7 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android And iPhone

In this generation, we are love to capture our photos or our loved one’s photos. And sometimes we need to edit our photos. So we need a photo editing application.

Are you searching for the best photo editing apps for Android or iPhone? Then you are in the right place. Here we have shared a list of the best photo editing app for you.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android And iPhone

1. Snapseed

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps for Android and iPhone. It’s very easy to use, but at the same time offers a powerful collection of tools. This is one of the best photo editing apps that’s developed by Google.


– Available Twenty-nine Tools & Filters

– Opens JPG & RAW files

– You can save personal looks and apply them to new photos later

– Selective filter brush available


– RAW Develop

– Tune image

– Images Details

– Crop

– Rotate

– Perspective

– White Balance

– Brush available

– Selective

– Healing

– Vignette

– Text

– Curves

– Expand

– Lens Blur

– Glamour Glow

– Tonal Contrast

– HDR Scape

– Drama

– Grunge

– Grainy Film

– Vintage

– Retrolux

– Noir

– Black & White

– Frames

– Double Exposure

– Face Enhance

– Face Pose

Developer: Google
Price: Free


VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
Developer: VSCO
Price: Free

VSCO is another popular photo editing app for Android and iPhone user. This app is perfect if you like to create a vintage or understated look in photography.

3. Afterlight

Price: Free

Afterlight 2 is a complete original and popular app. It’s simple to use. Afterlight is the wonderful image editing app for fast and straightforward photo editing. This simple design, paired with the best tools, will give you the look you want in seconds.

You can use any of the tools that are available on this app to improve your cute images to perfection with ease.

Afterlight includes a range of best, natural light leaks.

4. TouchRetouch

Developer: ADVA Soft
Price: $3.99

Many photo editor apps offer the way to remove unwanted elements from your photo. But this app is one of the easier ways to remove unwanted items from your images. This app offers you all the tools you need to efficiently remove unwanted content from photos.


– you can remove telephone wires & posts, power lines.

– remove surface breaks & scratches — both straight and curved.

– easy-to-use retouching

– remove photobombers.

– remove pimples & skin blemishes.

– single flick line removal — an innovative feature.

– remove human-made objects like stop lights, street signs, trash cans.

– easy-to-follow tutorials.

– remove whatever you want in your photos.

– One-touch fixes.

Developer: ADVA Soft GmbH
Price: Free+

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5. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor
Lightroom Photo & Video Editor
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free

Adobe Lightroom CC gives you a most powerful, simple way of editing your photos. It has a camera option that can capture images in RAW format and share your photos. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for the mobile user is a free app.

You can upgrade that will give you more amazing features.

By Lightroom CC professional capture mode you will never miss a shot, & get the best out of your phone’s camera.

You can capture with the DNG raw format for more creative control.

You can organize and manage your images easily with this app. And have many features that will make easy to edit your photos.

‎Lightroom Photo & Video Editor
‎Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

6. Lens Distortions

Photo Effects - LD
Photo Effects - LD
Developer: Lens Distortions
Price: Free

There are many applications that add light and weather impacts to your photo, however, Lens Distortions is truly outstanding. The most astounding quality impacts to make the look you need. Each overlay is made by catching true components in-camera, giving you unparalleled detail and authenticity.

Include rich glass effects and regular daylight, rain, snow, or haze.

The impacts are shown in the exhibition see, which makes for simple correlation and selection.

Appreciate 5 channels from each pack totally free. Need more channels? Buy packs independently or opens the whole suite in a flash by buying into LD Unlimited for just $0.99 every month.

Requires latest device for best performance.

7. Superimpose

Developer: Pankaj Goswami
Price: $1.99

Just a few taps & now you can create professional photos on your iPhone! Don’t require any computer or software to copy/cut/paste anymore.

Here is how it works:

– Load a background image.

– Load a foreground image.

– Now remove the unwanted part of the foreground photo using the masking tools.

– Smooth your photo with smoothing tool if you want.

– Move, Scale, Resize, Rotate, Flip.

– Adjust the best colors/exposure/contrast/hue/saturation etc.

– You did it completely! Now share with your friends and surprise them!

‎Superimpose X
‎Superimpose X
Developer: Pankaj Goswami
Price: $4.99

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