250+ Birthday Messages for Daughter From Heart to Make Her Happy

Every parent loves their daughter from their heart. If today is the birthday of your daughter and you are searching for lovely birthday messages for daughter then you are In the right place. Here we have the best collection of birthday messages for daughter. Say happy birthday to your daughter with this best birthday message. One thing if you have your own word then don’t forget to edit this birthday message with your word. So that the birthday message for your beautiful daughter will be more wonderful, perfect, and memorable. Check below.

The best birthday messages for daughter

1. Happy birthday my lovely daughter. Love you so much always. You are my heart you are my breath. Live long.

2. Happy Birthday to my great daughter. Wishing you much more. Have a great day!

3. Happy Birthday to my daughter. May God keep you and blessed you this day. Love you lots.

4. Happy Birthday to my Beautiful DAUGHTER. Love you from my heart.

5. Wanna Give A Big Happy Birthday To My Daughter. Today She Turns 12 Years Old. She is truly one of a kind.

6. GOOD morning FAMILY, What a special Day this is Singing Happy Birthday in my (STEVIE WONDER VOICE)!!!! to my 1st BORN Daughter. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH ENJOY YOUR 20RH BIRTHDay!!!!!!

7. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. 25 wow! I can’t even believe your 25! Enjoy your day!! Hope it’s a good year

8. Happy 24th birthday to my beautiful, intelligent, sweet, talented, musical, and loving daughter! I Love you with all my heart!

9. “Happy Birthday daughter! You have entered an important phase of your life. Responsibilities & Opportunities is added to you. You have to grab it properly and right Use of it. Wish you all the Best of your Starting valuable Teen!

Birthday Messages for Daughter

10. Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter! You are now a teenager. Time flies when you are having fun. I am so proud of you. I Love you to the moon and back and I hope you enjoy your great day!

11. Happy Birthday to my daughter. May all your dreams come true.

12. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. I love you to the moon and back.

13. Happy Birthday to my daughter in heaven. SIP ..Mom loves you lots.

14. Happy Birthday to my middle daughter. Have a great day. Enjoy your special day.

15. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TO MY DAUGHTER. You are my heart, you are my life. You are my everything. Love you lots.

16. My daughter’s 15th birthday today so she asked me to make an M&M cake so here it is she loves it.

17. Awesomeness day my beautiful daughter’s 16th birthday. This Wednesday God is good

18. Celebrating the Birthday Girl at her Surprise Party!! Happy 30th BIRTHDAY to my lovely daughter.

19. Happy 17th Birthday to our Daughter. We Love you.

20. Happy 9th birthday to my beautiful daughter. So proud of the loving and caring human being you are.

21. Happy 18th Birthday to our Daughter. We love you.

22. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. Enjoy your great day. Make a more beautiful moments.

23. It is my daughter, 18th birthday. Happy birthday to her! I love you lots.

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Top birthday messages for daughter

Birthday Messages for Daughter

24. “Screaming Happy Birthday to my baby girl. May God continue to bless you always.

25. Happy birthday to my oldest daughter. Enjoy your day love you lots.

26. Screaming Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. Wishing you are blessed with much more. Hoping you have an awesome day. Love you always.

27. Screaming Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter, my lifeline…!! I love you to the moon and back!

28. It’s my daughter’s 10th birthday today. Why not celebrate in New York and Our 1st road game ever.

29. Happy Birthday to my beautiful and smart daughter. 5 years old today !!

30. Me and the birthday girl Today is her birthday celebrating with my in-laws.

31. Happy birthday to our youngest daughter. So proud of you and the person you have become. Happy Birthday!!!

32. Happy birthday to you. Lucky Birthday Girl Make a wish … done! All in only one, Amazing and Special day.

33. Happy 14th birthday to my wonderful daughter. Daddy loves you so much.

34. Happy birthday. Daughter Wishing you a wonderful day filled with happiness and love good luck on your special day. love always.

35. Good Morning I want to say Happy Birthday to my daughter.

36. Happy birthday to my 1st daughter my third child. Wish you all the best in life.

37. I just wanted to wish my daughter princess a happy 19th birthday you’re a very special dog who came into my life.

38. Good morning everyone helps me with my lovely daughter her 16th birthday today May 30th daddy’s Lil Gerber

39. Happy Birthday to the WINNER OF THE ” WORLD’s BEST DAUGHTER “AWARDS our. You’ve sure won us over! God bless you always.


41. Today is my beautiful daughter’s birthday, my 1st love. She’s lovely inside and out. She’s a great mommy, wife, sister, friend, daughter and I’m in love with her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL.

42. I would like to wish my 3rd oldest daughter a very happy birthday..!!!… I love you to the moon and back…… Oh yeah, see you soon..!!

43. Happy Birthday to my darling daughter who I love so very much! Wishing you all the best life has to offer! Couldn’t be prouder! Love you lots.

44. Happy 18th Birthday to my loving daughter.

You are the love of our life, and we wish you many more special birthdays to come.

Love, from your entire family. Especially your dad, mom, and big brother.

45. Happy Birthday to my Angle and Dear Daughter Both of you my pride.

Happy birthday messages for daughter in English

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Birthday Messages for Daughter

46. Birthday girl out & about she tells me but gets my hair lovely & I told her me ain’t Want to steal de show cause it’s her day.

47. Happy Big 20th Birthday to the best daughter anyone could have! Where does the time go? In a blink of an eye the one I used to push in a stroller and on the swings, has grown up to be a smart, independent, and courageous young person. I am so proud of you!!

48. Happy Birthday to my second born daughter, we love you very much baby, and wish you a wonderful birthday weekend!!!

49. Please help me say Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. Her Karaoke party was Fun!!!!

50. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. September 18, 2015, at 7:45 pm my life changed. I just want you to know I love you very much, and I will always be here for you. Daddy loves you so much.

51. Happy Birthday to my baby girl. PRINCESS. Enjoy your birthday vacation!!!!

52. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!! FB please help me with my youngest cub a very Happy Birthday!!

53. Help me with my daughter & niece a happy birthday y’all She’s 4 years old today, princess.

54. My daughter’s birthday celebration was on 11th Sept. Happy birthday to you my dear daughter.

55. Happy Birthday, Beautiful………..

Wishing my daughter a very Happy 25th Birthday. Wow, the time has flown by. I’m proud of the beautiful young lady and mom you have grown into. Enjoy Miami… love you.

56. Wow, she was just 11 now she 18 happy birthday to my beautiful daughter…

57. Wishing my baby girl a Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

58. Happy Birthday to my little girl!! Can’t believe you’re 10 years old!! I love you, little girl.


60. Happy 22nd birthday to my baby girl. Enjoy your nice time.

61. Happy 25th birthday to my beautiful daughter, I wish you all the success in life and much more to come.

62. I wanna give a big shoutout to my baby girl on her birthday

Big 14.

63. This is my mouthy, sarcastic daughter. she’s 17 today. help me wish her a blessed birthday.

64. Sending a Happy 16th Birthday to my daughter!! Love you lots.

65. A private room was a wise choice for this pre-fun celebration of fun! The birthday girl never looked so good!

66. Sending a big Happy birthday to my daughter that’s my doctor my heart my everything loves my baby girl forever again happy 11th birthday to my bookie daddy loves you.

67. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful loving daughter. I am so proud of her. A strong and loving mother to her children, loving wife to her husband, and abundantly blessed!!! I LOVE U.

68. Happy 8th Birthday to my beautiful daughter. My little ray of sunshine. No matter how old you get, you will always be daddy’s baby girl. Love you to pieces.

Lovely birthday messages for daughter

Birthday Messages for Daughter

69. Where has the time gone so fast? Please help me with my beautiful and awesome daughter a Happy 22nd Birthday today. DJ continues every day to make Daddy proud and there are countless blessings and magical moments awaiting her as she continues to blossom into a fine young lady. Happy Birthday!!! Love Daddy.

70. Happy 20th Birthday to my loving daughter. Wow can’t believe my little girl is grown up

71. Myself and my youngest daughter. Happy Birthday in heaven. I thank God for blessing me with you for 29 years. You are forever in my spirit and thoughts. I love and miss you.

72. Today I wish Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl! 25 years and counting! I love you! Enjoy your day!

73. Happy Birthday to our girls! We can’t believe that you already 9!!! Wishing both of you to be happy and healthy. We love you very much !!!

74. Happy 13th Birthday to the most amazing daughter a father can ever have. The Most Beautiful Girl.

75. Happy 24th Birthday to my beautiful daughter,!! Seen here hanging out at her art opening last year with her cousin.

76. Happy birthday to the most amazing daughter..you are my sunshine ..you are my everything …. you complete my life… I wish you get all the success and happiness in your life… I love you, my princess …miss you a lot.

77. Celebrating my little girl’s 29th birthday! Damn, I’m old!! Happy Birthday.

78. Celebrate My Daughter Birthday I pray n wish that God fulfills all her good wishes n bless her with a good education, health, happiness, and prosperity.

79. 25 years ago at 4.50 am the Lord blessed me with the best thing in my life help me with my daughter a happy birthday.

80. Happy birthday to my firstborn daughter. We love you lots.

81. Please help me to wish my beautiful daughter a very Happy Birthday… I Love U Mama…

82. Happy Birthday to my beautiful, wonderful, lovely daughter. God blessed me with you on this day July 2nd & it was one of the many blessings that have been given to me. I love you so…… much. You continue to inspire & make me so proud of you. Have a wonderful day.

83. Dinner with this birthday girl in New York! I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful little daughter. I love you, and I’m so proud of the woman you are!

84. I am blessed beyond measure to call her my daughter. Happiest of birthdays sweet peach. Love you so much.

85. Just wanna wish my daughter a happy birthday and enjoy boo turn up cuz you only live once.

86. God has blessed me with lots of things but this blessing is the biggest! Happy birthday baby girl. Daddy and Mom love you more than words can express.

87. Happy birthday my Barbie girl wish you happiness, wealth healthy happy …. all the best with you …. forever. love Your Mommy.

88. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter! Raising you into adulthood was nice and easy. You are a wonderful daughter! Love you always.

Happy Birthday messages for daughter From Dad

Birthday Messages for Daughter

89. Always special spending time with my baby girl. Kicking off the birthday festivities together……priceless.

90. Happy 25th birthday to this precious daughter! Love you from here to the moon and back.

91. Another day to celebrate the Baba for the girls. Happy birthday, blood. wishing you heaven’s best and more money in your account. Love you.

92. I Want To Give A Loud & Bless Shoutout To My Youngest Daughter. Happy Birthday. Love You. Enjoy your day…

93. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughters! We are celebrating their 34th in the Big Apple. I am proud to be your mom!!!

94. Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl! This video of your flash mob in ’15 will never get old to watch!

95. Happy 16th Birthday to my stunning daughter! You have brought me joy since the moment I laid eyes on you! You are growing into a kind, intelligent, determined woman and I couldn’t be prouder! Happy birthday, baby!

96. She will probably kill me but oh well…happy birthday my lovely daughter.


98. Happy Birthday to you! A girl couldn’t ask for a better father than you:) My Hero.

99. Happy Happy Birthday to my firstborn! I wish you everything your heart desires! May God bless you always. Continue to reach your dream….we are always here to support you! Thank you for being a good daughter and a loving and responsible ate to your brothers and little sister. We love you so much!

100. Happy Birthday Daughter…I’m Blessed to see my daughter become a phenomenal Women. Love You Alway.

101. Happy 22nd Birthday my beautiful daughter love you.

102. So sorry I missed My Daughter’s birthday, yesterday! Happy Belated Birthday Daughter!!!! Enjoy your best life!

103. A very special Happy and Bless BIRTHDAY TO my BEAUTIFUL daughter. I wish for you, everything Good and Prosperous this life has to offer you hon… May God continually guide your path. Have a fabulous day. I love You!

104. 30years ago God granted my wish for a Beautiful baby girl who has grown into Beautiful women! Happy Birthday, Daughter.


106. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter! Today a star was born!!

107. Happy happy birthday to my baby girl. She 14 years old a teenager now where did time fly! Miss her being a baby. Again love you, baby girl!

108. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter & Best friend. Hope that you have an amazing birthday! I love you!!

109. Today was not work – I was good at all In the evening, everyone participated in the event of a brother’s daughter’s birthdays.

110. Thank you Lord for another year, God please Bless her with good Health and Wisdom. I love you, My Daughter. Happy birthday. We Turning up. The Joy of my Existence.

Amazing birthday messages for daughter

Birthday Messages for Daughter

111. Screaming Happy Birthday to my daughter!! Wow, 12-year-old today. Where does the time go? Daddy loves you so much!

112. I need y’all to wish my youngest daughter a happy 17th birthday love you.

113. I want to wish my daughter a Happy 9th Birthday today God bless you, we love you. Happy Birthday From mom & dad.

114. Happy Birthday to my eldest daughter.  Love you very much! Enjoy your day!

115. Screaming happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. Small wishing her with much much more enjoy your day to the fullest love you.

116. Happy Birthday to my daughter, and to my future Son N Law! Love you both so much!!!!

117. My dear friends and family, please help me to wish my beautiful lovely princess a happy Happy Happy 9th Birthday sweetie wishes you all the best in life, Have a blessed day my princes’  mummy loves u.

118. Happy 25th Birthday to my best friend & lovely daughter.

119. Happy 21st Birthday to my daughter. Very proud of you. Love Dad.

120. Happy birthday to my wonderful smart kind, lovely daughter. I am so blessed to have you. May God continue to bless and keep you safe.

121. I want to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter. I will always love you, baby girl.

122. Screaming happy birthday to my beautiful daughter may god bless you with many more years to come to enjoy your day love you, baby girl.

123. Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter. May all her dreams and wishes come true. I’m so happy I get to watch her grow into the woman she is.

124. Congratulations to my niece. love you and happy birthday to my daughter have fun.

125. Taking the time out to wish my daughter a happy 5th birthday daddy love you, baby girl.


127. Help me in wishing my beautiful daughter a happy 21st birthday. May God forever bless you my sunshine. I love you. Happy birthday my love. May all your dreams come true! Mommy!

128. With the birthday girl. Wow, Happy Birthday the big ten 12-time flies love this girl to the moon and back.

129. Help to wish my oldest daughter. Happy Birthday to my sweetheart… my mini-me. You are my heartbeat …. enjoy.

130. Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter, Tost who is officially a teenager! We’re celebrating in her favorite place on Earth.

131. Screaming Happy Birthday To One Of My Beautiful Daughters. I Love You, Baby, Always.

132. Happy 25th Birthday to Our beautiful daughter. We are so proud of all of your accomplishments and wishing you much more. We love you so much, honey. Keep on smiling.

133. Screaming happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. Even though u get on my nerves mommy still loves you I hope you enjoy your bday.

Happy Birthday messages for daughter from Mom

Birthday Messages for Daughter

134. Happy 21st Birthday to my daughter. I am so proud of you & love you beyond words.

135. Happy birthday to my lovely daughter, may God bless you today and always….love you, babe.

136. Happy Birthday to my loving daughter. Enjoy your special day and God’s blessings to see much more.

137. So because my daughter’s birthday is on a Monday she feels she has to celebrate sat and Sun smh heard the diva.

138. My daughter is 14 today!! Happy Birthday to the best daughter I could ever imagine having!!

139. Help Me Wish My Daughter Happy Birthday Happy 25th Birthday. I’m wishing you much more come to love you to the moon and back

140. Happy birthday to my gorgeous daughter. May all your wishes and dreams come true. I am so proud of you and the young lady you’ve become. Enjoy your beautiful day love you mom.

141. Happy 9th Birthday To One Of My Hearts My Daughter. You grow so fast you 9 already I’m happy to be in your life and be there for u TODAYS YOUR DAY GIRL.

142. KEEP CLAIM It’s her big 2digit birthday the big 12. it’s been such a blessing my daughter is growing into a beautiful young woman. I would always be grateful to be her mother and I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for my First Born. I love her endlessly.

143. Happy birthday to my one and only daughter. Baby girl, you’re getting so big on me I love you, my queen.

144. Today happens to be the birthday she not on Facebook would like to post a very well enjoyable birthday and that she may have a great birthday. From tip happy birthday girl.

145. It’s amazing how fast time flies!… my life drastically changed in the past 5+ years. I thank the Lord for all my blessings; a Happy Birthday baby girl.

146. Proud to say that the mini version of myself is way better than the original one. Our innocent, friendly, charming, cute, and mega crazy Lil daughter, happy 8th birthday.

147. Just want to wish my daughter. Yers a very happy birthday can’t believe you are 25 years old today you have grown into a beautiful woman. I love you.

148. Happy Birthday to my one and only princess she is 15 years old today. I still can not believe how much you have grown and how fast you are growing. I love you my daughter enjoy your day!! Family and friends let celebrate more life for Chanel.

149. Happy 14th Birthday to the best daughters in the world! I and papa love you very much. You are our all.

150. OMG, where has the time gone? 30? Seems like yesterday I was peeking through the glass at you in the nursery saying I can’t believe I had that! Now I can’t even find a photo of you by yourself! Continue to be the beautiful spirit that you are! Don’t let anything or anyone stop you! Love you to my pieces! Happy Birthday.

151. Happy 17th Birthday to my beautiful daughter. We are so incredibly proud of the accomplishments you have achieved and the young lady you are!

152. This dress gives me life. Happy 20th birthday baby girl.

153. Today is my twin daughter’s birthday!!!! Love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU GIRLS. Keep moving forward in life.

Unique birthday messages for daughter

Birthday Messages for Daughter

154. Wishing my daughter a super, fantastic, and great 22nd birthday, Happy Birthday…. enjoy your day to the fullest.

155. Thank you to all of our family and friends who came from near and far to celebrate our beautiful daughter’s 2nd birthday. it was absolutely perfect.

156. Happy Sweet 14th Birthday to my daughter. How time flies. You’ve grown into a talented and beautiful woman that always makes me proud. I love you!

157. The Boss I celebrating Her  8th Birthday Great when both your daughter’s BIRTHDAYS ON THE SAME WEEKEND.

158. Enjoying my Birthday with the general in my right hand at his daughter’s 2nd birthday celebration.

159. I hope to spend many more Birthdays with this girl!

160. Happy birthday to one of my daughter’s…turn up.

161. It’s always fun celebrating 4 special June birthdays… Can’t believe our little girls are 16 years old.

162. Happy Happy Birthday Princess – 1-Year-Old Today. So blessed to share your very 3rd Birthday in New York.

163. Good Morning:

Screaming Happy 12th Birthday to my “Special Case”. I see this child and I see my God-daughter. From her looks to her attitude, she is definitely her mother’s child LOL. Karen has done a great job of raising her girls. Happy Birthday to you.

164. Today we would like to wish the happiest of Angel Birthdays today.

Please send their mothers much love, strength, and prayers as they celebrate their daughter’s birthdays from two different worlds. We love you both always.

165. Happy birthday to my lovely daughter. May God bless her with many birthdays. Love you much.

166. Had an awesome day in the city with the birthday girl! I love her to death and she deserves the happiest of birthdays!

167. Happy Birthday to my lovely, beautiful, full of too much energy daughter.

168. Wishing my amazing and beautiful daughters a very happy birthday…..

169. Celebrating my daughter’s 4th birthday she is the most beautiful thing that ever happens to me and my family.

170. Happy Birthday to my daughter. who is so Fabulous !!! Amazing !!! and Lovely !!! Wishing you many more Happy Birthdays!!!

171. Going out to celebrate my beautiful daughter’s 21st birthday!!! Little does she knows she is still 2 to me.

172. Today was my daughter’s birthday. Party was of course at our new family pizzeria on Clinton Street on the lower east side of Manhatten. What a great place!!! Happy Birthday.

173. Celebrating with my oldest daughter pre-birthday with my girlie girl. Happy 24th birthday daughter!

174. Happy Birthday to you. My Best Daughter Ever. Birthday Bike Ride.

175.Happy birthday my beautiful daughter. Love you always. Hope you loved your gift.

176. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. I love you so much enjoy your day.

Heart touching birthday messages for daughter

Birthday Messages for Daughter

177. Today is the 5th of June My daughter’s 10th Birthday! Please pray for my dear heart! Happy birthday.

178. Happy birthday to the beautiful girl! I love you so much it hurts.

179. The birthday girl, blowing out the candle on her paleo, sugar-free chocolate chip cookies!

180. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter! It’s hard to believe that you’re 17th already. I love your daughter. I hope you enjoy your special day!

181. Happy 20th Birthday my daughter. My gift of love.

182. My daughter just turned 14. Happy birthday my cute daughter.

183. Today is my daughter. Birthday the big 18 Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day love you.

184. Happy Birthday to my daughter. It seems like just yesterday she came into our lives. May many blessings come your way.

185. Birthday breakfast with my daughter, the birthday girl! She’s 30 today! I couldn’t eat all my breakfast…

186. My babies aren’t babies anymore. Happy birthday, girls.

187. Today it’s my daughter’s birthday She is turning 8 today. God bless her. She’s a very brave strong and smart girl.


189. Happy Sweet 17th  Birthday to my Amazing, Intelligent, Beautiful, Daughter.

190. Happy birthday to my beautiful girl ad 130.

191. Ready for West Hollywood! Birthday girl! 32 and fabulous!

192. Ready!!! Waiting for the birthday girl!!! Happy birthday. I can’t believe she is almost 19th !!!

193. Want to wish my daughter a happy birthday.  I love you so much.

194. My dearest daughter, Happy 22nd  Birthday. May you have happiness always.

195. I Want To Wish My Daughter A Happy Birthday Today! I Love The Woman You’ve Become!

196. Happy birthday to my loving and beautiful daughter. God bless you always.

197. Happy Birthday Baby…the Birthday Girl.

198. Birthday girl headed to her! We are so excited! And God bless you always!

199. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. Cannot believe it’s been two years. Congratulations. Love you. Mom.

200. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter!!!! you’re 30, lol. Love you lots and lots.

201. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter who turned eight today. Many happy returns my love. You are the world to me.

Beautiful birthday messages for daughter

Birthday Messages for Daughter

202. Happy Birthday to Bo the Birthday Girl!! With love from all of us. As always. Especially your daddy.

203. Happy birthday to my baby girl who turned 24!

204. Happy birthday to my daughter. Wishing you good healthy life always. We love you so much.

205. Happy 14th Birthday to our awesome daughter! We’re so blessed! Just unreal that she’s already a teenager… I dig it! She’s a smart gal! Again… blessed!

206. What a fun evening and a great birthday dinner for the birthday girl! Great company and amazing food.

207. Happy birthday 22nd my beautiful girl and wonderful daughter. I am so proud of you!

208. The birthday girl has arrived! Happiest of birthdays to an incredible human and best friend.

209. Happy birthday to my first-born grand-daughter! She is 15 years old today! How the time flies! Ummah loves you, sweetie!

210. My Birthday Girl on her big day. This time, in Living Color! Photo by yours truly!

211. Happy 2nd Birthday to my daughter. Daddy loves you so much. God bless and guide you always, Wish you, good Health baby.

212. Birthday Girl adds a surprise twist ending to Real Magic even I didn’t see coming at the famous Palace Table. Happy Birthday.

213. Precious and happy moments with the birthday girl, my one, and only daughter, hugs and kisses.

214. Today 30 years ago I gave birth to my daughter. Happy Birthday, Daughter!

215. I cannot believe my baby is 7.I’m blessed to be your mommy. Happy birthday baby girl. I am enjoying the ride watching you grow.

216. My baby girl had her 12th birthday party today. With 2 of her best friends. Happy birthday baby girl. Love you so much.

217. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. Love you lots.

218. Happy Happy Birthday to my Beautiful “Mystic” Daughter …!!.. An early birdsong from the “boys”.

219. Wishing my daughter a happy 19th birthday! Welcome to adulthood my queen!

220. Today is my daughter’s 15th birthday. It’s mind-boggling how quickly the time has gone by from when she was a tiny, wriggly, precious baby to the thoughtful, hilarious, kind, intelligent almost teen she is today. I’m so proud to be your momma. Thanks for showing me the way, letting me make mistakes, and making me a better person. I love you so much.

221. A SNOW WHITE vanilla cake for the birthday girl!! We mostly do buttercream icing cakes, but sometimes you just gotta use Fondant!

222. Please help me to wish my baby girl a very happy birthday! Daddy loves you lots dear!

223. Sing from across the street happy birthday to my oldest daughter. God knows you keep my blood pressure up at times we go through our ups and downs but at the end of the day I gotcha u may God continue to bless u with many more love you to the moon and back turn up.

224. Happy birthday to you dear More years to come, chill but don’t freeze.

225. Happy 15th birthday to my princess. I feel very blessed to call you my daughter!!!

Wonderful birthday messages for daughter

birthday messages for daughter

226. Happy Birthday, my dearest daughter!!! The Lord blessed me the day you were born. He is still blessing me every day because of you. God bless your heart ~ Mama.

227. Just dropped my daughter and family off at the airport from their visit with me for my birthday. I had so much fun with my Granddaughter.

228. Happy 19th Birthday to my lovely daughter, inside and out. Love you lots.

229. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my hero, my mom. Love you and I’m so blessed to be your daughter.

230. Wow, 18th years ago today my world was changed for the better. Happy Birthday to my amazingly talented daughter. I love you princess.

231. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. May God continue to bless you like you.

232. Had a blast with our birthday girl. Thanks for spending the day with us love you guys.

233. I made my Daughter a special one of a kind Angel City Rockers shirt for her 17th Birthday this Monday!! Total school wear in my eyes!!!

234. Happy 17th birthday to my only daughter. Today is your day it’s all about you I’m so proud of the young lady to become remember GOD 1st the sky is the limit I love you, baby girl.

235. Happy birthday to my radiant daughter–who brings joy to everyone who knows her, and especially to me, her adoring dad!! I savor every moment I share with you!

236. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. May you be blessed with many more years. I hope you have the best day today. I love you.

237. Happiest of birthdays to this beautiful girl. I love you so much!

238. I want to wish my amazing daughter. Today is her birthday today is all about you I love you and have a good day.

239. Happy Birthday to my Sweet. on her 18th Birthday. My girl now 15, 17 & 18. Wow, they grow fast.

240. I want to wish my eldest daughter, a happy birthday! At 15 years of age, you’ve grown up to become a loving daughter and nurturing big sister. Your mom and I are very proud of you! Happy birthday!

241. Happy Birthday to my daughter. God makes a way… you’re celebrating your 30th with us!

242. I want to wish a HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY to my lovely daughter Have a Great Day.

243. Happy 24th Birthday to my baby girl one of the greatest loves of my life!!! You always bring music and color in my world. I love you many.

244. Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter…wow how time just blows right past you. Celebrating her 16th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY. love you much.

245. Happy birthday to my Daughter. I love you both forever let have fun.

246. A daughter can grow out of your lap but never your heart. I love you forever,  Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter

247. Happy Birthday. Your a mother-daughter and grandmother something very special occurred today your blessed your favor.

248. Thank you to all who came out to celebrate with my daughter for her 4th birthday, it means a lot && now I see true colors. She really enjoyed herself regardless of who did not show.

249. Celebrating my daughter’s 19th birthday a couple of days early. Having BBQ with wife, kids, and family.

250. Someone sent this to my daughter for her birthday today!!!! So sweet.

251. Wishing my oldest lovely daughter a happy birthday. 40 years ago today I was blessed with 5lbs 3ozs of June.

252. Happy birthday to the best sister a guy can ask for. You’re an incredibly beautiful sister, daughter, mom, and wife. I love you and happy birthday!!

253. Another year of birthdays with these two girls 17 years and couldn’t have asked for better friends Happy Belated Birthday to the young girl.

254. Hey birthday girl, I wish you the happiest of birthdays! Hope the moon’s been a beautiful experience. Enjoy your special day.

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