Birthday Wishes For Father – Best Ways to Say Happy Birthday Dad

In this post, we shared an incredible collection of happy birthday wishes for father. Father is an exceptionally uncommon man in each person’s life. Birthday is an awesome time to show your love and thanks to that you feel. Make your father feel happy and pleased with you on his enormous day. If you require some motivation, look at our collection of honest to goodness and touching bday quotes and greeting cards for father. The expectation that you will discover the words that you like.

Best Birthday Wishes For Father

1. Happy Birthday to my fabulous father, and Great man!

2. Happy birthday to my father! Love you pops!

3. Happy Birthday to this guy who is the best husband and father a family could ask for!

4. God Bless me to see today 50 years amazing father. Happy Birthday to me I am enjoying myself.

5. Happy Birthday to my father!!! Pray that you have a blessed day. I’ll see u next week.

6. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man. There are no words to express how much we love you. Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a DAD. You have assumed the position as a father to my kids no questions asked, we are truly blessed. Happy 70th birthday dad. LOVE YOU!

7. Happy birthday Father! Blessings for many more trips around the sun!


9. Happy birthday to my father. He would have been 80 today. I miss him and think about him every day. It brings me great comfort that we will meet up again.

10. Such an amazing example of a man and a father. Happy 60th Birthday to the BEST big brother a girl could ask for!

11. Growing up, I generally respected your honors. Today, I need to say that you merit the Best Dad in the World honor for all that you do. Have a happy birthday, Dad. You merit the best!

12. The hottest birthday wishes to the kindest and most shrewd father. You are the man that I’ve generally gazed upward too. May your day be only superb!

13. Brunch with my handsome man! Happy Birthday to an amazing husband and father. Love you tons!!

14. I was blessed with amazing parents! Happy birthday to my mom and happy father’s day dad. Love you lots.

15. From helping me up when I tumbled to taking me out for training after I missed the triumphant objective, you’ve shown me to never surrender. I owe my accomplishment in life to you, and can hardly wait to take you out for your birthday.

16. Dear Father, thank you for imparting to me your tremendous astuteness, thank you for putting stock in me and being dependably there, when I require it most. I wish you a euphoric day and a great year ahead!

17. Happy birthday, dad! Thank you for being the most amazing father, supportive husband, and best friend. We cannot wait to spoil you today!

Birthday Wishes For Father

18. Happy birthday to the best father! We love you.

19. Happy birthday to the greatest husband and father ever!! We love you, papa.

20. I know I wasn’t generally the ideal type, yet you have dependably been the ideal father. A debt of gratitude is in order for settling the seemingly insignificant details I broke and for demonstrating to me industry standards to remedy my own particular slip-ups as I developed. Make the most of your birthday today. I love you!

21. Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband/father in the world. Wishing you the best and hope u enjoy your day.

22. Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband, father, and best partner in life. I could ever ask for. Cheers to 40 years!

Birthday Wishes for Mom

23. I generally needed to grow up to be much the same as you, regardless I haven’t altered my opinion. You are my ideal case of quality and love, and I seek to be a similar kind of father to my children that you have dependably been for me. Happy birthday!

24. Thank heavens looks are hereditary! I trust I look half in the same class as you do at your age. Have an awesome birthday, and keep in mind to stop by the mirror and praise that you simply show signs of improvement looking each year.

25. Biggest happy birthday to my great father. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made and continue to make to ensure we have the greatest opportunities in life and for showing me how and what it means to reach my highest potential. I love you lots. Thanks, Dad!

26. Happy birthday to the love of my life. You are a great father but most of all your best friend loves you to the moon and back.

Birthday Wishes For Dad

Special Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad

Birthday Messages for Dad

Unique Birthday Wishes for you Father

Send unique birthday wishes for father to your dad on his birthday. Make your father’s birthday more memorable, funny, enjoyable. Check below:

27. Happy Birthday to my Father. Who not only gave me life but also saved my life when I was 16 by getting me to the Hospital with a nearly ruptured appendix. No words can describe the level of appreciation I will always have in my heart. Love you, Pop.

28. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend, father! Hope you have a fabulous day. Noah, Mari, and I love you.

29. Inferable from your care and motivation I figured out how to love life and genuinely put stock in myself. You are my instructor and my guide. Remain great, father, happy birthday father!

30. Happy birthday to the great father that I am blessed to call mine. Thank you for all the valuable lessons you have taught me, for your unconditional love and support, and most importantly for being you! Love you so much! Look forward to seeing you both next weekend.

31. Happy birthday to my best friend, provider, protector, all those good things that a helpmate is supposed to be. I love you to the moon and back.

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32. Father, you were there for me from the day I was conceived, continually having my best advantages as a primary concern. You are a standout amongst essential individuals throughout my life and I love you with my entire heart. Happy birthday, Dad!

33. Being together has been a journey that we’ve started, walking hand in hand now and forever…Happy birthday, Dad!

34. “Happy birthday”, Dad. I miss you so very much. I’d give anything to be enjoying a devil’s food cake with white Icing and coconut sprinkled on top from Lincoln Bakery with you today.

35. Happy Birthday to the best dad. Thanks for being a stellar husband and father and for always building me up. I love you!

Birthday Wishes For Father

36. Happy Birthday to the love of my life! A great father! I love you more today than I did yesterday! Continue to walk the path that God has set before you!

37. Happy Birthday, dad! I miss your loving spirit and beautiful smile every day. I love you so much!

38. Wishing a happy birthday to my role model, my mentor, my hero, and most importantly my Father! I love you Dad!!

39. Happy Birthday! You are such an awesome young man a magnificent Husband and Father…we are SO PROUD of you! Love you!

40. The hottest birthday welcome to my dearest father who has dependably been my actual companion however thick and thin! Have a casual and happy day!

41. Surprise birthday for my lovely father… Happy birthday, dad. We LOVE you!

42. Happy birthday to the best father ever. I recall when you tidied up my cleaned knees, held my hand over the road, showed me how to try the impossible. You are my motivation and my legend.

43. Your spirit is immaculate, your heart is invaluable, and your insight is amazing. Happy birthday, Dad!

44. Happy Birthday to my smart, beautiful, intelligent, and amazing father. You are so awesome and I’m proud to be your kid.

45. Happy birthday to my beautiful father! We love you so much, dad.

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46. Happy birthday, Dad!!! Thanks for everything!!! We love you!

47. It’s Papa’s Birthday today… Happy Birthday, Dad, GOD bless you with the longest happy life. We love you very much.

48. Happy Birthday to the best Dad and my favorite Person, I love you lots.

49. Happy Birthday to my Dad I love you, dad.

Birthday Wishes For Father

Birthday Wishes for Dad from Heart

50. Look who’s a year older, Happy Birthday Dad! This is when being 4000 miles away sucks.

51. Happy birthday my beautiful dad. God bless you always.

52. Happy birthday to my Dad, rest in peace. The best dad in the whole world

53. WHAT! This handsome guy is 94 years old! Incredible!!Happy birthday, Dad.

54. Happy Birthday, Dad!!! Wish I could be there for you to celebrate! Love you so much!!!

55. Happy Birthday. My Beautiful dad. May you Rest in Peace. Miss you dad. Have a Wonderful Day.

56. Wishing my wonderful father a happy birthday!! Love you so much.

57. Happy 40th birthday dad! So proud of this amazing achievement! God bless you!

58. Happy Birthday, Dad. Thinking of you today and every day. We miss you!!

59. Happy Birthday, Dad! You are missed so much! Fly high! Love you!

60. Game 19. Tonight we celebrated my Dad with our dads together! Happy birthday, Dad! We love you.  #55yearsyoungs.

61. Happy birthday Father! You are a blessing to us all. Have a wonderful day.

62. Happy birthday, father! Hope you enjoy your day with your beautiful family!

63. Happy Birthday, Father! Have a healthy, blessed year!!

64. Dear Father, I’ve shown me the significance of being straightforward and dependable. I’ve given me an opportunity to commit my own errors, however, you’ve generally been close by and bolstered me. I feel honored for having such a superb father, happy birthday to you!

65. Father, you are my legend, my good example, the man who I gaze upward, to and dream to turn into. Happy birthday, Dad!

66. Happy birthday, father!! Have a wonderful day and see you soon!

67. Happy Birthday Father of mine. I know how much you are enjoying your birthday with the presence of God until we meet again.

Birthday Wishes For Dad

68. Happy Birthday, Father! I love you and hope you had an amazing day. You are the only man who knows everything about me and still loves me.

69. Happy birthday, father, we all miss you and wish you were here. Even though my Jr was only 5 months old when you passed he says he remembers you. Just last night he got teary-eyed as he saw a photo of you.

70. Another awesome year of having the best daddy on the planet to invest energy with. Happy birthday, Dad!

71. Happy Birthday, Father!!!!! You share the same birthday day as my daughter!!!!

72. Happy birthday, dad. You are a wonderful husband and father. Hope your day is great! I love you.

73. celebrating this old man’s birthday today! He turns 64, looks 44, feels 34 & dances like a 24-year-old. Happy birthday, father.

Birthday Wishes For Father

Top Birthday Wishes For Father from daughter

We love our father. So we should wish our father his happy birthday. Here top birthday wishes for father. Check below.

74. Happy birthday to my father who would have been 70 years old today.

75. I wanna say Happy Birthday to my father The Late Great!!!

73. Happy birthday to an amazing husband and father. We love you very much!!!

77. I am as well as can be expected to be on the grounds that you showed me to never surrender. Happy birthday, Dad!

78. Your eyes hold the moon and your heart holds the ocean. You are worth more than any of those things.

79. Happy birthday to my astonishing father! You’ve generally been there for me amid all good and bad times. If it’s not too much trouble recollect that I am constantly here for you as well.

Birthday Wishes for Uncle

80. I am grateful today for having a father on Earth as good as my Father in heaven. Happy Birthday.

81. HAPPY BIRTHDAY- the absolute best father a daughter could EVER ask for! You should be celebrated EVERY day!!! I love you!!

82. For each split heart you kissed away, I presented to you a blessing to light up your day.

83. Happy Birthday to a one-in-a-million father. On the off chance that I can remember quickly, I would pick any day gone through with you.

84. Birthday wishes and dreams are altogether held for you today, daddy.

85. You might be an old man, however, man does I adore you. Happy birthday, Dad!

86. Happy birthday to a wonderful father. I hope you enjoy your special day.  LOVE U.

87. First off I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to the greatest father. There is in this world. My dad Martin. Words can not describe how much I love this old man. May all your wishes come true pop.

Birthday Wishes For Father

88. I want to thank the man above for allowing my father to be with us for this long. Happy birthday, daddy.

89. Just wanted to say happy birthday to my wonderful father! I am so proud of you for the man and an amazing father you are! I love you!

90. Happy Birthday to father

Much happy I have you both!!!

Wish your father’s long life and prosperity

I love you!

91. The most genuine birthday welcome to a unique father! You’ve generally been my compass, demonstrating to me the correct path in life. Expect your exceptional day is loaded with happiness!

92. My desires all worked out as expected, all as a result of a dad like you. Happy birthday, Dad!

93. There might be numerous awesome fathers, yet there is just a single stunning one, you!

94. There’s so much I can say about this man…but it would take entirely too long so I’ll keep it simple and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH for your baby girl! Can’t wait to celebrate your birthday.

95. Happy Birthday to this wonderful man!! My Dad! Have a Blessed and Wonderful Day and Many More!! Love you!!

96. Happy birthday my beautiful dad…may you enjoy this awesome day. Thank you, God, for blessing me with this wonderful, loving, caring, and strong woman. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Father

97. Happy birthday to the best father on the planet! Give your uncommon day a chance to be fun and stunning, I love you!

Sweet Birthday Wishes For Father from son

Wish your father sweet birthday wishes for father. Check below we have shared best birthday messages for father.

98. FaceTime with my Mom and Dad wishing me a Happy Birthday Dad!

99. Wishing my one and only father a Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoyed your day.

100. I love this man to the moon and back, she keeps me on my toes! Happy Birthday, dad.

101. Happy Birthday to the best hubby, dad and pops ever!! Love you.

102. Happy birthday to the best dad. God could give a daughter 60 but looks like 30.

103. Shouting Happy Birthday to my dad!! We love you and may God bless you to see much more to come!

104. It’s my main man’s birthday!! I love this man to heaven and back! Happy birthday, dad! I love you.

105. Happy birthday to the best mother in the world! I love you, mom! You make sure to show my momma some love!!!!!

Birthday Wishes For Aunt

106. Happy birthday, Dad!!! We love you and are very grateful for ALL you do for us! Love you.

107. Happy Birthday to my Dad! I love you old man. You all help me with my Dad a blessed day!!

108. Y’all help me with my awesome mother a happy birthday!!!

109. Happy Birthday to my father who entered eternal rest back. I don’t have a physical picture of my dad and me but I do own a life he helped create, full of wonderful memories of him.

Birthday Wishes For Dad

110. Happy Birthday to my father.  Blessed he is 80 years old today.

111. Happy birthday to this amazing father, husband, and best friend! I love doing this crazy thing called life to you. Every day is truly an incredible journey with you. I said it once and I’ll say it again… I love you more than cheese!!

112. Happy 35th Birthday to the most amazing father could ever wish for…Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

113. There is no bond like the one that we share. Happy birthday, Dad!

114. Dear Father, thank you for supporting me and asking me to be a superior individual. Have an incredible birthday!

Funny Birthday Messages

115. Happy birthday to my beautiful father that I truly love to death enjoy your day love.

116. Happy Birthday to my dad. A wonderful husband, father. Love you baby! I hope you enjoy your 45th!

Birthday Wishes For Dad

117. Happy Birthday to my beautiful father. Oh, how you’ve taught me how to be a better me every day. I Love you forever.

118. Happy Birthday to my father!!! Hope you have a blessed day.

119. Celebrating my Dad’s 70th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad. We love you very much, and we wish you many more happy years.

120. Happy birthday, Dad. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.

121. Happy birthday, dad. You are my hero. I love you so much.

122. A great big Happy Birthday to my dad! I love you! I hope you enjoy your day!

123. Happy Birthday to the best husband, my dad, and papa!!! Thank you for always putting your family first. We love you so much!!!

124. Happy Birthday to my amazing father!!! You looked great on stage!!


Another year

I love you

As much as you get on my LAST NERVE

I APPRECIATE YOU being a father to me when I needed you to be

See you soon.

Sweet and Sentimental Birthday Wishes for your Dad

126. There are no words that would express the amount I adore and regard you. Wishing you an important birthday!

127. You generally helped me pursue my fantasies, now it’s an opportunity you pursue yours.

128. You might be old, however, you aren’t dead yet. Here is to wishing you numerous more candles!

129. Happy 50th daddy! A large portion of those times of enduring me is a deed!

Birthday Wishes For Dad

130. Happy Birthday, Father!!!! Hope you had a blessed day and much more to come.

131. Happy Birthday, Father! Here’s to another great year of putting up with your lovely daughters. See you in a few months!

132. Happy birthday Father. You are really an inspiration and a great asset to the community. Hope you get all you wish for.

133. Happy Birthday, Father!” So glad I got to celebrate this incredible man with my family this weekend.

134. Happy birthday pops, you are a naughty old hoot.

135. With profound regard, our adoration for you is resonating. Expectation your day is an awesome daddy.

21st Birthday Wishes

136. Happy birthday, father. I am thankful for that Thank you so much… I had an awesome time meeting the new mommy and the new sissy …Hope you have an amazing time whit the people you love and Happy birthday! Love Y’all lots!

137. Happy birthday, father.

Thank you for helping bring two gifts into this world.

Thank you for passing down your brains and talent to me.

May God bless you with many more years to come and may He bless you with peace and comfort in your life. Love you no matter what.

138. On this wonderful, a KING was made and I love him dearly my heart my soul HAPPY BIRTHDAY FATHER I love you lots.

Birthday Wishes For Dad

139. You’re the greatest superstar of my life, Dad! On your Birthday today, I need to thank you for each and everything that you’ve accomplished for me in life and each and every grin you’ve given me! Happy birthday, dad.

140. Happy Birthday to the best father in the world every dude won’t do it but you put your pride aside & handle your business regardless of the hustle or the struggle. so enjoy your big day!

141. Happy Birthday to the best father, husband, the friend there could ever be. I love you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

142. Happy Birthday to the best father in the world!!!!! My dad turns 40 today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!!!

143. Happy birthday, father, I wish that you generally discover the best approach to understand your greatest expectations and dreams.

144. Here’s to making it to 100, happy birthday daddy!

145. I was blessed with having two sons. Today is Josh’s birthday. Happy birthday to a fine son, husband, and father. My heart overflows with love for him. Hope your day is great!!!!

146. Happy birthday too my father!! You are not going to be forgotten. Love always!!!!

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147. To the best man I have ever known, I trust your days are short and your evenings are sweet.

148. Every one of the circumstances I’ve gone through with you, Dear Daddy, will be sweet recollections for whatever is left of my life. Happy Birthday! I wish you to carry on with a long happy life.

149. Happy Birthday to my best friend, father, and that man I can always call upon. You are the best and I love you. Enjoy your day and I’m glad that you are in my life.

Birthday Wishes For Dad

Happy birthday dad from daughter letter

150. Father, it’s your birthday and you didn’t say anything?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! God bless you always and keep you healthy and safe!! Thank you for all you do!!

151. Happy Birthday! May our Heavenly Father grant you many, many more! I wish nothing by love and happiness for you. Love you much!

152. Happy birthday to my cherished father! You’ve shown me to be solid and never offer up, to see the excellence in the most surprising things, to love life! May your exceptional day bring you bunches of happy minutes to appreciate!

153. You are the special case that has had confidence in me at all times. A debt of gratitude is in order for being a great Dad and have a splendid birthday!

154. On this extraordinary day, I need to thank you for your help and comprehension. For me, you will dependably be a magnificent father and a rousing identity, happy birthday to you!

155. You are the coolest Dad, ever! Happy Birthday, much love and warm wishes are coming in your direction!

156. Happy Father’s day & Happy birthday my love wish you all the best and many more. I love u so much.

157. Happy birthday father of mine. Stay healthy for all of us. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


159. Dad, your birthday gift is another year of not having to pay for my wedding.

160. Happy Birthday to the Best Father! We love you!

161. Dear Father, a debt of gratitude is in order for being there for me and supporting me all my life. I wish you a happy birthday dad!

162. Happy birthday wishes to the best father on the planet, I adore you to such an extent!

163. Happy Birthday to my father today. A man who usually had a party. If you knew him, you’d be invited. May our memories bless us all the time.

164. Today is the day my Father was born happy Birthday Father and Happy Birthday to one of his beautiful girls.

165. For the birthday boy from Jalisco boy! Happy Birthday, Father! Cheers.

166. Happy Birthday to my firstborn!! You are such an amazing father. It’s so awesome to just sit back and watch you “shine!” Happy Birthday. We love you son!

167. Happy birthday to my father. Have a great day and maybe a weekend with my dad surprise party for you shoot um ignore that lol.

168. Happy Birthday to my dad! I love you dearly! You gave us life and happiness!

169. Happy birthday to the best dad!  This photo pretty much sums us up. Thanks for being my friend for life. Love you so much.

170. Just want to wish me, beautiful father, a happy birthday. Wish I was there to celebrate it with you.

171. I meant to post yesterday, but Happy Birthday to a wonderful father, mother in law and nana!!! We love you

172. Happy Birthday!!! Dad loves you! Enjoy your B-day celebration!

173. Happy birthday to my Dad. I miss you so many words can’t even describe. Happy birthday I love you with all my soul.

174. Happy birthday, dad!! Maybe one day you’ll look at us the way you look. Just kidding, the one thing I’ve never had to wonder is how much you love us and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Love you so much!

175. Happy Birthday, Dad! I know you are in Heaven watching over us and I thank you for that! I love you, Daddy!

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176. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!! Celebrating your day. Good luck on the POKER tables!!!

177. Happy Birthday, Dad! You’re one of a kind and the best dad I could have ever had!

178. I know it’s late but I was at work all day happy birthday to the greatest father anybody can ask for all your advice and knowledge is very valuable to me if only I listen I love you your the definition of a real man.

179. Happy Birthday to this great man, best husband, father, and brother!!! Today we celebrate you.  May God bless you with much more to come. love you dad.

180. Today you would have been 65. Sending love and kisses to heaven. Happy birthday, dad.

181. Happy birthday to my Dad. The Legend. I am who I am because of you…Looking forward to celebrating with you soon. Love you always!

182. Happy birthday to my father. I love you dad continue to guide me on this path I’m on.

183. Happy Birthday, Dad! What a year we have had. 90 promises to be far easier – love you!

184. I’m late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FATHER!!! Thank you for everything that you have done for us… I miss you and I love you so much.

185. I want to wish my father a happy birthday and thanks dad for always being there for me and can’t wait to celebrate your birthday later. Love you dad with all my heart.

186. I want to wish my father and a very Happy Birthday. You are a strong beautiful loving dad. Thank you so much for life and for everything you do for all your kids/grandkids. We love you so much.

187. Happy birthday. Wishes go out today with one awesome dad! I love you all the time!

188. Happy birthday, dad. I still wonder how my parents did it at a young age dad you were only 17… you manage to guide me through life. Although I at times took another route I have always wanted to make you proud, but I also want to say I’m proud of you.

189. Happy Birthday, Father dear!  May God continue to bless you always. Wishing you good health and happiness always. And please take care all the time… We miss & love U!

190. Join me in wishing the original OG my father A happy birthday.

191. I am full. Happy birthday, father! Another year was done, and much more to go!

192. Happy Birthday, Father! All the best and health and love!! God bless!

193. Happy birthday Father! May The Lord bless you greatly in a special and personal way today. Mark and Debbie

194. Fun with father and family tonight. Happy birthday, Dad. Time for bed night all you hoes.

195. Happy Birthday, DAD! I love you, thanks for being such an amazing father, I will always love & respect you.

196. Happy Birthday to my amazing and goofy dad!!

197. Happy Birthday to my best friend, loving, supportive & patient husband, and father! We love you!!

198. Happy birthday to the most amazing father! Thank you for everything you have done for all of us. You have always taught us to be strong, smart, and independent and to never settle for less. I love you and pray for many more happy birthdays!!!

199. So it’s this guy’s birthday today!! Happy Birthday to the best husband, father, and friend in the whole wide world! Here are all of God’s blessings to many more! Love you lots!

200. Happy Birthday, Dad!!! Wish I was home to celebrate with you, but we will have to make up for it next time I come up!!!

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201. Happy Birthday to the greatest Father, Husband, and Best friend ever! I love you with all my heart.

202. Happy Birthday to a wonderful man, father friend, brother, grandfather and uncle have a blessed day.

203. Happy birthday to my father. Man, I am so glad to celebrate another birthday with you. Love you so much.

204. This beast of a man is my dad. This is him at the gym yesterday on his 65th birthday. Happy birthday, Dad!

205. Happy Birthday, Dad! I feel closer to you than ever before! For, the Power of the Heart transcends all time and space!

206. Happy birthday, Dad!!! Excited to spend your birthday with you! We need an updated picture of us!

207. Screaming all the way to the heavens above happy birthday Papa. He would have been 88 years young today lol, We love and miss you so much.

208. Happy Birthday, Dad!! I’m so grateful to have you as a father!! I love you!

209. I would like to wish my father a Happy Birthday to you!!!! May God continue to bless you with many more.

210. Happy Birthday, Dad. Love your baby girl. RIP I know you and mom are content and happy dancing.

211. Happy Birthday, father!!! We are so lucky to have and love you!!! We’re crazy about you. I hope your days the best!

212. Happy Birthday to the Greatest Earthly Father that ever lived. Love & Miss You. My Daddy.

213. Wishing you a very happy birthday papa. May God bless you with all the happiness and good health.

214. Happy birthday to the most amazing husband, my great father, and best friend in the world. Love you, babe. Can’t wait for all our birthdays together in the future.

215. Sending loving birthday wishes to my man who is also a great son, brother, father, uncle, friend & comedian! Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

216. Happy Birthday, father!!! Very proud of you and the father you have become. I hope you have a great day!!!

217. Happy birthday to these beautiful souls!! I love you guys so much.

218. Happy, happy birthday, Dad! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

219. Happy birthday, Dad!!! I can’t believe it’s been 5 months. Love you to the moon and back!!

220. Happy birthday to my beloved Father, I do love him dearly. He doesn’t Facebook but thought I’d share

221. Sending my dad blessing on this special day celebrating another year of life happy birthday dad.

222. Happy Birthday to my dad! Every day I try to be a fraction of the man and father you are. Hope you have a great 77th Birthday!

223. I feel so thankful for all the lovely moments that we shared. You are the best father in the world for our girls. Happy birthday!  We love you.

224. Happy Birthday to my dad. He is always there for us no matter what. Wishing him a very blessed day!

225. Just wanted to wish my father a Happy Birthday. I love you and wish you many more years to come.

Happy birthday dad from daughter letter

226. Happy 75th Birthday Dad. Hope you have a great day. Thanks for all you do.

227. Happy birthday to my beautiful mother. Hope you have a wonderful day.

228. Old picture, but my most favorite. Happy birthday to the best man I know, glad to have an amazing role model for my father. Happy birthday.

229. Though my father has had his share of health issues, we are truly blessed he is still with us! Happy 80th birthday to my dad!

130. I just want to say Happy Birthday to the Best Husband, my Father, and Grandfather! You are my King! Man, you still look good to me and still make me blush. I could not have asked for a better husband. God has truly blessed your life. It’s awesome being married to you. Honey enjoy your days

231. Happy Birthday to my beautiful father! Do it big Silver solder!

232. Happy birthday to my great father! I love you so much, mom!! Your one of a kind!!!

233. Happy Birthday to this handsome dad! Thanks for being an awesome camping buddy and an even better boyfriend. Love you.

234. Happy 61st Birthday Papa. On this special day, we wish you a very special Happy Birthday.

235. Today, I am happy, I am thankful, and I am blessed. Thank you all for your beautiful birthday wishes. I love you all. Thank you, Father, for this added year.

236. Happy 70th Birthday Dad! with a few hundred of your closest pals.

237. I would like to wish my father a happy heavenly birthday !! Love you and miss you. I know you are in heaven keeping everyone laughing !! Also dancing to that good old music! Rest easy!!

238. My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. Wishing my Pops a very HAPPY 55th BIRTHDAY and many more!

239. I would like to wish you a happy 38th birthday!!! Damn you’re old!!! Thank you for still being a great friend and especially a great father to our boys. May you enjoy many more!!!

240. Happy Birthday to the great father in the World! I said a special prayer for you today, and know God heard, I felt the answer in my heart. I asked that he be near you at the start of each new day. That He may grant you health and blessings and years of joy. I asked for His loving care most of all. Love you so much, dad!!

241. Happy, Birthday to this great guy that I am blessed to call my Dad. He is the best. Love, Love, Love him! Happy Birthday, father!

242. Happy birthday to my handsome father! Thank you for always teaching me if I got myself into a mess I can either deal with my mess or ask God for forgiveness and let him do the rest.  Miss you lots.

243. Happy Birthday to the Best Father in the whole wide world!!! I love you daddy thank you for always being the one parent I only have a need. See you soon.

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