55 Best Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever – Special Bday Quotes

Maybe be your friend is a special person in your life. If today is the birthday of your best friend then you should wish him/her by sending your best birthday wishes. In this post,  we have shared birthday wish for best friends forever. You can send these birthday wishes through social networks, for example, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram. So don’t late to wish him/ her by best birthday wish for best friend forever.

Best birthday wish for best friend forever

1. Happy Birthday to my dear friend. May You enjoy your day. My wish is that you shall have the desires of your heart. You are more than a friend. Have a nice day.

2. Happy birthday to my amazing lovely friend! It’s only been a few years but it feels like I’ve known you forever. Have a blessed day & enjoy the great day!

3. Happy birthday to my best friend. Here’s to many more years of friendship ps. I know you are making a lot of gravy so ill probably be over tonight. God bless you.

4. ‪I want to give a special shoutout to the love of my life the only person that knows me inside & out We went from friends To lovers. Happy birthday to my Right Hand, My Boo, My Best friend forever! I love you so much from my heart.

5. Happy birthday to my beautiful, smart, lovely, kind friend and I love you and hope you had a great day!

6. Happy birthday to my best friend for so many years and for years to come. I hope your 25th is a blast. I miss seeing you every day and going on dunking dates. Hopefully, see you soon. You should come up to HFU and stay for the weekend. Love you lots always.

7. Special Birthday Shout Out to my BFF. A good friend is a part of life — a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to shining in a totally insane world. Wishing you many more lovely years!! Love you, my girl.

Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

8. Happy 24th Birthday to my best friend!! Thank you for always making me laugh. You’re an amazing, lovely, real brother, best friend, and business partner!!! Wishing you much happiness and success in your life!! Love you. dear.

9. Happy birthday to my lovely brother and friend, it was never a dull moment with you bro, turn up like it’s your last.

10. The happiest of birthdays to one of my best friends in this world; a man who is like a father to me.

11. Happy Birthday to my favorite Niece!! Enjoy your birthday weekend! Have a nice day.)

12. Happy Birthday to my dear sister who is not just my sister but my best friend !!!

Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

13. Happy Birthday to my friend. It was great to celebrate their birthday together.

14. Happy birthday. You’re my best friend and even though you ruin most weekends with homework or broken ankles, I couldn’t imagine life without you and cates snaps of your weird home life. Love you so much.

15. Happy birthday to the best mother on the planet. I couldn’t ask for a better mother, friend and confident in this world. I love you and may God continue to bless you with many more lovely years. FB family and friends help me shout out my beautiful mother on her special day

16. May God bless you ALL the desires of your heart and may we spend many more years together my best friend. I love you my LTF (very cheesy but today is an exception.

17. Happy Birthday to our dear friend!!! From my heart, I’m saying I love you.

Top birthday wishes for best friend forever

18. Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Friend. I Am So Blessed To Have You In My Life. Hope The Italy Trip Is All You Hoped For And More. You Deserve All The Best In Life I Love Ya.

Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

19. It was a great time today celebrating birthday. Thank you to all of our family and friends that came out today!

20. Happy birthday to my best friend/cousin/sister! No matter the distance it’s still like your right here. No miles or states could come between the bond we have. I love you, dear.

21. I want to wish a very happy 23rd birthday to my best friend, a partner in crime and the greatest boyfriend ever. You really are one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. You treat me like a princess and I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend.

22. Happy birthday, dear. You have become such a big part of my family and seeing how you are with the girls reminds me even more how great you are. I could not imagine my life without you. See you soon dear.

23. Happy birthday my best friend. You keep me going & always push me to be the best me I can be. You are my soul. My rock. My whole heart. and are the reason I smile every single day.

24. You are my dear friend so I want to wish you on your special day a happy birthday. You are on too large things in your life. I am so proud of all the things you have already done and more than you will do on our journey together. Good luck my dear.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Male

Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

25. I love you so much with all of my heart and hope you have a great birthday! Too much more! Don’t party too hard. Happy birthday dear friend.

26. The happiest hour wishing the happiest birthday to my dear friend.

27. Happy birthday to my best beautiful 32-year-old friend! Love you! Thank you for organizing the surprise! go flyers!

28. To put the cherry on top it’s my cousin’s birthday. Happy Birthday may you continue to rest my friend!!!!

29. Happy early birthday best friend! I and been love you.

30. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate our friend’s Birthday! Family & Friends together. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

31. Screaming Happy 2️⃣5️⃣th Birthday to my other half Sisters by blood, best friends by choice. I love you lovely & I hope your day is as amazing as you are Paige!!!

32. Big Birthday shouts out to one of my best friends/ turn up partner. Enjoy your day

33. Celebrating her 20th birthday with her best friends, hibachi & chocolate cake! Love my big girl. Happy birthday!

34. Happy Birthday to my funniest guy I know!! You’re the best friend a girl could ask for I am so lucky to have you in my life.

35. Happy Birthday to my twin and forever lovely friend! My life would not be the same without your sassiness and support. Thank you for always being there, and for offering to feed me all the time. You are an amazing, lovely person, and I know you will continue to do great things. I hope your day is extra special! Love you so much always!

Amazing birthday wishes for best friend forever

Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

36. Happy Birthday wishes are being sent to my husband, my best friend, my hubby, I hope you have a great day! We love you whole bunches.

37. Screaming Happy birthday to my oldest child, great mom, sister, aunt, wife, and best friend in this world. Hope you have a great day playing hooky today ! 31 wows! I feel old!

38. Good morning Surprised Belated Birthday getaway with my best friends  #wheelsup #lovemyfriends.

39. Happy Birthday to my amazing friend. I love you more than anything in this whole world and best friend. Hope you have fun tonight with the ladies and win some money.

40. Happy birthday. Today is your special day! You are such an encouraging friend, love you girl!!!

41. Giving a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Shout out to my friend and Brother. Celebrating now as we speak! I pray you have much much more!

42. Happy Birthday to my amazing, lovely,  beautiful girlfriend. Love you so much from my soul.

43. Wishing my very special sister and friend a very happy birthday. I often tell you how much I value our sisterhood. I am blessed to have you in life. Love you

44. Happy birthday to an amazing person! My best friend IDC who don’t like, just know my family & I love you! I’m so proud of how far you’ve come since I met you! Thank you for being a best friend I wish you nothing but the best today and I got you a bottle of some wine because I know you hate that strong stuff lol see you later my love.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

45. Happy Birthday to a special friend on her special day!

46. Happy Birthday to my favorite DH social media friend. Love you still.

17. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to one of my best friends!! Love you so much BG! By the looks of things, 26 is going to be a great year for you!

48. Happy birthday, my beautiful friend and sister, I wish you many more years to come May the Almighty Allah grant your heart desire to enjoy the rest of your day love you, baby.

49. I would like to wish this little crazy man a happy 23rd birthday you are truly my best friend I can honestly say my life would be boring without you even though you drive me crazy most of the times I wouldn’t want it any other way happy birthday dear loves you.

50. Happy birthday, friend. Birthday dinner. Best friends. I love you all. #family

Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

51. May God continue to Bless you today and always with many much more Birthdays to come. We all love you. Enjoy this beautiful day. Happy Birthday.

52. Happy happy birthday!! We haven’t changed one bit to enjoy my friend.

53. Happy birthday and congratulations to my good friend on this great day! Live long.

54. Happy birthday to the most honest true friend I know. I love you and couldn’t make it through a day without you! You’re an amazing friend in my whole life. The perfect neighbor! Happy birthday love you always!

55. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! love you girlfriend!!! Hope you’re enjoying this day off, you deserve it! Enjoy your great day, time, life. Love you so much.

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