How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android

Here we have shared how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. As the HTC One M8 and the Galaxy S5 hit the market, some of you may see a decent chance to switch from iOS to Android. Curiously, when we converse with prospect switchers, the inquiry that we get the most is how to go from iPhone to Android without losing the iPhone’s contacts? Luckily, we have some good ways for this solution.

Notwithstanding the way that these two mobile operating systems are two distinct universes, there are various approaches to transfer your information starting with one gadget then onto the next. What’s more, believe me, it is simple. In many strategies, you will meet VFC. VFC or vCards is a record arrange standard for electronic business cards. vCards are frequently connected to messages and texting applications. They can contain practically anything, including names, locations, and phone numbers.

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android?

Technique 1 – Manually (for little lists)

In the event that you need to move particular contacts no one but, you can utilize the Share Contact option. Open up the contacts up and select the reach you wish to save. Swipe down and select the tab, which enables you to either share it by means of email or text.

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android

If the number of contacts in touch with you needs to surpass ten, at that point this clearly is not your place to go. Yet, in the event that it is beneath that number, there is no requirement for utilizing the techniques underneath.

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Technique  2 – iCloud

The second approach to fulfill transferring your contacts from your iPhone to your Android gadget is by just utilizing Apple’s cloud system.

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android
How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android
How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android
  1. Make a beeline for by means of your PC.
  1. Select the contacts that you need to send export

*either one by one

*or tap on the apparatus and utilize Select All

  1. Tap on the gear icon again and select Export vCard. Your PC will download a VCF file containing the chose contacts. The name of the file will be unequivocal with respect to what number of contacts were sent out
  1. Plug your Android phone to the PC, copy the VCF file to the nearby stockpiling and import the contacts from the Contacts or People application.

The two Contacts and People applications include an option that enables you to include contacts from different sources. Since you spared it to your SD card, you will choose the Import from the capacity source.

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Technique 3 – By an App

Quoting the iPhone 3G business in 2009; “there is an application for that”. We discovered two applications that may be helpful for this strategy. Also, no, your PC should not be counseled. For example, we will utilize the My Contacts Backup application, yet there are different options out there.

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android
  1. Download and launch the application on your iPhone.
  1. At the point when the application (“MCBackup”) makes a request to get to your contacts, tap OK
  1. Tap Backup
  1. Tap email, append the VCF file to an email, and send it to your Gmail account.
  1. Open up the email from your Android device, download the VCF document, and import your contacts to the phone.

As shown by the picture underneath, the VCF document enables you to either choose particular contacts to import to your list or include the whole address book with the Add All X Contacts tab.

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Technique 4 – Import into Gmail

In the event that your reality spins around Google’s environment, there really is an approach to transfer your contacts by means of Gmail. It’s really basic. Following technique #2:

  1. Make a beeline for by your PC.
  1. Select the contacts you need to save.
  1. If you need to save the whole list, tap the little apparatus button at the lower left and Select All.
  1. Tap the gear symbol and select Export vCard (see technique #2).
  1. Your PC will download a VCF document containing the traded contracts.

At that point

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  1. Click on the Gmail logo, situated at the upper left corner of your dashboard.
  1. Select contacts
  1. Tap on the “More” drop-down menu in Contacts, and select Import.
  1. Click on Import once more. The contacts will be automatically synchronized to your Android device(s), connected with this account.
How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android
How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android
How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android

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Technique 5 – Export contacts to Gmail with iTunes

In the event that your iPhone is running iOS 4.x and lower, at that point the rest strategies are for all intents and purposes excess since applications are not perfect with that adaptation of iOS and iCloud did not exist in those days. I know, iTunes can cause dissatisfaction some of the time, however, it’s the main way out in a few events. It is as simple as alternate techniques, and it certainly takes care of business.

  1. Download and launch iTunes.
  1. Connect your iPhone to the PC.
  1. Open the handset’s gadget summary page.
  1. Click on the Info tab.
  1. Check “Sync Contacts With” and after that select “Google Contacts”.
  1. Type your Google account’s username – password.
  1. Click on Apply.
  1. Ensure your Android device is associated with the specific Gmail account.
  1. Allow Google to match up your contacts to your Android device.


We trust this instructional post helped you set up your new Android device or if nothing else demonstrated to you that however huge, your contact list ought not to keep you from getting the telephone you need. When I did this in 2010 surprisingly I needed to experience such a trial. As years pass by, new applications and services surface that make our life less demanding. If you have any inquiries, require any assistance, or need to add a comment article, call out in the remarks underneath and I’ll hit you up at the earliest opportunity.