60 Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends to Surprise Him/Her

Must be your friend is a special person in your life. So your friend’s birthday you should wish him/her by sending unique birthday wishes. Here we have shared unique birthday wishes for friends. You can use these birthday quotes for friends to wish your friends a special day.

Unique birthday wishes for friends

  1. Happy birthday my friend… May God continue blessing you with much more.

2. Happy birthday to the best friend, you are forever the love of my life. Love You so much.

3. Happy birthday, friend. You Know You’re Special When Your Kid Friends Wanna Celebrate Your Birthday With You!! I Ended My Birthday Weekend Exactly The Way A Special Girl Should Feel…Loved My Family & Friends Are So Special To Me.

4. Shout out to my friend and sister on her birthday. Love you so much!! Have a lovely day!!!

5. Thank you, my friends, I’m wishing you a Happy Birthday. God Bless you.

6. HAPPY 26th Birthday to my right hand, one of my best friends since 10th grade. I wish you all the best, I know God will continue to bless you always. You’re ever so dedicated to working and school and through all the obstacles that come your way you still held on; so keep doing your thing boo but take a break for a second and enjoy your time.

7. Screaming happy birthday to this wonderful, lovely beautiful lady I’m blessed to call my friend and sister in Christ may all your wishes come, true love, you dear.

8. My sister, my best friend, my diary happy birthday. Enjoy your special day.

9. Couldn’t let the day go without saying happy birthday to my friend!!! I saw you had an adventure today and you’re still alive lol I’m so happy!!! Anywho keep enjoying you deserve it. Miss, you much and love you lots.


Amazing Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends

11. Happy bday to my best friend and the man who loved me inside and out.

12. Happy birthday, Friend !!!! Love you bunches. God bless you always.

13. Happy birthday, friend! Hope It was a great day!

14. Happy Belated Birthday friend! Hope you had a great one. See you soon.

15. Happy Birthday, Friend hope you have a lovely day stay blessed!

16. Happy Birthday friend many many blessings for you.

17. Happy birthday, friend! I hope all your wishes come true! Love you so much always!

18. Happy birthday, friend! Hope you have a wonderful day! Love you.

Unique birthday wishes for friends (special)

Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends


20. Happy birthday my dear friend and may all your wishes come true.

21. Dam, it looks at us we some pretty bi..happy birthday dear friend.

22. Look who I ran into this afternoon, my birthday friend of 19 years. Happy birthday my dear friend, wishing you and your beautiful family a great one.

23. You are one of the best friend. Happy birthday to you. Live long.

24. I couldn’t wait to try nutmeg with pink glitter gloss. So happy I was able to see you (even if it was brief) on your birthday friend. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

25. Happy birthday my Friend!!!! May God Continue on Blessing your life And gives you many many more years.

26. Happy birthday, the dear friend finally legal yay I can’t wait until you come to SA! And love you and may God bless you with much more. I’m so glad to have a friend like you in my life! Miss you, it’s funny how we met in a computer class and now we are best friends forever!!

27. Happy Birthday to my best friend, my lovely sister, my other half!! I hope you have a great day sister you deserve it Love you forever, sis.

Wonderful Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook

Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends

28. Happy Birthday, Friend! I hope you have a special day & a blessed year.

29. Why am I so emotional on my birthday, this is not cool. My friends definitely touch my heart I love you so much. Happy birthday.

30. Happy birthday my beautiful best friend I’ve only known you for a short time and I feel like I’ve known you my whole life It’s crazy you truly are my spirit animal Love you. Happy Bday.

31. He is having so much fun seeing his friends at a birthday party. He was talking about it all weekend. Oh to be a kid again. Happy birthday.

32. Happy Birthday to my long time wonderful friend. Hope your day was EXTRA special! Glad you were in the office today with me!

33. Happy birthday!!! Great time with the family and friends!

34. Happy birthday once again to my best friend in the world/my amazing friend.

35. Enjoy your day dear, may every single one of your wishes come true. I love you beyond words!

36. Happy Thanks for giving to all… And also happy birthday to a very very “old” lol a friend of mine… Hope all is well and you have a great birthday.


38. Had a good day

With friends and family


Had a blast bro.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Male

Best birthday wishes for friends

Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends

39. Happy Birthday, Friend! May all your wishes come true. God bless always!

40. Happy birthday, friend. God bless and have good health. Many more days to come so that we can celebrate with fun.

41. Have a Happy Happy birthday friend!!! Miss you always.

42. I hope you had the best birthday friend! I can’t wait to catch up when you get back!

43. Happy birthday, friend!!! I Love & miss you so much.

44. Happy birthday, Friend!! Enjoy myself. Enjoy your special day.

45. Happy Birthday, Friend. Love You Enjoy your time.

46. Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive. Happy birthday dear friend

Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends

47. Happy birthday, my dear friend has a wonderful day on your special day.

48. Happy birthday, friend! Have a great day!!

49. Happy Birthday, friend!! Hope you have an amazing day with some special fun!!

50. Happy birthday, friend!!! Hope your day is special with some special person! Live long.

51. Happy birthday friend, God bless your new age. Have a fun-filled day with happiness!!!

52. Happy Birthday, friend hopes you have a blessed day.

53. Happy Birthday, friend!!!! The turn up will be real tonight.

54. I wish we can have another party. But this after-party tho LMAO. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!!

55. Happy Birthday, Friend!!!!! Hope you’re having a great day. Enjoy your special day!!!!

56. Ewwww why you got that on for yo birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND HOPE YOU ENJOY You. SPECIAL DAY.

57. I’ve met this Lady only once and saw her a couple of times. She is so lovely funny and keeps me laughing on Facebook. We are going to get together and cut up. You are the bomb. I’m praying that you receive everything your heart desires on this day…Happy Birthday dear friend. Now, I’m ready to turn up and I stayed up to so I know you have to be a cool chic

58. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND. Can’t wait to see you and celebrate all your events lol… I hope you have the best day ever and hope it’s filled with lots of love, happiness, and joy! Can’t wait to hug your face

59. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND!!!!! You’re the top. Have the best day/evening.

60. Happy Birthday friend I love you!!! let me know when you down for eat & we there… Oh, but we do that on a regular huh…

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