180+ Special, Romantic Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

Must be you love your boyfriend from your heart. Today is a special day for your boyfriend. It’s his birthday. You should wish him special birthday messages for boyfriend. Birthday is a perfect time to show him one more time how much you love him, how much you care for him. Again you can make your boyfriend’s birthday more lovely, happiest, enjoyable, and memorable. Check below our special collection of birthday messages for boyfriend.

Special birthday messages for boyfriend

1. Happy Birthday to this beautiful and wonderful BF of mine. Love you lots.

2. Happy birthday to my best friend, a partner in crime, and the most amazing boyfriend a girl could ask for! I love you lots!

3. Happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the World! I love you so much.

4. Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend! I love you!

5. Happy birthday to the most wonderful boyfriend of all time.

6. Happy birthday to the most amazing boyfriend ever. I love you so much.

7. Happy birthday my dear! We’re gonna have a great day!!! I love you.

8. Happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the whole wide world. Have lots of fun and eat lots of sugar.

9. Happy Birthday to the MOST amazing boyfriend ever. I love you so much, babe!

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

10. My boyfriend’s parents are throwing us a birthday party on May 22nd to celebrate our birthday together, if I wanna come let me know!!!

11. I love my boyfriend so much..this whole month of June has been about me… This has been the best bday ever… Thanks, baby. I love you. Happy birthday.

12. Happy birthday to my boyfriend. I love you so much and have fun in the bay. I miss you… can’t wait to see you, babe!!!!

13. Happy birthday to the most wonderful boyfriend ever! Don’t work too hard today!  I can’t wait to see you. I love you lots.

14. Had a wonderful time with my Best friend and family. Happy birthday, boyfriend. I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself.

15. Happy birthday, I love you more than I can say.  Today I can’t wait to b beached whales w/u at the mermaid parade tomorrow.

16. Can’t believe I’ve been with you for 4 years. Happy birthday, baby. You truly are the best boyfriend in the world! I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you so much.

17. Happy birthday to the love of my life, my best friend, my lover, and everything. I ask nothing but to spend all the rest of your birthdays with you. I love you.

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

18. Happy Birthday to an amazing man, that I am blessed to have as a Lover & Bestie! I love You & hope you enjoy every little bit of your day, I’ll make it a goal to do so.

19. Happy Birthday to my boyfriend !! Even though you are not physically here I love you more each day & while others forgot about you & were disloyal to you I have always had Ur back!!! Loyalty is Everything!!

20. Happy Birthday to my boyfriend of 6 years. Omygoshhh we’re getting so old !! Lol Nah but I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday weekend because you def deserve the best. I love you.

21. My amazing boyfriend Guy is pampering me for my Birthday – I am so lucky to have a “Guy” like him. I love you!

22. Happy birthday to the best boyfriend ever. You are truly the love of my life and I do where I’d be without you. I love you so much

23. Hey, so I just wanted to say you are the most amazing boyfriend ever. You have made this one of the best birthdays ever! I’m so glad that have you in my life ….. I love you, you look beautiful.

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Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

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The best birthday messages for boyfriend

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

24. Happy Birthday to my one and only, right hand, best friend, love of life, all & all the best boyfriend a girl could ask for… Love You, dear!!!

25. Layin down listening to music with my boyfriend and my brother in law chino….got work tomorrow at 12 And my baby birthday in 2 days can’t wait.

26. Years ago today the man GOD chose and designed for me was born. Today makes another year that God has blessed him to see and I am blessed to spend it with the man. Happy Birthday! You are my love my husband and my best friend I hope to be around to spend all your birthdays with you. I love you lots. And I give GOD the glory for creating a wonderful human being.

27. Happy birthday to my best friend roll dog lifeline and boyfriend I LOVE YOU AND U ROCK. THIS YEAR OUT. WE GON DO THE SAME LOVE U.

28. Btw happy belated birthday!!! Wish you much more.. your birthday is 3 days before my boyfriend’s.

29. Happy birthday. Get chocolate wasted. I love you, baby.

30. Happy birthday!!! Enjoy your day and I’m so happy to see you grow as a leader and also be an inspiration to others especially as you fra!  Stay happy!

31. Happy Birthday to my wonderful boyfriend and best friend!!!  I love you!!! There aren’t words to describe how special you are to me and how much I love you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE!

32. Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend, person, and friend to ever grace this earth. Babe, you are my heart, and though I’ve only known you for a fraction of your life (6 years). I feel as if I know you my whole life. Being with you has been an adventure that I hope never ends. So to you on this day, I say Happy Birthday and I love you.

33. Well, tomorrow is my boyfriend’s birthday and I have decided to give him the great news tomorrow that God is blessing us with another kid.

34. YES!  best Sunday ever! I have the best friends in the entire world! My day has been perfect thanks to my amazing boyfriend. I love you, I am so thankful for you! Apparently, the birthday festivities are not over yet!! And THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone else for the birthday wishes!!!

35. Happy birthday, boyfriend. Love you don’t worry it ain’t over my turn next, we going to turn the fuck up June did her thing enjoy.


37. Happy Birthday, Boyfriend. You’re blessed to see another year I’m so proud of you, finished your first year in college and coming home today I can’t wait to see you.

38. Happy Birthday!!!

Here to the one that means “The Most Business” somehow you click-clacked. Your way into my cold evil heart and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s to another year of oh’s & voice memos.

Love you lots. Enjoy your special day.

39. Happy birthday “boyfriend” may God continue to bless you with much more to come! show my boo a good time… Lol, love you and enjoy your day!

40. Happy birthday you handsome beast! Hope you have a great birthday boyfriend! Hope to see you soon.

41. HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to my boyfriend, roommate, and best friend! I am so happy to share my life with you now. Who you complete me, seriously. Can’t wait to celebrate with you today, tomorrow, this week, this month, and many years to come.

42. Hey, dear, Happy Birthday to you. You are My First Lover. I Still Can’t Believe That you are Gone I Miss And Love You So Much.

Smart birthday messages for boyfriend

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

43. My baby thought it was necessary to take me out to eat for my one year anniversary at my job. Best boyfriend ever.

44. When you have the best boyfriend ever and you get a present every day leading up to your birthday!!!

45. My boyfriend’s 22nd birthday is tomorrow. I’m so focused on making his day special and getting him the best present & I must’ve forgotten we also have our 1 year anniversary tomorrow.

46. Wishing my best friend and boyfriend the happiest birthday in the world. I hope this weekend was everything you could have expected. hope you feel in 23.I love you always.

47. Happy Birthday to my beautiful boyfriend. Lover you so much.

48. You know you found yourself a winner when your boyfriend buys YOU a comic on HIS birthday.

What a guy.

49. If he rocking, I’m rolling, if he shoots, I’m reloading. Happy birthday to my lovely boyfriend/bae/baby daddy/everything. Not much needs to be said yall already know how we coming.

50. Wishing my darling a happy 21st birthday.  Love you so much.  He grew up on me Y’all.

51. Birthday this Saturday sweetest day Sunday. I just want both of my boyfriends to stop thinking they know that I’m really playing them both.

52. So for my birthday, I want a paragraph and a video from all my “friends” and “boyfriend ” and I want some Vanilla cupcakes and some balloons.

53. Screaming out happy birthday to my boyfriend!! I love you, baby!! You’re my everything even though we fight. I still love you no matter what!! You’re stuck with me.

54. Up Screaming Happy Birthday To My Baby I love you dearly and thanks for being a wonderful friend and boyfriend.

55. Happy Birthday to my lover, my best friend, my BF. You are still and always will be the most beautiful person I know.

56. When your boyfriend surprises you with a weekend trip for my birthday!!!! I have the best boyfriend ever. I love you!

57. I’m in a great mood today. I enjoyed celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday& spending time with my family yesterday. My Boyfriend’s birthday isn’t over yet, still celebrating! Happy birthday, babe.

58. Happy birthday, babe! You are a wonderful person. I’m so glad you are in my life. you’re the best boyfriend ever!

59. So finally got to find out what my lovely boyfriend had planned for my birthday. He took me flying above today!


61. Wanna say happy birthday to my b.m/lover/best friend. Hope you enjoy the day. All ball when I get off!!

62. Happy Birthday to my super handsome and magnanimously awesome boyfriend!!!! Love you lots babe!!!

63. My Christmas present was delivered 25 years ago today but I didn’t receive it until 7 months ago. You are such an amazing father, friend, and boyfriend. Happy birthday, baby. I love you

64. Happy Birthday to this special person! You deserve everything that life has to offer! Thank you for being the best boyfriend, an amazing friend, and always an inspiration to me!! Here is to much more! Love you!

65. I work on the web all weekend! Going to celebrate my boyfriend’s and best friend’s birthday tonight!

Romantic birthday messages for boyfriend

Check out here romantic Birthday Messages for Boyfriend.

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

66. Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend! Thank you for being the taco to my bell & the Jack to my water! I love you so much, babe!!

67. I hope my boyfriend be here for my birthday. And I hope I get my present I’ve been wanting.

68. Best boyfriend ever!! Came home from work and right at midnight all of this happened!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!! I love him lots!!

69. Happy birthday to my best friend’s brother and my other best friend’s boyfriend. Hope you’re having a great day buddy.

70. I’m irritated my boyfriend not gone be out for my birthday nor my party.

71. It’s getting close to Leo season. My mom and boyfriend’s birthdays are coming up got to figure out what I’m doing for the both of them… Happy birthday.

72. Happy Birthday to my Lover and Friend. you getting old Lil baby 24 looking really good on you. I hope you enjoy your day. Even though you might be at work.

73. Happy Birthday To My Very First Boyfriend. The One Who I Was So Crazy About. I Love You Enjoy And Be Safe.

74. Happy birthday to you. My little old man from Nana. I love you, lover boy.

75. Happy Birthday to my lover, friend, the father of my child, and soon to be Husband. I love you, baby!

76. Happy birthday, dear. You’re the best boyfriend in the whole world!

77. Happy Birthday to my wonderful, loving boyfriend! I’m so lucky to have you and excited to move into our new place next week. I hope you have an amazing day and I can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight! Love you lots!

78. I want to thank god for blessing me with the best mom and boyfriend. They both helped me get my first car before my 22nd birthday. I love you people

79. My boyfriend definitely got me the best birthday present ever. A weekend away from stress in a beautiful city that I’ve never been to. I love you lots! How are you going to top this next year?

80. Happy 25th Birthday to my amazing boyfriend! Have a good day. Enjoy your special day.

81. Nate has waited 3 months for his birthday present, so happy birthday to my best friend, boyfriend, and rock! Go Kings Go! Kick those Blackhawks a**!! I love you lots!

82. Happy birthday to my best friend, grammar school crush, workout buddy, and most importantly, awesome boyfriend! I love you to the moon and back!!

83. Happy birthday to my handsome goofy boyfriend.

84. I want to wish a very happy 24th Birthday to my handsome boyfriend! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true today, I know mine did the day I met you. Although we are a part of today I hope you know you carry my heart with you wherever you go. I love you very much.

85. Happy Birthday to my homie, lover, best friend forever! I am so grateful for you! I love you to the moon and back Mannnn!

86. Happy Birthday to my boyfriend and future husband.

87. Happy 30th birthday to my babe of a boyfriend! I’ll get another hug later.

88. I’m super excited about my boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow. it almost feels like it’s my birthday. Happy early birthday babe.

Sweet birthday wishes for boyfriend

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

89. Happy 27th birthday to my wonderful boyfriend. who puts a smile on my face every single day. I love you, babe!

90. Happy birthday, baby!! Three years have flown by and I can’t wait for the years to come! Thank you for being a wonderful boyfriend, I love you to the moon and back!!

91. Happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the world who is definitely not using this account to talk about being the batmans. I love you lots and you are so strong and can bench 300+ lbs because you are an H U N K!

92. Happy birthday to my King, Lover, Husband, Friend, Mandingo, Big Daddy, Baby Daddy, Boo on and on and on Loving Him, even more, today than yesterday. Happy Birthday. Thank you, God, for such a wonderful and awesome person!

93. I had a nice day taking my boyfriend out to dinner for his 25th birthday.

94. Happy 22nd birthday to my best friend, boyfriend, another half. Your the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m so happy your mine. I hope you have a nice birthday cause you deserve it! I’m so sad to not be able to be with ya but I can’t wait to give you all you’re presents. Can’t wait to spend many more happy birthdays together! Love you! We will celebrate when I see you in 3 days!

95. Happy birthday to my beautiful boyfriend, love you.

96. I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to my best friend, my boyfriend, my lover, and of course my husband. We have had many years together of celebrating birthdays and I hope to celebrate much, much more with you. Love you all the time.

97. Happy birthday! I hope where you have good Thai food and large amounts of cake. I love you and miss you, boyfriend. I’ll be sending you all the mental hugs.

98. Happy birthday to my dearest hubby, the embodiment of patience and calm, my love and my life, a lover and a fighter, the king of my heart.

99. Happy birthday to the funniest, most loveable, and most adorable boyfriend anyone could ask for. Cheers to our taco date nights, Ohio adventures, & 50 weeks of my best memories. It’s been a big year for us both and I’m so happy and proud to have been by each other’s side. I love you lots!

100. My lover boy made a wish! Happy Birthday, baby! Wishes come true!

101. The beautiful birthday girl and her fantastic boyfriend of 1 year.;) Love you guys!


103. Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend and best friend. Love you lots baby!

104. I want to wish my boyfriend a very happy birthday!! Thank you for still being a gentleman after more than two and a half years of dating! I love you!!!

105. Happy Birthday to my best friend, lover, and the most handsome man in my life!!! I will forever love you unconditionally. I am so blessed to celebrate another birthday with you! Have a wonderful day Babe!

106. Happy 22nd birthday to my boyfriend and one of my best friends forever! I hope you have the best day!!

107. Happy birthday! The best boyfriend, in the world! So happy I get to spend your 23rd with you!!

Unique birthday messages for boyfriend

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

108. Happy Birthday to the Coolest, Fliest, Dope-ist, Trash-Talking Sports Lover in the World Over. I love you.

109. may your day and all of your future journeys be blessed and filled with love, laughter, peace, and joy…nobody deserves it more! Love You!

110. Happy 24th Birthday to the best boyfriend a girl could ask for…

111. Happy Birthday! Who would’ve thought id still be in touch to wish my 1st-grade boyfriend a happy 30th birthday. Good ole Facebook.

112. I want to wish my amazing boyfriend a Happy Birthday. You are everything to me. Best friend, partner, lover. It is truly amazing that I was blessed with you. Can’t wait to spend about 100 more birthdays with you…

113. Happy Birthday To My Cousin/Nephew /Boyfriend. I Love This Little Guy. He Growing Up So Fast & He So Handsome Hide Your Daughter! HBD Love U!

114. 24 isn’t so bad when you have the best boyfriend and the best friends in the whole wide world to celebrate with. Happy birthday! Much love to you all!

115. Happy Birthday..my best friend, my boyfriend, the love of my life. You make my world a much happier place. Wishing you another year of success and happiness.

116. Happy birthday to my hubby…  is the best husband, lover, friend, companion, and soulmate. I could have asked for. I am truly blessed to have him.

117. Happy birthday to my boyfriend, feels like we met yesterday and today we are already living together. Well, I hope God grants us much more. I truly love you. Thank you for dinner.

118. My boyfriend isn’t allowed to have candles on his birthday cake. Your wishes came true once you met me. Happy birthday.

119. Happy BIRTHDAY to my very handsome boyfriend! You look great for 30! HAHA!… Just kidding! I’m so lucky to have you in my life, can’t wait to celebrate your day of birthday every day!!! Love you, babe!

120. I’d like to wish my boyfriend a Happy 32nd Birthday! Oh Harry Potter, where would I be without you!?!

121. Happy birthday, you are the best boyfriend.;) I am so lucky to have you and the rest of the Douglas family in my life! Wish I could be there today celebrating with you! See you in 4 weeks!

122. Happy Birthday to my LOVER. THE WIFE OF MY YOUTH for 22 years. I feel like singin’! Ain’t no woman like the one I got! IIIII LOVE TO LOVE YA BABY! What is wrong with me? Love you.

123. Wishing my forever boyfriend, the of the love of my life a great birthday weekend! I love you lots!

124. Ooh, btw, it’s my meat-headed boyfriend’s birthday today. Won’t you wish him well in another year of life!! Love You, Babe!!

125. Happy birthday to one of my best friends! He has been a sister, a brother, a lover, a keeper of secrets, a bottom, a plaything, the little spoon, and a best friend. After all that, it’s people like him in my life that make everyday worth being a part of. Happy birthday dear!

126. Happy birthday to the best boyfriend ever.  I love you.

127. My boyfriend is amazing he supposed me for my birthday. Today his birthday. Happy birthday, babe. I love him so much.

128. I know I’m late but I’m screaming Happy 24th  Birthday to the BEST boyfriend in the world.

129. Wishing the most wonderful boyfriend, a happy birthday.

Amazing birthday messages for boyfriend

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

130. I’d like to wish Happy Birthday to one of my boyfriends.

131. Happy Birthday to the most amazing boyfriend in the world! Wish I was with you to celebrate!

132. Happy Birthday to The most Amazing boyfriend ever!!!!

133. Happy Birthday to my best FRIEND, MY LOVER, My ex, My Baby daddy, MY EVERYTHING I LOVE U.!!! & ENJOY YO SELF.

134. Happy birthday to my amazing boyfriend. 5 years have gone by so fast, and I’m so lucky to have someone like you in my life. Thank you so much for making me a better person.

135. Happy birthday to the most wonderful boyfriend!! Love you baby.

136. Happy birthday my sweet lover. 2 years old I love my sweetheart. He knows he is my other half that’s why he knows exactly what to do to get me to do what he wants a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

137. I just want to give the love of my life a big birthday wish, love you, and happy 30th  to you, Lover.

138. It’s my boyfriend’s Birthday and I can’t even talk to him this sucks!! I love him and I hope he has a great day!!

139. To my Best Friend, My lover, my significant other……HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I LOVE YOU!

140. Went shopping with the boyfriend now getting ready to go to dinner with him and his parents for his birthday dinner!!!

141. Want to give a birthday shout-out to my lovely boyfriend! You are a great guy and an awesome father! Hope you enjoy your day, love you much!!!

142. Happy Birthday again to the greatest boyfriend. I could ever ask for. I love you, honey!

143. Happy Birthday! Miss my chats with a fellow animal lover!:-)

144. Had a really nice time tonight but it’s time to call it a night!!! Have to wish my lover a Happy Birthday Day!!!! I love you!!

145. Happy birthday to a great man, amazing person, coolest friend, and best boyfriend in the world! I love you so much babe and I hope your new year is full of blessings and happiness.

146. Happy birthday! Hope your day is as wonderful as you are.

147. Happy birthday. I hope you have a great one.

148. Since this year I don’t have a boyfriend to buy me something cute (and super expensive) for my birthday. I’m just gonna be my own boyfriend & Go wild.

149. Happy birthday to my friend, lover, and companion! Hoping for another wonderful 22 more!

150. Happy 22nd birthday to my best friend, father of my children, lover, and voice of reason. Love you!

151. I would like to say Happy birthday to my partner, my lover, my friend, my WIFE. Love you to Life babe!!!

152. The first look was all it took and I fell in love forever !!! Happy 26th Birthday to my forever love! Love you, my lover.

153. This is Me and My Lil Boyfriend. Today WE share a Special Day. It’s our Birthday!!! Happy Birthday. I love you!!

154. Happy Birthday to my Best friend, My Lover, and Backbone, the Man of my life.Love U and wish you the best and congratulation on reaching another milestone of your life. Sincerely yours Cakes.

Lovely birthday messages for boyfriend

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

155. Happy birthday to my best friend.I love you, babe. can’t wait to spend the weekend with you! & happy 3 months to my other best friend, my boyfriend. I love you guys with my whole heart!

156. Happy 25th birthday to my amazing boyfriend. I love you so much, babe. Your the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you, sweetheart.

157. My boyfriend turns 22 today and wanted to go to the zoo! Bahahaha, love it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

158. Happy 24th birthday to my best friend, and amazing boyfriend!! Love you so much, babe!!! YOU’RE FINALLY TWENTY ONEEE!!

159. My Boyfriend Birthday’ So I Gotta Stay Up Until 11:59 PM. To Be The First To Wish My Everything A Happy Birthday babe.

160. Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend who also happens to be one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I Love You.

161. Happy birthday to my amazing boyfriend.

Love you hope you have an amazing day!!!!!

162. Happy Birthday to my Lil boyfriend … He’s 27 today!!! I know I like them young… Lol!!

163. Happy 34th birthday to my boyfriend and best friend. I love you so much… Now time to go pick out burial plots.

164. Happy 26th birthday to my favorite boyfriend! I’m so lucky you’re here.

165. Happy 24th birthday to my charming boyfriend! Couldn’t ask for a better best friend! I love you so much and appreciate all you do for me!

166. Happy birthday to my friend, my love, my lover, my confidant, my husband! LUV you lots BABE!!!!

167. Happy birthday to the most amazing, loving boyfriend!


169. Happy birthday to my beautiful boyfriend. Hope he had a great time out with his friends last night.

170. Happy birthday to the one person I love almost as much as I love, my boyfriend.

171. Happy 25th birthday to my best friend, my boyfriend, and the most amazing man. I have ever met. I love you more than anything.

172. The hubby will be turning 22 tomorrow happy birthday babe.

I will be sleeping at 12 pm so I wanted to say it early. A great boyfriend and an even better father.

173. I’m screaming Happy Birthday to my lover, friend, better half, baby father, my everything. Happy birthday, dear. Wishing I could spend this day with you, but the system got you. One thing for sure they can’t hold you forever. Since I can’t drink and throw a couple back for you. I love you.

174. Happy 40th Birthday to my main man, the giver of life, and a lover of fine automobiles.

175. I just Wanna scream Happy Birthday To My Boyfriend & I Hope I’m able to see much more with you as you girl.

176. Happy 25th birthday to my wonderful boyfriend! Hope he has a great birthday weekend down the shore with his friends!

177. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful and wonderful boyfriend! I love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate for many years to come.

178. Happy birthday to the most amazing boyfriend and daddy in the world! love you!

179. Happy Birthday to the great guild leader, a wonderful friend, and the best boyfriend anyone can ever have!

180. Happy birthday to the sexiest, most successful, smartest, cutest, funniest, most amazing, best boyfriend in the world!!!! Love you baby!! Happy 28th.

181. Happy Birthday to my very 1st boyfriend… I love you forever… Enjoy your special day. Enjoy your time.

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