53 Best Birthday Wishes for Friends Quotes to Wish Your Friend

Today is your friend’s birthday. You should wish your friends birthday. In this post, we have shared birthday wishes for friends quotes. Wish your friend by sending this birthday wishes for friends quotes. Make your friend’s birthday more memorable, enjoyable, and lovely.

Best birthday wishes for friends quotes

1. Happy birthday, dear. A lot of blessings enjoy your day my friend.

2. Happy birthday my dear friend!! Hope your day is fab, memorable!!

3. Happy birthday my friend! Hope you enjoy this great day!! Let’s get a run in to celebrate soon!

4. Happy birthday friend, workout buddy, sister from another mister, compadre. Love you, hope your week continues to be GRAND!

5. Happy Birthday, Friend. Love you all time!!!

6. Please join me in celebrating my BFF! Happy 40th Birthday Friend. I love you!!…see you soon.

7. Happy birthday, friend. Hope your day is amazing. Enjoy your day!

8. Happy birthday to a beautiful, amazing friend. Great to see you again.

9. Happy Birthday,  Dear Friend, God Bless you, Best Wishes!

10. Happy birthday to my best friend and companion of 22 years! It’s been one hell of a ride and I hope it never ends! I love you.

11. Happy birthday my friend. Amazing friends to enjoy the birthday with!!

12. Today we surprised Quincy with a birthday party with his friends. I think this video said it all! Today is your day Q! Happy birthday, Q!

Birthday Wishes for Friends Quotes

13. Happy birthday to the love of my life… to my best friend, the best motivator, I could have asked for. The guy that makes me laugh, that drives me crazy, that helps me out, and makes my world right.

14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to honestly the most amazing friend a person can have. I’m so lucky to have you as a best friend in my life. Constantly pushing me to do better, to be successful, always being so loving and treating me with the utmost respect. I can’t wait to spend this surprise weekend with you. Love you until death!

15. Happy Birthday to the best person I know – my hero, advisor, confidante, friend, and loving man who is fiercely loyal and has a passion for his family and friends that is like no other! I love you.

16. Happy Birthday to My best friend and Partner. We Love You!!!

Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

Birthday Wishes for Friends Quotes

17. Having a great birthday dinner with my best friend and some of my oldest and dearest friends. Happy birthday to you my dear friend.

18. Can’t ask for a better birthday than having AZ friends in town. Thank you for the surprise and awesome SF trip! I can’t believe I am 33 years old.

19. Happy birthday dear friend. Celebrate this great day with my love.

20. This is family and what 23 years of friendship looks like!

who does not have Facebook (boo!) flew all the way out to surprise for my birthday weekend! It’s so good to have my brothers with me this weekend. Only missing wish you were here but at least we are in the same state Brothers for life!

Top birthday wishes for friends quotes

Birthday Wishes for Friends Quotes

21. My beautiful friend, and me at her surprise birthday party – Sisters 4 Ever.

22. Thankful to my many wonderful friends for making my birthday so perfect tonight  And happy birthday to you.


24. Happy Birthday to my amazing girl! I love being your father and friend. Have a wonderful day.

25. Well, my birthday weekend was a complete success! And I got to spend it with my best friend and love thanks for everything dear! Cheers to being 22 and still feeling like I’m 16! Big things happening this year.

26. Happy birthday to you! Be a friend from me to him as a gift from me to him

27. Happy birthday dear! Celebrating birthday with family and friends. Priceless!

Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

Birthday Wishes for Friends Quotes

28. Friends since birth! Happy Birthday my friend! Go, Giants!

29. To the best sister in the world: I’m so grateful to spend your birthday with you! You are my best friend, lover in the whole wide world!!! I hope this day brings you lots of love, enjoy and happiness!

30. Happy Birthday to all the June friends! What a special day to spend w/great people. Thanks for “cooling” things down many many degrees. So well needed!

31. Thanks to my fabulous friends for a fun bday night in the city! And thanks to you for planning. Love u all. Pics beware.

32. Happy Birthday to this handsome fella I’m so happy to call you my best friend. It hasn’t been long of a friendship, but it feels like years. We bicker like husband and wife, laugh like brother and sister, and we will always remain friends at the soul. Today he is another day older and I hope he has the best damn day ever. You deserve it!

33. Happy Birthday to my best friend, my sister!!! It’s an all-day party!!

34. Had such a wonderful time celebrating my birthday last night with awesome friends, my real love, and the very talented cast of golden girl!!! I was rolling with laughter from start to finish

Birthday Wishes for Friends Quotes

35. A great Birthday party for my good friend!.Happy Birthday, Chef! Good food, games, and good times!

36. I wanna take a Moment here and say “Thank You” for the man who stands next to me within the last 4 years on everything and every problem I had. I will never ever meet someone like him again not in this life or the next. Thank You and Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

37. Happy birthday to my most dear friend, cheers for sharing many more milestones ahead with you!

38. Flashback to one of my dearest friend’s birthday. I have so much love for my tribe. I’ll keep me glowing.

Lovely birthday quotes for friends quotes

Birthday Wishes for Friends Quotes

39. Happy Birthday to a fabulous friend who isn’t afraid to be herself. Hope you had a special birthday!

40. Happy birthday to this wonderful woman. She’s an amazing sister, wife, mother, friend, leader, artist, and more. She runs this family and leads it with patience and conviction to make this world better for our daughter. The example and strength she lays down for you are gonna make our daughter a tough cookie as she grows. Her patience for us is incredible. We keep racking up years and she keeps looking better.

41. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the best friend and boyfriend a girl can ask for. Words will never come close to describing how much I love You deserve the great day ever. Now let’s go spend another afternoon at the ballpark!!! Go Cards!!!

42. Happy birthday to you my old and best friend. Have a nice day and enjoy your time.

43. We had such a fun night after our dinner date at one of our favorite spots to listen to music and dance. Happy birthday to our dear friend! You’re so crazy…a Lil bit…lol and thank you for being such an awesome host and congratulations on your success.

44. Happy birthday my redheaded devilish friend. Best wishes to you.

45. Celebrating one of my most wonderful friends and a great man! Happy Birthday and cheers to celebrating much more!

Birthday Wishes for Friends Quotes

46. Happy Birthday my best friend.

Still missing you and love you.

Dallas still sux.

Raiders still sux.

And now the Finers sux.

Of course Queauxbee sux. He did not pass the whole game last time he played.

I know you’re my lovely best friend.

#30 fo life.

47. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends in the world I can’t believe that we just have one more day before we lose this gem to law school. Hope that you’re having a good day, can’t wait to celebrate with you soon!!

48. Happy, happy birthday to my dear friend. Thank you for our trip this weekend. No one can make me laugh like you. We’ve been together well over half our lives. Thank you for making me fabulous! Love you all the time! Enjoy your time you deserve it!

49. 22nd birthday party with our SF friends!!! What’s the 22nd bday without an Elmo cake?!?!??

50. Happy birthday, friends! Wish you could have all been with me – here’s leading folks in singing “Happy Birthday”

51. I hope there’s plenty of wind and warm water on the program today, and that you’re getting to celebrate your birthday with many friends and loved ones. Wishing you a wonderful day, and raising a glass to you from the other coast.

52. Happy Birthday to my amazing friend. You are a rock star!!!!. Enjoy your special day.

53. Early birthday celebration at school today. Hard to believe she’s 20. Happy birthday, dear best friend.

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