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Birthday wishes for son: Today Is your son celebrating his exceptional day, yet you can’t locate the best words to wish him? Provided that this is true, at that point read these best 80+ happy birthday wishes for son to help you to define the best possible words to say for your beyond a reasonable doubt cherished son. Realize what to compose for happy birthday wishes for a son in the best lovely way is listed here.

Top Birthday wishes for son

1. Happy Birthday, Son! I Love You With Every Bit Of My Heart!

2. I want to tell my firstborn son, I’m so proud of you. Happy Birthday, son.

3. Happy Birthday to my oldest son in the Family of love. You are an awesome young man. I am proud to call you son. Happy Birthday Son wishing you much more to come.

4. Happy birthday, son. I thank God every day to you and God bless you.

5. Happy birthday, son. Hope you’re having fun and enjoying your special day. May God continue to bless you always. Stay safe.

6. 22. It’s hard to believe my baby boy is that old today. Happy birthday, son. Have a wonderfully blessed day. I love you more than all the stars in all the heavens.

7. Happy birthday to my dear son!! I am so proud of the young man you have become! I am so blessed that God allowed you to brighten the second half of my life! You are so deserving of all the greatness God has for you in the near future! I love you lots!!! You will always be my baby boy, in my heart as long as I live!! Have a wonderful day son!!!

8. Happy Birthday, son. Enjoy your special day..talk to you soon love you.

9. Happy birthday, son. May God bless you with so much more enjoy your day and be blessed.

10. My little boy is a teenager. Happy birthday, son. Daddy loves you lots.

11. The day you were born was a day to celebrate! We love you to such an extent. Happy Birthday my dear son!

12. “Frogs and snails and puppy canine tails.” You are on the whole that however a great deal more, my sweet Son. You are in charge of all the vitality, consideration, and satisfaction in our home. Happy Birthday!

13. Happy Birthday, Son! Extremely proud of you! Where does the time go? You make me the proud father I am!

14. Dear Son, you are getting taller and taller on every birthday of yours. Express gratitude toward God you are hinting at some growing up. I love you! Best Birthday!

15. It was on this day 24 yrs ago AI gave birth to this handsome young man that is my 1st born and the only son… We have been through hell and bad together good and bad but our bond is one that can never be broken… Happy birthday, son.

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Birthday Wishes for Son

16. I love Axl Rose for composing the tune, “Sweet Son of Mine”. I love you much more to be that “Sweet Son”. Happy Birthday.

17. Happy birthday, son. Your a big 15 today momma will see u when I get home from work so we can celebrate your day I love you bubba more than anything in this world ….happy birthday.

18. Happy Birthday to a Son who produces so much extraordinary vitality in our home. As a result of you, each day of our lives is pressed with enterprise, new disclosures, and fun, fun, FUN!

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19. The absolute best blessing I’ve ever had in life. Hard to believe the first year has come and gone already. Happy Birthday my Son! It’s amazing being your daddy.

20. I can’t trust a year has passed by this rapidly, my sweet Son. You keep on growing, learn, and flabbergast. I anticipate one more year of bliss with you in our lives. Happy Birthday.

21. I know I said I would not be mushy today and blow up your page. Happy Birthday, Son.  I LOVE YOU lots!!

22. Wanted to wish my son a happy ninth birthday they grow up so fast. I don’t know where the time goes but I know he’s gonna have a great birthday.

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Best Birthday Wishes for Your Son

Wish your lovely son the best birthday wishes for son. Make your son’s birthday more memorable, funny, enjoyable. Check below:

23. Had plans to go today for a car show and a friend’s son’s birthday. Instead, I’m battling a flat tire and probably a replacement set of 4 tires. Happy birthday.

24. Happy birthday to my son. I love you son. You are a special young man and I am honored to be called your Father and I am honored to call you my son.

25. The best piece of having an incredible Son like you is that the greater part of the deficiencies in life will come unraveled. Best Bday! I love you so much!

26. Happy Birthday, Son!!! I hope you have a GREAT birthday!!! I love and miss you lots!!!

27. Happy birthday, son. I love you and I am so proud of you. Have a good day.

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28. You are a present from our Heavenly Father and I trust that after God made you, my Son, the more likely than not remained back and stated: “Amazing, I ROCK!” Happy Birthday to a great creation.

29. Dad sent this to me from his wedding. I guess he’s in his feelings too!!! Happy Birthday, Son.

30. I express gratitude toward God consistently for the magnificent gift he has presented to your mom and me. Happy birthday, Son, I trust it is your greatest day ever.

31. Our entire world can be summed up in only three letters – SON. Happy birthday.

32. This is a shout out to my son Happy Birthday son and may you have many more. You are a lovely son, just continue to stay with and in the Lord. REMEMBER ONLY WHAT YOU DO FOR CHRIST WILL LAST. Be safe, be blessed we LOVE  YOU SON.

33. Happy birthday, son. I love you thanks for being a wonderful son mama.

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34. I generally wish to end up noticeably a good example of my Son. Be that as it may, I never envisioned that you, my Son will turn into a good example for me. Best Bday, my cherished Son!

35. We generally felt that supernatural occurrences transpired in a billion. We never envisioned that we would be the fortunate divinely selected individuals until the point when we had you as our dear Son. Happy birthday.

36. 17 yrs ago I was blessed to have a son and I must say it’s been a wonderful 17 yrs. Happy Birthday, son.

37. Today is his 23rd Birthday!!! Oh boy!! Help me celebrate this day!! Happy Birthday, son! I Love You!! See you later!!

38. It’s been 11 years already… Cheers to a prince. Happy birthday, Son. I love you lots.

39. A Son like you gives us the motivation to remain happy and glad every day, much obliged! Happy Birthday!

40. As you blow the light on your cake, simply recall that your adoration is the flame that will always shine in our souls. Happy birthday.

41. All of it – is the main place you have in my heart. Happy birthday, Son.

42. Sonnen like you should be called “suns” since you truly bring the daylight into our lives. Happy Bday!

43. Happy birthday, son!! I thank God every day for blessing us with you!! Dad, mom, and your sisters love you and wish u many more!!!

44. Regardless of whether you are an old man or a youthful high school kid, you will always remain our little beloved newborn. Happy birthday, Son.

45. Happy Birthday, son, I hope this is another super blessed year for you.

46. Happy Birthday, Son. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

47. You are loved for being a brilliant kind that you are and for being an enchanting individual that you have moved toward becoming at this point. May your birthday be honored with everything that God needs for your life! Great Birthday!

48. Happy birthday, son!!! I love you more than words I can say!!! You are the best part of me and I am enjoying being one of your biggest fans as I watch you grow into a special young man. My greatest goal in life is to see you achieve the greatest and be a better man than I could ever be by you doing the right things. Enjoy your day!!

49. Congratulations & Happy Birthday Son, you deserve this and much more. I LOVE YOU SON!!

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50. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, son. Many more. Much love! Mom!

51. Happy Birthday, son! Have a great day! Go get ’em this year!

52. Wow 7 yrs ago I was blessed with this precious little man my life changed and I became a mother, I love you happy birthday son.

53. Happy birthday, the son, have a great day, hope you enjoy it. Also a great father’s day…I love you….mom

54. Finally done in love with the outcome Happy Birthday son. Mommy loves you. Big 4 tomorrow.

55. Happy birthday to my love, my heart, and one of my favorite men happy birthday son. I love you.

56. On this day 25 years ago, my baby boy came into the world. Happy Birthday, son! Merry Christmas to you all!

57. Happy Birthday, son, I love you so very much! Hope you have a wonderful day. I miss you so much.

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58. Dear Son, you are the very motivation behind why we anticipate life. You are likewise the motivation behind why there is dependably a grin on our souls. We cherish you! Happy Bday!

59. Happy Birthday, son. I love you beyond time and space. Spent my life caring for you now here you are putting your life on pause to care for me. That goes to show you what kind of man you’ve become. You are my hero my strength and my weakness. I’m so blessed to have a beautiful son like you. Thank you and I appreciate everything you do. Enjoy your special day my son.

60. Many years ago I gave birth to my first child I love you to the moon n back twice HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

61. Whenever life gives you trouble, come to give us an embrace. Regardless of what you do or how old you progress toward becoming, for us, you’ll generally be our little Son. Happy birthday.

62. Today is my youngest son’s 18th birthday! Happy Birthday, son loves you.

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63. Good morning FB! Help me to wish my firstborn son a Happy 25th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Son!

64. My youngest star turns 8 today! Happy birthday son I love you big dog!

65. Happy birthday, son. I love you so many words can’t explain to us about to have a ball.

66. Guess who is officially a teenager today. Happy birthday, son. Your Dad loves you more every day.

67. Dear Son, you are the main reason we anticipate existence with a grin and you will be the main reason we think back in existence with a grin. Happy birthday.

68. The most valuable recollections and the most joyful snapshots of my life rotate around the grins and snickers of only one individual – my Son. Happy birthday.

69. Sons like you ought to be called Suns since you are truly the splendid sunlight in our lives. Happy birthday.

70. Good morning FB! Help me to wish my firstborn son a Happy 25th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Son!

71. My youngest star turns 8 today! Happy birthday son I love you big dog!

72. Happy birthday, son. I love you so many words can’t explain to us about to have a ball.

73. Guess who is officially a teenager today. Happy birthday, son. Your Dad loves you more every day.

74. Dear Son, wherever life will bring you and whatever attempt you will pick, I need you to realize that I will always be pleased with you. I cherish you and have the best Birthday ever!

75. On your birthday we wish you only fortunes and satisfaction. We trust you satisfy everything you could ever hope for and surge ahead toward progress. Happy birthday, Son.

76. I like to give my older handsome son. A great big shout out for his birthday. Happy birthday son 30th look really good for u to enjoy your day with God, I’m so proud of you and I thank God every day for blessing me for having you in my life. Love you very much, mom.

Happy birthday son from mom

77. Just a trip down memory lane! It blows me away how much my son has grown and matured. Happy birthday, son! #sweet17

78. Birthday dinner for a 24th birthday. Happy Birthday, son!

79. It’s my son’s birthday!!! 24 years sure did go by pretty fast…nonstop fun with this guy around….wishing you the best in the very thing you do… I Love you. lots Happy birthday Son!!!

80. Wow, time wait for no one I couldn’t let this day go by without wishing my wonderful son in law a Happy birthday. Happy birthday, son. You are a loving husband wonderful father a grand grandfather and love your in-laws. I thank you for caring for us and keeping your family safe. Love you.

81. I woke up with a 14yr old son WOW how time flies!!! He keeps saying in a few more yrs I’ll be driving ok chill out I’m so not ready. Happy birthday, son. Love you to the moon and back.

82. 28 years ago you came into our lives happy birthday son. Hope you have a great day proud of the man you become love you.

83. Happy 14th Birthday!!! Wow, 14 it doesn’t seem real. The last 14 years of our lives have been such a blessing to watch you grow up into an amazing, big-hearted, smart, funny, kind, handsome young man!! Regardless of how old you are; you will forever remain our little bundle of joy. Happy birthday, son.

84. Early birthday celebration with the family for a son. Happy birthday, the son, love Mom and Dad! Thanks for being such a great person and an awesome son.

85. What a difference one year to the next makes! Today I get to brag about this handsome guy all day. Happy birthday, son!


87. Wishing one of my reasons for breathing a Happy 15th Birthday. Happy Birthday, son.

88. Celebrating 31st Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Son we love you very much!

89. 21 years ago he came into my life and save me !! Love him to death !! Happy birthday, son.  Mom loves you and I know your dad would be proud of you !! 9:05 am this morning 21 years go he took his first breath of air!! Yes, we are playing golf this early!! Happy birthday.

90. So every year I ask my son Ian what does he want for his birthday and every year, he says the same thing.”I just want to spend time with you and for you to sing me my favorite song from when I was a baby.” He’s always been a daddy’s boy! Happy Birthday, Son, I Love you lots!

91. Today one of the most amazing things happens, my oldest son turns 22!! Happy birthday son I’m happy and proud of the man you are!!

92. Today my son celebrated his 8th birthday Happy birthday son.

93. Happy Birthday, Son!! You are such a blessing to me!! I hope you have an amazing day, I Love You!

94. My Boy Turn 9 Today Happy Birthday Son I Love You….. With Your Bad Ass.

95. 26 years ago today I gave birth to this handsome, talented young man. Happy birthday, son. Love you to the moon and back, and back again. May God bless you to see many more.

96. Whoop! whoop! it’s your birthday!!! Happy birthday, son! Wishing you the world’s best. Love you always.

97. Happy Birthday, son. Can’t wait to see you next weekend. Have fun skiing and taking a break from school. We love you very much.

98. Happy Birthday son from all your family. I know you’re at work so we have to celebrate later the kids said Happy Birthday and they can’t wait so they can spank you see you later old man.

99. Today, September 5th BIRTHDAY. Happy Birthday, Son. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON.

100. Happy birthday son, wishing you plenty more!! Enjoy your day!! May God bless you tremendously on today!! We have been rocking since Handley n I’ve been mom nu been my son… Love you, my boy!! Remember Al Gore was y’all daddy.


102. Turns 14 today. I couldn’t be more proud of the intelligent, caring man he is becoming. Happy Birthday, Son! Love you!

Birthday Wishes for Son from Dad

Send these lovely birthday wishes for son to your son and show your love to him. Make your son happier to send perfect birthday wishes.

103. What perfect photos! You were a year old. This pic was taken on your 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday, son! I love you.

104. Happy Birthday, son!!!! Big 19 I love you with all my heart.

105. Screaming Happy 20th Birthday to My super amazing handsome, son. I love you so much, my baby. Happy Birthday, Son.

106. 6 years ago today I was blessed with my so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON. I LOVE YOU!!!

107. Happy Birthday, Son! Today is your special day, you are a true blessing to us! We wish you all the happiness in the world.

108. My little man is 11 today. Happy Birthday, son hope u many more!!

109. Missing my son 2:00 Happy birthday son. Coming in get your shit Right.

110. Today is the 8th Birthday of our handsome man!!! Happy Birthday, son!!!

111. What God has planned for you no man can STOP! Go get it!!! Happy birthday, son!! I Love you.

112. My other twin my hard head second to the oldest. Happy birthday son everyone give him some BIRTHDAY love.

113. Everyone help me to wish my son. Happy birthday, son. I wish you get everything you wish for and may God bless you. I love you too life god bless you too see many more.

114. Today is my sweet Pepper’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Son, from your mommies!

115. 20, Boy how time flies! Q HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON, I Love You NOW AND FOREVER!! Enjoy your BIG DAY!!!

116. Happy Birthday, son. May today be filled with Peace, Love & Happiness.


118. Family and friends, please help me to wish my smart, loving, and easy-going son a happy birthday… Happy Birthday, Son. love you lots!!

119. This guy is 23 today! The happiest baby, the busiest boy, the sweetest love, the biggest heart. Couldn’t love him anymore. Happy Birthday, son!

120. I would like to give a happy birthday shout out to my son. Happy birthday, son.

121. Happy Birthday, Son! I love you to the moon and back! I love you!

122. The day I became a mother to our first child I cried because I was so blessed to have you happy birthday son. I love you very much. Wish you many more years to come.

123. Help me give a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to my very smart and talented baby boy! Happy Birthday, son mama loves you so very much.

124. Happy Birthday, Son!!! Hope you have the best year ever.

125. Wow, I really can’t believe my baby is #6now  Happy birthday son. I love you so much. it’s your day it’s finally here.


127. Where has the time gone? My Mini-Me has outgrown me. Happy Birthday, Son!!!!18yrs.

128. Evan’s always been photogenic. What a good kid. 15 years old today. Happy Birthday, son!

129. I can’t believe it’s been 18 years OMG…Happy Birthday, Son…You know I love me some you…Enjoy your day all your favorites will be waiting for you after school. Looking Like Fish Omg

130. 20 years ago an amazingly talented young man made his debut into this world, and changed mine for the better!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON!!! I Love You and may God bless you with many more!!!!

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131. Today my 1st born son turns 15…! I thought this day would never come when he was little lol if you know him like knew him… boy oh boy .. he was Off The Chain times infinity. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON.

132. Screaming Happy Birthday to my oldest son. I am proud of the man/father that you are. Continue to grow and learn to be the best you can be. Happy birthday, son. I love you and wish you much more to come.

133. Today is a special day the 20th. my firstborn son turns 20. Happy Birthday son I am so proud of the man you are becoming. This is a major turning point in your life. Continue to strive for excellence and you will get it. So proud to be your mom. Love you so much. Enjoy your day.

134. So today belongs to this guy!!! My son is 8… I can not imagine my life without the chaos and crazy laughter he brings to our family!!! Happy Birthday, Son!!!!

135. I want to say Happy Birthday to our son, he turns 21 today. Happy Birthday, son, I love you!!!

136. Today is my firstborn birthday!  11 yrs old!! Happy birthday, son!! Mommy loves you so much!!

137. Her party was a success. Now it’s my baby boy’s birthday and I have to prepare for his party today!!!!! Happy birthday, son!!! Mommy loves you.

138. I’d say today was a success!

Happy birthday, son! You are a perfect little ray of sunshine! THANK YOU to everyone who made today special for this little goober!

139. Please help me celebrate my one and only son…whom God blessed me with on this day 15 years ago…we hung out and had dinner tonight with 2 other sirs lol the food and laughs where awesome…Happy Birthday, Son. I love you to the moon and back.

140. Happy Birthday, Son! We are so blessed and proud to have you in our life.

141. It’s my baby’s birthday, happy birthday son. I’m so proud of you your smart got a level and strong mind frame. God bless you. I love you!

142. Happy Birthday, Son… God bless you with many more birthdays. I pray that your day is prosperous and filled with joy and happiness all day each day…Love you so much. I thank God for you!!! love you lots.

143. Today is the big day of the Person who has made me feel so blessed and lucky to have him as my child. Happy Birthday, Son. OMG, I can believe your 12-year-old.

144. Celebrating 16 years with this Awesome son of ours. We are so blessed that we are his mom and dad. Happy Birthday, son.

145. I can’t believe my little man is 12 today!!! Happy birthday, son, I love you more than life itself!

146. Happy birthday, son!!! I can’t believe your 26!! You make me proud every day some more than others. I love you!!

147. Can’t believe I have a 30-year-old! Happy Birthday, son! Love you.

148. Today this adorable nugget turns 15! I can’t believe my child is 1 year from teenhood. Happy birthday, son!!!

149. Happy birthday, Son. Enjoy your day and have yourself a blast.

150. On this day 22 years ago my best friend was born! Happy Birthday, Son! I love you.

151. Sterling is 14 today can’t believe how fast time flies very proud of him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON.

152. Happy birthday, son! I miss you! Have a good birthday and may this year be a good year for you! And rise above that bullshit I keep seeing you post, it’s waste of time. Start living the best version of yourself! Love you, son, take care!

153. I want to shout out to this guy, my son. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON! We love you!

154. So I want to give an early shout out to my son 6th birthday is tomorrow happy birthday son. Loves you so much. You’ve taught me more than I could even imagine.

155. The second eldest son turns twenty today. Happy birthday, son. love you.

156. My baby boy turns 17 today!! Happy birthday son, I could not be more proud of you and who you have become. You just amaze me every day, this is our first birthday apart and I will be thinking of you all day. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you.

157. Today is the day that you were born. A child that is always happy to eat chicken joy but now you have your life and will be a father to your child. Happy birthday son

158. I would like to wish my oldest a very Happy Birthday!  Son, you mean the world to me and I’m grateful for the man your becoming!! Now let the celebration continue! #

159. On this day 4 years ago I was blessed with the arrival of my best friend. He is the coolest kid I know. Happy birthday, son! Love you more than you will ever know!

160. Happy Birthday, son. Enjoy your special day! We love you.

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161. Happy birthday little guy. Turned 25th. Love that little boy beyond description!!! Happy Birthday, son!!! Mommy and Daddy love YOU!!

162. Happy Birthday to my sweet boy! This year has flown by, and my world is forever changed!

163. Happy 22nd Birthday to our sweet, happy boy. We couldn’t imagine life without you!

164. Happy 4th birthday to my amazing son! Thank you for all the love, joy, and happiness you’ve brought into our lives.

165. Happy Birthday My Son. Thank you for 5 amazing years. I Love You.

166. Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!!!!! 10 is Great!!! I love you, sunny boy!!!!

167. 15 years ago today I swore at nurses and threat end to sue them all back to the dark ages, they then handed me my son and I forgot all about my vengeance. Happy 15th Birthday Thomas!

168. Happy 22nd Birthday to my wonderful son. We are so proud of you! Love you lots!

169. Five years ago today our incredible little boy was born, Happy Birthday!

170. Happy birthday to my favorite little boy who has been raging it west coast style this summer!!!

171. Happy 4th birthday to my son. Have a wonderful day and another terrific year. Love you!

172. I am going to post this now cause may forget to do it tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. HE WILL BE 30 ON JAN.12THGETTING UP THEREON. I LOVE U LOTS.

173. Happy Birthday!! 11-Year-old!! Good Job Boy!! You’re growing up quickly!!

174. Happy Birthday to my baby boy…I love you so much and am so proud to be your mom…lots of love to you and I wish you weren’t in today!!!!

175. You know it was a good day when your son puts himself to bed before his allotted bedtime because he is just that tired. Happy Birthday, baby!

176. Happy Birthday to my son. Thank you for being a wonderful loving son, We love you!

177. 24 years ago today our son was born…bringing him such joy today!!! Thank you, Lord, for such an AMAZING Son!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

178. Happy Birthday to my special son, who turned 14 today. Hope you had a blast. It was great celebrating it with you and other family friends. We love you very much, dad and mom

179. Happy birthday big boy!! I hope I get to see you again sometime in the near future.  Now go get crazy and have a wonderful day.

180. Happy Birthday, Mom!! You got another grandbaby last weekend! What a sweet little boy he is. I love you and think of you every day!

181. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANNY BOY! Stay young and healthy, happy, and don’t mind about the numbers. Focus on living and not on aging.

182. Happy birthday, boy!! I’m sad I can’t beat the AYS concert tonight, best of luck!!

Birthday Wishes for Son

183. Having an incredible Son like you is unquestionably the best thing that has ever happened to our life. I will always be pleased with you, best birthday my dear Son!

184. I want to send a special birthday shout-out to my son. I’m so proud of the man you have become. You have been there with me through thick and thin and for that, I am forever grateful happy birthday son I love you to the moon and back!!

185. We are old-fashioned, so we will embrace you on your birthday as opposed to squeezing the like catch on your Facebook and we will sing you Happy Birthday as opposed to labeling you in tweets on Twitter. Happy birthday, Son.

186. Dear Son, you are our life’s most great grand slam. Happy birthdays.

187. With adoration and all the best to the best Son on the planet! Great Bday!

188. Happy Birthday, Son. We love and miss you so very much. Our hearts still ache. Keep flying with the angels. Give the rest of the family hugs and kisses until we see you again. We love you beyond infinity.

189. 22 years ago today my life would be changed at 9 01 am the birth of my Son. He is my best friend my motivation and the best thing that has ever happen to me. Happy Birthday, Son.

Birthday Wishes for Son

Top Birthday Wishes Quotes for Son

190. Happy 23rd Birthday to my oldest. I am very proud of this young man…just cannot believe he is 23 years old!! Just for his 23rd birthday. I am posting 23 random pics of him to celebrate. Happy Birthday, son. love you!

191. Happy 14th birthday to my one and only boy I’m glad to see you have turned into a fine young man and I’m very proud of you, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORD’S I CAN SAY. Happy birthday, son.

192. Well, 26 years ago today I had a beautiful baby boy!! Now all grown up with a family of his own!! Love you to the moon and back!! Happy birthday son of mine!!!

193. Son… you make each and every day of my life feel like Mother’s Day. Happy birthday.

194. A room in our home and a space in our souls will be loaded with a vacuum as your school begins. Happy birthday, Son.

195. Our darling Son, thank you for conveying a grin on our face each day. We trust that your birthday will convey a grin to yours too! Best Bday!

196. At 9 am you were brought into this world–Happy Birthday son, love you much.

197. Happy birthday you are 19 teens I hope this year is a good one!!! Love you like a son I never had you are family !!!

198. You are getting taller and taller with every birthday. Thank god you are hinting, at any rate, some growing up. Happy birthday.

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199. Notwithstanding whether you have turned into a youthful high school kid or develop to be an old man, you will perpetually be our little dear baby. Have a happy eighth birthday Son!

200. The sitcom of our life turned into a blockbuster hit after you arrived in a supporting part and later assumed control as the lead. Happy birthday.

201. Happy birthday to my amazing son. I love you more than words can say. I’m proud to call you my son!!

202. We realized that our message would be lost among the piles of birthday wishes you would get on Facebook. So here’s a plain old solid high-quality card from your plain old and dependable guardians. Happy birthday.

203. Screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! To my 1at born. Legally an adult but will always be my baby. We love you and we are very proud of the young man you’re turning out be. I see great things in your future son.

Birthday Wishes for Son

204. Happy 12th Birthday to my most favorite 12-year-old son! I love you so much and am so very proud of you!

205. Happy birthday to my son. He passed away on October 15 last year, but he would have been 25 years today. We miss you, Bubba!

206. Boy if I am not the most blessed man in the world having a father like mine. I am so overjoyed to wish you another happy birthday! And with a beautiful person by his side too.

207. 10 years ago I gave birth to my oldest son!!” I Love you and Happy Birthday!!”

208. I am wishing my son a very happy 20th birthday today happy birthday son.

209. My firstborn turns 26 today and I’m shouting out HAPPY BIRTHDAY. SON AND MAY YOU HAVE A AWESOME B-DAY. LOVE.

210. Happy Birthday to my firstborn. I love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday!! I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful son!

211. The sweet kind of your cake speaks to the sweetness you have mixed in our lives and its icing speaks to how you have turned into the apex of our joy. Happy birthday, Son.

212. Dear Son, as you blow the light on your cake, recall forgetting that your adoration resembles a flame that will perpetually consume our souls. Magnificent Bday!

213. I may have shown you to end up noticeably a decent understudy, great national, great sportsperson, and a decent mate. Be that as it may, my Son, have shown me an essential thing of all – how to end up noticeably an astounding father. Happy birthday.

214. Not trying to reveal my age, but this kid right here turned 26 today! Happy Birthday, Son! What a proud day for me!!!

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215. A Son is the best resource any parent can need to counterbalance life’s liabilities of life. From you, we continue receiving the benefits and picks up on the purest love there can ever be. Happy birthday.

216. The best piece of having an astonishing Son is that the greater part of life’s inadequacies come unraveled. Happy birthday.

217. Son, I am happy to state that I see somewhat more of me in you each and every day. Best birthday, my son!

218. Happy birthday to my son.

This mischief and a curious little boy loves to get in everything he sees. Just turned 5 today. Happy birthday, son. I and your mommy love you very much.

Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy birthday To My Son From The Heart Messages

219. When your mom was pregnant we requested that God gives us a youngster who grows up to end up plainly fair, dedicated, and fruitful. You are living confirmation that God answers petitions. Happy birthday, Son.

220. Don’t you set out to instruct us to quit presenting to you a birthday cake since you are more seasoned at this point? You are never too old to ever be dealt with like a little Son by your folks. Happy birthday, Sonny.

221. Want to give a shout-out to my firstborn baby…You’re 35yrs. Old today. Happy birthday, Son. I love you son…mom

222. 5 years ago today I met my son and he’s been my best friend since happy birthday son I love you.

223. Every father furtively wishes that his Son becomes taller and more shrewd than him. Congrats – in any event, you’ve become taller. Happy birthday.

224. We love you and wish for you the most joyful of days and a splendid, sound future.

225. Dear Son, regardless of the amount you have developed, for us, you are continually going to remain our dearest and most brilliant infant kid. Wishing you a happy bday. May everything you could ever want and wishes to work out!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

226. We are so fortunate to have such an astounding Son on the planet, have the best birthday today, kiddo!

227. Happy Birthday, Son 11yrs old. Now I feel old. Daddy loves U

228. I Would Like All Of My FBF & Friends Help

I Wish,

My Son,



Happy birthday quotes

229. We generally trust that wonders transpire in a billion. In any case, we have never believed that we would be among the fortunate ones until the point when we have you, our dearest Son. Brilliant Birthday!

230. So happy I got to see my sis my son and my daughter today!!! Happy birthday son you getting so big so fast! Mommy/Auntie loves you to the moon and back.

231. Woke up this morning screaming and wishing my 3rd son a happy birthday family and friends let me help my son celebrate his birthday. Happy birthday, son love you have a wonderful weekend enjoy.

232. Our cherished son, the sitcom of our life has turned into a blockbuster hit directly after you left this world. You have assumed the supporting part, yet later on, you assumed control as the lead Wonderful Birthday!

233. We realize that our message will be lost given the loads of birthday wishes that come your way on your Facebook divider. So acknowledge this plain old carefully assembled card originating from your plain old guardians, happy Bday!

234. Dear Son, I have dependably shown you to end up plainly a decent resident, a great understudy, and an awesome companion. Be that as it may, you are my Son has really shown me how to wind up plainly an astonishing guardian, so Thank you! Best Birthday!

235. Regardless of what number of your birthdays will come, you will dependably be my little infant kid! Happy 22nd Birthday Son!

236. So happy I got to see my sis my son and my daughter today!!! Happy birthday son you getting so big so fast! Mommy/Auntie loves you to the moon and back.

237. Woke up this morning screaming and wishing my 3rd son a happy birthday family and friends let me help my son celebrate his birthday. Happy birthday, son love you have a wonderful weekend enjoy.

238. Dear son, I trust that the birthday cake I sent you is delicate and sweet. Be that as it may, one thing is without a doubt, it can never be sweeter than you, Wonderful Bday!

239. Magnificent bday to our greatest wellspring of euphoria and pride! We cherish you Son!

40th Birthday Wishes

240. Of all the things in my life I’ve messed up and done wrong, here is one thing I know I’ve done right!!!

241. Happy Birthday, son, I love you more than you will ever know!!

Happy Birthday Wishes for my Son – With Images

242. Good morning God’s beautiful and blessed people. Today I’m thanking God for allowing my second-born son 25 Birthday. Happy Birthday, son. Enjoy today and much more to come. I love you and I’m so blessed to have you in my life.

243. Wishing my baby a huge Happy 9th Birthday!! I can’t believe how much time has passed & all the memories we shared together!! You truly are an amazing kid!!

244. His 24th birthday..we have hit some potholes on the way here but he’s a great son I thank God for him I hope you find a great place to soar for the best in your upcoming years of life. I love you to the and Happy birthday son.

245. 19yrs I have waited for this moment!! Happy Birthday, son!!

246. 22! How has it been 22 years already? I’m so proud of the man you’ve become and so excited to see what the future holds for you. Happy Birthday, son!

247. The main thing about which your mom and I will regularly quarrel over is on choosing who among us adores you progressively – up to this point, we are as yet battling. Happy Bday, our dearest Son!

248. A major Happy Birthday to a stunning Son like you, I adore you!

249. Just a couple of guardians is sufficiently fortunate to be honored with a stunning Son like you. Best birthday to the most awesome Son in the entire world!

250. Want to wish a happy birthday to the most important man in my life. Can’t believe it’s been 16 years today. Happy birthday, son. Mommy loves you!!!!!

Happy Birthday Quotes

251. Best Bday to the world’s kindest and most noteworthy kid – my Son!

252. Son, I can’t locate the correct expressions to disclose to you how glad we are for what you have turned into every one of these years! Best Bday and I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer things in life.

253. My sweet son, I appeal to God for more endowments to come to you on your exceptional day and on your regular day to day existence. Awesome Bday!

254. Just want to say Happy Birthday to my firstborn son. You have a drink with me and know how much you mean to me. Just cause you grow up doesn’t mean your Momma loves you less. I love you with all my heart. May you have the most blessed day. I miss you. Glad you’re having fun. Love your Mommy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON.

255. Whoo-hoo, my baby boy is 21yrs old today, happy birthday son.

256. Son, I need you to realize that you are our life’s most noteworthy gift. Happy birthday!

257. Son, you are a decent case of everything that is appropriate in this world we live in. May your future be as brilliant and may you be happy on your extraordinary day. Magnificent Birthday!

258. Words are sufficiently not to express the amount I cherish you, my dear Son. Much obliged to you for making my life finish, Happy Bday!

259. Having some good fun with my son. Damn this fun happy birthday son.

260. Happy 10th birthday son. My future basketball star. Enjoy your day baby. Celebrating this weekend.

261. My big boy is 1! I love you so much! There is no one else id rather be than to be your Daddy! Happy Birthday, Son.

262. Me and my son at his 16th Birthday Dinner. Happy Birthday son, I love you very much.

263. Happy Birthday, son! I hope you have an amazing day! And may all your birthday wishes come true! Love you!

264. 32 yrs. ago today I gave birth to my #1 son! You changed my life for the good Happy Birthday son, I am so proud to be your mother!!!

265. The echoes of yesterday bring back sweet recollections of you. Tomorrow will hold a guarantee of sweeter minutes. Happy Birthday to my dear Son!

266. Son, I might want you to realize that I am everlastingly thankful for having a Son like you. Happy tenth birthday to my Son!

267. I can’t believe my BBY Boy 14 YEARS OLD OMG!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON!!!!

268. Happy Birthday to one of our greatest blessings! I get the privilege of raising this fun, caring, sweet boy with my awesome wife who turns 5 today! Happy Birthday, son! I hope it is a blessed day!

269. This Day 10yrs ago, God Blessed Me With My Third Baby!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON, DADDY LOVE  YOU!!!


271. Happy Birthday, son! I cannot believe that you are 6 years old today. I love you so much! Your smile, your energy, and your laugh bring me so much joy! Thank you for being my son! Love you, Bubba!

272. Happy Birthday, son. Love you so much Growing so fast can’t believe your 17-year-old today so proud of you love mama and dad.

273. I and my mom bought my son a new bike today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON. LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK.

274. I had to Pause Everything just for a moment. Happy Birthday Son and I’ll be Over There.

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