160+ Birthday Wishes For Nephew – Happy birthday nephew funny Quotes

Birthday Wishes For Nephew

Happy birthday wishes for nephew: Birthdays are extraordinary events and remembering birthdays of the special person in our lives is respecting them. Nephews are excellent gifts from God to us and when they realize that you esteem them it brings happiness to their souls. Celebrate your nephews every year by remembering their birthdays and wishing them well. Demonstrate your love for your nephews and send them best Nephew birthday wishes, quotes and messages to celebrate their superb days; you can make their birthdays beautiful.


Best Birthday Wishes For Nephew


1. Happy Birthday, nephew. Wishing you many more. I love you.


2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEPHEW! I miss and love you! I hope you are doing good! Never give up on your faith!


3. Happy Birthday, Nephew!! Enjoy your Birthday. Love you lots.


4. Happy Birthday, Nephew!!! I am proud of the man you’re becoming! Keep up the hard work. I Love You!!!


5. Happy Birthday, Nephew, May God bless you with many more years of life.


6. Happy Birthday, nephew. Have a great one lots of love from uncle cliff and auntie.


7. Happy Birthday, Nephew! Have a wonderful Day & I LOVE YOU


8. Happy birthday, nephew. This year is yours! Go out there and make it happen. Love you man!


9. Happy birthday, Nephew. Hope you have a great day. Love you always and forever.


10. Happy Birthday, nephew! Wishing you a fun-filled day and many more birthday celebrations!


11. Happy Birthday, Nephew!!! May each day bring you happiness and wonderful moments that you will always cherish!


12. Sorry late, happy birthday nephew. I love you. I know your mom is very proud.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


13. Happy birthday, Nephew! Hope you are Enjoying your day!


14. Happy Birthday Nephew And May God Bless U With Many More To Come.


15. Happy birthday, Nephew! May God grant you all your birthday wishes. Enjoy your special day.


16. Happy birthday, nephew! Have a good one.


17. Happy birthday, nephew. Love you, your getting grown on me but UNK still puts dem hands on ya hehe. Keep up da good work an making your mom proud nigga u at least 30.


Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl


18. Happy Birthday, Nephew. May you have a beautiful day. May G-D bless you with much more to come. Love you lots.




20. Happy Birthday, nephew. Hope you have a great day! I love you buddy


21. Happy birthday, nephew! I hope you have a good day love you.


22. Happy birthday, nephew! I love you, angel! Celebrate big up there! Keep watching over mommy daddy and sissy!


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Nephew

Check below happy birthday wishes for nephew. make your nephew birthday more memorable, funny, enjoyable by sending wonderful birthday messages.


23. Happy Birthday, Nephew. we love you. It’s too bad you look more and more like your daddy but a little cutter.


24. Happy birthday, nephew! I hope you are blessed beyond measure. Enjoy your special day.


25. Happy Birthday Nephew (name here). May God bless you with many more Auntie love you and very proud of you Enjoy your day.


26. Happy birthday, nephew. Auntie love you have a blessed day.


Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy


27. Happy birthday, nephew. I love you hope your day goes well have a blessed day.


28. Happy birthday, nephew. May our Lord bless you with more to come your way.


29. Happy birthday, nephew. Hope the new year brings all you are searching.


30. Happy Birthday, nephew. I hope you had a fabulous day love you.

Birthday Wishes For Nephew


31. Happy birthday, Nephew. Hope you enjoy your day, I know you going to turn up.


32. Happy birthday, nephew!!! Thought I had more photos!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! I love you!!


33. Happy Birthday, Nephew!! May you be Blessed with many more. Love you,


34. It’s my main man birthday…happy birthday nephew. can’t wait to see you later


35. I and my son bout go hang out with my nephew champ for his birthday. Happy Birthday, nephew we coming to fuck Gainesville up.


Birthday Wishes For Kid


36. Happy Birthday to my handsome nephew (name here). Thank you to another handsome Resturant owner for the best dinner and great time!


37. A day late but here’s our birthday video for my darling nephew! Happy third birthday you Cookie Monster!


38. My grandmother’s sons, grandsons, great-grandson, daughter-in-law’s nieces, nephews came over to wish her a Happy Birthday dear.


39. Happy birthday to my nephew …He’s such an amazing young boy..so smart and tech savvy..love and miss you so much….pls say happy birthday to him from us.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


40. Happy birthday, nephew. Hope you enjoy your day. Love you.


41. Happy Birthday to this kid, (name here)… my nephew. He is such a special person in my life (and so many others) – so wise beyond his years (I go to him for advice and guidance!). All the best and all my love to a wonderful husband, father, brother, son, minister, dedicated community worker, and my NEPHEW.


42. Reunion with my nephews & celebrating a birthday today. Welcome back & Happy birthday.


43. My nephew (name here) is camera shy but he said wishes me Happy Birthday after I told him I’m not recording lol.


44. Happy Birthday to my dear nephew who turns 8 today!!! Only God knows how much he and I love fireworks… Oh, how I miss you so… Here are some that went off just for you tonight.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


45. Stephen Curry has a fan for life with me. Happy 9th birthday to my nephew.


46. When I say I love my baby to no end!!!! My little man is growing up so fast!!! Happy Birthday, Nephew.


47. I’d like to give a special shout-out to my favorite nephew. He turned 18 today I’m old and blessed to see him turn 18 HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEPHEW. HELP ME WISH HIM A GOOD BIRTHDAY PLEASE AND THANKS.


48. Happy birthday, nephew. We love and miss you dearly. The greatest family in the world.


49. Happy Birthday, Nephew. Wishing you an awesome day. Sending love & hugs from FTW.


50. I would like to send a very special birthday shout-out to my Nephew. Happy Birthday, Nephew.


Happy birthday to my nephew from Aunt

Here you can find top birthday wishes for nephew. Wishes your nephew with top birthday wishes.


51. Happy birthday, nephew. Just wish you were here baby boy #LONGLIVERYDER.


52. Shouting all the to Pontiac Happy Birthday Nephew. Enjoy your special day.  Love you.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


53. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, nephew! Enjoy your special day and may God bless you with many more! We love you!


54. Happy birthday, nephew. I love you so much. I’ll be posting photos when I get home.


55. Your officially 2 years old. Happy birthday, nephew. Love you. Keep up the good work.


56. Happy birthday, nephew!! Enjoy your day to the fullest!


Birthday Wishes For Grandson


57. Had a ball with the family today Happy Birthday nephew!!


58. Nephew birthday party in Village with daughter..this is how we party off the Rez..happy birthday precious nephew.


59. Happy birthday! Fun times at the W with my Williams nieces and nephew.


60. Happy 24th Birthday to my nephew! Cheers to you buying me drinks for a change!  #nephew


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


61. Sending a shout out from AME to ATL to wish my nephew a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday (name here)!! Enjoy your day. love you.


62. Happy birthday to the ultimate nephew. Have fun being old ya bish.


63. Happy 6th birthday to my nephew!!! Tia loves and misses you hope you have a great day!


64. Happy 12th birthday to my super awesomely creative nephew!


65. Happy birthday to my nephew! My sweet 29 years old… I love you.


66. Happy Birthday, Nephew!! Wishing You all the Joy in the World!!


67. HAPPY Birthday my HANDSOME NEPHEW Billy. LOVE YOU lots.


68. Happy Birthday to my nephew… love you nephew… Whatever you want I got you… love you to the moon and back and many more.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


69. Happy Birthday, Nephew!! I Love You… Have A Great Day, You’re Getting So Old On Me!  We, Gotta, Do Something For Your Birthday This Week.


70. Big shot out!! A Happy Birthday to my oldest nephew. I hope you have a wonderful day and all of your wishes come true! I’m so proud of you, you have become an amazing man and wonderful father. I hope you know how much you mean to me. I love you!! You know what that means right!? That you’re getting OLD!!


71. Happy birthday. You’re getting so damn old and I’m patiently waiting for a niece or a nephew. I hope you have an awesome day and I can’t wait to party it out on Saturday. Love and miss you so much ugly.


72. A Happy Birthday Gift I painted my favorite 6-year-old boy!!! I love you, my handsome nephew!!


73. Happy birthday to the most amazing little human being…11 years old today my handsome nephew. For always being there for you… and share with you through my example of how to be a young man. I love you so much And I’ll never forget every single moment with you!!!!! Our life will continue to get better and be better!!!!!!! Because we will never stop growing, remember that no matter what you can change the world. we love you. We love you more than you will ever know!!!!!


74. Happy birthday to the coolest kid ever man my nephew. He’s the sweetest kid ever except for when he be roasting me or being mean the summer w he was fun even though he just played GTA 6 all day and night. Enjoy your days.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Uncle


75. Shouting all the way to Utah Happy Birthday to my nephew. Enjoy your day honey I love you much.


76. Happy 15th birthday to my nephew. We love you!


73. Happy birthday to my wonderful nephew! I hope you have a blessed day and I love you to the moon and back!


78. Happy 4th Birthday to my youngest nephew!! Hope you enjoy some yummy cake and ice cream!! Love you, little man!!


79. Had to mess with the nephew. The first birthday card had stickers as a present. Happy birthday. Much love.


Birthday Wishes For Granddaughter


80. Happiest of birthdays to my nephew. I am proud and love the young man who you are becoming. Miss you tons!


81. My nephew (name here) called me to wish me a happy birthday. This really made my day. Caught me by surprise.


82. Happy Birthday to my brother and my nephew, I hope you both have a wonderful day and many more blessings. All my love.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


83. Shout out to my nephew happy birthday i. Hope you have a great day. I miss you and hope to see you soon!


84. Id likes to Wish my Nephew a very Happy Birthday I love you to life and beyond.


85. A very happy and amazing 5th birthday wishes to my favorite little person ever, my nephew!


86. Happy Birthday to the best aunt in the world! She is the nicest caring person w the downright best soul there is on this earth! I hope you get everything you want in life. Love you lots. Your cool nephew Boom!!


87. Happy birthday to my favorite sister and nephew today! I can’t be around, but showing this video to multiple strangers during the Broncos game today will have to do!


Birthday Wishes For Aunt


88. FAMILIA! Happy Birthday. My little big nephew! God bless you always!


89. Happy Birthday to our little monkey. We love you so much for all the happiness you bring into our lives my nephew my godson.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


90. Happy 12th birthday to my handsome nephew!! God only knows how much we miss you lots & wished we could celebrate another year of life with you! Love you to the moon & back.


91. Happy Birthday to my handsome nephew. God bless you with many more… loves you …


92. With great friends having a small turn up for the nephews birthday. Happy birthday (name here).


93. Another nephew another birthday and the same loving wish… Happy Birthday my you are the smartest, kindest best dancer ever!! I love you with all my heart. I hope you have a wonderful day.


94. Happy Birthday to my Handsome nephew, we love you MI Niño and wish you an awesome Birthday. .. hope your day is awesome! !!!


95. Today is one of the most wonderful days on my calendar. If it wasn’t for this day, I and my brothers would never have been. Which also means that my girls and my nieces and nephews wouldn’t be here either. True love in good times and bad.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


Happy birthday nephew funny


96. Happy birthday to little nephew. I love you so much .. your an amazing little boy !! I am so glad to be your aunt!! Have a great day little guy!!


97. I want to wish my big brother a big happy birthday! May God bless you, brother! Thank you for being a great role model for my little brother, nephew, and me! We may be miles away but I know I can go to you for anything! I miss you and love you so much! My black moon.


98. 22 years ago today I was blessed with the most amazing gift the Lord could give me. My son and first love came into my life. He is a wonderful father, son, nephew, & grandson. We love you so much (name here). Hope you have the most amazing birthday.


Best Birthday Wishes for Uncle


99. Happy Birthday.

To my awesome and amazing nephew (name here)

Love you so much! Have a great day. May God continue to bless you and make all your dreams come true!!


100. Wishing my nephew a Happy Birthday! May God bless u & protect you always. May u have a terrific day. Love u pops! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


101. Happy birthday to my nephew!!! Young king in the making !!!


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


102. Happy Birthday to my nephew. Wow, you are really getting old. Lol, you are older than me now. I hope you have a wonderful day. God Bless you with many more. Love you lots.


103. I wanna wish my big brother a huge happy birthday. I love you and my nephew so much.


104. My handsome nephew is 18 today! Happy birthday! We love you!


105. Celebrated my nephews 22nd birthday…Happy Birthday.


106. I’d like to wish this man a very happy birthday! loves you so much, Daddy!!!


107. Happy birthday.

I’m so blessed to have an amazing nephew, today he turns 3 which makes me so sad because in this picture he was only a couple months, he’s a beautiful boy may the Lord bless you with many more healthy years, love you, baby.


Happy Birthday Wishes For Business Partner


108. Before the night end, I wanna wish my nephew a big 12th happy birthday!! May God bless you with many more years.


109. HBD to my eldest nephew. Thank you for letting and I sing “Happy Birthday” to celebrate a your17th birthday with you. OMG, you’re such a Big Boy already. Love you, from your Auntie, Cousins: family.


110. Wishing my nephew the best birthday ever!!!!! God bless you always.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


111. Happy birthday, my handsome nephew, I hope you enjoyed your special day. May God bless you always.


112. Called my nephew to wish him a happy birthday. Me: what do you want for your birthday? Him: hmmm I want your mustang Me: OMG you wish!! Him: yeah that’s what I’d wished for.


113. I want to wish a happy birthday to my two handsome nephews.


114. Today would’ve been his 16th birthday! Although he isn’t with us anymore don’t mean we’re going stop the celebrations … happy birthday, nephew … continue to watch over your mommy and siblings we miss you. I love you continue to stay strong.


115. Happy birthday, nephew love you .. Many more to come.  Enjoy your special day!!


116. Happy birthday shouts out to my nephew happy birthday nephew. enjoy your blessings may God bless you with much more love you.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


117. Mason’s first birthday celebration. Cry his eyes out for the joy, Happy birthday Nephew! just so you know the older you get the wiser I also get. So don’t age too fast!


118. Today you would’ve celebrated your 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday, nephew You’re certainly loved & definitely missed by so many. Rest peacefully!!


119. Had to stop and chill with my Favorite nephew for his big 16th birthday Happy birthday nephew.


120. Happy Birthday, Nephew! Every time I look at a photo with you in Army gear I Thank God you took that leap of faith and joined. You are a great young Man and this Uncle is very Proud of your accomplishments. Love You and have a great day!


121. A Chicago inspired birthday dinner, Levi’s treat love this place! Happy Birthday, Nephew.



Happy birthday wishes for nephew in English


122. We celebrated (name here) first birthday last night. Mayhem ensued, as is the norm in Barker family gatherings lately. Happy Birthday, nephew!


123. HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY to my nephew he’s my everything! I love him more than anyone & everything


124. It’s Hard to believe that my Nephew is already a year old, how time flies, HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO THE BESTEST NEPHEW. Auntie Love you so much, Little man.


125. Happy belated birthday my sweet nephew. I love and miss your face.


126. Happy birthday to my lovely nephew. Have a good day. Enjoy your time.


127. Happy birthday to this little monster nephew. Sure he’s cute but doesn’t mess around or he’ll tell you how it is.


128. Happy birthday to my handsome nephew, and to my handsome godson Tim-Tim. Have a good day guys. I love you.




130. Happy Birthday, Nephew Have A Great Day. You Deserve A Break Today!!!


131. Happy birthday dear nephew, hope your day is awesome!!! Love you!!!


132. Happy Birthday, Nephew!! I know an early. I love you bunches! This Lil doggy is doing a dance to help you celebrate.


133. Happy Birthday, Nephew.  We love you and keep up the good work.


134. All this planning for the baby shower and nephew wouldn’t let sis be great so they could attend. So he made his debut appearance on my sister’s birthday day. Happy Birthday Sis and Happy Birthday Nephew.


135. Happy 11th Birthday!!! I love you and I’m glad you the greatest Nephew.


136. Happy 14th birthday to one of my favorite people- my nephew!


137. Happy 13th Birthday to my nephew Brody!!!  We had delicious.


138. My Baby Nate is the Big 8 Man today Happy Birthday buddy U always lift uncle up when I need it without knowing and thank-you Nephew. We went get chocolate milk Wasted today when u get out of school but Uncle Loves you.


139. Please help me with my oldest nephew, Isaiah, a Happy 15th Birthday!!


Cute Birthday Quotes for Nephew


140. Guess who’s the “BIG 14” today? Yep, you guessed it, my sweet, smart, handsome, determined, strong-willed, loving, chocolate baby nephew. Y’all help me wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY with LOTS of sugar on top!!!


141. Happy birthday to my incredibly handsome nephew!! Love you!!!!!!! Now DAB!!!


142. Happy birthday to my badass nephew. Like the saddest kid, I know but sweet at times. I love you!! See you later big baby.


143. Shouting all the way to Indiana “Happy Birthday” to my nephew…Don’t get it twisted. He got a quiet disposition until you come INCORRECT. We love you… ENJOY YA DAY!!


144. Happy birthday to my nephew him growing up so fast, times like this I be wishing my sister was here to watch you grow. I promise you mama is watching over you she’s so proud of you deuce. I love you my light bright. I’m going to make sure u have a blast at your party.


145. Happy Birthday today to my baby girl and our nephew! Time passes so swiftly but precious memories last forever. Birthday cake will be waiting! We love you!!


146. Happy birthday to the coolest and sweetest and best nephew in the WORLD!!! Love you Booger!!!!


147. Happy 15th birthday to my little nephew! I love you, buddy! Mucho much.


148. Thankful for my grandson, Tristan Kenneth who is 10 months old! What an awesome 10 months it’s been! Praising Jesus for the love he has brought into our lives?


149. Happy Birthday to my nephew. He is 14 years old now today is his day can Y’all help me show him some love on his big day auntie love you nephew it’s time to have fun on your big day enjoy yourself.


150. It’s not every day you get a chance to hang out with the oldest nephew, today is his birthday! Shopping and then Ted’s, I love being an uncle! Happy 18th Birthday!


151. Happy Birthday to my sweet Nephew! You bring light to so many people you have no idea! Let’s get ready to party up tomorrow!


152. The day is finally here to celebrate our prince, Happy birthday to your nephew. Wishing you nothing but all Gods wonderful blessings, long life, and prosperity.


153. While getting my nephew some presents for his birthday I found out they make light up balloons. so I had to get one. He passed out holding it on his way home. I got a say the look on his face seeing the presents everybody got him is the greatest.


154. Happy Birthday to my great nephew, Tyler 18 years old!


155. Happy 6th birthday to my nephew!. loves you very much.


156. Wishing My Great Nephew (name here) A Happy 8th Birthday Enjoy!!!


157. Happy 19th Birthday to my nephew! This little boy cracks me up you never know what’s coming out of his mouth. I hope you enjoy your day nephew love you.


158. Happy, Happy Birthday to the lovely nephew in the world!! I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness. Keep on making good choices and letting God guide your life and I know you will do great things. Auntie loves you to infinity and beyond. Hugs and kisses!!!


159. Happy birthday to my nephew, he is so smart and so full of life I swear. he brightens my day every time. I see him and me and will be to take you where ever you want when you get a school, big boy !! I love you so much.


160. Happy birthday to my nephew. We miss and love you a lot may you fly in paradise with your sister.


161. Happy birthday (name here). Hope you enjoy your day at school today love from your niece and nephew.


162. The big homie is 17 today! Oldest of my 3 nephews. Happy birthday, Hollywood! I hope your teeth and face get covered with chocolate cake again.


163. Man today is your day! You guys help me with my first nephew a blessed 24th birthday! God bless you! I love you!


164. I want to take the time to wish my handsome nephew a happy 22nd birthday baby. Hope you have a good one. Love you.


165. Happy birthday to my nephew. I can’t find the perfect photo right now but you know your my #1 I love you so much!!


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