120+ Best Happy 40th Birthday Wishes And Messages

40th Birthday Wishes: Express your hottest 40th birthday celebration wishes to your friends and family or companions as they celebrate the 4-decade sign of their life. If the party is organized, you can request a minute and give you all the best for the celebrant 40th birthday celebration. Or, on the other hand, you can incorporate warm 40th birthday celebration wishes on a birthday card or gift tag in case you’re going to give the celebrant a gift. Furthermore, in the case despite everything you’re missing of words on the most proficient method to welcome the celebrant a Happy Birthday, you may allude to our collection of 40th birthday celebration wishes below. Say your loved one happy birthday with the best quotes and wishes.

Best 40th Birthday Wishes

1. Happy 40th Birthday to my dear friend. It wasn’t always easy but it really is the best. Love you lots.

2. Happy 40th birthday to the strongest woman I know and my friend! Thank you for everything you do for me! I love you.

3. Happy 40th birthday to this amazing man we love you to the moon and back.

4. Happy 40th birthday, to my friend and my rock. Hope you have enjoyed it and also what else is to come too.

5. Happy 40th Birthday to my amazing husband and best friend!! Now to enjoy.

6. Happy 40th Birthday to my beautiful sister. love you and hope you have a great day!!!

7. Happy 40th birthday to brother/uncle. it’s official Grandpa. hope you get everything thing you wish for this year plus more.

8. Life is a book and your forties are the sections when everything begins appearing well and good. Happy 40th birthday my dear!

Happy 40th birthday funny

9. Happy 40th Birthday to the man that still gives me butterflies.

10. Phil, there is NO ONE on this earth that I could ever love and admire more. You are really one of a kind and the most thoughtful, giving, and selfless person I know. You’re also a bit crazy but I love that part too.

11. Make beyond any doubt you live in a way that when time machines are designed, you can gladly say ‘I would prefer not to backpedal in the time since I have carried on with my life in an ideal way’. Happy 40th birthday!

12. Turning forty isn’t an awful thing. It’s what your entire life has paved the way to. Take advantage of it. Happy birthday!

13. Cherish the recollections that make you grin, overlook those that help you to remember torment. Invest more energy in your family, don’t keep yourself away from meeting missing companions once more. The time is never right, so don’t sit tight for it to introduce the idea open door. Proceed onward – it’s the best way to achieve your actual fate. Happy birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend

40th birthday wishes

14. Happy 40th Birthday to the best daughter any mother could ask for.  I Love you today tomorrow and always.

15. Happy 40th Birthday to a great sister! Love you!!!

16. Happy 40th Birthday to my great husband! You are an amazing husband, father, son, brother, and friend. We love you very much!

17. About forty years prior, the main email was sent in 1971, Sony Walkman was made in 1978 and disco wound up plainly prominent in the seventies. Goodness, you were conceived in such a cool decade. Happy 40th birthday!

18. Don’t detain yourself in contemplations of how life has passed by. Free yourself in the expectation of what lies ahead. Happy birthday!

19. Maturity and knowledge are awesome advantages for having, however, they are futile on the off chance that you don’t unburden your life’s liabilities with grins and chuckling. Happy 40th birthday!

Happy 40th birthday funny

20. Everyone becomes more established, however, just a couple take advantage of it. Who are you going to be? Happy birthday!

21. The amusing thing about age is that the more you consider it, the more seasoned you feel. Happy birthday!

22. Happy 40th Birthday to My BFF. Big Sister, Pain in the Butt, Love you to Pieces!! Friends for Over 20 Years!!!! Enjoy Your Day, May God Bless You To See Much More!!

23. Happy 40th Birthday in heaven. Last year for your birthday we went to see… wish you were still here!! I miss you every day.

24. Happy 40th Birthday to my brother’s old man status today.

25. Turning forty isn’t about deploring about the years passed by, nor about turning more established and letting out a moan. Forty is an excellent age which you can use as a platform, to live without limitations and make it supernatural. Happy birthday!

26. The best part about turning forty is that you can accuse everything of an emotional meltdown. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

Happy 40th birthday wishes for friend

Here we have shared top 40th birthday wishes for friends. Wish your friends top birthday wishes.

27. You can’t change the past however you can control what’s to come. So quit stressing over your thirties… and simply concentrate on how you will shake your forties. Happy birthday!

40th birthday wishes for sister

28. Strive to be a 40-year old that makes individuals go – ‘I wanna resemble that when I turn forty’ Happy birthday!

29. A fortieth birthday resembles remaining on a cliff – it resembles seeing what you got in life and what you gave a miss. It that dark sentiment having a place no place – now and again you are here, infrequently you are there. Yet, this confusion is intended to be delighted in altogether – it will at long last pave the way to your excellent fate. Happy birthday!

30. Happy 40th birthday firecracker. Enjoy your day and God bless you. WELCOME to the 40’s Club. Love you…

31. Happy 40th birthday to my wonderful friend. It’s a blessing that the snow came now we can spend the whole day together!

32. Happy 40th birthday Brian! How do we have a son that old??? It seems like only yesterday that we first met you! Love you!

33. Happy 40th birthday to my best friend. Have a blessed day today and always.

34. Happy 40th Birthday, big bro! I will refrain from jokes because I’m not that far behind.

35. Be happy that you are as yet 3,650 days from turning fifty. Possibly this is simply the main way you can support about turning forty. Happy 40th birthday!

36. Turning forty resembles grasping another dawn in your life. Simply watch out into the skyline and see the greatness that lies ahead. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Mom

40th Birthday Wishes

37. Stop sitting tight for ideal minutes throughout your life. Consistently is as impeccable and as invaluable as you need it to be. Happy 40th birthday!

38. You know you are forty when you quit utilizing Facebook to mingle and begin utilizing it to keep an eye on your children. Happy 40th birthday!

39. Forty is the young of seniority – comprehend this before it is past the point of no return, and begin carrying on with your life minus all potential limitations. Happy 40th birthday!

Happy 40th birthday meme

40. Do you have some extra time in your life? At that point possibly this is the correct time to begin scanning for the Fountain of Youth! Happy fortieth birthday!

41. Happy 40th Birthday to this awesome one of a best friend! So happy our boys brought us together. Love all of our adventures looking forward to making much more.

42. Happy 40th Birthday in heaven. I know you are always with me. I love & miss you.

43. Happy 40th Birthday, to my Shorty, my Sweetheart, my Queen, my Everything!

44. Happy 40th Birthday to my beautiful wife Allie Rockwood Sullivan! Had a great time with you in NYC this past weekend. Love you!!!

45. Open up, be free, transcend the memories of your past’s dull paths. Life is too valuable to give lament and despise a chance to remain. Happy birthday!

40th Birthday Funny Messages

46. Everyone will disclose to you that you look a large portion of your age. Be that as it may, as your companion it is my duty to reveal to you the fair truth – you are not turning any more youthful. Happy 40th, you oldie!

47. Happy 40th Birthday to my Brother /friend we made it home. Enjoy your day when you return we will turn up be safe have fun LOVE YOU KID !!!!

48. Happy 40th birthday to my great brother! Thank you for always being there. We love you to the moon and back!!

49. Happy 40th Birthday babe Yale Fernandez!!! I still love you!!

50. Happy 40th birthday to my one & only. You are everything to us. Here’s to the next 40!

51. Happy 40th Birthday to my hubby David Richardson. Your awesome, love you and can’t wait to spend the day with you.

Funny 40th birthday one liners

52. You are unquestionably forty on the off chance that you see that every one of your sentences begin from ‘When I was more youthful… ” Happy birthday!

53. Forty is the time you begin ticking off everything on your basic list. On the off chance that you continue putting off, you may be excessively old, making it impossible to do a large portion of them. Happy birthday!

21st Birthday Wishes

40th Birthday Wishes

54. Your qualities and DNA ought to be restrained and protected in light of the fact that you appear to get more youthful with each passing year. Happy 40th birthday!

55. Life’s points of reference should be tallied… should be praised. Happy 40th!

56. Have you heard awful stories about how your body begins to wear out after forty? Well… they’re all valid. Good fortunes and happy birthday!

40th Birthday Funny Memes

57. Turning forty is a reminder – life is fleeing and the best way to get up to speed is to carry on with the best life you can. Happy 40th!

58. Turning forty is about achieving some of life’s pinnacles… including the pinnacle of emotional meltdowns, the pinnacle of your children’s small fits of rage, the pinnacle of conjugal issues, and the pinnacle of issues at work. Good fortunes!

59. FORTY – Flirty, Optimistic, Risky, Teasing, and Youthful. This is the key to feeling youthful notwithstanding when you are forty years of age. Happy birthday!

60. Another section of life for you starts today. Say farewell to your past and for the future, prepare. Loaded with happy stories, let another story unfurl. Grins, snicker, share, cry… be lighthearted and striking. Happy 40th birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Clients

40th Birthday Wishes For Men

Here you will find 40th birthday wishes for men. Wish your loved one’s wonderful birthday quotes.

61. Congratulations on turning forty. The normal future is around 80 years so you have lived half of your life as of now. Sorry for being the gathering pooper, however, truths are realities! Happy birthday!

62. Happy 40th birthday to my best friend and amazing husband, having an amazing time celebrating.

63. Happy 40th birthday to my husband. A great husband, a great person, and a great dad….hope you have a wonderful day! We love you so much.

Happy 40th Funny Birthday Wishes

64. Every emergency has an open door in camouflage. For all you know, your emotional meltdown may likewise have a splendid open door for you in-store. So quit sulking about turning forty and we should party. Happy birthday!

65. In life, the conceivable outcomes are inestimable. The main impediments are those that live in your brain. Go forward, happy birthday!

66. All your life you strived to wind up noticeably develop and astute. Forty is an ideal opportunity to appreciate the products of this trip by being wild and lighthearted. Happy birthday!

67. Don’t gripe about the things that have turned out badly, don’t bunk about all the delights that you have sworn off. Simply grin and giggle as though there’s dependably a superior tomorrow in sight… grasp existence energetically. Happy 40th birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Turning 40

68. Forty is the start of the best period of your life… NOT! Happy birthday!

69. At forty years of age, there’s so much you have done. You’ve had a decent existence, you’ve been a decent individual. You’ve made your folks pleased, you are the pride of the family, directing our lives to where we needed them to be. Happy 40th birthday!

70. Forty is the point at which you will at long last acknowledge why your mum and father were so grouchy when you were growing up. Happy birthday!

I have applied a twofold layer of White-Out and Liquid Paper on the zero on your fortieth birthday card. Congrats on turning four. Happy birthday!

Motivational Birthday Quotes

40 Birthday Sayings

71. On the off chance that you were 39 yesterday it more likely than not been all the transportation and taking care of that set you over the edge. Yet, since you’re authoritatively 40, happy birthday!

72. Hopefully, you will have the capacity to victory the greater part of the candles on your cake, sufficiently quick to keep a fire! Happy 40th Birthday!

73. Cheers for a wild birthday! May the fun you have on your 40th, surpass the spinal pains you will get, later!

40 Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Women

74. Congrats on your 40th birthday.

Wishing you a really awesome day!

40th Birthday Cards

75. Numerous happy profits for your 40th birthday!

Hottest wishes for an extremely happy 40th birthday!

76. Happy birthday. 40 never looked so great!

77. Congrats on the 24th commemoration of your

sixteenth birthday! Here’s to some more!

78. Here’s to developing a fine wine. Happy 40th birthday!

79. Happy birthday! What’s more, a memory that you’re not 40,

you’re 18 with 22 years’ involvement!

80. Wishing you an exceptionally happy birthday! Life starts at forty!

40th Birthday Graphics

81. Lordy, Lordy, look who’s 40! Wishing you a unique day

also, an extremely Happy Birthday!

82. 40 is the ideal age. You’re mature enough to perceive your slip-ups

in any case, sufficiently youthful to make some more. Happy birthday!

83. Trust you have an awesome birthday. You’re not 40.

You’re 39 or more transporting and dealing with!

40th Birthday Wishes

84. Wishing you an exceptionally happy 40th birthday.

What’s more, recall, in Scrabble, forty is just 11!

85. Life’s breakthroughs shouldn’t be tallied, they’re

expected to be praised. Happy 40th birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Special Girl

40th birthday Wishes and quotes

86. Happy 40th birthday! I’m so satisfied to listen

you’re over the slope rather than under it!

40th Birthday Greetings

87. Life is a book and your forties are the parts when everything begins

appearing well and good. Wishing you an astonishing 40th birthday!

88. 40 is the point at which you, at last, get your head together,

in any case, your body has different thoughts. Happy birthday!

89. Are you 40 years of age? You’re 4 idealize 10s! Happy birthday!

90. Wishing you an exceptionally happy 40th birthday. Make the most of your forties

– they’re much the same as your twenties, just double as great!

91. Happy birthday. It took you 40 years to look this great!

92. Middle age is the point at which you begin killing lights for conservative

instead of sentimental reasons. Happy 40th birthday!

93. Every one of the things that you haven’t done in your 30s is a possibility for you to accomplish in your 40s. Have an incredible section ahead. Happy forty birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Nephew

40 Birthday Quotes For Women

94. With such a variety of great achievements added to your repertoire, I am certain that you hold no second thoughts as yet of your life. Praise this excellent point of reference. Happy 40th birthday!

95. At this point in your life, you have touched such a variety of lives and drove a decent case to people around you. Remain brilliant and moving. Best forty birthday!

96. Turning 40 is a festival of life, a breakthrough of accomplishments, insight, and enterprises. Look how far you have come. Congrats! Happy Birthday!

97. You were the coolest 30-year-old I know and now you will be the coolest 40-year-old ever. Remain awesome. Happy 40th birthday!

98. Time does not sit tight for no man. I am almost certain you did all that you’ve at any point needed and the sky is the limit from there. Despite everything you have a long trip ahead and the brilliant chance to top off the pages of your existence with heaps of fun undertakings. Magnificent forty birthday!

40th birthday wishes for husband

99. Will you trust it? You have endured 40 years of hardships, heartbreaks, and difficulties. Just a solid individual could have made it this far with a grin on her face. Happy birthday!

Happy 40th Birthday Printable Cards

100. It is safe to say that you are truly 40? You look just 30 to me! You have developed nimbly and ageless. Happy birthday!

101. You are presently 20 more years until that sweet annuity; 20 more years from your boundless excursion and flexibility from work. Great forty birthday!

102. At 40, kids have legitimate regard for you. Make a point to set a decent case and carry on maturely. Happy birthday!

103. What an extraordinary 40-year-old! You have more pizzazz than the drowsy 20 year-olds and more enthusiasm than the 30-year-old eaten by schedule. Remain young and vigorous. Happy birthday!

104. Who says it is past the point where it is possible to do things that you cherish? You can at present do whatever you need the length of you to have the vitality to do it. It is safe to say that you will hold up until you are strolling with a stick? Happy Birthday!

105. You may not turn any more youthful my companion but rather your spirit will remain perpetually young. Try not to lose that adolescent soul! Best forty birthday!

106. Emotional meltdown formally starts in this section. I truly feel that there is nothing you can’t deal with now. With such a large number of difficulties that you have discovered your direction, you figured out how to effortlessly deal with each battle. Happy forty birthday!

Inspirational Birthday Wishes

40th Birthday Wishes

107. Dear mother, I couldn’t be any appreciative of the life you have given me. You concealed your torment from me to shield me from stressing over you. You cherished me genuinely and showed me things that brought me to where I am today. Regardless of what age you are at, you everlastingly stay wonderful in my eyes. I adore you! Best forty birthday!

108. Lively, Original, Unprecedented, Ravishing, Talented, and Youthful – this is all I find in you. Remain tasteful! Amazing forty birthday!

109. We have passed four decades, my affection, would you say you are prepared for additional? I want to hold your hand as we stand together in another point of reference quite a while from now. Great forty birthday!

110. When you were 20, you could think less about eating that half quart of frozen yogurt without anyone else. Since you are 40, your children are the ones completing the half quart for you in a moment or less before you can even complete a small scoop! Happy birthday!

111. You are never excessively old, making it impossible to begin another side interest, yet perhaps a bit excessively old, making it impossible to stay nearby in the clubs. Happy 40th birthday!

112. At 40, you start to comprehend why your folks are so surly constantly. Happy birthday!

113. 40 is the time when life gives you everything at the same time – managing your adolescent children, the energizing advancement you have worked so hard for, emotional meltdown and paying off your territory contract. It never gets exhausting, put stock in me. That is the motivation behind why they say that life begins at 40. Happy birthday!

40th Birthday Wishes and Sayings Funny Humor

114. At 20, you cherish those quick and perky tunes. You even move to it throughout the night. Presently, at 40, you can just sway your go to these tunes, your vitality now partitioned significantly. In any event despite everything you get to obviously hear it! Best forty birthday!

40th birthday wishes

115. My companions dependably botch you like my more seasoned sister. You are permitted to feel insanely happy today, mother, that is the reason I said this. Happy forty birthday!

116. The fortunate thing about turning 40 is that you don’t look as old as a father does! He has a multitude of white hair as of now while you don’t have one. Best forty birthday, mother!

117. Disregard the brew today around evening time and let us entertain ourselves with the finest things in life. Give us a chance to drink that sparkly champagne to our heart’s substance. Happy 40th birthday!

118. Try not to try and consider blowing every one of those candles out, I got you a 4 and a 0 to make it simpler. Happy birthday!

119. How about we commend the four many years of your superb voyage. Life is a blessing worth acknowledging. Here’s to you! Great forty birthday!

40th birthday wishes

120. Wishing you more achievement and overflowing wellbeing in this superb point of reference for your life, Happy Birthday!

121. Our music is presently what kids call the works of art and the mold of our childhood is getting chuckled upon. In any case, hello, those are the best crossroads in our history. Great forty birthday!

122. You may not be as youthful now when you were 20, however you are presently certainly smarter than you were sometime recently. Make the most of life’s voyage! Best forty birthday!

123. You can’t turn back time and be 20 again, yet you can gain lovely experiences and never feel any lament. Happy 40th birthday!

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