200+ Unique Birthday Messages for Mom – Happy Birthday Mom

birthday messages for mom

Without mom and dad, we can not come to this earth. We are zero without mom. If today is your mom birthday then you should wish her. You can find here beautiful birthday messages for mom. Make more beautiful, joyful, And the happiness of your mom birthday by sending this best birthday messages for mom.

The Best birthday messages for mom

1. Happy Birthday Mom in heaven. I love you lots and miss you so much.

2. Lovely Mom Award goes to mine! Who else celebrates her 70th Birthday in NYC and heads to see Fergie perform on the Today Show? Happy Birthday my dear Mom!

3. Happy Birthday, my dear mom. I hope you’re dancing in heaven. And if there is a Snapchat there, I know you still ain’t got time for that shiz.

4. Happy birthday, dear Mom. Your the best! Thank you for putting up with me all these years haha. Love you lots!

5. Happy Birthday, my lovely Mom!! Love you forever and ever… so happy to be here to celebrate your day!

6. Happy birthday, Mom I love you. You made me who I am today couldn’t do it without you.

7. Wishing my best friend in the world a Happy Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Mom… you annoy me, you keep me grounded, you show me how strong you are no matter how bad things get, you love me lots and I love you hard back. You are my best friend.

8. Happy Birthday, mom.so glad you had a great day yesterday! Know that daddy will always be with you.He loves you so much and will always watch over you.

9. Happy Birthday, Mom love you with all my heart! You are my inspiration. You are the perfect mother I the world, the best of all my best friends, the sunshine of my days and most importantly my Mother.

10. Happy 80th Birthday Mom!! You are My Rock. My Strength!! Love You Whole Heartedly Infinity Times Infinity.

11. You’re always working so hard. So I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided that I’m not going to ask for any more favors … Until you come back home from vacation … Happy Birthday, Mom !! Enjoy your great day mom !!!

12. I just want to appreciate my favorite person in the world My first everything My fam favor heirloom….. My mummy….. Happy birthday mom……I love you more than I can say.

birthday messages for mom

13. Happy Birthday, Mom. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. I miss you so much.  I love you more than I can say.

14. Happy birthday, mom. I finally got you here on your birthday! Best Friday the 15th ever!

15. Happy birthday 35th to my lovely mom, who is the strongest, loudest, and most loving person I know. You taught me my whole life that I am strong, independent, and can do whatever I set my mind to. I am always thankful for you and wish I could spend more time at home. But you taught me to go out and get what I want, and I tried my best to not disappoint. Happy birthday, Mom, from me & the little piggy pup!

16. It’s lovely Day! Happy Birthday, Mom!! I know you’re celebrating like the queen you are wherever you are, laughing, giggling, and playing. I love you.

17. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and wonderful woman I know! Love you, mom!

18. I would like to take this special opportunity to wish my mom a very happy birthday! May God bless you with his riches, health, and take away all your sickness. I wish you to live forever mom. I love you so much happy birthday. Thank you for everything that you have done for me; you’re the best and I love you so much! Happy birthday, Mom!

19. Happy Birthday, Mom. Love you ..not a day goes by I am not thinking of you watch over us love you Dolly so much.

20. Lovely, beautiful lady holding cake for Mom. Happy Birthday, Mom !!!

21. ((Happy Birthday Mom)) May God bless you with many more healthy years!! Love you. We think Pink!

22. Happy Birthday, Mom! I’m blessed to have a mother like you.

23. Happy birthday, mom!! Hope you have a great day!! Love you so much.

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Top birthday messages for mom

birthday messages for mom

24. Happy birthday, mom hope you have a good time tonight your the only one that had me in your tummy for 10 months and the only one that’s been there when I need you your always there for me in good times and bad times love you, mom.

25. Happy 72nd Birthday Mom! Thank you for being you and being Grandma Yaya to the kids.Love you!

26. Like how the flowers get a new lease of life in spring, you’re the one who has fixed my broken wings. Happy birthday, mom.

27. Wishing you the Best Birthday!!! We love you more than words can express! Have a great day and we’ll celebrate with you soon! Happy Birthday, Mom!

28. Happy Birthday, Mom! You’re the best, and I love you lots. Enjoy your day, and we will celebrate this weekend.

29. A big shout-out to my queen of my life my mother happy birthday dear Mom I love you we all miss you can’t wait to see you enjoy your birthday not too much.

30. Happy birthday, Mom. You are always in my thoughts. I love you and miss you.

31. Little early in a day but got to celebrate this wonderful women’s birthday. May God continue blessing you with many more years of good health in happiness.

32. Happy Birthday, Mom! I am a better me because of you. Wishing you the best year yet! With love and gratitude.

33. Took my mom out to Luke’s lobster and there here for her birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM love you so much!

34. You only live once so live it your best. Happy birthday, mom!!!

35. Thank you for providing me support when I needed it and giving me hope when I was hopeless. Your faith in me helped me to stand firmly on my feet in life. You are priceless for me. Happy Birthday, Mom.

36. Today Would have been my MOTHER’S BIRTHDAY. Mom, even thou you are not here with us. Your spirit is always with me. Happy birthday!!! I miss and love you, mom. Here is one of many memories that I had with you.

37. I’m giving a big shout out to my mother happy birthday my lovely Mom and may you continue to rest in paradise love you always.

38. Happy Birthday, mom. You would’ve been just as pretty at 60 as you were when I got mad that my friends had a crush on you. Sleep well.

39. I was taking a break from Facebook probably for this very reason… Happy Birthday, Mom.

40. Happy Birthday, Mom! Nothing’s better than spending you’re 66th out here in NYC!

41. Today’s my mother would have been 60 years young. Feeling a little cheated today. But blessed all the same. Happy Birthday, Mom.

42. Happy birthday, mom. I love you I’m wishing you the greatest birthday. Hope you have a bless day….happy birthday love you!!!!!

43. Happy Birthday To my wonderful Mama! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! We wish we were there to celebrate with you! But we will all be together in a couple weeks!!! Happy Birthday Mom aka Nana! Thank you for all you do! We Love You lots.

44. It’s this woman’s birthday today!!!!! Happy birthday, Mom! I wish I could spend every day with you.

45. Remembering a very Special Lady on this day March 7 and every day my Mom. she is always in my heart and thoughts. .Happy Birthday, Mom Heaven. Love and Miss you so much ( 15 years wow )

46. Just would like to give my mom some love on her birthday today happy birthday mom love you to enjoy.

47. On your great day, I wish you many more birthdays. I hope this wonderful day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings. Happy Birthday!! MOM, I love you.

48. You gave life to me & made me into everything I am today Happy Birthday Mom I love you and I thank God for you every day.

49. Happy Birthday, mom we miss you very much I know you in heaven watching over me RIP love you always it’s been 10yrs since you left us but it feels like only yesterday.

50. We r in October so this beautiful woman has a birthday coming up and I’m giving her a shout out happy birthday mom!!! Miss you lots!!!

51. Today is my mom’s Birthday. Happy birthday, mom. I love you so much.

52. Happy birthday, mom .so many prayers so many wishes and love you.

53. Happy birthday, Mom! Thanks for everything you do you.

54. Happy Birthday MomThe Lady That Held Me Down Threw Out My Life. Enjoy your  Birthday. I Love You.

55. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you so much, I thank God for you, you inspire me always!!

56. Today my Mom celebrate her 82nd Birthday.

She is an incredibly caring and loving person. We love her to pieces.

So blessed to have her with us. God blessings you mom to have a long and healthy life ahead. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM.

Lovely birthday messages for mom

birthday messages for mom

57. Happy birthday, mom. love you more than the word I can say because without you I wouldn’t have a life.

58. Happy birthday, Mom! Thanks for everything. I hope today is as special as you are.

You don’t look a day older than 30.

59. Slapper for my beautiful mommy happy birthday mom… anything for my mommy (name here).

60. On her birthday, I usually try to do something wonderful that she would want me to do, like clean my apartment…but I suppose she’s prob OK that this time I’m touring the world, continually embarking on the artistic life she instilled in me and hoped I’d pursue. Happy Birthday, Mom, I love you and miss you. Thank you to the amazing (name here).for this heartfelt artwork of he.

61. Happy birthday to the lovely women who gave birth to me and never gave up on me and taught me to put God first I love you mom and I am proud and blessed to be your son happy birthday mom and I love our adventure’s.

62. Good morning everybody! I hope you all have a fantastic day! Today is my mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, MOM! I Love You lots!

63. Happy birthday to the best woman on earth! Mom, I hope you have the best birthday today, I’m so heartbroken I’m not there to share your day with you. You truly are my best friend, my confidant, my backbone and my heart, my soul. Great HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

64. It‘s a true blessing to have such an awesome mother like you! Wishing you an endless happiness on your special day and every day! Happy birthday, Mom.

65. It’s my best and most favorites birthday! Happy Birthday to my Mom! I love you like cooked food — in particular like your cooked food.

66. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman I will always admire! You taught me how to live in this world with honor, grace, and compassion. All I had to do was watch you! Love you, Mom!

67. Mommy, Things felt deeply are always the hardest to say. Best Mom as your first born I loved you in a very special way. If I could have a one-lifetime wish, one dream that could come true I would pray with all my heart for yesterday with you. We were some team. Happy Birthday, Mommy. Love, kisses & virtual hugs.

68. Happy 40th birthday to my amazing mother. Happy that we are spending it with you:) We love you.

69. Help me celebrate my Mother Birthday today! I love my mom! She is everything to me! So glad God kept her and still is keeping her in great health! God bless you (name here).

70. Big Happy Birthday to the best, funniest, and most lovely Mom in the world!!!! I love you so much and am so grateful for you!! Wish I could spend today with you! Miss you.

71. It’s been 20 years Yøu been gøne and it still hurts like it was yesterday I just want tø to wish Yøu an amazingly happy birthday up there in heaven cøntinue tø rest easy møm I Løve Yøu so much.

72. Taking this time to wish my mommy a Happy Birthday. So glad that your health has stayed good in that you are celebrating another year with us. God Bless you always. Love you lots!

73. Happy birthday to my second princess. Lord blessings to you have a great day love you mom.

74. Happy 16th Birthday to my beautiful daughter time is gone by so quickly from the little girl you were not too long ago to a beautiful teenager. Love you mom lots.

75. I know it’s late but happy birthday to the best mother in the world!!!!!! I love you so much even though your top 6 most of the time… My queen. My #1 supporter of my spiritual advisor My everything!!!! Turn up for Jesus.

76. I wanna take the time out to say Happy Birthday to this Very great Woman in My Life, My Mother!! Happy Birthday, Momma wishes you nothing but the best Plz God continue to bless her with much more. I LOVE YOU, MOMMA.

77. Happy birthday to my mama bear love you. God bless you many more years mommy.

78. Happy birthday, mother. We love u and miss you dearly.

79. Happy Birthday to my Mom!!! Looking as fabulous as ever!  Love you.

80. Facebook, stop what you’re doing and wish my beautiful mother a happy birthday! We may not always see eye to eye, but I love you none the less!!! Thanking God for blessing you with another year.

81. Happy early birthday mommy!! So glad I could be with you for your birthday weekend. so excited to see Wicked for the 10th time w you!

Amazing birthday messages for mom

Check here amazing birthday messages for mom.

birthday messages for mom

81. Happy Birthday, Mom! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks! Enjoy your time.

83. Happy birthday mom! The one person I can always count on. I love you forever and ever!!!

84. Mom wasn’t here for her Birthday, but she here now Happy 32nd Birthday Mom we love you!!

85. WCW goes to the birthday girl. Happy birthday 30th mom!! If I become half the woman you are, I’ll be good! love you.

86. Happy Birthday, Mom!!! M I’ll bring you a Diet Coke any time you want!!!! I love you very much and am blown away at how strong you have been!!! Welcome to the 85’s!!!! Let’s dance!!!!!

87. Happy Birthday, the Mom, look at this gem! I love you lots!!

88. Happy Birthday, Mom!!! My mom would have been 94 today. I miss her so much.

89. They say you don’t pick your family but the universe found mine. They are my support, my light, my tribe. Hope you had an amazing Birthday Mom. love you to the stars and back.

90. Happy birthday to the most amazing and beloved mother of the world! Thank you, mom, for everything you’ve done for us! We wish you all the happiness today and every day. We want her with everything. Happy birthday mom!

91. This is our birthday month. Today belongs to this special lady. Happy Birthday mom! We love you more then I can say.

92. Happy Birthday, to my mom, wish you nothing the best in your next year of life.

93. Happy birthday, Mom. love you more than words can say!

94. Well, since I couldn’t be in Kansas for my mom’s Birthday, I just added myself to the photo. Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

95. With you, there is no us. Thank you for all the sacrifices, the open ear, the shoulder to cry on, and the kick in the butt. I hope all your desires are met this year. Happy birthday, Mom I love you so much.

96. Happy birthday Mom!!!! You are honestly the best mom anyone could ask for! I love you.

97. Today u would have marked your 80th birthday Mom, thinking if u and missing you ! Until we meet again! I love u!

98. Happy Birthday, Mom! La Familia (name here) loves and appreciates you very much.

99. So today happens to be my mom’s 35th birthday!!! This lady means so much to me in my life, without her I wouldn’t be who I Am today. even though we have our ups & downs we still will be there for one another so Happy Birthday Mom!!!!! Love you.

100. Happy Birthday, mom. Enjoy your day.

102. She doesn’t like parties like that… So, I’ve decided to bring the party to her. Happy Birthday, Mom!!! I Love YOU.

103. Happy birthday to my support system, my LIFELINE, #1 love of my life and sometimes my headache. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Happy birthday, Mom!!!

104. It’s MY SPECIAL LADY BIRTHDAY. Happy birthday, mom, I love you so much. Words can’t explain how you have been there for me like no other.Now go out and enjoy this special day.

105. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! Today, we also celebrate you being an 18 YEAR breast cancer survivor! I love you!

106. Happy Birthday, Mom. You’re the best and I’m so lucky to have your love, support, and guidance.I hope you have a great day because you deserve it and I can’t wait to be reunited in 25 days!!

107. Wishing my role model, best friend, mentor, and most importantly mother a very happy birthday today. She continues to amaze me by the courage and dedication she faces every day with. Wishing I could be with you today, but know we’re celebrating in your honor here in NYC. Happy birthday mom!

108. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you and can’t wait to see you!


110. Happy birthday, Mom! I love you so much!

111. Happy birthday mom! I hope that you have a great day and weekend! Love you.

Unique birthday messages for mom

birthday messages for mom

112. Happy birthday, mom! Surprise lunch was a success!!

113. Happy Birthday, Mom! On my way home to help you blow out all those candles!

114. 60 years ago this world became a better place because of this wonderful woman. She’s my best friend, my confidant, my role model, my counselor/therapist, my cheerleader, and best of all my mom!! Happy 60th birthday Mom!!! I hope your day is as amazing as you and the happiest birthday so far!!! Here’s to much more!!! I love you!!!

115. Happy Birthday mom! Last night was filled with good food, and family. Glad I was able to make it! Love you!  *the cake melted from the heat.

116. Today is my Mom’s 40th birthday. I wanted to share a photo of her today and when I went to my box of pictures, this was the one I first touch. This is a mom with her first grandbaby and my first daughter, Tanya. She loved her grandchildren very much. Happy birthday, Mom – I know you are one of my angels watching over me. Love you and miss you lots!

117. I was writing the date today when I got a huge knot in my throat. I didn’t want to cry in front of my first period, so as soon as class finished, I came to my car to have a good cry. Really missing you today Nana. Happy 70th Birthday mom. Love you and miss you more than words.

118. Today is a very special day my beautiful mother was born and I love her with all my heart I may not show it much and we might not have the same ideas but I love her and think of her all the time to ask God to make her strong and giving her life happy Happy birthday mom.

119. We want to thank the Lord for allowing our mother, (name here) to celebrate 80 years of life. We are grateful for all the victories and the valley lows. Through it all, flowing from our hearts are the issues of our hearts – It’s Gratefulness! Happy Birthday, MOM!

120. Happy Birthday, Mom, you are greatest. Have the best day!

121. Happy Birthday to our Queen! My mom is the sweetest, loving and most humble person. Not to mention she is the best mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. Happy Birthday! I love you!!

122. I don’t want to write a story but there’s just so much to say about this great woman. I’m so blessed to still have my mom in my life. She has taught me so much and I’m so grateful for it all. Our friendship is definitely irreplaceable and there’s not a woman alive that could ever take her place! Happy Birthday, Mom!

123. Happy birthday, mom. I love you so much.

124. Ending the night celebrating my moms birthday happy birthday mom! Love you much!! Sara Guerra hope you enjoyed your special day.

125. To my one and only child I thank GOD every day for Blessing us with you, so you have brought such joy to my world, you are a great son, awesome dad, hard worker, and very respectful. So on today June 12th, I wish you a Happy 35th Birthday. Mom Love You to infinity.

126. Happy to celebrate another year, Happy Birthday Mom!!! Have a good day.

127. Happy Birthday mom from all of us! We love you so much always. You are such a wonderful, smart, loving, funny mom/grandma/daughter. Sending you tons of bear hugs and kisses all the way up to heaven!

128. Birthday lunch for my Mother! Wish I could be with everyone for dinner, but I have to work for the weekend. Happy Birthday, Mom! Thank you for everything. We love you lots!

129. Happy Birthday, Mom Thank you for always being the strong woman you are and keeping it real!! I love you for that enjoy your day and don’t let anyone steal your joy. Happy Birthday. I love you all time.

130. Happy birthday, Mom I love you so much. God bless you.

131. Happy birthday Mom you were gone but you still here with me and you will never be forgotten. love always your son Lee.

132. Happy Birthday, Mom!! I love you so much.

133. Happy birthday mom! Have a great day! Love you lots!

134. TODAY is My Mommy’s 40th Birthday!!! This woman right here is the Biggest Bronco Fan EVER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mom! May God Bless you with many more years!

135. August 15th Today is forever your birthday Mom! Happy Heavenly Birthday Mom! I miss you, all the time. Thank you for being you, for loving me and life!

136. Y’all help me wish my beautiful mother (name here) a happy birthday.. if it wasn’t from me staying up all night with her help cooking for big events I wouldn’t know some of these bells and whistles I know about this cooking business! Happy birthday Mom’s love you always.

137. Happy Birthday, Mom!!! Love you so much! I hope you have a great birthday.

138. Me and my brother celebrating my moms 45th birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM.

139. Happy birthday, mom!!! May the Lord bless you with many many more year.

140. Happy birthday, Mom! I love you & I hope you have the best day ever!

141. Thank you for everything you do for me I love you and hope you have a wonderful day HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM.

142. Happy birthday Mom the best friend ever had my life I’m thinking about you and always will be you are the lovely mother ever.

143. Words would never describe the love I have for you! Yet, you call me for no reason ALL the time. When you don’t call I’m worried! A great mother, wife and now grandmother! We love you beautiful woman! Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Heart touching birthday messages for mom

birthday messages for mom

144. Happy birthday to my lovely mom. Thank you for paving the way for me and my siblings. What would we do without you?? You deserve the world and some. You are awesome. I thank God for blessing me with you. Love you always.

145. 14 years ago God blessed me with my one an only son. (Just can’t see how some man can’t or don’t want to be there for their son). My Father-in-law had him cutting the grass and all I could do was think man he’s growing. I pray God blesses me to see much more moments like this as you grow into a great man.

146. Happy birthday to (name here).!! Our beautiful, strong, caring, loving, kind-hearted, strong-willed, best mom in the world! I love you mom and am blessed to have you as my mother. I pray that God gives you many more birthdays!

147. Happy Birthday to my other Mother (name here)., My Big Cousin, My Daughter Godmother!! My Voice of Reason! We Love You & Wishing you many many more year.

148. I would like to take the time out and wish my beautiful mother a Birthday thank you, Jesus, from the bottom of my soul for my mother, my Queen thank you so much, my father, in heaven. I love you, mom. Happy 75th Birthday.

149. I want to say Happy Birthday to a great woman who I love so much. I live far so I don’t get to see her often but I enjoy holding her and loving on her when I can. Happy birthday mama!!!!

150. Today has been one hard day!! Your birthday and I couldn’t see your face or hear your voice… My Angle!!.I look at me and I see a reflection of u!!! A Love meant to be! This isn’t getting any easier…. Happy Birthday, Mommy, I Miss and Love You Much My Crazy Lady.

151. I would like everyone to take a moment and help me with my amazing mother, (name here) a Happy Birthday!!!! Mama, I love you so much and I’m sorry I’m not there to celebrate with you today… I pray you have a bless and wonderful day and may God bless you always much more!!!!

152. Happy Birthday to my better half and best friend!  This past year has been full of change and adventure as we welcomed sweet Ellie into our family and you never cease to amaze me in how well you love us. You are kind and patient — and we’re crazy lucky to call you ours!  To many, many, many more birthdays as a family of three! Happy Birthday, Mommy Lolo!

153. I can say my babies are getting big and I just want to say I love you’ll happy birthday mom love you. So much pass my soul. All of you’ll are my no matter what I will be there for you’ll

154. A great blind woman once said, “Momma I love you”. Happy birthday Momma.

155. There is no way we’d let this beautiful day go by without wishing our gorgeous mom happy blessed birthday. She has been a pillar of strength, love, and laughter. She is a gem in this world. Happy Birthday, Momma!

156. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY, MOM!I hope you have the most blessed day today! I love you. & happy birthday, Brandon Allen! We all miss you.

157. Happy birthday to the most wonderful mother in law a god could ever wish for the love you mom!

158. Happy Birthday, to my dear Mom, sure wish we could celebrate together. Miss you every moment.

159. My mom told me once she always loved when her birthday fell on a Friday because Friday the 15th is her lucky day. Happy birthday, to my mom, miss you always.

160. Yesterday we Celebrated our Momma’s  Birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! WE LOVE YOU lots.

161. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!! I hope you have a great day! Don’t work too hard!

162. Happy 50th birthday mom!! Such a great weekend celebrating the woman who made all this happen!

163. Happy 50th birthday mom, love you for everything that you are and that you blessed us all to become.

164. Happy birthday, mom! Hope you have a good day!

165. Happy Birthday, Mom I Love You always. Enjoy your day and much more to come.

166. Shout out to the stylish woman I know with a young spirit at heart…Happy birthday, MOM.

167. Happy birthday, mom, I love u so much. Show her some love FB.

Special birthday messages for mom

birthday messages for mom

168. Happy birthday Mom, thanks again for the Queen (name here) in the yard!I feel you around me all the time! Thanks for guidance! I love you always. You are a hard act to follow so well and kind. Have a high ball with Dad.

169. Happy Birthday, Mom!! I hope I can be as successful and beautiful as you at 40 LOVE YOU!!

170. Happy Birthday, Mom! I trust your day was filled with smiles, happiness, and laughter. Can’t wait to see you & Dad in a couple weeks for belated celebrations at Old Key Lime House!

171. This is Queen Bee of our family she just turned 85 years old…my mom-mom is the bomb. Thank you, God, for her. Happy birthday, Mom.

172. Happy Birthday, Mom! We are so happy to be apart of your celebration of you turning 70!

173. Loving wishes to my beloved little starfish in heaven. Happy 30th birthday Mom….I miss you.

174. Happy Birthday, Mom, may God continue to keep you and Bless you forever more. I love you to the moon and back!

175. Happy Birthday, Mom! You are my heart and soul, my inspiration, my rock. I love you always.

176. This lady right here is my superhero my wonder woman .I’m proud to be her daughter happy birthday mom.

177. Happy birthday to the most positive and courageous person I know. I feel fortunate to be your son and to have the opportunity to learn from you every day. Happy birthday, mom.

178. Happy birthday, Mom. Hope you are enjoying your day. I love u and wish u much more to come Cleaning house.

179. Ending this night with a bang Happy Birthday. Mom& Aunt (name here).

180. Happy birthday mom in heaven. Here we are your baby’s. (name here)..We miss you   so much

181. Living. Loving. And smelling the flowers!! Happy Birthday, Mom!

182. Happy birthday, Mom! Love you so much. All that you do for this family could never be paid back. Hope you have an amazing day! Love you (name here).

183. Happy birthday, mom. Love you bunches hope you have a great day bc you deserve it.

184. Happy one-day early birthday mom!!! Wish the video didn’t cut off but we all get the idea :p. love you (name here).

185. Happy birthday mom love and miss you every day, every hour, every min, every second.

186. Happy Birthday Mom ((name here).)!! I hope you had a fun night!! I love so much.

187. Happy 80th Birthday Mom. Not a day goes by without me thinking of you. Love you lots!

188. Happy Birthday, Mom. We love you fun night celebrating with my Mom.

189. Happy birthday, mom. I love your sassy crazy self. Enjoy your time.

190. Happy 66th birthday Mom! You are my rock my world my everything…

191. Happy birthday, mom, we are ready for from steak and lobster.


193. My daughter is so blessed to have this beautiful grandma in his life!! Happy birthday mom!

194. Want to wish my Mommy 50th  happy birthday, Mom may the Lord continue to bless you with many more years here with us! And may your day be filled with love, and joy! Love you, Mom, from all of us.

195. Happy Birthday mom!!! #Get It!!! Yep, we get it from our momma! Have a nice day.

196. Happy birthday, mom!. You & Mr. (name here) will be taken care of when I start making my money. See you soon mom.

197. Today is my great mother’s birthday. She would have been 67. She was full of life, fun, and love! Oh, how I miss her fun spirit and kind heart. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you, I miss you lots!!!

198. Happy Birthday, mom, now time to blow out the candles!!!! More of a great time we have with my mom. On her 70th birthday. Thank you to our chef my nephew, for the wonderful MENUDO we enjoyed so much. It was the bomb. And thank you to both Crystal and Eric for their hospitality.

199. Happy early birthday to my lovely mom. You’re my favorite person in the world! Love you so much.

200. I would like to wish my mom (name here) a happy birthday may your wishes come true today on your special day and may God bless you with many more to come once again lovely happy birthday Mom.

201. Happy birthday!!!!mom, I love you so much. You are still young and kicking it! Here’s to 40 years!

202. Today we would have celebrated my mommies birthday! Happy Birthday to my dear MOM! Love you and miss you always.

203. Out with mom on her birthday and surprised her with my daughter. Happy birthday, mom.

204. Happy Birthday, Mom! We all Love you! May we continue to have endless laughter many blessings and All the love in the world.

205. Words cannot express how much I miss you, mom. She was always full of life, funny and smart. And even though I know she is in a better place I would love to spend this day every year with her here with us. Mom, I love you and miss you lots and today will always be your day! Happy Birthday, Mom.

206. Happy Birthday, Mom!! You only turn 60 once May you have a great and fabulous day today but I can’t wait for your Dinner on Sunday. Love you to the moon and back mom. From The Gaona Family.

207. Happy Birthday, Mom! 57 yrs young. She would only have a sip, just like her son!

208. On the way back from Kerrville pretty nasty in SA but got a make it home for mommas birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM !!! Love you so much. see you soon.

209. Wishing my beautiful mommy a happy birthday, God blessed my brother and me with an angel as a mother with all our love and soul we love u, mama.

210. Happy Birthday to my beautiful mama (name here). Don’t know what I’d do without this amazing woman.. you the best mother! Love you mom lots.

211. A little early but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA! love you, thank you for everything! Have a great day, and many blessings to you and much more to come! Love you more than a word I can say.

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