Happy Birthday to my sweet girl hard to believe you are 14 today!! we love you so much!!


84. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister and little sister love you too dear.


85. Happy 15th birthday to my sis! I miss you so much! I have to get you a 5 for 5 when I get home. Enjoy your day! I love you!


86. I take and grab things from all of you year round. So your birthday is an incredible time to give you a present and give back where its due. Happy birthday dear sister!


87. Thanks for understanding me so much, I can’t envision my existence without your mystical touch. Happy birthday!


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88. What might the world be without brilliant daylight and the morning dew? That is the manner by which dim and dull my life would be without a sister like you. Happy birthday!


89. Happy Birthday to my sweet girl. I am so happy you’re mine.


90. Happy birthday to the best older sister there is!!!! I hope your birthday and this year is the best yet!!!! Love you so much!!!


91. Happy Birthday to the awesome sister ever! I think you’re 18 right? Love you so much!


92. Screaming Happy 60th Birthday to my big sis. Enjoy your cruise. Love you.


93. A sister may abhor you, battle with you, insult you, squeeze you, glower at you or inconvenience you. However, toward the day’s end, she will dependably love you. Happy birthday, sister!


Happy birthday wishes to my sister

Say happy birthday to my lovely sister with this wonderful birthday wishes for sister. Make her birthday special.


94. Happy Birthday, Sister, I hope you have a blessed day and are treated like the fabulous queen you are! Love you very much!!


95. Happy Birthday, sister !!! Hope all your wishes come true! Be Blessed with much, much more!


96. Hey, you are my cute, loving sister. For you every day I find plenty of reasons to be delighted. Happy Birthday, sister. Success dear.


97. I didn’t want to think about it but happy 30th birthday sister. I will always miss you.


98. I anticipate your birthday consistently, on the grounds that I anticipate owning all your garments as you continue getting more seasoned. Happy birthday!


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99. A sister’s recommendation will give you substantially more than fresh starts, on the off chance that you listen deliberately, it’ll give your life wings. Happy birthday!


100. Happy 22nd Birthday Sister! Let’s go to Hawaii and get boozed up. Go play with the live girl! Love you.


101. The pictures say it all! She’s passionate, caring, selfless, beautiful, and  Happy Birthday, Sister!   I couldn’t ask for a better pastors wife! I love you a ton!


102. Happy birthday to my always & forever sister!!! Love you to the moon & back!


103. Happy 7th Birthday, Baby girl! I love you! Thank you so much for making my sister 7th birthday so special you’re so amazing.


104. Happy Birthday to my baby, my best friend, my big sister, my role model, the best sister I could have ever asked for the love you lots.


105. When you were a small little child you were such a charming enjoyment. What’s more, after such a large number of years you are as yet a stunning sight. Happy birthday to my lovely sister!


106. Whenever life pushes me to an extraordinary failure, an embrace from my sister wipes away every one of my misfortunes. Happy birthday, sister!


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birthday cake for sister with name edit


107. Do you know why I give you an embrace each time I am going to accomplish something critical? Since I have to rub the four leaf clover in my life – You. Happy birthday, sister!


108. Happy birthday to my beautiful Sis. love you baby bop!


109. Happy Birthday to my 1 and only sister. I only wait for 2hr 1/2 to eat dinner with you. I love you so much and wish the very best birthday ever.


110. Just want to wish my beautiful little sister a happy 22nd birthday.


111. The most noticeably awful part of having you as my sister is that I can never conceal anything from you. That is additionally the best part really, in light of the fact that I cruise through my inconveniences after I tune into your perspective. Happy birthday, sister!


112. It never mattered to me in the event that I had the closest companion or not, on the grounds that I have dependable had you close by and I adore you a great deal. Happy birthday, sister!


113. Happy Birthday to my only Sister!!! I wish you the best today and always!!! I wouldn’t ask The Lord for another sister. Thank you for all you have done and Sorry for All the headaches I’ve given you!!! Love you so much, sister.


114. Screaming happy birthday to my beautiful big sister. Enjoy your great day beautiful many more years to come enjoy.


115. I may have tied up your braids or subtly checked your sends, however, to remain with you in your critical moment, I could never come up short. Happy birthday!


Birthday Wishes for Sister


116. I admit that I have dependably been desirous of you. Yet, I am pleased with myself that I have set my gauges high by being desirous of a hero like you. Happy birthday, sister!


117. If you didn’t have wings and I had them, I’d fly you on my back for whatever is left of our lives. Happy birthday, sister!


118. A sister like you and a sibling like me, we may battle like a madhouse yet our adoration is more profound than the ocean. Happy birthday!


119. Happy Birthday to the very BEST Sister a girl could ever have! I Love You, (name here)!!!


120. Sending love and Happy Birthday wishes to my favorite sister. She’s a wonderful mom and terrific Aunt. Hope you’re having a great day and not having to share your cake.


121. I am more youthful to you so I set aside somewhat more opportunity to develop. On the off chance that I had acknowledged the amount you look after me prior, I would have given you an embrace each day without a doubt. Happy birthday dear sister!


122. Happy birthday to the most minding, keen and lovable sister in the world!


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Happy birthday little sister


123. My dear sister, on your uncommon day I’d get a kick out of the chance to wish you an energizing life, loaded with awesome disclosures and cheerful astonishments!


124. Everyone, Help Me Wish My Awesome Wonderful Big Sister. A Happy Blessed Birthday


125. Happy Birthday to our great sister!! You’re the smartest, prettiest and funniest young lady I know, just please stop growing so fast!!!! I love you!


126. Happy Birthday, baby!! My little sis 24 & flawless it was so hard keeping the baby gender a secret but I think you knew anyways but I’m happy I was apart of a special moment for you and baby girl life!!! Love you. Happy birthday and Congrats on your new bundle of joy.


127. Happy birthday my dear sister. We love you so much. Have a great day.


Inspirational Birthday Wishes For Sister


128. It was such an incredible affair to grow up with an insane and fun young lady like you. I esteem all our sweet and energizing youth recollections. For me, you will dependably be that lovable younger sibling, happy birthday!


129. Happy Birthday to my elder sister! The older we get the more I realize how lucky I am to have you as my sister …we are so different but still fit just right when we are together. I love you so much and hope you have an AMAZING day today and every day that follows.


130. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, funny, kind, & gorgeous sister! I’m so blessed God gave our family the gift of you, 22 years ago.


131. Awesome group of friends Happy Birthday to much love!!! super awesome person to be around but do not get it twisted she will ask you to drop it low and add weight.


132. The Happy birthday baby girl seems like yesterday I brought you home from the hospital. And now you’ve grown into a beautiful young woman …love you so much.


133. Happy birthday to the most enchanting individual on the planet! I adore you, sister!


134. It is a genuine gift to have a ton of fun, shrewd and minding sister like you. Have a blissful and extraordinary day, brimming with everything that you adore most!


135. Just got on here to say, to my favorite lovely sister-cousin Happy Birthday. Love you to life!!


136. And the cherry on top of a wonderful day. Celebrating my sister’s birthday. Love you, beautiful! I’ll share my margarita with you any day!


137. Happy happy birthday to my beautiful sister! I love you so much!


138. Happy Bday to the coolest sister ever! You generally know how to brighten me up and fill my heart with joy brighter, adore you!


Religious Birthday Wishes For Sister

139. The most sincere wishes to my mind-blowing sister! You mean such a great amount to me, cutie, I wish all of you the joy on the planet!


140. Happy Birthday.  Your big sister loves you & wishes you much more omg why you have to be 14 now? I’m not ready for your teenage years. I love you.


141. Happy birthday to our best friend and sister!!!! My how time has flown!


142. Happy birthday to my stunning sister! Wishing you a sea of fun and bunches of happy recollections!


143. The most sincere birthday welcome to the individual whose nearness in my life makes it so brilliant and exceptional!


144. Happy 18th Birthday to my baby girl. I am so proud of the wonderful person you are. I love you more than words I can say.


145. Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl! Wishing you the best birthday every Lindsey!


146. It’s so awesome to have such an astounding sister like you in my life. Congrats on your birthday! Remain cool!


147. The hottest wishes to my awesome sister that makes my life so beautiful and energizing!


Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister


148. I am so happy and pleased to have such a cool sister like you. Much obliged to you for your consistent support and motivation, happy birthday!


149. Dear sister, I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer on your Big Day and consistently, may your life be loaded with satisfaction, love and flourishing!


150. Happy Birthday to my Baby sister. May you have a wonderful day and a very blessed year! Wish I was there to celebrate with You!


151. I just want to say happy birthday to my friend my sister and to let her know that I love her with all my heart that she is blessed with many more year’s happy birthday sisters.


152. Happy birthday!! I can’t believe my baby girl is 25 today!! Have a wonderful day!!


153. Happy birthday, ravishing! I am appreciative of the mystical time that we spend together, sister. Be happy!


Birthday Wishes for Sister


154. I feel so fortunate that my dear sister is my actual companion. Happy birthday, you are the best!


155. Sisters are always, and I’m happy you’re mine. I wish that your birthday brings you heaps of astounding minutes!


156. Happy birthday to my baby girl!! Miss you tons!! Hope this was an awesome birthday! I cannot believe you’re 28. I’m super proud of you and love you so much!!!!


157. Happy 20th birthday to my (sister) the baby of the clan. Hope your day is as awesome as you. we love you and wish you the best today and always.


Emotional birthday wishes for sister


158. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make happy when skies are grey! Happy birthday my see baby girl, I hope you enjoyed your birthday! I love you lots!


159. Everybody stop what you’re doing! It’s your birthday !!!!!! Happy Birthday Sister I wish u a blessed birthday and may 24 doing u some good


160. She’s a pain in my butt!!! But I love her so much! Happy 22nd Birthday baby girl. Time goes by too fast.


161. Happy birthday to my wonderful sister! Have a fantastic day! Love you bunches.


162. Happy birthday, sister, I love you! God bless you always.


Birthday Wishes For Special Sister


163. Trust your birthday conveys all these to your entryway

Filling your existence with pleasure and significantly more!


164. If we go down, we go down together. Happy birthday, sister. You are so loved.


165. A great weekend celebrating my sister’s 25th birthday… If you know my family then you know we turned


166. Happy Birthday to my girl I love you and I hope that your birthday is everything you want and deserve.


167. Could not let this day end without wishing my sister and friend a Happy Birthday. Good and bad, skinny and healthy, crazy or not, we have seen good times together. We may not see each other or speak often but I know I can always call on you. Love you, my sister. Wishing you a Fabulous 40th. Enjoy Cali.


168. Through the moving sands of time, your recollections have constantly filled me with joy and have turned into an extraordinary piece of my life.


Birthday Wishes for Sister


169. Wishing you achievement and joy!


170. Happy 26th Birthday to my girl!!!!! So excited to celebrate with you this weekend Hun !!!


171. Happy 10th birthday to my little sister! I love your aggravating self, hope you enjoyed your party yesterday. I have a surprise for you later this week. See you later.


172. Why do you stress over developing more seasoned, when you resemble wine simply improving and better with age?


173. Sincere birthday wishes to my dear sister!


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Birthday Wishes For Little Sister


174. I am so happy I had you to grow up with me

Also, to share the tears and the giggling,

You made the tears simpler

Also, the giggling more fun!


175. Happy 50th Birthday to my Lovely Sister!! When I was planning our wedding she realized it was her 50th birthday and decided to use it with me instead because I’m just that Special duhhh, HAHAHA.


Happy birthday wishes for sister in law


176. Happy birthday to my baby sister (name here) and my brother in law may god bless y’all with much more… Love always, big sis.


177. I cherish how distinctive you are from me, while as yet being my sister… Happy Birthday to my adored sister!


178. On this extraordinary day, I’m thinking about back all the awesome recollections we’ve manufactured together. Happy Birthday, Sis!


179. Happy 9th birthday to my sweet loving spunky dancing mommy and daddy love you very much and wish you the happiest birthday baby girl.


180. Worked so hard yesterday, I forgot a very important person birthday. Happy birthday to one of my big sisters!! Truly blessed to have you as my sis and a role model. Love you lots.


181. I am so happy to have a sister like you to ascend with. Wishing you a marvelous day of bliss and satisfaction!


182. I have an inclination that today around evening time’s going be a goodbye! Birthdays don’t come each day, so make it a day that will stand out forever, my little hotshot!


Birthday Wishes For My Sister


183. On your extraordinary day, I wish you just grins and bliss. May every moment of your life be loaded with joy and may this birthday be recently ideal for you!


184. Wishing my beautiful sister a Happy Birthday! Love you, sis!


185. Happy Birthday to my beautiful, fun, favorite sister in law! Love you!!


186. Happy birthday to my sister Jennifer Gary we love you.


187.3Happy birthday, big sis! May God continue to bless you with much more! I love you.


188. I feel fortunate to have such a cool individual like you as a sister. I am sending much love to my younger sibling on her birthday!


189. To my sister, the person who constantly stuck close by – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are an excellent blessing to this world and to me!


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190. Goodness, birthday young lady,

Today is your day!

It’s an ideal opportunity to eat cake,

Sing tunes and play!


191. Happy Birthday to my best friend …my sister I love you so much. we getting old..but everything gets better with time to wish I was there.


192. Wishing Happy Birthday to my big sister!! Love and miss you my favorite.


193. Happy Birthday to my wonderful and beautiful sister!! We all love you so much. Wishing you the best year ahead into ‘flirty thirty’!!


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194. Yahoo! It’s my dear sister’s Birthday! I trust your birthday conveys as much bliss to you as you are conveying to others!


195. Good morning thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and blessing for my sister.


196. Happy birthday to my sister. That’s my girl. Love you see you later soon.


197. Happy birthday to my bestie and sis! I love and miss you!


198. Happy birthday, sis! Crazy last time you saw DJ he wasn’t even one yet! Miss you shortly.


199. Stop what you doing right now and wish my sister from another mother aka my favorite cousin Happy Birthday!!!!! Girl 20 looks good on you. You don’t look a day over 18. I love you and I wish you much more.


200. Happy Birthday to my extraordinary, brilliant and wonderful younger sibling!


201. Sisters share their privileged insights and objectives,

The most profound expectations and dreams of the soul.

Our lives may change

Through chuckling and tears,

In any case, a sister’s adoration will last the years.

Happy Birthday to my dearest sister!


202. There is a place that gives me quality, support and motivation. It is my sister’s, heart. Happy Birthday to my superb Sis!


203. I am happy that we are not simply sisters, but rather great companions also! On your unique day, I am sending you a major adoring embrace and all the best!


204. Happy birthday to my fabulous and lovely kindred sister Many you continue to be blessed and I wish you much more to come…..Enjoy your day. Always love.


205. Happy birthday to my first and lifelong best friend thank you for all your love and putting up with all my weird over the years. I will forever be your strange little sister who thinks the world of you. Hope your birthday is amazing!


Birthday Wishes For Cousin


206. My dear sister, I wish you good fortunes and on your exceptional day I twofold it up!


207. To have a sister like you resemble to discover a fortune in life. Commend your Birthday, you merit all the best!


Happy birthday wishes for cousin sister


208. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISTER. May God bless you always and a joy forever. Wishing you a long life and a happy birthday dear sister.


209. Happy birthday, sister. Wishing you a day that is special in every way as you are. You’ve always loved, sweetheart.


210. Happy birthday my sister! Time for another year with you… Hehe


211. Sister, you’re everything to me. I’m so fortunate to have you in my life! Happy birthday!


212. I am fortunate to have a sister like you,

warm birthday wishes for a flawless sister!


213. You can pick your companions yet not your family.

You have been my family and companion

fortunate to have you as my sister,

happy birthday dear sister!


214. Happy birthday to my beloved sister, a wife and a mother of this cutest boy.. …words can’t describe how much we love you.I hope you will always be happy with your little family. Much love from your sister.


215. Happy birthday to my sister from another mister and fellow candidate. Here’s to hoping that we’re celebrating your birthday next year as Superior Court judges.


216. Happy birthday, big sis! I hope your day at work is flying by and I’ll see you tonight.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister


217. Happy birthday to my life-long sister/friend – how did we survive our crazy childhood? We had each other, that’s how!!! And these pictures prove it! I love you!!!


218. Happy Birthday to my Princess.  My little forever, I love you baby sister.


219. Love your beautiful birthday girl! Cheers to many more years of celebrating life together.


220. Happy Birthday my darling baby girl. You are such a beautiful and kind human. 21 years have flashed by. Your granny loves you so much.


221. Happy, happy birthday to my lovely sister! Have a blessed day! I love you!


223. Happy Occasions for my three big sisters! Happy Birthday to you.


224. Birthdays never stop and you never can quit being my sister,

both of these regards happen. Happy birthday!


Birthday Wishes For Niece


225. You have been my first closest companion, my dear sister.

Wish you a happy birthday!


226. A sister is somebody exceptional, who battles with me,

nurtures me, plays with me,

recommends me things and yells at me now and again.

Whatever happens, you are my sister until the end of time.

Happy Birthday dear sister!


227. Happiest of birthdays to this girl!!! Cheers to being a quarter of a century old!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!


228. Happiest of birthdays to my sister-in-law. Funny to think back in the day we started out as Alpha Phi sisters. Grateful for you & wish we could celebrate with you in LA. Hope you have the best day!


229. Wish you a day loaded with joy, fun, chuckling and adore.

Make the most of your exceptional day of life as you should sit tight until one year from now during the current day.

Happy birthday dear sister!


230. Brilliant minutes in life come;

the day you were conceived was one such exceptional minute in my life.

It regards remember that unique minute in life.

Wish you a happy birthday my dear sister!


21st Birthday Wishes


Birthday Wishes For Sister Peanut


231. A sister who knows how to make me grin,

What’s more, cry in the meantime

A sister who was with me when I initially encounter disaster

A sister who showed me the things I know at this point.

That is my sister and she’s the best

Happy Birthday!


232. Happy birthday to the cute sister one can have! No matter how old you get, you will always be the nicest & also the shortest amongst us! Can’t believe you are 20 & hope your wish of getting taller with age comes true


233. Happy birthday. Hope you have a great day. Love you don’t party too much your sis.


234. Happy birthday, sis! May all of your dreams and wishes come true and be the best birthday ever. I love you more than you’ll ever know.


235. I trust that you are as happy on your extraordinary day

As you have made me for a lifetime!

Happy Birthday, Sis!


236. Today is the day to praise you!

After every one of the battles, you are as yet my main!

Happy Birthday, Sis!


Happy bday wishes for sister


237. You are the most pleasant, the sweetest individual in my life, birthday young lady.

Much thanks to you for continually being there for me and viewing me!

Happy Birthday!


238. Happy birthday to my sweet older sister!! Love you long time!!!


239. Happy birthday to my other friend long time sister. Hope to enjoy your day that turn up is about to be the real love you enjoy with many blessings to come!!! ice cream and cakes.


240. Happy Birthday to My Sis!! Probably don’t say it much but you’re a true blessing in my life. I Love You!! Enjoy your special day & God Bless you!!


Funny Sister Birthday Cards

241. Simply needed you to realize that I am contemplating all of you the time,

What’s more, the expectation you have a happy birthday, Sister.


242. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful day for three sisters 15th Avenue Theater in Seattle!


243. Happy birthday to my sister!!! Love you, miss you, hope you have a great day!!


244. Happy birthday to my ever beautiful, gorgeous, lovely and very kind sister! Oh? Hehe. Thank you for everything! We love you always!


245. I am so honored to have a sister like you.

You are the best and merit

All the satisfaction on the planet on your uncommon day.

Happy birthday, dear sister!


246. Sister, thank you for being there for me.

I feel so fortunate having you close by as we become more seasoned.

May you have a unique birthday and expectation you appreciate it.

Happy Birthday, sister!


1st Birthday Wishes for Baby


Happy Birthday Little Sister


247. You may not be my sister by blood,

Be that as it may, you regard me as your own particular sister

A debt of gratitude is in order for that!

Happy Birthday!


248. May this day be as uncommon as you,

Loaded with blooms and great recollections

I wish you the greatest day of your life.

Happy Birthday!


Birthday Wishes For Sis


249. Praise this day with your darling family and companion,

May this day be loaded with chuckling and happy hours.

Happy Birthday, sister!


250. You went to my life like a breeze in the ocean

You improved my life a great deal by giving such a sweet minute we spent together

You’re really great sister-in-law and I’m happy to have you.

Happy Birthday!



251. We may have a few contentions,

We may have a few errors,

It’s quite recently a few variables that say, we’re family.

Happy Birthday!


252. You bring so much joy to our lives. Happy birthday sweet sister!!


253. Well so much for a do-nothing weekend. Who was I kidding? Happy Birthday to my sister in law.


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