60 Best Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook – Best Quotes For Friend

In this post, we have shared birthday wishes for friend on Facebook. If you want to wish your friends a birthday then you need lovely birthday wishes. We think you can find here the best birthday wishes for your friend. Check below.

Best birthday wishes for friend on Facebook

1. Happy Belated Birthday to my best. I hope You enjoy your time. Best of luck for next time.

2. Happy Birthday, Friend! Wishing you many more birthdays. Love You so much

3. Happy birthday to you! I love you to the moon and back again! Enjoy your time.

4. Happy Birthday my Friend. Love you lots. You are one of my best friends.

5. Happy birthday, friend enjoys your day. May God bless you. Live long.

6. Happy Birthday to you my old and best friend. Have a nice day. Best of luck with you next time.

7. Happy birthday, friend enjoy your day, and wishing you much more to come!

8. Happy Birthday, friend!! Had a blast celebrating with you last night. See you again.

Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

9. Happy Birthday, Friend! Wishing you much more. I love you. Make some more fun day.

10. Happy Birthday my Friend. You are the best friend in my life. I miss you.

11. Happy Birthday, Friend! Wishing you much more. Love Ya.

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Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

12. Happy Birthday, Friend. Love you and wishing you much more ain’t gotta write a book it’s lit all weekend toot.

13. Happy 26th Birthday Friend. YOU Fine. I wish I could have celebrated it with you.

14. Want to take this time to say Happy Birthday friend you already know how we roll hope you enjoy your time and wishing you much more to come. we were lit this week…

Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

15. Home sweet home, but I’m ready to go back I miss the lol I really got wrapped in this vacation I was filling myself I forgot the wish my best friend of 22 years my bridesmaid a happy birthday on Thursday I’m so sorry friend but here it goes happy belated birthday Friend I hope you enjoyed your great day.

16. Happy Happy Birthday to my best friend. Miss you already.

17. Happy Birthday Friend May God Continue to Bless YOU with your Day With Luv Turn Down 4 What.

18. Happy birthday friend wishing you the best birthday from my soul.

19. Happy birthday, friend!!! Here’s to your best year ever! Love you so much!

20. Wanna tell my boo happy birthday friend. Enjoy much more to come I love you all the time.

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Top birthday wishes for friend on Facebook

Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

21. So today instead of others do something special for yourself The Lord knows you well deserve it. Again Happy Birthday my dear friend.

22. Good morning Facebook family and friends thanking God for another day of life I want to take this time out to wish my friend a double bubble congratulations on your 19 years of sobriety and happy happy happy happy happy birthday friend I love you enjoy your day God bless you.

23. Happy Birthday to my old best friend who’s more like a sister now. Have fun love you so much always.

24. Birthday shouts out to 3 love of my life, the one that knows me all the way… My best friend, my love, literally my “ride or die”, the one who makes me feel better when I’m sick, the 1  who gives me peace, who makes me mad at times & so much more and more. On top of being everything & more, we’ve created a life together, and is an outstanding father!!! It’s my good luck that I got him in my life. Happy Birthday, sweets.

Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

25. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a good one, my friend.

26. Happy birthday, friend. I want to see this day many more.

27. Omg – we have the same birthday friend! Ha! Happy birthday!!

28. Happy belated birthday friend, wishing you much more!!!

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Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

29. Happy Birthday, Friend!!! Enjoy your day, Love you always.

30. Happy Birthday friend and many more blessings to you.

31. Cheers to a beautiful man, the most amazing human being, and the best friend someone can have… Happy Birthday, friend!!

32. Happy Birthday, friend. Live it up, mommy style!

33. Happy Birthday, friend missing you. I already know you up in heaven turned up already

34. My Chloe and I at Sweet Tomatoes for a Birthday dinner after a swim with a birthday friend.

35. Want to send a special BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT to one of the most upstanding men I know. My BFF. My old friend is getting old as dirt! 25! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND. I pray your day is fabulous and full of joy, love! Love you lots!!

36. Happy birthday, friend. I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it! Proud of you and all that you are doing for your family. I pray God to bless you over your life. Love you friend! See you and your babies soon.

37. Happy 28 birthday friend. May we all get to enjoy each other’s company and laughs for more years to come.

Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

38. Yay! It’s your Birthday my dear Friend! Wishing you another year full of amazing adventures, dreams come true, healthy happiness laughter joy, and love.

39. Happy Birthday friend that I miss so much. Hope it’s a great one again!!

40. You have to really get to know a person inside and out No matter what that’s my Beans and her Alright with me Happy birthday friend.

41. She is my prayer warrior and my lover! I hope she has an amazing birthday and she turns up on a Thursday (that sucks though lol) love you my girl happy birthday friend!!!

42. Happy Birthday friend I hope you enjoy your day.

43. To the most stupendous bride, a man could ever ask for, my goofball and bestie friend; I love you, and happy birthday!!!!

44. Happy birthday to the funniest, happiest, most fun-loving, occasionally immature, always a good man, best friend, and love forever! I Love you.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

Funny birthday wishes for friend on Facebook

Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook


46. I would like to wish the best birthday ever for my firstborn, my dear friend, and the best daughter anyone could ever ask for! Your father and I are very proud of all your accomplishments and the young lady you have become. You make us proud and love you to the moon and back! Happy birthday to my sweetheart.

47. Lucky am I to call this woman my mother, partner in yoga crime, “play date”, and friend. Happy belated birthday!!! So excited to spend tonight sharing one of our favorite live performers.

48. Happy Birthday my Pastor, my mentor, my best friend. May God continue to use you to be a witness, a leader, and a servant in His Kingdom! God bless you, your wife, and your family always! We love you lots!

49. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friends in the whole world and the guy who originally convinced me to move to Austin, a decision that changed my life for the better. The big 4-0!!  Miss you, bud!

50. My Birthday weekend was an Awesome Friday dinner with friends and my, Sat gifts from my Baby Boy, dinner with my, My finale was on Sunday a Surprise from the oldest son. we had a wonderful time watching the Musical love it was awesome.

Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

51. Happy birthday to my sister, my best friend my very own Olivia Pope! She’s my fixer in life, the person I call when I don’t have the answer, who I go to when I don’t want to be judged for whatever craziness is going on in my head! Not many friendships can survive this storm we call life but I’m sure as hell happy ours did, it’s safe to say we’ve got many more years ahead of us! Wishing you a year full of love, happiness, good health, and of course another win! I love you so much!

52. Happy Birthday to my best friend. Enjoy your life, I love you!

53. Happy 30th Birthday in heaven to my “FIRST” Best Friend! there isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t enter my mind. I miss you immensely every moment!!! You always had a way of making sense of things for me and protecting me from harm and today I miss those things the most. Nothing is the same. So much has changed so I hope and pray you’re hearing my prayers and placing them where you think they belong. I love you so much, my big brother.

54. Happy 25th birthday to the only man in my life and best friend! GAWD I LOVE HIM!!!

55. Happy Birthday to my best friend!!!! So glad we get to spend the day together celebrating you!!! Love you!!!!

56. Such a fun night celebrating the 5th birthday with the best of friends!!

57. Happy birthday to my dear friend, travel partner, and the best mom I know. Don’t know what I’d do without you. What a year. Can’t wait for what’s next. You make every day the best day ever. Love you always!

58. Great birthday weekend! So much fun with a great friend and family! Thank you Happy birthday!

59. Happy birthday to my hun, best friend, dog dad, and overall greatest husband ever, I love you all the time!!

60. Happy 32nd Birthday to our good friend! Great time last night. You really know how to throw a party! Enjoy the time.

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