Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes With Images & Memes

Cousins are an important person in our family. So we need to say happy birthday cousin on their birthday. In this post, we have shared the best happy birthday cousin quotes and wishes, happy bday wishes for cousin, happy birthday cousin meme, happy birthday images, and HD pictures for cousin. Wish your cousin the best happy birthday wishes and quotes.

Happy birthday cousin quotes list

1. Happy Birthday To My Cousin. Don’t Forget The Meaning Of Today It’s The Birth Of one of my favorite person. Don’t Forget That As You Go Along With Your Day.

2. Screaming a Happy 17th birthday to my beautiful cousin. I love you so much your always there for me and I couldn’t thank you enough! Especially having to put up with me all these years I love you baby have a great birthday girl.

3. Before I turn in, I wanna wish my big cousin Happy Birthday. I love you “Bunny!!!” Lol and I wanna say another Happy Birthday my favorite cousin. Please be good!! If I have a good day, we can turn up and be goofy and bad tomorrow!! Lol.


5. Happy Birthday to my favorite cousin, Love you. I do not own the copyrights to this song.

6. Happy birthday to my cousin. I love you so much and I am so proud of the woman you are becoming Can’t wait to see you at your grand opening for the lash loft you are so amazing and beautiful.

7. Special happy birthday to my cousin black. have a ball today.

8. Happy Birthday to the best cousin. You make all the sacrifices so worth all that I do.. love you.

9. Dog birthday party today for my cousin! Happy birthday!

10. It’s a must we argue 7 times a year… And no matter what you are my cousin so that can’t change so many memories we have created and her up to great young ladies I love you so much this bond we have you would think we were dating lol I love you I hope you enjoy your birthday.

Happy birthday cousin


12. Happy birthday, cousin. I love you more than anything I hope you have an awesome day we’re always there for me no matter what just like your mama she brought up a good girl.

13. Would like to wish my cousin a Happy Birthday…Enjoy your day boo.

14. Happy 19th birthday cousin!! can’t wait to and party with you soon!! (remember you’re already legal age in the LOL.

15. My brothers birthday was a success! Thank you to those that came. I was so happy with some of his favorite cousins.

16. Happy Birthday, cousin. Enjoy every minute of your natal day. And don’t forget to enjoy the “VIEW”.

17. Happy birthday cousin and I thought you might enjoy the sounds of the Pacific.

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

18. Happy Birthday, cousin. I love you no matter what and hope you have a blessed day.

19. Happy birthday, cousin. I hope you have a great day queue crumples mucho mas!

20. Happy birthday to this man right here!!! My cousin, my brother, my family! So proud of you and the man you are, you are such an inspiration to us and your little cousins! such an inspiration, we decided to sing for you!!!  Lol happy birthday!!!

21. It’s a special day today my cousins birthday is TODAY she is athletic, artsy and she is 15 today wish you a happy birthday!


23. Happy birthday to my little cousin even doe he thinks I’m his friend Lol turn up Lil dude.

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

24. Happy Birthday to my baby, my favorite cousin!! Lord knows I’ll do anything for him! I swear he so spoiled by me! I hardly tell the kid no!! Enjoy your bday.

25. Screaming from cape to the Lou happy birthday to my beautiful cousin / Sister. I love you.

26. Screaming Happy Birthday to my big cousin. I say WHATEVER I need he got me no questions asked  You getting old lol love u hope u enjoy your day.

27. Today The Lord Blessed My Cousins With A Beautiful Smart Intelligent Sweet Daughter Happy Birthday To My Lil. Cousin Today Is Your Day Too Enjoy Your Birthday With Birthday Memories And Full Of Love And May God Bless You With Many More Years To Come We Love You. Help Me Wish My Lil. Cousin A Happy Birthday.

28. Happy 22nd birthday to my pretty baby cousin hippest Lil girl I know oh wait until you meet her big sister I love dem Lil girls DERRRI YOU BIG 2 CUZZY I LUV U-TURN UP.

29. Cousin’s Birthday Fellowship, his request for today to friends and family instead of other gifts, come Fellowship with him at church!!! Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday cousin messages

30. Happy Birthday at my big cousin 40th party with a house full of the family loves you so much.

31. Happy Birthday To My Most Favorite Cousin… You Go Kill Me For These Pictures But I Love You.

32. Happy Birthday to a real one. Can’t nobody replace my cousin?

33. A few pictures from my cousin college graduation party and mine and a trip to Cincinnati this weekend. CONGRATULATIONS again and Happy Birthday!!

34. I’m screaming Happy Birthday to my favorite twin cousins. Enjoy your day!!!

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

35. A lot has been happening since I spoke to you last this is Brother from the other side having a birthday celebration and Burying my cousin will at the same time is it going to his life abundantly be blessed.

36. 21 21 21 It’s Yo Birthday Happy 21st Birthday To My Best Friend/ Cousin You’re Finally Legal To Do Everything We have Been Doing For The Longest  I Love You so much.

37. It was great seeing my sister Happy Birthday again to my nephew!! uncle, Aunty and your cousin so proud that you love your gift. We love you guys. Love you sis and the kids I’ll see you guys when I come back

38. Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin. she continues to amaze me every day with her strength and a big heart. She is the greatest Mom, sister, daughter, cousin, niece, and friend. Happy birthday from Mom and we love you to the moon and back!!

39. Happy birthday! God bless you, stay healthy, study hard, love your parents, uncles, and aunties, your brother, and all your cousins! I love you miss u! Happy birthday!

40. Happy birthday to my ever dear! I love you, take care of your dad! Miss u, be a good boy, take care of your cousins too, your the eldest!

41. Happy Birthday to my cousin. Have a wonderful day. love you always and forever.

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

42. Happy birthday little cousin. Known you my whole life but barely ever get to talk. Thank you for protecting our freedom and doing what most couldn’t.

43. Happy birthday, cousin!! Enjoy your bifurcation. we love you.

44. I think I posted this picture of us last year for your birthday but it’s one of my favorites! With that being said Happy Birthday to you my cousin, more like a big sister! I’m sorry I’m not at your celebration tonight but I will definitely make it up to you soon. I love you to pieces and hope that this day and every day after God continues to grant you many more blessings. Hugs n kisses, enjoy.

45. Screaming happy birthday to my cousin, my brother, and the craziest person I know. Thank you for always looking out for me and being the annoying big brother I always wanted. Enjoy your day and I wish you many many more. Love you lots.

46. Happy Birthday to my cousin turns up a Lil bit enjoy your day, love you.

47. I know its a little late in the day, but it’s still her day. This Beautiful woman is more than just a cousin. She is my big sister who is always there when I need her. I have learned so much from her and would break out a bond for anything. Love you baby and Happy Birthday.

48. It’s my cousin Tammy birthday so we shined a light on her…….. Happy birthday. This how we do it…Family love.

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

49. Happy birthday to my cousin who treats me more like a brother I love u and pray that God continues to direct your path to Greatness..!!!!!

50. Happy birthday, cousins! Wish I was cruising with you! Next year I’m in there.

51. Happy Birthday to my Lil cousin. Dang time flies I was getting u booze and now u old enough lmao lets get turned up.. Beers on me. Love you so much kiddo. Look at you now having fun enjoying life surfing and traveling and being an adventurous soul. I look up to many of you guys for being so unique and good-hearted. Have fun on your day.

52. Just want to take the time to wish my amazing beautiful, talented cousin a happy birthday. She truly is a Wonder Woman!!! Love you. Happy birthday. Cheers to many more years and adventure.

53. Everyone help me with my first cousin happy birthday today is your day baby boy enjoy!!!!

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

54. They said, “Take a “pic”, so we did! Lol! This is what cousins do, right?!

On behalf of Brenda and me – “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Cuz!! Hope you have a wonderful day and a super blessed year! Love you bunches!

55. Happy Birthday to my cousin.  I’ve seen you grow up into a respectful handsome young man.. I know your dad is so very proud of you and watches over you. I hope you have a wonderful day May God Bless you w/many many more years to come…

56. Happy birthday to my cousin! I love u and I’m blessed we are family. Had a great time last night! Check out John’s floss lol.

57. Happy birthday to one of my precious little big baby cousins!!! Super excited that now both you and Erika are of age! I was about to get super sentimental and what not but I’ll just save that for when I see you this weekend and end this post with a “Happy Birthday turd, I love you!”

**Ladies he is single and I will be raffling him off **

58. Pizza and ice cream eating contest with cousins! Doesn’t get any better than that! Happy birthday.

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Happy birthday cousin male wishes

59. Happy bday to my beautiful cousins. To me, you guys are my little brothers. May God continue to bless you and continue watching over you. Enjoy your bday. I love you very much. my heart is broken because You are not here physically with us but I know your clown self is having fun up there. Miss you every day. I love you lots dear.

60. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin & BFF! I love you & hope you have a fantastic day!

61. Happy birthday cousin sorry for da old picture but I had to do it  Turn up.

62. Happy Birthday to my dear cousin.The crazy one with no filter…The one who Don’t mind and shot for shot, I love my cousin… Turn up and turn down for nothing.

63. Happy birthday my loving cousin!! You are my sweet little boy !!

64. Happy birthday to my gramps and little cousin! Hope it’s great, love Y’all! Only because I feel like he’s growing up so fast he’s still my baby tho lol Happy Birthday cousin love you lots.

Happy Birthday Cousin Images

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes
Happy Birthday Cousin Images
Happy Birthday Cousin Images
Happy Birthday Cousin Images
Happy Birthday Cousin Images

65. Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite Cousin. You have brought such a wonderful joy to my life and I hope you feel that same joy today on your day of birth. Love you cuz.

66. Birthday Girl.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We Had An Wonderful Time Yesterday..Food Was Good, The Games Were Fun & My Little Ones Had An Awesome Day With Their Cousins…We Love You…

67. Happy Birthday to my most favorite cousin. I hope you have a fantastic day celebrating your day of birth, I love you and thank your mother for the whole gift of life thing.

68. Just because this was our first baby & man oh man was he spoiled. Happy Birthday again cousin.


70. Happy birthday more bday to come to take care cousin. Facebook Family & Friends, Please join me in Celebrating my cousin“37th Birthday”. He’s my Greatest Pride & Joy, I’m so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You’re a Beautiful Blessing to all of our Family & Friends, also a Fantastic Father, Son, Nephew, Cousin to all… We Love you lots.

71. Have a Blessed and Happy Birthday Happy birthday. My brother/sister-cousins.

72. Out…. showing a little a little shoulder with my cousin! Happy birthday. I love you!

73. HAPPY 8th birthday to my little cousin/sister…. love you so much and I hope you enjoy your day to the fullest  (I will call you when you’re out of school).

74. Happy Birthday, cousin! Hope you have a great birthday!

75. Happy Birthday, cousin! Hope you are feeling better…may GOD bless you with many more healthy & blessed days!

76. Happy Birthday Cousin and many more today – July 9th !!!

77. Happy Birthday, cousin!!! You are one of kind and we love you so much!!! Cheers to racing the blood !!  #familyiseverything.

78. I like to take this time out and wish my crazy big cousin a happy birthday I love you and wish you, many more to come to enjoy your birthday and don’t get turned up off your 3.80.

Happy Birthday Cousin Images

79. Happy birthday to my Cousin/Sister. I love you to the moon and back!

80. Today’s My Baby But Most Of All My Cousins 18th Birthday. Happy Birthday Baby Girl Today Is Your Day I Love You lots.

81. Happy birthday to my brother and cousin! Love you, big boys.

82. Happy Birthday Baby… and congrats cousin… LOVE YOU BOTH!

83. Happy birthday to my gorgeous cousin. She’s the sweetest woman I have ever known.

84. Happiest of birthdays to one of the coolest, sweetest kids. He’s the greatest brother, cousin, nephew, just all around amazing. Happy birthday, little dude! You are so loved!

85. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my person!! So glad I get to do life you are such a blessing sweet cousin.

86. I would like to wish my handsome little cousin, a Happy 5th Birthday!!! We pray that you see many, many more! Enjoy your day!!

Happy Birthday Cousin Images

87. Screaming Loud!! Happy Birthday to my one call that’s all… I hope you blessed to see many more… Enjoy your day cousin! Love you!!

88. I wanna take this time and tell my cousin happy birthday I hope u enjoy big cousin love u a lot. God bless u to see many more.

89. I want everyone to wish my brother my cousin whatever u wanna call him. A very Happy Birthday. Love u lots.

90. Happy Birthday to the best cousin and friend a girl could ask for!!! Love you!!!

91. Yes, I’m up bright and early wishing my cousin a very happy birthday. . can you help me with my cousin happy birthday Love u lots. Enjoy your day sweetie.

92. Happy Birthday to my Cousin/ sister. I pray you to have a Blessed Day and wonderful Year. Love You.

93. Before the night ends I want to wish a Happy birthday to my favorite cousin, my vent person, the one that I tell everything to FIRST!! I love you dearly and I I am so very proud of you and your accomplishments thus far. Remember it’s only up from here. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day and your new position.!!

94. Me and the Lil bro celebrating little cousin birthday Happy Birthday.

95. I wanna wish my twin cousins a HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY I hope y’all enjoy Y’all day!!!

96. Wishing My Beautiful Cousin A Happy Birthday Today and May U See Many Many More to Come!! Love you lots.

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97. Happy 22nd Birthday to a wonderful and beautiful niece, best cousin ever, and one who calls me!! Since you have come along, you added girl time, make-up, paint nails, and cook into my world of living with all boys! I can’t wait to see the young lady you grow to be and look forward to joining you every step of the way!!! Big Hugs & Kisses!!

98. Happy birthday, cousin. We bout to ctfu today its up ain’t no turning down you better not let nobody ruin your day Lil fun-size girl.. getting my licks Happy birthday.

99. Happy Birthday to not only my cousin but someone I can call my best friend! You’re finally legal! Love you so much.

100. This is for my one and only cousin. Happy Birthday to my cousin. Just know I love you and care about you so much. In you will always be number one in my heart.

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