How to Find WiFi Password in Windows Step By Step Method

In this post, we have shared how to find WiFi Password. Protecting your WiFi is critical, other people can utilize your bandwidth or even download unlawful content (in a few countries, you might be considered dependable)! This is the reason including a strong password your WiFi arrange is of most extreme importance.

Be that as it may, adding a strong password to your WiFi likewise implies you need to remember it and guard it someplace. In this way, there is additionally a likelihood you may lose the password or overlook it (since it was unpredictable… ). If this transpired, there are a wide range of approaches to recover your WiFi password.

How To Find WiFi Password?

In this instructional article, we will demonstrate to you best practices to find your WiFi password with various techniques, so you can utilize any technique you are mostly OK with.

Technique 1: Find the Password in Windows

The password is saved in your PC, to get to it, tap on the network symbol situated in the System tray at the base right corner of the screen. From that point, tap on “Open Network and Sharing Center”.

How to Find WiFi Password

From the window that opens up, tap on “Change adapter settings” located in the left menu.

How to Find WiFi Password

Then, right-click on the Wireless Adaptor of which you might want to recover the password, and from the setting menu recover on “Status”.

How to Find WiFi Password

Another window will open up, In there, tap on “Wireless Properties”. Under “Security”, you will see the sort of password encryption and furthermore your WiFi password (covered up). Simply tap on “Show characters” and your password key will be shown. Copy and save it someplace safe, or simply record it.

How to Find WiFi Password

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Technique 2: Check Your Modem

In the event that you didn’t change the default password which accompanied your modem, at that point there is a shot it will be imprinted on your modem. You should check the base or the back of your modem and check whether the password is printed there or not.

Technique 3: Use a Dedicated Tool

You can likewise utilize a third-party password recovery tool to recover the password from the Windows registry. WirelessKeyView created by Nirsoft will work consummately in this circumstance. Nirsoft is in charge of many free utility tools, including tools to recover passwords and keys, for example, Windows Product key.

Simply download the tool (the device is situated toward the finish of the connection), It is a true little record of only 65kb and it will be in Zip format. You should extricate the file utilizing a legitimate tool and launch the WirelessKeyView program (there is no requirement for the installation). In the event that you don’t have the tool as of now installed, at that point you should download it utilizing another connection or utilizing an Ethernet cable to connect.

When the program begins, you will automatically observe all the WiFi passwords that are saved in your Windows Registry (passwords of all connections you have connected with).

How to Find WiFi Password

Simply search for the name of the system of which you might want to recover the password and its password will be situated under the heading “Key (Ascii)”.

How to Find WiFi Password

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Technique 4: From the Router’s Settings

To get to Router’s settings you will initially need to connect with the system of which you might want to recover the password. Since you can’t get to the system as you don’t have a clue about the password, you should connect the switch to your PC physically utilizing an Ethernet link (it accompanies the router).

If you have lost the Ethernet Cable, at that point it is smarter to avoid this progression and advance. Associate the Ethernet Cable with your PC and Router and let it connect (it will connect to the internet automatically).

Presently, open your browser and sort in the Ip address of your switch in the Search field. The most well-known IP address are and, simply try these two on the off chance that you don’t have a clue about the IP address of your router and hit enter.

How to Find WiFi Password

You can likewise search for the model of the switch on the web and check whether you could get the IP address (if the over two don’t work for you).

When you hit enter, you will be provoked to give a username and password. The username will be “admin” and the password will be either “admin” or “password”. If both these password doesn’t work at that point leave the “Password” field clear and click login.

How to Find WiFi Password

Note: The interface is distinctive for each router, so there is no straight response to finding the password. In any case, the required territories where you have to look are very comparative, with some burrowing you can undoubtedly achieve it.

In the interface, search for the option “Wireless settings” or “WiFi settings”. If you can’t see them, at that point take a stab at tapping on “Settings” or “Options” to check whether they are in there.

How to Find WiFi Password

Once located, tap on the option and you will see your password key alongside what kind of encryption you are utilizing. You may need to tap on “show wireless key” or “Show WiFi password” to see the hidden password.

How to Find WiFi Password
How to Find WiFi Password

Technique 5: Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

You can likewise contact your Internet Service Provider’s client support and inquire as to whether they could enable you to recoup the password. They may ask you for diverse approval subtle elements previously giving you the password. So ensure it is your connection and you claim it to have the capacity to get help from the client support.

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Technique 6: Reset the Router

As a last resort, at that point, you additionally have the option to totally reset the switch and change its settings back to default (counting the password).

Note: This will reset all your customized settings and you should configure your switch once more. This ought to be your final resort, so ensure you have taken a stab at everything else before trying this option.

To reset the router, you should press the reset catch located on your router. The button is located inside a minor opening, hard to discover effortlessly yet it ought to be located at the back of the router near to the ports.

To press the button you should utilize a paperclip or something like have the capacity to achieve the catch. Simply press the button and hold it until the point that you see every one of the lights streaks on your switch. This will guarantee your Router has been reset and you can configure it once more.

To reconfigure your router, you can log in utilizing the default login information located at the back of the router. You can likewise check the model of your router online to get the required data. Once inside, make a strong password and record it some place or save it online.