Happy Belated Birthday Wishes, Messages, And Images

Did you late to wish birthday to your loved ones? And do you want to wish your favorite person? Don’t worry we have the best collection of happy belated birthday wishes, quotes messages and HD Images. Let’s choose the best birthday wishes for your loved ones.

Happy Belated Birthday

Happy belated Birthday!!! I really hope to be as great, as loving and as self-less of a mother as you are in the mere future. You truly are my biggest inspiration in every aspect of life. I’m going to do my best to make you proud someday! Love you lots.!

Happy Time Together Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry for the late. Have a nice day.

Happy belated birthday! Crazy to think that we’ve known each other for so long ! I pray that we can continue to cherish this friendship for many more years! May God continue to bless you.

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great time. The price you baby is a young lady I love you all.

Happy belated birthday Brother!! Toi on sunset on me the next time! Have a good one!

Happy belated birthday to my teacher in school. The ultimate, meek, adept, canny, donor master. A dude that perform his onus respectively. More money in our wallet and bank acct. God bless your new age.

Happy belated birthday once again! You inspired me and so many more people!

Happy Belated birthday. Sorry for my lateness lol I worked like crazy yesterday… I love you and I hope you had a blissful birthday full of love and happiness.

Look what I found, 14 years memories, happy belated birthday to my best friend, Not only my sister but we have the same DNA as well, its real guys.  I’m not even joking. love you forever hope one day we back to that time that we go out -11°F again.

Happy belated birthday!! I hope it was spectacular… and this weekend to follow is an extension of your celebration.  Good vibes, brother!

I missed it. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a good day.

Happy late birthday to me! Worth the wait. Filming going on, what a surprise for these girls.

Happy belated birthday to my beautiful and loving daughter. We love you, baby. And God bless you today and ever.

Happy Belated Birthday - Belated Birthday Wishes, Messages

Happy late birthday to this beautiful girl! Cheers to dining alfresco in this gorgeous setting and celebrating friendship, laughter, love, and life!

Happy be – lated birthday to my beautiful sis… U blow me at times but I wouldn’t trade u for anything bug…May u be blessed with many more… And safe travels.

Just Wanted To Take The Time To Tell My Baby Happy Belated Birthday I Am Sorry I Didn’t Do It Yesterday Due To Me Being In The Hospital But I Love You Baby Girl

Aww! Too, too precious! Where has the time gone? These two just turned 10 years old… Happy Belated birthday to my gruesome twosome. it’s time to party!

Happy belated birthday to my little princess. we love you so much!!!

Happy belated birthday to my old friend /the first boy that was crazy about me ..as kids we talked about everything ..but see you in the situation don’t sit well with me ..anyways happy birthday & get out that jam.

Happy belated birthday to my sister, I love and miss her. RIP my dear sister.

Happy belated birthday!!Had an awesome day today watching the Cubs win!! Time to enjoy the rest of this weekend in the Windy City.

Happy Belated Birthday to my beautiful friend! I am so sorry my reunion planning got in the way of wishing you all the best on your day, but I hope it was as fabulous as you are!! Here are 22 shots to you, my friend, I hope you truly celebrated like we did in our SIU days.

I had this whole post plan for her birthday and got caught up in some mess but I want to say happy belated birthday… You have grown up on me and even though u, not my daughter I got much love for u… And your cousin said hey.

Happy belated Birthday to my play daughter. Hope and pray your day was great!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SIS, Love you lots. Praying You Are Blessed With Many Many More To Come.

So today was the day where ash got to see Hamilton for the first time! Happy belated birthday dear! It was amazing! 11/11 even the second time!! It ‘was SO good! It was a great day trip to the Windy City! Love you all.

Happy Birthday Son 

Happy Belated Birthday - Belated Birthday Wishes, Messages

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY NIECE! I’m so sorry I missed it but I hope Y’all made the best of it. I love you both with all my heart. May God bless the both of you with many more!

Happy Belated Birthday!!  I hope you enjoyed your special day.

Happy Belated Birthday aunt. Sorry I missed your special day … Just more reason to celebrate again.

Happy Belated Birthday !!! I hope you’re having fun celebrating and enjoying post-grad life!

I know I’m the late bro but we been through so much together throughout these past years all the frivolous arguments & roast sessions even though we not together every day all of our bonds we always are together. Happy belated birthday dear.

What a wonderful time we all had this weekend. Us girls went to a few casinos outside and made our way downtown to a dinner show. Happy Belated Birthday.

I was so busy being an adult that I neglected to tell my other son happy belated birthday. From the first time I laid eyes on those glistening legs, I knew we would end up as great friends. I’ll always dance in the rain with you. Love you baby.

Happy belated birthday to the one & only wonderful man.  It is an absolute honor to be by your side. Stay blessed Forever.

Happy Belated Birthday Nephew. Hope you had a great day…love you much.

Thank you for an amazing lunch, thank you Kiarra for spending a little time with me and thank you to DePaul “The Doll” for my personal birthday! I love y’all more!

I know in 21 mins late but I wanna wish my chocolate twin Dee Lovee a happy belated birthday.

I had the pleasure of taking her to her FIRST RODEO. Happy Belated Birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday - Belated Birthday Wishes, Messages

I had a great time hanging with my friend !!!!! Thanks for coming to see me and Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy belated birthday to an awesome friend! A friend that by just listening to him has taught me to allot about downtown Houston and messenger life! It’s an honor to know and learn you! “Squirrel”

Wishing my cousin a very Happy Birthday today! And my Auntie a Happy belated birthday! …Wishing you many more! ENJOY your day Jayfus! ..Love you lots.

Happy Belated Birthday Sister! Your birthday is as special as you are.

Happy belated birthday to THE BEST STYLIST ON TIDWELL I hope you enjoyed your special day!!!!!! Love you!!

Happy belated birthday to my love. she always smiling and it has been a pleasure of meeting/mentoring you in this couponing lifestyle.

Happy belated birthday to my best friend.  Thanks for always being there and for always being my partner in crime. I’m so thankful for all the memories with you and the ones to come. Let’s take on the senior year!! Love you lots!

Happy (belated) Birthday. I love them so much to the full moon and back! PS Harper apparently finds more important things to look at during photos.

Happy Belated Birthday… Thanks for the Laughs and the Lessons. God bless you and your family and your new church family. Much love to you.

I am so sorry that I am a day late! But know that my respect and love is always with you an for you my friend! Happy Belated Birthday to you dear.

Happy Belated Birthday - Belated Birthday Wishes, Messages

Happy belated birthday! Just found this on my calendar. Looked at your profile on FB and saw it wasn’t listed which explains why I hadn’t been notified.

Didn’t get to go to church yesterday for my dads birthday so today is the day. Happy belated BirthdayDad. Love you lots.

We finally got a chance to celebrate my sister Day Birthday!! Happy Belated Birthday!! We Love You!!

I want to say Happy Belated Birthday to this little stinker! She keeps us on our toes!!!  She turned 12 yesterday and I can’t believe it. They grow way too fast!!!!  (Didn’t get to post yesterday because of a bad signal)

Celebrating a birthday! Felt good to be reunited with my girls haven’t been out altogether in awhileHappy belated birthday. Love you girls so much.

Happy Birthday if it’s your Special Day. If I missed it yesterday, Happy Belated Birthday dear!

Happy belated birthday to my wonderful Aunt. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to turn up with you. I love you so much. Thanks for all your love and support.

Happy belated Birthday! We are so fortunate to help you through your Journey. Can’t wait to see you fully free to be yourself! Can’t wait to see you post summer!

Happy belated birthday to my darling Oldest sister, Serena Peabody. you celebrate your bday yesterday, I want to wish you all the best. We will forever u.

Happy happy (belated) Birthday to my amazing, beautiful, loyal and talented best friend of 30++ years. I hope your day was as fabulous as you are – and I wish you a year of immeasurable happiness! I Love You!

Happy Belated Birthday Sis. Wish You The Best Things In Life.

Happy Belated Birthday!

LH sends out a big shout out to you! May God’s glory be with you always. May you grow in a mighty & powerful way! May He increase your gifts to bless the world ‼We love you so much!

Happy Belated Birthday - Belated Birthday Wishes, Messages

Happy belated birthday to THE Best big brother ever! You have taught me survival , love, loyalty and that it is “cool” to be unique. I love the way you stand tall. I love you, dear bro.

Happy belated birthday to my great grandpa, we all love you very much thank you for everything you do for us.

Happy belated birthday and congratulations on buying your first car!! Proud of you and your accomplishments and thank you for allowing me to help you! You deserved this.

Happy belated birthday babe hope you like it worth the wait if you ask me! Love you to the moon and back.

Happy Belated Birthday to my beautiful Queen!!! Many, many more to come!!! Keep your head up, & keep spreading the LOVE! Shine bright like a Diamond everywhere you go!

At this time I want to wish my nephew, my older sister Tina’s son, a happy belated birthday. I hope you had an awesome day. May God bless you with many more.

Happy belated birthday to my now 12-year-old nephew, Gary James! Man, they grow up fast… And no, I didn’t forget his birthday. I just forgot to say it. Shut up, whoever says differently.

Happy belated birthday. I know it took 3 months but I knew you’ll like it. Videos of making the quilt and unwrapping

Happy Belated Birthday! I apologize for the late wishes. Didn’t even look at Facebook yesterday. Imagine that!

Happy Belated Birthday - Belated Birthday Wishes, Messages

Happy belated Birthday !! They surprised me again! Didn’t know my baby girl was gonna be here! So HAPPY!!

Hey, My Best Friend!!! Want to tell you something Happy Belated Birthday !!

Happy belated birthday!!! We’re gonna eat and shop all day long until we get sick and tired of each other!!!!

Being happy means to have people in your life who are ready to cross the continent just to wish you a happy belated birthday. Thank you, my dear friend, for being a part of my life!

It’s funny how the people you didn’t think would make an impact on your life are the ones that do exactly that, make a huge difference. I love you so much and I’m so thankful to have you in the circle of friendship. Happy belated birthday to my little friend.

Happy belated birthday to the best uncle ever.  Wish you the best and many more birthdays. thanks for always being there for Us and being a father figure to me thanks to your advice and guidelines.

Sushi time with these wonderful girls. Happy belated birthday, love you with all my heart!

I smile because you’re my parents; I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it. Happy belated birthday daddy-o, so happy I am getting to celebrate with you this weekend.

Happy Belated Birthday. I was searching and searching for this picture and just now found it! Hope you had a fantastic birthday! Love you always.

Happy belated- birthday to beautiful princess!!! You are such a cute little thang fully of love and happiness May GOD bless you with many more years ms. Bella can’t wait for your party.

Happy belated birthday!!!!! Finally had a weekend with just the big kids. And we are having a blast. Almost time for the show to start.

Happy belated birthday is, you know my screen phone cracked!!! Hope you enjoyed your day.

Having a happy belated birthday lunch with one of my closest friends for over 22 years! Happy birthday friend & may the Lord bless you indeed!

Happy Belated Birthday to my childhood best friend!! Sorry I missed your day… Hope you enjoyed it! Wishing you many many more… Hope to see ya this weekend.

Great to have good people in your life. Love you to death! Happy Belated Birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday!! God Bless You With Many More! Love you We need to do something!

Celebrating Birthday Party of my business Partner. Happy belated birthday wishes to you once again.

Happy Belated Birthday!! May God bless you with many more birthdays to come.

She’ll be safe cause me and she makes a really good combination. Every day she wears her birthday suit, happy belated.

Didn’t get a good picture yesterday but Happy Belated Birthday! Daddy loves you lots.

Happy Belated birthday to my sweet sister. It’s always so nice to catch up with the ladies!

Happy Belated Birthday, I hope you had a great day buddy.

Happy happy belated birthday. Hope you had fun yesterday.

Sorry, I’m late but had a rough day yesterday. Love you.

Happy Belated Birthday, beautiful! Looks like it was amazing and fun! You deserve it. Love you!

What an amazing weekend spent with my family! Had so much fun being with all my brothers and sister. Haven’t been all together in a while! Haha, Happy Belated Birthday (even if I told you already) lol This still was your birthday weekend!

Happy belated birthday, to two of my friends on Facebook, I am not on Facebook, very much anymore. May God bless! Happy Birthday in advance to all my Facebook friends and family!

BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT.Happy Belated Birthday. ASA family wishes you all the best in your future endeavors. Enjoy your day.

I’m late but My Re’gia turned 15 yesterday. She is a true Leo to her heart and I love every bit of it SWYD and tell Ms. Birdie Happy belated birthday!

Happy belated birthday to this guy!!!! Hope your day was wonderful Lu!!!! Love you!!!

I haven’t been on FB much the past couple of months. I would like to send all my FB friends a Happy Belated Birthday Wish!!  Love you and wishes for many more!!

Happy BELATED Birthday! I pray your special day was as sweet as you. May God Bless you with many more.

Happy belated birthday to my cousin, although we ate well that night my slow behind, don’t think I actually said happy birthday so cousin HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Happy Belated Birthday dear!!!! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating!!!

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