60+ Best Happy 21st Birthday Wishes – Birthday Quotes, Messages, SMS

In this post, we shared the best 21st birthday wishes. Birthday is a special day for everyone. Make more special with special happy birthday quotes, messages, SMS. 21st birthdays are not similar contrasting with different birthdays. In America being 21 implies you have more legitimate rights. You would now be able to lawfully drink, yet you can likewise apply for a normal driving permit. In a few states like Mississippi, you can apply for a marriage permit without parental consent. Here you can discover lots of amazing ideas for 21st Birthday wishes, quotes, messages to send to your loved people.

Best 21st Birthday Wishes

Congrats! It’s currently lawful for you to vote, kick the bucket in war, and be smashed all in the meantime. That is the thing that I call obligation.

Your 21st birthday will be the best one you have ever had. We will make this a night you always remember truly! Happy birthday my friend!

It takes precisely 21 years to idealize a 21-year-old like you.

Turning 21 is a major ordeal. You have survived sufficiently long to demonstrate to the world you are a capable, adoring, and lawful grown-up. Happy birthday, and here is to the following 21 years!

Because it’s legitimate doesn’t mean it’s a smart thought.

21st Birthday Wishes

There is no one I adore more than you. I am so energized we can praise your 21st birthday in style. Cheers to an astounding night with the adoration for my life.

It is safe to say that you are truly 21 as of now? You don’t appear as though one to me! What a bother to be ceased at bars since you don’t look like it! Remain always youthful! Happy birthday!

I can’t trust you are currently legitimate! I am so happy I have somebody who can supply me with liquor! Simply joking, however happy birthday!

Twenty-one is the enchanted age when obligation begins to taste superior to liquor. Make the most of your new taste for duty.

Happy 21st! You are presently legitimate to drink us under the table on the off chance that you need! In any case, we suggest taking it to ease back on the off chance that you need to evade a birthday aftereffect in the morning!

21st Birthday Wishes

Have you caught wind of the most recent chatter? There is a marvelous gathering occurring around the local area and it is the craziest one ever. It is your 21st birthday that is the reason! Have an awesome time today! Happy birthday!

Appreciate this champagne since you are currently ready to drink lawfully! Happy 21st birthday!

We are going to wild and free today since you simply turned 21! I seek you are prepared after the best birthday of your life.

I know you are amped up for at long last having the capacity to purchase a hand firearm, yet did you realize that you can likewise lawfully purchase mixed drinks at age 21? The vast majority just consider the hand firearm thing.

Funny Birthday Messages

21st Birthday Wishes

We are on the fast track to the best 21st festival ever. I know you will have a remarkable time today around evening time, happy birthday!

Watching you grow up has been a standout amongst the most satisfying endowments throughout my life. Since you are 21, I can legitimately request that you purchase our brew. Have a ton of fun, my child! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday In Advance wishes

Here is my recommendation to you: the most recent 21 years passed by so quickly. I trust the following 21 are similarly as unimaginable as the primary, simply set aside your opportunity to appreciate everything. Happy birthday dear!

It appears like just a year prior you were turning 20. What’s up with that?

21st Birthday Wishes

I can’t trust you are at long last 21 years of age! You have developed into such an excellent/nice-looking young fellow/lady. I trust that you have the best birthday ever. Cherish, me.

The commencement to your thirties has begun. Nine years to go!

Top Motivational Birthday Quotes

Top 21st Birthday Wishes

Would you be able to trust you are turning 21 today? I recollect when you were only a young lady sitting on my knee. I trust you have a great day today my (connection).

There is nothing preferable for a youthful grown-up overturning 21. You can at last request that margarita without hauling out your fake I.D. Happy first day of lawful drinking!

21st Birthday Wishes

There’s a reason that nobody can turn into a U.S. president until the age of 35. This is a result of the years 21-34. That way you have 14 years to calm down and move toward becoming President.

I know you have been longing for this minute for so long. You are at last ready to get the enormous mixed drink you have constantly needed! Happy 21st!

We need to do a few shots with the birthday young lady/kid! You just turn 21 once, and we need to praise it right. Happy birthday, dear!

21st Birthday Wishes

Keep in mind, in the event that you can’t tally in reverse from 21 by sevens, you are most likely having too great of a period at your 21st birthday party. Happy 21st birthday!

Today is your enormous day! You are turning 21, and I trust you host the most stunning get-together ever with every one of your loved ones around to celebrate.

It’s barrels of amusing to turn twenty-one.

There is nothing more energizing than the surge of requesting your first lawful drink. It will be the first of numerous, however, today is the night to celebrate the good life. Happy 21st birthday!

21st Birthday Wishes

I can’t think about a solitary reason somebody would be eager to turn 21. Will you? Attempt to have a happy birthday at any rate.

I trust you have a mind-blowing day with your companions. Be that as it may, this evening we are taking you out no-nonsense. You just turn legitimate once, and we need to demonstrate to you how it is done appropriately. Happy birthday!

A standout amongst the most vital reasons 21 is such an extraordinary birthday is on the grounds that you are presently lawful. Be that as it may, there is a whole other world to 21 than simply celebrating. This is an opportunity to appreciate your life since youth is momentary. Happy birthday my child/little girl.

21st Birthday Wishes

Everybody concentrates on instructing you to drink dependably when you turn 21, however, I need to caution you of another risk. Eat dependably, on the grounds that your digestion will be backing off as you get more established.

30th Birthday Wishes

I know you are not a youngster any longer, but rather I really want to consider you on your first birthday. Presently, after 20 years you are still similarly as dear to me. Happy birthday cherish.

Extricate up! Who says you have to consider life important when you are 21? The fun has quite recently started! Happy birthday!

21st Birthday Wishes

Would you be able to envision an ideal motivation to celebrate? You are turning 21! This happens rarely, and we will make it a night you always remember.

On the off chance that you ask Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap for what valid reason 21 is such a great amount of superior to 20, he would basically clarify, “It’s one more seasoned… would it say it isn’t?”

This is your opportunity to have the absolute best night of your life up until now. Turning 21 is a major ordeal, yet it may be the start of extraordinary things to come. I trust you have an astounding birthday today.

Being 21 is great, so that notwithstanding when I sprinkle you with mud and water, you’ll not holler like a kid. Have a great time.

21st Birthday Wishes

The street in front of you is loaded with awesome encounters and life-forming recollections. Make the most out of them! Make the most of your 21st part without bounds! Happy Birthday!

Lovely 21st Birthday Wishes

I unquestionably realize that you need to live a long life, however, maturing is the main alternative. Happy 21st birthday sibling.

You ought to be glad for yourself! Not every person gets the chance to command their twenty-one birthday. Appreciate the magnificent endowment of life! Happy birthday!

Age increment does not really mean one is developing old. It’s another importance of maturing and in this manner showing signs of improvement. Well done for making it 21.

Birthday Wishes For Grandpa

As a 21-year-old, you should know whether 21 is a premier number or not. In the case that you don’t have any acquaintance with, you may need to ask someone more youngling, on the grounds that whatever is left of the grown-ups can’t remember school.

On your 21st birthday, I wish you favors for you have been an integral part of each insurgency we make. Have everything buddy.

Regardless of how old you get, recall this one recommendation: Have fun! There is no age in encountering the delights of life! Take advantage of it while you are youthful! Happy 21st birthday!

21st Birthday Wishes

Every commemoration of your birthday is additionally my commemoration of our companionship. It hit 21 now. Long experience your birthday.

Screw Driver, Black Russian, Bloody Mary, or Mojito? Pick any! It is your first day of legitimate drinking! Have a magnificent 21st birthday!

You have been uncommon where to get, however, am pleased that I have you. May every one of your desires work out as expected as you stamp your 21st birthday.

You would now be able to strongly put the container of your liquor on the table. No compelling reason to conceal like some time recently!

21st Birthday Wishes

You generally fill my days with giggling and joy, and as you turn 21, change the age number, yet hold the good times.

I supplicate that your 21st birthday makes you encounter care and worry from the world. You are such essential and magnificent. Happy birthday.

Wishing you only the absolute best for your 21st birthday! May you be showered with lovely open doors, energizing undertakings, and great endowments en route.

Your birthday is an indication of well-being and accomplishment in life. I trust it turns out to be better and more pleasant as you develop old. Wanting you to enjoy all that life has to offer as you hit 21.

21st Birthday Wishes

For each individual wanting to be 21 or more seasoned, there are no less than 5 individuals wanting to be more youthful. Congrats on getting more established.

Your birthday resembles a race against the chances and commenting every year implies you have vanquished the race. Am glad that you have won 21 races. Keep up a companion.

Look how far you’ve come! It feels like yesterday when you were wishing you could be free of school. I’m almost certain you made the vast majority of your school days. Welcome to this present reality! Happy 21st birthday!

Companions esteem and cherish you, however, you may not know the esteem I have put into your life. Every birthday I celebrate for you advises me that your value is not maturing but rather increasing in value. Happy 21st birthday child.

21st Birthday Wishes

Congrats! You’ve come to yet another high point in your life. Farewell, school! Hi, corporate world! Appreciate this new ride! Happy 21st birthday!

I thought I should purchase 21 candies this time and fill them in your mouth. On the off chance that you won’t suit every one of them, I won’t purchase displays any longer. I will simply sing the tedious happy birthday tune regardless of the possibility that you are 21. What about that kindred joke?

At 21, it’s a marker that you are moving nearer to more obligations. May your age increment with knowledge so life winds up noticeably less demanding in hitting the following birthday.

An exceptional day like this can’t go uncelebrated. Call your companions, go to the shoreline, move around the blaze and go insane! Happy 21st birthday!

You are an astonishing blessing to me and am happy with the minutes we share together. As you turn 21, I wish you heaps of fun and energy, and may you live to blow candles that will debilitate your breath.

Regardless of how old you develop, I won’t quit taking care of you. All things considered, you have a notoriety for being somewhat careless. Happy twenty-1 birthday my little brother/sister! Have a ton of fun!

On the off chance that should you fall 20 times, at that point stand up 21 times more! There is no reason for surrendering regardless of where life takes you. Happy twenty-one birthday!

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