165+ Happy Birthday Messages for Dad From Heart

Today is your father’s birthday. You should wish him. Here we have an amazing collection of birthday messages for dad. Make your dad’s birthday more enjoyable and memorable. Show him how much you love him, how much he is important to you. You can send this birthday message via any social media site, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, or email.

Birthday messages for dad

1. Happy birthday, Dad! I love you more then I can say, thank you for your amazing memories, concerts, dinner dates, biting your nose, football games, and everything in between! Your one hell of a Dad! I love you lots!

2. Big huge shout out to the one and the only special guy my dad. Love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, dad.

3. Happy Birthday my dear Dad! Sorry, you had to spend it in the hospital, but with that head of hair, you won’t be able to keep the nurses away.

4. Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you so much. Wishing you the best birthday ever! (your name here).

5. Happy birthday, Dad! 50 going on 15 is the only way to celebrate. Have a good day.

6. My dad would have been 72 today. Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you lots always.

7. Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy birthday dad in heaven. we love and miss you.

8. Happy Birthday, Dad. Miss you beyond words.

9. Happy Birthday, Dad! Forever missing you..taken way too young from us!

10. Time to celebrate Dad turns 65 today. Happy birthday, Dad, I love you so much those three words cannot possibly encapsulate how much. Have a great day.

11. Happy birthday, dad.Had to put on my spiderman scrub on that my daughters got me ..MAY YOU REST IN PEACE.

12. Happy birthday dear dad… Wishing you long life and prosperity to eat the fruits of your labor in Jesus’ name!!


14. Happy Birthday, DAD! Wish you the world & more! I love you so much.

15. Happy Birthday, Dad!!!! Hope you have an amazing day! Love you lots.

16. I watch my young grandsons swim like fish, wonder at wildlife in the country, crave new experience and adventure… and understand that my father is still very much alive through what he loved and the gifts he shared with us. Happy birthday to my dear dad!

17. Happy birthday, dad, I love you enjoy your day.

18. Happy birthday, Dad. Not as good as last year but we can go out when you get back from NYC.

19. Happy Birthday, Dad! The big 60!! Love you and glad we could spend it with you!!

20. How that for a good birthday? Happy Birthday, Dad!!

21. Happy Birthday, Dad!! You now 65. Love you.

22. Lady-killer. Father. Friend. Businessman. Hippest Grandpa I know. Happy birthday, dad! I love you. See you in a couple of weeks!

23. My best friend & Dad turns 40 today! Happy birthday, Dad! I love you!

24. Happy birthday, Dad!! Hope you have a great one!

25. Happy birthday dad. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and wish you were here.

Cool Birthday Wishes For Father – Dad

The best birthday messages for dad

Birthday Messages for Dad

26. Happy birthday, dad. Hope you have a wonderful day, thanks for being the best!!!

27. Happy Birthday, Dad Miss you so much Wish you were here with us.

28. Hamming it up! Happy Birthday, Dad, you are truly the best dad!

29. Always positive and full of laughs I’m glad to call you my dad. Sharing another birthday with you is a blessing. Happy 40th Birthday Dad. Always love you

30. Happy Birthday, 50th Dad.”Everywhere I look there’s one more memory. There’s a little bit of you in everything I see” GS Blessings form above Thank you for everything.

30. Happy 40th Birthday Dad loves you & hope you enjoy your day.

32. Happy Birthday, Dad!!! Dinner with my parents for Dad’s Birthday!!!


Young Knuckle Head Keith Stone

Wishing You Much More.

34. Happy 60th birthday dad I love you and miss you .. Do enjoy your day. May you live to see much more to come. May God bless and protect you .. Love you, dad.

35. On this day, a few years back. Shaw was born! Happy birthday, Dad.  Love you!

36. Happy birthday dad. today it is your day. my prince, I wish you all the happiness of the world is between father and son

37. My dad never asks for much. That’s why when I make it I’m giving him everything I own. Happy Birthday, Dad.

38. Happy birthday, Dad! Sending you a hug, a kiss, and a proper high 5.

39. Made this video for you. May bloom Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

40. Happy Birthday, Dad May God Bless you always With Immense Health Wealth Happiness, And Success In Life. Have a Great Year Ahead.

41. Happy 50th Birthday, Dad! Sure…I could’ve edited out the end of this video, but any authentic toddler birthday video greeting really should include at least one meltdown.;) See you Friday! Love you.

42. My dad is more than just my dad. My dad is the 1st man who stole my heart, my bingo buddy, role model, and my best friend. I am truly blessed for everything you have taught me over the years and I hope you enjoy your special day!! I love you always. Happy birthday, Daddy!!

43. Happy birthday to the most amazing people I know. Thank you for raising me in a home full of love and teaching me values and how to work hard. I love you with all my heart. I am so happy to call you dad.

44. Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, the legend, the love of my life and my for better or worst. Did I tell you that you are an awesome man? I love you from here to the moon!!!

45. Happy Birthday to the best daddy in the world! We love you to pieces!!!

46. Happy birthday, dad! And thanks for making my world so wonderful, for being the best father and friend, enjoy your birthday and much, much more together.

47. Want to wish my best friend and a great father. Happy birthday, dad. Me and you forever babe. Love you.

48. Happy birthday to the best man I know you are an amazing father and a great hubby to me and we love you for that.

Unique birthday messages for dad

Birthday Messages for Dad

49. Happy Birthday to My Daddy. May The Good Lord Keep on Blessing U with Good Health, Strength, a Long and Happy Life. Hope you have a Fabulous Day! Love U Daddy.

50. Happy 60th Birthday in Heaven Daddy. Miss you every day.

51. Happy birthday. Daddy loves u very much and is blessed to have a daughter so beautiful and smart as you, we are the luckiest parents in the world. You are officially a teen now and daddy has to keep his eyes more open on you.

52. Happy birthday to my dad in heaven, who, I have been told that I am very similar to…and very proud of it!

53. To my Father,  Happy 80th Birthday in heaven gone but not forgotten forever in our hearts. share a dance with mom.

54. Happy 25th birthday in Heaven, the first man I ever loved, MY DADDY! Love u and miss u every day.

55. Happy birthday to the most amazing father in the world! I love you! Wishing you lots of love, happiness, health, and success! I will always be your little angel!

56. Happy 85th Birthday Daddy!!

We love you and pray that God blesses you with much more.

57. Just Wanna Say Happy Birthday To My King. My Daddy. I Don’t Say It As Much As I Should But I Love You, Daddy. Been A Daddies Girl From Day One.

58. Happy Birthday to my Daddy. Loves u, daddy. Girl Enjoy ps had to steal mommy’s video lol.

59. My dad with no FB page but deserves a big shout out today my dad’s birthday n I am so glad I’m his daughter n he is in my life.

60. Today is your birthday dad !!! My face in this picture speaks for itself what you mean to me. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard your voice since the hurricane hit us! I know you are good but I wish I could wish you a happy birthday and hear your voice !!! I love you Dad and happy bday !!

61. Happy Birthday, dad we miss you every day! Love you lots.

62. Happy birthday, dad! Love you and miss you tremendously.


You inspire me to be the best man I can be, you encourage me to be a success, you love me like I’m still your little boy, you have always been there through thick & thin to support me, no matter what!!

I love you!!

64. Happy birthday, dad, wish I was with you to celebrate but our globe-trotting is yet to cross paths. Hope you and mum get a party night tonight. Love you dad, thanks for everything.

65. Happy birthday, Dad! You are so nice and have always been there for me. Thank you for teaching me how to cook, how to be street smart, and teaching me how to be independent at such a young age. I wouldn’t be the independent woman I am today without you and Mom. You rock.

66. Happy 60th Birthday, Dad! Thank you for all you do for us — you deserve to be celebrated today. LOVE YOU.

67. Hanging out with my main man my dad it’s his first time. Happy Birthday, Dad.

68. Happy Birthday, Dad!! I love you and miss you every day!


70. Happy birthday, dad loves you man your turning 60 today dang man you really are old thanks dad for always being by my side love yah well happy birthday. hope you have a good day today you old fart and may you live many more years with me.

Special birthday messages for dad

Check below special birthday messages for dad

Birthday Messages for Dad

71. Happy birthday, Dad. I’m glad you met my mom in this play. I’m even gladder you didn’t catch the acting bug.

72. Taking my dad to New York for his 80th birthday. Happy birthday, Dad

73. Happy birthday Dad…Although I’m in the hospital today…I will still your favorite songs today…I miss you so much.

74. Thinking about my “DAD” today is his Birthday! And this Daddy’s Girl misses her Dad every day and feels Blessed every day to have had the “Best Dad” a girl could have ever hoped for. Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope you and Mom and dancing up a storm! Love you and miss you lots!

75. Happy Birthday, Dad!!! thank you for being there for me through thick and thin and loving me anyway. Thank you for being the best Dance Dad, Football Dad, and Dodgeball Dad out there!

76. Happy birthday, Dad!! Time to enjoy mom’s yummy food!!

77. Happy Birthday, Dad! Even though that black hair is now grey, you still got it goin’ on!!! This picture of us Bill Parker makes me happy. Enjoy your day!!!

78. Happy birthday to my dad who is 65 today! Excited to take him and my mom to Disneyland next month!

79. I wanna wish my dad a happy birthday. Am so blessed to have him as a dad. And I’ve noticed that he’s been happier since the baby was born. Happy birthday, dad.

80. The celebration continues with excellent… Happy Birthday, Dad!

81. Happy Birthday, dad! May The Lord bless you with many more years to come, Love you I’ll have our Fagus ready We’re I mean food lol.

82. Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope you had an a-rocking’ time at the concert tonight!! Love you always.

83. This one is Better has more images of somewhat everyone happy birthday dad

84. Happy birthday, dad!! I hope you enjoyed yourself. Thank you to everyone who joined us.

85. To my loving daddy, Happy Birthday. You are a wonderful father and we are so blessed.

86. Happiest of Birthdays to my wonderful dad. I love this photo of us because we both look in different directions most of the time yet you’ve never stopped holding me. I love you.

87. Happy Birthday to my Father, Friend, and Funny Man: Daddy. Blessed to be a blessing, and I thank you for always being present!

88. Happy Birthday to my King, my first and real daddy once again! Love you!

Your birthday is complete when you see your folks through Skype. Miss you much dad & mom!!! Thank you so much for everything!!! Love you both!!

89. 70 sure looks good on you dad!!! You’re my inspiration and role model. One of the smartest things you ever did was marry my mother 55 years ago today on your birthday!!

90. Happy birthday to my Daddy’s. I love you so much. You go above and beyond for us every day, you inspire us by how hardworking you are!

I’m lucky to have you to always support and look out for me.

This is your day! You’re amazing!

You are looking, good dad.

91. Happy Birthday to My Best Friend, My Father, and A Great Man. Six Years and it feels like yesterday he was teaching me how to tie my shoes. Love and Miss Him Deeply.

92. Happy 60th Birthday to my daddy. The man that I know will never fail me. May The Lord bless him with many more years. I love him so much and will always be his baby.

Birthday messages for dad from son/daughter

Birthday Messages for Dad

93. A shoutout to my Dad. who is celebrating his Birthday today? Thanks to all the awesome things that you do as a Father and continue to be the best dad in the world. I wish you a very Happy Birthday and can’t wait to celebrate it with you later.

94. The best birthday gift anyone could give me was when I spent it with my biological father and siblings. Praise God.

95. Happy birthday to my favorite guy! My daddy! I thank God for you daddy, You are a walking miracle. Thank you, God, for another year. Enjoy your special day dad doing what you want, eating what you want although you do that anyway! Lol.. I love you forever!

96. did not get the memo it was daddy’s birthday! He just fell asleep, and now daddy wants to spend all day sleeping. We will see how that turns out!!!

97. Having a blast taking my dad to the Clippers game for his Birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad!!

98. Happy Birthday, Dad. hope you have a good day! Love you so much thanks for all the good advice and texts miss yew! turn up hehe!

99. Happy birthday, dad! Thanks for always supporting me and helping me reach my dreams!

100. Happy Birthday, Dad. I know you are celebrating up in heaven with Mom and all our loved ones that have passed. Love and miss you always.

101. Happy Birthday, Dad! What a wonderful rainbow! Last time I saw a rainbow was my Birthday!!! How special is that and if that isn’t him sending a message what is?!?!? I miss you so much, Dad!

102. Because everyone used this picture today! Happy Birthday, dad! You’re our everything!!

103. Happy Birthday, Dad. love you more than I could ever explain. thank you. I loved mine.

104. So. Dad would have been 60 today. There is not one day that goes by that I don’t miss him. Happy birthday, Dad. Hope you are having your favorite martinis up there. We all love you so much.

105. It’s my dad’s birthday and well I was going to call to wish him a happy birthday, but I don’t have his number. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD. Hope it went well

106. Happy birthday, Dad. He always said everyone celebrated his birthday. Always a comedian. RIH

107. Happy birthday to my twin!!!! happy birthday, Dad!!! Love you!!

108. Happy Birthday, Dad! Hope you’re still able to enjoy your day. Love You Lots!

109. Happy birthday, dad!!! I know there are a lot of great dads out there, but mine is the absolute best!

110. Happy birthday, Dad, we love you so much!! just missing our Claudia. Go Cubbies!

111. Happy Birthday, Dad! Really missing you today and every day. When we didn’t have blue icing, blue sprinkles worked just fine!

112. Many Many Happy Returns of the day!!! Happy Birthday, Dad.

113. Happy 70th Birthday dad!! Got lost driving to my show tonight. I needed you, GPS was a little off. Maybe come say hi tonight.

114. Happy 50th Birthday, Dad!!! Fun times with the family!!

115. Happy Birthday, Dad! Hope you have a good day in the beyond where I know they celebrate everything.

Top birthday messages for dad

Birthday Messages for Dad

116. Happy Birthday, Dad! You’re the best of the best. I love you! Have an awesome day.:)

117. Today was beyond awesome. Got to celebrate my dad’s birthday by spending one hell of a day in the city. Shedd aquarium was incredible and then got to see at this moment! Happy Birthday, dad I love you!

118. Happy Birthday, Dad!!! I love u very much.

119. Pretty much the greatest surprise birthday of all time. Happy 60th birthday dad!

120. Today would have been my dad’s birthday. This was his favorite season and loved his birthday. Happy Birthday, dad. I hope you have a nice one in heaven!

121. Happy Birthday, Dad! sang “Happy Birthday ” today. We miss and love you! Here is your favorite birthday cake:

122. I wanna say Happy Birthday to the King who gave me and taught me a lot about life. Happy Birthday, Dad. you would have been 66 years old today and are truly missed and Loved always……

123. First collegiate goal! She has scored every year. My birthday and this year are no different. Wow! Happy Birthday, Dad! With an assist from her roommate, great job.

124. I don’t like to dwell or reminisce but today is a very special day I just wanna take the time out to say Happy Birthday Dad. it has been a long 3 years without you here to celebrate or turn up with us but we missing you and I love you until we meet again

125. Since Dad and I were in the air, I did something special for him. I pulled the Captain aside and asked if he would say that we had a VIP on board and he came through. He wished “Bill” a great birthday Dad had no idea. I sang happy birthday to him and gave him a card to read at 20,000 feet up. It was pretty awesome.

126. If I could travel back in time and give my younger self some advice. It’d be something so simple but hold so much meaning…

“Hang out with Dad more. He’s actually pretty cool.”

Happy 70th Birthday, Dad.

127. Today is your 50th birthday dad, and I want to wish you a happy birthday. I love you old man. When I call you to come, at the age of 30 going on 31 I’m still daddy’s little girl. we have a bond no one understands but us. we help the turn up is gonna be real when we link. Happy birthday, dad.

128. Happy birthday to the most talkative man in this world!!!  lol, I love him for life! Happy birthday, dad!

129. Happy birthday, dad! Let’s keep the celebration going today. May God bless you always.

130. Today is my dad’s birthday. He would have been 55. Please don’t take it for granted. You never get them back.

131. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD. It’s been 35 years and STILL like a wound that won’t heal

132. Happy Birthday, Dad. sorry again for not being there to celebrate this day with you hope u have a rocking day and a year ahead

133. Happy birthday, dad! I miss you every day. What I wouldn’t do to hear your voice and see your smile! Love you!

134. Happy Birthday Dad wanted to share 80 today and I need to find a place today so I can get back to wish dad h bday and I’m worried about him!!

135. Happy birthday, dad. We love you so much. Best dad ever! And thanks mom for dinner!!

136. Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope you have a great birthday week! Next time you want to gauge how great of a Dad you were, just look at this picture and know this is your legacy! You have been the best Dad and awesome Grandpa in the world! We love you!!! Your family!

Amazing birthday messages for dad

Birthday Messages for Dad

137. Happy Birthday, dad. Wish we were celebrating together. Miss you always.

138. My dear old Dad would have turned 85 today. Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you!

139. Happy Birthday, Dad. Wishing you the very best and more to come!

140. Happy Birthday, Dad! Miss You always! Have a good day.

141. Happy Birthday, Dad! Love & miss you. You’re in my thoughts every day!

142. I post this image every year but my dad freaking rocks and I love this picture. Happy birthday, the dad, hope you’re having an awesome time.

143. Had such a fun weekend hanging out with best friends and family!!!! Happy Birthday, Dad!!!!

144. Happy birthday, dad!! We were so lucky to be able to spend the afternoon with you! Love you big time!!


146. Happy birthday, Dad. I love you and I miss you.

147. Happy birthday, dad!! Celebrating you all day starting at your favorite breakfast spot. I love you.

148. Happy birthday, dad. We love you so much and miss you always.

149. Happy Birthday to this amazing man. He made a choice to be a father to me, Loved me, and gave me his last name at two years old. He has been a constant source of love, support, and patience ever since. I am fortunate enough to call him Dad. Happy Birthday, DAD!

150. Zeke had a night of firsts: First baseball game  ✔️ First hat ✔️ First field-used baseball  ✔️ First birthday party (for the first grandparent to turn 65)  ✔️ Happy birthday dad, we love you!

151. Every child’s dream is to have a kind and understanding Father. I am very lucky to have you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD. Love you lots.

152. Chocolate Piñata Happy 60th Birthday Dad. We miss you but are netting you would have loved doing this with your grandkids.

153. Happy birthday, Dad. I love you very much. Glad to mom and aunt were able to have lunch and celebrate our day. Happy birthday.

154. Happy 80th birthday dad/Paw-paw/Bill! I know you are celebrating in heaven. You are always in our minds, hearts, and have given us lots of cherished memories. Love and miss you always.

155. Happy birthday, Dad! Love you lots and can’t wait to celebrate with you.

156. My Mami doing a little dance at The Astros game!  Love you Mami! Happy Birthday, Dad!

157. Wanted to wish the most hardworking man I know, a Happy Birthday!!! Here we all are at the same age he was in his image. Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

158. I LOVE this man! He’s my dad & so far he’s been a great dad to his children & grandchildren. I love you dad & I pray you to have a wonderful 50th birthday!!!

159. Happy 20th birthday to the best boyfriend in the world. I couldn’t ask for a better man/ father for my child! I love you so much

160. Today is my dad’s birthday and well he wrote this song and I sang it this weekend to his birthday bash/surprise party. So here’s a blurry clip that my cousin sent me. Happy birthday, Daddy.

161. This is who I met in Houston they were on my flight to Monroe, today was Anna’s birthday so I made a video of Jase wishing my baby Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddy. missed you !!!

162. So Proud and Blessed to Call you my father remember when I was a little girl and I always thought you were mean but you were just preparing me for the real world. I can’t thank you enough for that because it made me who I am today. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

163. Rest in peace to my dad. Real army vet. This was his last birthday with us. His last Busch he was about to drink and his army monument they gave to me.

164. Happy Birthday, to the most awesome Dad in the world!!! I am SO blessed to have you as my dad, friend, and mentor. May God bless you BIG TIME in ways you’ve never seen this year! I love you lots!!!

165. Daddy is getting all these birthday songs and his crazy butt says show me the money…….he is a wild man, but we all love him!!

166. Happy Birthday To My Baby Father. You are a wonderful dad. I thank you for being there from day 2. We have our ups and downs but we always manage to get along. Hope you have a SAFE and BLESSED birthday. Love you and Happy Birthday.

167. Happy Birthday to the first man I ever loved. You are truly missed every day. HARRY birthday!

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