80+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy – Birthday Wishes for Kid Boy

We all love baby. If today is the birthday of your baby then you should wish your baby some special birthday wishes. You can make a special day more special with some special birthday wishes for kids boy. In this post, we shared a lovely collection of happy birthday wishes for baby boy. Here you will find charming cards with Birthday wishes, messages, quotes, greetings, birthday Images for a little boy. Happy birthday to your little baby boy from us. Best of luck to him.

Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

1. Happy birthday to the most lovely baby boy that I have met! Make the most of your day, sweetie!

2. Happy birthday to our sweet baby angel, we love you to such an extent!

3. You don’t recognize what you intend for me. Your grin, your little chuckles simply fulfill me so! It’s super fun when you progress toward becoming 1! Happy Birthday To You!

4. Sending you huge amounts of kisses and embraces on your birthday, little amigo, have a shaking day!

5. Today is your first birthday. Do you comprehend what you need to do?… Be wild, my little one! Go and crush that birthday cake! Have a fabulous time as can!

Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

6. I say thanks to God consistently for the brilliant gift he has given to your mom and me. Happy birthday, baby, I trust it is your greatest day ever.

7. Happy birthday to you, charming baby boy, may your extraordinary day be loaded with grins, presents, and sweet minutes!

8. A special message from mother and father: We are thankful for the point that God gave us a boy like you. We love you!

9. Happy birthday to our delightful infant boy! On your special day, we wish you only the most joyful and the brightest future, sweetie!

10. At the point when your mom was pregnant, we requested that God gives us a baby who grows up to end up noticeably dedicated, fair, and fruitful. You are living confirmation that God answers supplications. You have made us the proudest guardians on the planet!

11. Happy birthday, cutie, can hardly wait to embrace you and commend this exceptional day with you!

Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

12. My little infant, you mean such a great amount to me. Your adorable snickers and sparkling grin make happy everybody around you. Happy first birthday!

13. You are a superb present to your folks, cutie, have a ton of fun-filled birthday!

14. This is quite recently the first of numerous “happy birthdays” for you. Have a ton of fun first birthday, little cutie!

Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

15. There’s an extremely extraordinary day sticking around the bend. Happy birthday to a young man who is so adorable!

16. You can do whatever you want to do on the grounds that you’re turning one today. So have a ton of fun as you need. Happy first birthday!

17. All I wish is to give you a major loving embrace! Happy birthday to you, sweet little bug!

Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

18. We as a whole wish you hundreds a greater amount of these awesome days! Happy first birthday

19. Why do grown-ups continue attempting to make you blow the light when all you are occupied with is giving your little submits that tasty cake?! Happy first birthday!

20. The most loving birthday wishes to our valuable infant boy! You are such an awesome blessing in our life, sweetheart!

Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

21. Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to the most enchanting, clever, alluring, and shaking identity around the local area. Have an incredible day.

22. No words can express the amount you intend to us, sweetheart. You are the wellspring of unending joy in our life. Happy birthday, our dearest minimal one!

23. The primary thing that struck a chord at the beginning of today was that today is your Birthday. I trust I’ve been the first to wish you since you’re exceptional for me. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

24. We love you so much, cutie, have a merry day and the most joyful life!

25. one, two, three, four, FIVE! Five candles on your cake Blow them out and make your desires, and we send you birthday kisses! Have a Happy Birthday.

26. You convey so much light and love to our home, dear. Happy Bday to our adorable little daylight!

27. Modest toes and fingers wrapped around an adoring hand brought extraordinary bliss and joy. Presently you are more established, and its opportunity to praise your birthday, substantially more are longed for you. With loving embraces From.

28. You have developed such a great amount since the day I initially held you in my arms infant. However, you will dependably be my little one. Happy Birthday!

29. The hottest wishes are flying in your direction, sweetie! May your exceptional day be as astounding as you seem to be!

Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

30. You are turning one year old today and we are so energized a few people believe it’s our own birthday party. Happy Birthday!

31. I suspected that you couldn’t get any cuter. Be that as it may, now it would seem that you can when I see you spreading birthday cake all over and tossing whatever remains of it into your visitors. Make the most of your first birthday, my blessed messenger!

32. We feel so honored that you came into our life! Best Bday Wishes to our charming little holy messenger, we love you to such an extent!

33. You have fulfilled such a great amount in one little year. Today we are celebrating and we’ll give you a cheer! Happy Birthday, 1-year-old!

34. Happy birthday to the most astonishing and beguiling seemingly insignificant detail. Make the most of your first birthday party, make it noisy and important!

35. The stars are twinkling only for you since they realize that you are a star, as well. Happy First Birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

36. Happy Birthday to the beautiful baby boy, bringing such great satisfaction into your life! Our love for you continues developing with each passing day!

37. Set the world ablaze with your fantasies and utilize the fire to light a birthday flame. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

38. Happy birthday to the best fortune in your life! Every day with you is an astounding present, dear.

Birthday Quotes For Baby Boy

39. Wish your friends and family regardless of how little they are. Pick from a rundown of adorable little Birthday Wishes for baby boy. It’s certain to fulfill the guardians!

40. Make the most of your special day, kiddo! Wishing you a lifetime of immaculate bliss and joy!

41. Fun, Love, and Laughter! There’s an awesome enormous day sitting tight only for your love. Happy (age) Birthday to a little one who is recently so adorable!

42. The hottest bday welcome to the cutest thing in the entire world!

43. Guess what today is?  My little baby is two today!! Happy birthday baby boy!! Mommy loves you lots!

44. I am so proud to be your mom. You are such an amazing son. I love you happy birthday to my baby boy.

45. I literally took 200 pictures today of my little baby. He is so tiny and so precious I love him so much. so happy I got to see him today! Happy birthday baby boy.

46. Three years ago today I became a mother for the first time and I will tell you in those three years has been crazy it’s been hectic but I wouldn’t change anything for the world. Happy birthday baby boy.

47. Happy birthday baby boy! I love you lots and I thank God he blessed me with you my chocolate drop! Don’t worry about anything it’s your day mommy got you!!!

48. I’m screaming Happy 5th Birthday to the beautiful little boy. I could ever imagine having in my life!! 5 years ago my life changed!! Mommy loves you more than life, you will never know how much you important to my life… I’m so proud to be your mom and I’m very pleased with the little man you are becoming!! I know we are going to have the best day ever!! Your mother loves you lots. Happy birthday baby boy!!!!

49. 6 years ago today I gave birth to my one and only baby boy. This boy holds a great place in my heart. Live the way he smiles, laughs, life, and even when he gets mad. He is a perfect boy. Happy birthday baby boy. Hope you have an amazing day.

50. 2 years ago I gave birth to this funny, sweet, loving, smart baby boy. I love you lots and I’ll still cook for you when you get home…BIRTHDAY BABY BOY.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Kid Boy

51. Happy Birthday baby boy!! Have fun on your birthday!! Love you so much, Momma.

52. 3 years ago today my life officially started. Happy birthday to my sweet baby boy.

53. I want to wish my sweet baby boy a Happy 4th Birthday…I am very proud of the man you have become and I love you lots that you can’t imagine. Have fun today. I love you baby to be safe.

54. On this day 7 years ago at 11:30 have I had a handsome boy. Happy birthday to you my sweet baby. Mommy loves you so much and I hope you have a good birthday. I miss you always.

55. Today my baby turns 3. I love to hear his sweet voice say mommy and have missed out on so many of his milestones over the last 4 months that I won’t get back. I love you so much baby boy…happy birthday to you!!!

56. My baby boy is now 2 years old…..like I’m not depressed enough…but happy birthday to my baby. Love you lots.

57. My baby boy is today 4 years old! Happy birthday to my baby boy. Mommy loves you!

58. 9 Years ago today, I gave birth to a 10lb 4oz baby boy!! Who knew that so much love could enter one person’s life. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful son. Thanks for being 1st! You have taught me so much! Love you.

59. I was blessed twice on June 2nd! Happy 1st birthday to my baby boy and happy 5th birthday to my handsome young man!

60. This time 3 years ago I waiting to have my beautiful baby boy. It was the best feeling for me. Happy 3rd birthday baby. Mommy loves you.

61. Happy 4th Birthday to my baby boy! Wish you could stay little forever, but so proud of the young man you are becoming.


63. I want to wish one of my baby boys a happy birthday…HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY TYLER I LOVE YOU!!! I so can’t believe it’s been 15 years there all growing up so fast!!

64. Today is our first baby boy who came into this world. Happy Birthday, baby, Mom, and Dad love you with all our hearts.

65. Happy Birthday to my 3-year-old baby boy!! Having a little one again this age makes you realize how fast time really does fly by! Have a nice day.

66. 10  years ago God blessed me with a wonderful baby boy. I am really blessed and very proud to call him my son. Happy Birthday my baby boy. Mommy loves you!!!

67. Happy 6th Birthday to my baby boy. Mommy loves you and is so proud of the sweet, energetic, loving little boy are!


69. 3  years ago today, I fell in love with a 6 pound 14 Oz baby boy who changed my life forever. Happy Birthday, baby!

70. GOD MORNING!!!! 5 years ago God you gave me an 8lbs 5oz baby boy!!! You’ve grown into a wonderful young baby, continue to let your light shine, so proud of who you are becoming!!!! Happy Birthday and enjoy your special day!!! I love you.

71. 9 years ago my sweet baby boy was born. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day. I Love You!!

72. 11 years ago today I had a beautiful baby boy he has grown to be a wonderful young man. I hope you have a great Birthday …Happy Birthday to you, my baby.

73. 10 years ago today I gave birth to a 9lb 11.5oz baby boy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hard to believe my baby is 10…..I love you son and I’m so proud of the young man you have become.


75. Today 7 years ago I pushed out a beautiful 6lb 15oz baby boy. I’m so proud of him… Happy birthday my baby.

76. About this time…..14 years ago. God blesses me with a son. I’m very proud of the cute baby boy he has become. Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy!

77. On this very day, God trusted me to watch over one of the cute baby boys I have ever seen…….. Happy 6th Birthday!!!!!!! I love you so much!!!!!!!

78. Happy 3rd birthday to my baby boy. So blessed to be his momma.

79. I’m wishing my baby boy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! BABY, MOMMY LOVES YOU LOTS!!!


81. Happy Birthday to our cute baby boy. I guess he is not our baby anymore since he turned 7 today!

82. 3 years ago today I was welcoming my baby boy into this beautiful world… My life was forever changed!! Happy birthday sweet boy loves you!!

83. Happy Birthday to my little baby boy! You have brought us so much joy! We love you!

84. Happy Birthday to my baby boy. I Love you so much. I hope you enjoy your special day!!!!!!

85. Happy Birthday to my baby boy. I wish you the best of everything you set out to do in life and always know “mommy’s got you back. I love you lots and wish you well in life. Happy birthday to you again.

86. Happy Birthday, Baby boy!! Don’t know where the years went!!! I LOVE YOU, BABY! Hope you like this special day!!! Enjoy your great day.

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