50+ Long Birthday Message for Best Friend to Make the Bday Gorgeous

Birthday is a special day for everyone. We can make this special day more special. If today is your friend’s birthday so should try to make your friend’s special day more special and memorable. But how? You can wish him/her by sending beautiful birthday messages. On this page, we have shared a long birthday message for best friend. You can use this Best long birthday message for best friend to wish your friend.

Best long birthday message for best friend

  1. Happy Birthday, friend!! Hope everything is going better and I hope you had a great day!!!

2. Happy Birthday, friend!!! Love you so much and enjoy your great day!!!

3. Happy birthday, friend. May God bless you always and keep you healthy.

4. Made it for my friend’s birthday dinner. Showed my face. Happy Birthday dear friend.

5. “When I was young, my goal was to be one of the men who made a difference in this world. My hope is to leave the world a little better for having been there.” Happy Birthday, friend.

6. Happy Birthday friend God bless you always.

7. Happy birthday friend I hope you have an amazing day I love you from my heart!

8. Happy Birthday, Friend!! I hope your day is full of love, happiness, and laughter. You deserve the best of the best every day and I hope you always find it. Thank you for your best friends, it means more than you know.


10. He is someone who comes into your life and blesses it in a special way. She’s definitely Godsend for me and will always be one of my best friends. The surprise was perfect for her Dirty 32! Happy Birthday, friend! I love you dearly.

long birthday message for best friend

11. Happy birthday, friend. No this isn’t yours, but let’s shoot for next weekend!

12. People may come and go but friends last a lifetime…HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear FRIEND & MAY TODAY BE EVERYTHING YOU HOPE FOR!!!!!

13. Happy birthday, friend wish you many more enjoy your great day.

14. Happy birthday to my amazing friend. Thank you for showing me home isn’t a place, home is where the heart is. Life isn’t all about work and status, thank you for showing me what it’s like to truly live. Your largest joy in my life. This whole week is for you baby, I love knocking out our bucket list and experiencing the world together. Love you so much.

15. Thanks for all the birthday love yesterday!! Perfect SF weather, great times with friends & family, 21 years & Giants won…and it all started with Leah singing me Happy Birthday over and over…and over:)Couldn’t ask for more!

Birthday Wishes for Friends Quotes

long birthday message for best friend

16. My best friends revel and sing me happy birthday from around the world.

17. Happy birthday to you from your Best friend. Have a nice day.

18. Happy Birthday to my travel buddy, best friend, and sister! Here’s to another year of great memories! Thank you for being so generous and giving. Enjoy today and here’s to being 27.

19. Celebrating My Dear Friend’s 28th Bday in San Francisco… the toast to you.

20. Best friend ever

Happiest birthday!!

long birthday message for best friend

21. Happy Birthday “OLD FART”

Love & Miss You

RIP My Best Friend & Clamper Brother. Wish you were Here!

22. Happy Birthday to a dear friend who makes me smile and I miss you. Have a beautiful birthday and we look forward to the day we reunite again! Sending you a million more blessings!

Top long birthday wishes for best friend

23. Happy Birthday to my best friend for 24 years. I can’t wait to celebrate with you and I miss you TONS?

24. Happy 22nd Birthday to my best friend. I really don’t know where I would be in life without this beautiful puppy of mine. She saved me in my darkest time in life and will forever be grateful that you showed up when you did baby girl! I love you.

25. Had a great birthday evening and dinner and my good friend. House…one of my favorite spots!

Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends

long birthday message for best friend

26. Getting ready with my Best Friend during her B-day. Happy Birthday, dear.

27. Happy Birthday to my best friend! This woman has my heart forever and I truly cherish every single second by her side! I cannot even fathom doing life without her. Every day is an adventure and I feel us drawing closer to each other with each day that passes. May this year bring even more happiness than we know now, my love!

28. Happy birthday to my lifelong friend and homegirl! It’s amazing to me that we’ve been friends since birth and we’ve stayed inseparable ever since! Love you so much for your caring heart, your love of food (especially tacos lol), your zest for life and fun, and how you always have my back and I have yours!! Can’t wait for more adventures with you. Enjoy your day.

29. I go on and on Facebook in a flash. I was supposed to go to my friend’s 19th birthday party and found out on our walk this morning it’s next Sunday. Decided to not cancel on my loyal three sisters who babysit my daughter and go on a date. Paul Simon covers the band. Five minutes ago I thought it was Paul Simon and was going to have a whole new respect for him being from the Bay Area. I’m proud I continue to live;)

30. Happy Birthday to my dear friend. It’s been a fun day in the city.

long birthday message for best friend

31. Happy birthday dear! Birthday party with my friends and family!!!!!!! Join us if you can!!

32. Happy Birthday to you. May your day be filled with family and friends and lots of love. miss you guys, enjoy your special day.

33. Wishing my dear friend a Very Happy Birthday. Live long with us.

34. Happy birthday to my wonderful friend! She has always loved and accepted me as I am. I feel so fortunate to have you in my life. You’re my pea in the pod, soul sister, love you so much

35. My good friend. on your 20th birthday wishes you from my soul.

36. TODAY IS THE BIRTHDAY OF MY MOST SPECIAL FRIEND! You know I’ll always look up to you. You are my definite hero. Happy Birthday to you.! I love you very much and enjoy your day. I’ll let Mr. Sunday have you… Just today.

Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

Amazing long birthday quotes for best friend

Check here Long birthday message for best friend.

37. Birthday! Let’s look in, shall we. on one of Paul’s recent appearances in Brazil. And Happy Birthday, an old man from another old man — and your friend, Jok.

38. It might be Thanksgiving but it also my best friend’s birthday! We have been friends since we were 15 years old. She has been there for me through the hard times and the great times. She has helped me experience so much. We don’t get to see each other that often but that is the beauty of our friendship, that since we don’t see each other very often makes the times that we do so much more special:) I love and so proud to have you in my life. I hope you have the best 15th birthday ever!

39. Happy happy Birthday friend!!!! Hope today is awesome for you.

40. Happy Birthday, friend! If my calculations are correct, I have you at about… 85 this year? Woohoo!

long birthday message for best friend

41. Happy Birthday, friend wish you many more enjoy your special day!!

42. I am having lunch with the Birthday girl, non-other than certified personal executive coach Genette Howard. Happy Birthday, friend.

43. Happy happy birthday friend! Hope it’s as amazing as you are!!!!

44. Happy Birthday, friend! Hope you enjoy your day.

45. I’d be remiss not to take a moment to wish this special happy birthday. Friend, mentor, influential figure to so many in our little corner of the universe. Bless up. thank you for everything.

46. Happy birthday, friend! I hope you were spoiled by your family! I can’t wait to hang out in a few weeks! Love you a long time

47. Happy Birthday, friend. enjoy your day.

48. Happy birthday, friend!!!! Are you ready to dance our butts off!?

49. Happy birthday, friend! Hope you have a great celebration!

50. Happy birthday, friend. Never did forget your birthday old man. I miss you so very much. Till I see your face again soon.

51. Happy Birthday, friend!!! I hope you have the best year yet!!! You deserve the BEST!!!

52. Happy birthday dear friend!!! I hope you are doing well!

53. Happy birthday, friend. Here’s to the days of adventures, silly times, wallabies, and beaches. Miss you friend.

54. Happy birthday, friend… love you!!! Hope you have a great day/year ahead and we can make some crazy fun memories like these. Have a nice day.

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