50+ Hilarious Birthday Wishes, Quotes for Loved One

hilarious birthday wishes

Wish your friends or loved one’s birthday by hilarious birthday wishes, quotes. If your friends or loved one’s birthday today don’t miss to wish him/her. Because of your friend and loved one is a part of your life. Make your friends or loved one ’s birthday more lovely, enjoyable, and memorable. Check below best hilarious birthday wishes, quotes, birthday messages.

Best hilarious birthday wishes

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Friend. Hope you are having a nice day.

2. Happy Birthday, friend. I hope you get your hands on a high-quality tuna egg sandwich today.

3. Our team celebrating my best friend birthday!  Happy birthday, friend!– It’s great to work with you!

4. Happy Birthday to you my dear friend!!!! Cheers to another year of growing old with my best friend! I love you very much. I hope you have a great day.

5. Happy birthday to my beautiful wife/best friend. I love you and I hope we have much more to come

6. Happy Birthday. God blessed me with you as my husband, best friend, and daddy to our precious babies! There is nobody I would rather go through life with than you! We love you lots!!

7. Happy happy happy 24th birthday to the absolute best thing in my whole life, the reason I do what I do and my very best friend!!! I love you!!! You have changed my life in so many ways. I love you the most Hayley

8. Happy Birthday (9/20) to my father, mentor and my best friend. He is the rock of our family and the calm steady reasonable hand that continues to help us find the right path. We love you so much, dad.

9. Enjoying a good meal, with good friends. Feeling thankful and stuffed! It’s not every day I get to enjoy a meal like this. Happy birthday.

10. Happy birthday to the best Mother, confidant, consultant, friend, & woman I know!

hilarious birthday wishes

11. BDay with my best friend. Started with a visit to the stylist!

12. Love you lots! Happy birthday my dear friend.

13. Happy happy birthday to my favorite red-headed friend!! Life would be so boring without you By my side!!! I love you more!!!

Hilarious birthday wishes

14. Today is this handsome man’s birthday! My forever adventure buddy, Radley’s favorite parent, and my best friend: I love you a ridiculous amount. 27 never looked so good.

15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin, one of my best friend especially growing up (still tight) – if you saw her, you saw me! 2 peas in a pod, I always got in trouble & she never did! Hmm, it worked for my good! Love you & may God bless you always!!!

Hilarious birthday wishes

16. Happy birthday to my ace of spades. My friend ’till the end! Love you always; 18 years of friendship & still have my back till this day! Look up God’s smiling at you.

17. Birthdays are best celebrated with lots of chocolates, wine, friends in Close once

Hope YOuR Birthday’S happy

And You all Wish Come true

that follows

Brings happiness to you.

18. Happy Birthday to my best friend, my BFF (Birkenstock Friend Forever) enjoy and be blessed!

Top hilarious birthday wishes

hilarious birthday wishes

19. Early Birthday gift from my friend. I’m here with friends and family. This is how you bring in 33. OMG, I finally said it.

20. Happy 20th Birthday to my best friend forever, no exceptions. She’s my sister, my ride or dies, and I am so glad God brought us to meet freshman year and make so many awesome memories!! I’ve known you for 8 years but it feels like we’ve been friends forever!! Stay true to yourself, never let anyone tell you that you’re anything but worthy and deserving of the world. This is a new beginning, a new chapter. Make it count and live your life according to what makes you happy and surround you with the people that TRULY love and care about you and show it every day!

21. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend that has a beautiful heart and soul!

22. You should know that… I got your back it’s automatic so!!!! lol, Screaming Happy Bday To my dear  Friend! I love you so much! Thanks for always being there!!

Hilarious birthday wishes

23. Happy 30th birthday to my Best Friend, Wife & Lover. Can’t believe she has put up with me this long.

24. Had to slide thru and say Happy Birthday to my dear friend.

25. Happy birthday to you. Fun dinner last night celebrating with these special friends.

hilarious birthday wishes

26. Celebrated a friend birthday and mine last week. Thanks, ladies for a great time.

27. Happy Birthday. You have been More to me than just a Friend. You have been a Sister, a listening ear, one to have given me great advice, you’ve had my back while I’ve had yours, I could go on & on but most importantly we worship God together! I just Pray that you enjoy your day the best you can. Love you so much!!

28. Happy Birthday to my husband, best friend, and an awesome dad! We love you.

29. Happy birthday to a great friend and someone who is always there with great advice and a good laugh.

Hilarious birthday wishes

30. Happiest of birthdays to the sweetest friend! In 12 years of friendship, we’ve only lived close 8 months of it, but our bond is still indescribable. I love you more than you know!!

31. Happy birthday to my best friend. We have been best friends since 10th grade. We went through the worst years of high school together, but the best years of college. Although we only got to spend 6 years in the same state we have reminded tied to the hip. I wouldn’t trade our friendship for the world.

32. Have you ever had the need to go to a different state to go visit your best friend for her birthday and without her knowing any of it? Well, I just did! Love you baeeeeee! Happy Birthday and I can’t wait to spend your birthday weekend with you!!!

Hilarious birthday wishes

33. Happy Birthday S/O to my sweet friend!!  So glad we could be a part of your surprise last night!  Every moment together is a blast and I’m so lucky to have you as a friend! Love you beautiful!

34. Happy Birthday to my best friend and the love of my life.

35. Happy birthday to you! You’re pretty and I love you. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are a best friend.

36. Wishing to my friend a big Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day friend.

37. Happy birthday to my best friend for 16 years, my sister from another mother, my A1, this one girl that got my back, love you lots.

38. To a beautiful, caring, free spirit. Your loving heart and gentle hand cause everyone that knows you to love you. I am truly so proud to call you not only my Little Sister but my friend. Happy Birthday. I hope you have had an amazing day SAVED GIRL

Amazing hilarious birthday wishes

Hilarious birthday wishes

39. Happy birthday to my lifelong best friend! Hope your day is as fun as you are!

40. Happy Birthday, because friends don’t let friends miss you lol

41. Birthdays come and go every year, but friends like you only come once in a lifetime! Happy Birthday my sister-friend!we have some major partying to do! Enjoy your day sissy!!

42. Great surprise afternoon for the birthday boy, one of my longest and dearest friends and his sweet beautiful better half….great folks, good times!

43. Screaming all the way to VA!!!!! Fb please help me with my New Business partner, teammate, and friend a very blessed and happy birthday…love you.

44. Happy Birthday to this sweet girl! you are a great wife, mom & friend!!

45. Happy birthday to my nephew/best man/best friend. Out here making moves and enjoying life. Proud of you man!! Enjoy your day. Love you.

Hilarious birthday wishes

46. Happy 20th Birthday to my Middle Blessing! You are a great blessing, son, brother, student, Friend, Athlete, and an Unselfish young man! Can’t wait to see your continued blessing over the coming years/decades. Love you mom and Dad! Hopefully, our GIANTS can win on your Bday weekend! Love you have a nice a day.

47. Happy Birthday to this wonderful friend of mine! Love you, dear.

48. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my best friend!!!!! Honestly, I wish you would hurry home just so I could get a hug, plus I have never gone this long without seeing you. I love you see you soon.

49. Happy Birthday to the best husband and friend a person could ever hope for. I love you more than words can say and wish for you a great day and a wonderful year.

50. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my main B my PIC and my best friend. Couldn’t imagine life without you! Party hard this weekend and enjoy every second of it.

Hilarious birthday wishes

51. HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE CACA FACE. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you and squeeze you and pretend to be your friend. Just remember that you aren’t getting old, you’re just aging. You like scotch so it’s all good. LOVE YOU

52. Happy birthday to my sister! To my friend! My donkey!! The boys and I love you way more than you will ever know! Enjoy your day.

53. Happy birthday, baby. Can I steal your best friends? truly showcase just how wonderful and loved you are!.. all that was missing.

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