200+ Special Birthday Messages for Brother – Make Special Birthday

Wish your elder or younger brother the best happy birthday messages for brother or SMS. Here you will find an amazing collection of top happy birthday messages for brother. If you want you can make your brother’s birthday more funny, enjoyable, and memorable with the best birthday message. Check below our collection of birthday messages for brother.

Happy birthday messages for brother

1. Happy birthday to my sweet brother. I miss you so damn much. You’d be proud of the moves my dude. Anyway, another year was gone. Love you, bro.

2. Happy Birthday, brother with best wishes for you. Enjoy your special day.

3. Happy Birthday, Brother. Enjoy your special Day with your Loving Family and Friends.

4. HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY BROTHER. You got good things coming your way always keep your head up, brother!!

5. Happy birthday brother with all the blessings takes care.

6. Happy birthday, brother-in-law. May the good God continue to bless you have a blessed and productive day!!

7. Happy Birthday, Brother. See You Tomorrow We Gon be Deady Egg & Cheese One Love

8. Happy birthday, brother. Wish I could go out and celebrate. Here is a little something to start your evening.

9. I frigging really love this! Happy Birthday, Brother love you. Hope it was the best ever! We all love you always!!!

10. Allow me to be the first to wish you a very happy birthday brother have a fantastic day.

Birthday Messages for Brother

11. Happy birthday to my big brother! Although we fight like cats and dogs, you’re still my little brother ..still… grit teeth…love…you! Lol

12. Happy birthday, brother. Much love and success.

13. Nothing but love. Happy birthday brother my dear brother. Love you lots.

14. Shout out to my brother today is his birthday! Happy birthday my brother!

15. Happy birthday, brother has a great year ahead. Enjoy your special day.

16. Happy Birthday, brother-in-law. May God continue to shine on you and heal you always.

17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, brother hope you’re enjoying your day.

18. Birthday at Sunset and a bunch of beautiful friends!!! Happy Birthday, brother!!

19. Happy birthday, brother enjoys the game tonight. Have a good day.

20. Happy Birthday brother I love you so much. God bless you.

21. Happy birthday brother and many many more to celebrate your special day.

22. Happy birthday to you my dear brother and best friend. I miss you always.

23. Screaming to Arizona happy birthday to my twin brother. Happy birthday brother, we love you hope you enjoy it and BESAFE.

24. Happy Birthday to my Little Brother! I love you no matter what!

25. Happy 22nd Birthday Brother Love You So Much.

26. Facebook help me with my lovely brother a happy birthday. I love you brother enjoy your day…

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The best birthday messages for brother

Birthday Messages for Brother

27. Even tho I’m old as heck, some people still refer to me as a sister and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy Birthday, Brother!

28. Happy birthday to My lovely brother. love you lots dear bro.

29. Yoooo Y’all help me wish my hairstylist, my boo thang, my bugaboo, my best friend happy birthday. love you lots. Enjoy your weekend..see you later.

30. Happy birthday to my big brother. I wish you much more. Love you, bro!

31. Celebrating my boy and my big brother’s birthday!! GO PACO…GO PACO!!

32. Happy birthday to my beautiful brother, who always looking out for me! Enjoy your day! Love you!

33. Happy birthday to your brother hope you enjoy your day to the fullest.

34. Happy birthday to my beautiful best brother of all time! wanted to be the first one who wished u a very happy birthday! I’m so glad I met you and you’re still in my life for so long! May God bless you with many more years! I love you so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


36. Happy Birthday to my brother the man who introduced me to Djing bought me my first turntables, got me into trouble, and got me out of trouble as well. Love you, big bro! I hope you enjoy your day in spite of the circumstances…Please add him and his wife to your prayers!

37. Happy Birthday To My Brother! …So I’ll Just Say I Love You Big Bro And Enjoy Your Day Old Man!

38. I and this cat started out as business partners and became best friends. We can bump heads about this business and it’s still no bad blood. The dude is as loyal as they come and cares about kids like no other. Appreciate our talks about life matters. Happy birthday, brother. Nothing but love for you Fletch.

39. Happy Birthday to my cousin/baby brother. love you so much!!!!

40. My Brother’s birthday was LIT. Thank you guys for coming out. Chemtura Trenise Choyce we SNAPPED! Happy Birthday.

41. We at it again, enjoying life with a brother. Happy Birthday. Love all around.

42. Let the birthday festivities begin!!! Happy birthday best brother!!!

43. Hanging out with my brother and crew for my birthday. House heads on the north side.


45. I wanna wish my little brother a happy 22nd Birthday…Trevor Wagner has a great day buddy!!! Mom & Dad love you!!

46. Happy Birthday To My Big Brother! I love you so much and hope you have a great day and I wish you much more!!!!

47. Happy Birthday to my brother. Until we are together again, have a wonderful day in heaven.

48. Happy Birthday to my great friend. It has been such a joy to have you in my life these past two years. You are one of the greatest gifts that the Lord has blessed me with. Hope you enjoy your special day. Love you so much.

49. Happy birthday you old punk! Sweet brother, good times, awesome cake- courtesy of The 38-you’re never too old.

Top birthday messages for brother

Check below the top birthday messages for brother.

Birthday Messages for Brother

50. Happy birthday my lovely brother. You are my best friend in the world and so happy to be counting down the years with you.

51. Happy 35th birthday to my big brother! Wouldn’t trade you for anything. Love you lots.

52. We found Brad! Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother. Hope you enjoy Iron & Wine! Love, Heather, and Craig.

53. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little buddy, and my crime partner in childhood. Stay blessed my brother.

54. I want to wish my brother-in-law MATTHEW WASH a happy birthday. we love you very much. You are more like a brother to our family I pray that GOD bless you to see many more birthdays enjoy your day.

55. Happy 25Th birthday to my blood, and very tall little bother. He gets on my nerves, but he’s still my blood and I love him no matter what. So I can say whatever I want about him, you can’t…Happy birthday little brother.

56. Happy birthday to my brother it’s still his birthday love you big brother.

57. Happy Birthday to my best friend/brother. it’s all ball for you, my girl. Love you to the moon and back. It’s your day enjoy it.

58. Happy Happy Birthday To My Lil Bro! Enjoy God Blessing! Love U.

59. Happy 25th birthday to the kid!!!!! Love you, baby brother. Wishing you much more.

60. Very special happy birthday to my amazing friend, office PIC, the human extinguisher. Enjoy your day, can’t wait to celebrate with you…Thank you for inspiring me to get better every day.

61. Screaming Happy Birthday to my big brother. You are such an awesome cousin not only to me but to my kids. So proud of the steps you are taking and your ambition. Happy Freaking Birthday.

62. Happy Birthday, buddy!!! I hope you have an amazing day! Enjoy your special day.

63. Wishing my brother in law a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy your great time.

64. Happy birthday and God bless my brother. I love you, man!!! enjoy I sent a couple of Russian midgets on the train to Milwaukee they should get there around 3 pm.

65. Happy Birthday, brother! Hopefully, you get that AR you’ve been wanting.

66. Happy Birthday, Brother may you be blessed with many more years. We wish you all the best today and everyday Happy Birthday!!!!!

67. Hey FB!!! Today is my big brother’s birthday!! Truly it is a blessing to have such a Talented. A Handsome man to call my brother. Thanking the Good Lord above that you were allowed to see the “Big 55”!!! Happy Birthday, brother. Wishing you much more!!! Love You lots!!!!!

68. Happy Birthday, Brother. Wishing you all good things today and always.

69. He was impressed with the authenticity. Happy Birthday, brother. It’s been 8 years and 25 has never looked so good. Love you. The nights just began!

70. Happy birthday, brother !!!!! Wish you were here. But we go do a few bottles when I see you. you are 29 now.

71. Happy Birthday, Brother! I hope that your day is relaxing and filled with joy. I love you, little brother.

72. After a day of countless Star Trek intrusions onto. Birthday wall, this one’s the final shout-out into the great unknown. To go where no man has gone before. To arrive, and realize Jason’s already found the best taco joint in that area, and Midori is on special.

Unique birthday messages for brother

Birthday Messages for Brother

73. Yep, I Founded It Happy Birthday Brother. Love You And SMOKE YOUR LUNGS OUT EVEN THOUGH I DONT HAVE TO TELL YOU.

74. Happy Birthday, Brother, Brother it’s your birthday! Love you much!

75. Happy Birthday, Brother! And so you know, I remembered it is today and logged into FB to post this. Enjoy your day.

76. Happy birthday to the world’s biggest bug he gets on my nerves like no other but I love him to death!! Happy birthday, brother.


78. Happy birthday, brother, can’t wait to rage with you in a couple of weeks, and for nye!!

79. A Beautiful day celebrating your 45th birthday! Happy birthday, brother!

80. Good evening FB. About tonight. I had a great time with my brother. Happy birthday, brother. Love you.

81. Today is my best brother’s birthday…with a simple gathering of friends, I’m wishing you great happiness with a joy that never ends! Happy Birthday to you love ya!!!

82. Happy 9th Birthday Buddy! Love you to the moon and back.

83. Happy birthday to the best goofy little brother anyone could ask for.

84. Wishing my great brother a very happy birthday, many blessings to you! I love you and miss you very much.

85. You inspire me to be a better person. Thanks for being a great brother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRO!! Let us meet tonight at Trump Tower for a special Dinner

86. Happy Birthday, brother. Love you and wishing you much more ain’t gotta write a book it’s lit all weekend too.

87. GM My People’s Can Y’all Help Me Wish My brother. Happy Birthday.

88. Happy Birthday, brother! Toasting to friends that are family. We miss all of you!

89. Happy Birthday to my brother forever. May you have much more Love all around

90. Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother. God be with him there in Puerto Rico.

91. Screaming happy birthday to my brother I love you bug hope you enjoy your day and be blessed with much more.

92. Happy birthday to my sweet brother! Hope you’ve enjoyed it and I’m wishing you much more!!

93. Happy Birthday to my sweet big brother 24!!!!

94. Happy birthday 2 my brother ain’t no need 4 no long paragraphs cuz he already know what it is love & wishes you plenty more let’s get high.

95. Happy birthday to our best friends! love you guys.

96. Happy birthday to this beautiful young brother. I love you and wish you much more.

97. Happy 22nd birthday to our buddy. Thank you for the treats!

Special birthday messages for brother

Birthday Messages for Brother

98. Happy Birthday to my brother from another. My bestie. It’s your day.

99. Happy Birthday, Buddy! Wishing you much more. Much Love you.

100. Happy 18th birthday to my big brother!!!! Love you so much!!! Enjoy your day…you DESERVE it!!!

101. A bit late Happy Birthday to the only person in the world that I love since before they were even born, my brother.

102. Well, I called my brother Overseer to wish him a “happy birthday” but he was in church. So, I’ll say it to you over social media- Brother I love you so much, man. We go way back to the beginning days of our Ministries. God has done so much and is still doing great things, and I am excited about what God will do in your next. I love you, Bro. Happy Birthday!!!!

103. Happy Birthday to my younger but older than me brother!! Your such an awesome man! I know dad would be so proud of you!! Love you.

104. Wishing my little brother Happy Birthday. May God Bless you richly on your special day. Enjoy it to the full!!!

105. Happy birthday to the brother of my soul and the friend of my heart. Wishing you an amazing day and many many more years to come. Love you.

106. Happy birthday to My brother. I know you don’t like pictures but so what…lol It’s ALL from LOVE HAPPY bday Big Brother!!!

107. Look at a cake with 2 dickheads. Happy Birthday, buddy SURPRISE!

108. Happy birthday little brother. Our life is like a book we do so much and we have done so much we had been there for each other to the end and we continue being there for each other my best friend Love you brother.

109. Happy Birthday To MY BEST brother of 26 years. I hope you have The Best Birthday and we will celebrate and take updated pics when you are here soon!!! Love you!!!

110. Happy Birthday! I hope your day has been filled with lots of love and joy. I know my Lil bro is being a clown so I’m sure you’re laughing or embarrassed or both. Happy Anniversary Y’all! Love you both, enjoy your day.

111. Happy Birthday, brother! Hope this next upcoming year is one hell of a run (see what I did there). Enjoy your day bro.

112. Happy birthday to my very first brother! Hope you have a lovely day!

113. Screaming from off the highest rooftop Happy Birthday to one of the best brothers that anyone could ever have! you are the epitome of what anyone can call a friend. Appreciate you so and cherish the friendship we have. You sacrifice and do so much for others but for today which is your Special Day, it’s all about you! So today instead of others do something special for yourself The Lord knows you well deserve it. Again Happy Birthday brother.

114. Well, I would like to wish my baby brother a happy birthday may the Lord continue to Keep On Blessing him with many more years to come love you little bro enjoyed your day papa.

115. The start of the 24hrs long flight to celebrate my brother’s 30th  birthday with friends and family… See you all!

116. Happy Birthday buddy…!! I could not upload any other image rather than this….!! Thank you for being a good friend..!! Hope you have a nice day ahead… Stay happy always.

117. Happy 40th Birthday to the Best Big Brother. Thanks for always having my back. Love you to the moon and back…Have an Awesome Day!!!!!

118. My awesome brother-in-law came to wish me a happy birthday all the way from NYC!!

119. Happy birthday to my big brother. Enjoy your day. love you.

Lovely birthday messages for brother

Birthday Messages for Brother

120. I carry you on my back because you always had mine… Happy Birthday, Lil Brother. Long Live.

121. Never had an older brother. I met -Young and Antonio Young Happy birthday bro.

122. Had to come to Celebrate my brother’s 40th Birthday. wish you much more.

123. Today is my brother’s birthday Happy birthday to my brother. Thank you for my family. Thank you, my friends. Thanks for all the blessings. Thanks, I very so happy really!

124. Happy Birthday to my brother. May you have much more Love all around.

125. Happy Birthday to my oldest and dearest brother. I never had!!! I love you so much!!! Have an amazing Birthday!

126. She’s taught me how to put up with my husband when the Bears lose every Monday, but more importantly, she has taught by example how to be the best sister, wife, mother, and friend. Happy birthday. Love you lots!

127. I want to wish a happy birthday to my brother and I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

128. Wishing My Twin Brother. Happy Birthday, Brother… Love you, Man. The best twin brother ever.

129. Happy birthday to my blood brother, my rider, my shooter. Happy birthday, brother enjoy your day wish you much more to come.

130. Happy birthday, brother. words can’t describe how we all feel about the situation God has gained another wonderful angel! Please continue to watch over your family and friends! We miss you lots already! Don’t party too much.

131. Happy birthday, brother…the girls and I wish you much more we love you…have an awesome day.

132. Happy Birthday, brother. Hope you have an awesome day …. and much more I love you BEEYOCH!!!


134. Happy birthday, brother! You are my favorite person in the entire world and I couldn’t be more proud of you. I love you lots and will see you after deployment to celebrate!

135. Happy birthday, brother! I hope today was the best day ever!


137. It’s Sunday the 15th and it’s my brother’s birthday! Happy birthday, brother! Thanks for teaching me so much! Love you lots!

138. Happy Birthday, Brother!! I hope you feel loved and celebrated your special day.

139. Happy birthday, brother, hope you have a great day. Love you so much.

140. I want to give a big shout out to my bro. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROTHER!!!! This man decided on June 11 to sign up for the camp and has shown nothing but heart and hard work. I am honored to call this man a friend and to be able to watch is an amazing journey!!

141. Happy birthday, brother, wish you many more years to come with great health and happiness.

142. I wish you were right across from me with your hoodie up. Enjoying this January weather and a bowl of hot pho soup with extra limes, can of Pepsi..showing me something on your phone while you kick me hard in the shins because I said something stupid. I wanted to tell you that you’re free and that I love you more than the word I can say. Happy 24th birthday brother. We all miss you. Rest now, knowing that your love is in all of our hearts.

143. Happy birthday to my best brother. You are going to be one hell of a father! I love you and can’t wait for our little family to start.

Amazing birthday messages for brother

Birthday Messages for Brother

144. Happy Birthday to our wonderful brother and friend. Hope you enjoy your day. We love you lots!!

145. Happy birthday to my Lovely brother. Enjoy yourself and today is your day!!!

146. Cheers to this Birthday Boy!!! My great brother, best friend, my rock. Happy birthday, bro.

147. Happy Birthday to my Best brother!!  You have reached a new level in life and you are not done yet. More Blessings to come! Proud of you bro!

148. New Age, New knowledge, New person, and as you as plus 1 today may God Almighty Continue to Bless, protect and guide you in all your undertakings. Happy birthday big bro and I wish you all the best in life though am not with you physically but am with you in spirit. Love you so much, Brother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (name here) SOULMATE BIGGIE SHINE.

149. Wishing my little brother a happy 20th birthday, love you!

150. Happy Birthday to my brother We been rocking for about 5 years now and never had to question each other loyalty at all always got each other back to the grave but have fun my bro but Sunday night at Vanity Grand its gone be a movie

151. Happy birthday to my partner in crime, my best friend, and the love of my life. You are my world and we love you

152. Happy Birthday to the best Brother. You have been in our lives forever and you truly are the definition of an adopted brother. We love you beyond words. To many more birthdays, we will celebrate together.

153. This is my amazing brother and I want to wish him a happy birthday. love you and God Bless you.

154. Today is your birthday buddy. Mommy and daddy are so blessed with the opportunity to help mode you into a young man. We love you so much. I can’t even believe a year ha went by so fast.

155. I thank God each and every day for giving me a great brother like you.  I want to thank you for being a great brother. Today you have added another year to your age. May it come with hope, joy, and happiness wishes of life for you. Love you bro stay up to enjoy.

156. Happy birthday to my beautiful brother. Enjoy your day Brother.

157. Happy 26th Birthday To My Brother & friend !!!! I love doing life with you. You deserve an amazing day!!!! Happy Cake Day.

158. Happy birthday to an awesome brother, Enjoy your day boo.

159. Happy Birthday to my amazing brother! Hope you have the best day ever.!! Love you.

160. Let’s all stop and wish my best brother a very happy birthday. He is so beautiful and special in his own way. I love you so much and I pray for many more birthdays to come.

161. Happy Birthday to a great brother, best friend, and the person who helps me make it through each day.

162. We would not dream of letting this day go by without wishing a happy birthday to our brother. We hope your day is as amazing as you are! Happy birthday!

163. I Hope you’re Enjoying Your 26th Birthday. Wishing You Many More Wonderful And Blessed Years Ahead. Enjoy Life!!

164. Happy Birthday to my cousin! Miss you buddy can’t wait to see you soon.

165. Help me to wish my great brother in the world… a Happy Birthday as we get ready to drive across the state of PA today!

166. Happy 26th birthday to my Lil brother. Love you, bro. you have been home soon

Wonderful birthday messages for brother

Birthday Messages for Brother

167. Happy Birthday to a good brother of mine. Ed, Edd, & Eddy all in one May God continue blessing you with many more years to come. Let’s turn up.

168. Happy birthday to my brother, Wishing him nothing but the best. Hope you enjoy your special day. I love you.

169. Happy birthday to my big bro. creative and smart glad you different and didn’t follow my footsteps East. wish bro a happy birthday everybody.

170. Happy Birthday to my brother, there’s no one else I rather bicker with every other day. Hope you have an amazing day and I can’t wait to celebrate. Love you long time Cici.

171. Happy Birthday to the greatest brother and my best friend. Love you more and more every day!

172. Happy 20th Birthday to my brother and Best Friends! I’m so blessed and lucky to have found friends as special as you two. I hope you have an amazing birthday and an awesome year! Can we just stop getting older?

173. Happy Birthday to my brother, I Love you and I am extremely proud of you!!

174. Hey everyone before the day end please help me to wish my best brother a happy birthday. Wishing him long life and happiness….enjoy your great day.

175. Happy Birthday to my young. A brother and a legend, continue to be a blessing on this Earth. Catch you later.

176. Happy Birthday to my dear brother. I appreciate your role in my life. I pray for you daily. But today I pray that God grants you everything your heart desires.

177. Nervous in your own house anymore in this crazy world we live in? Call my buddy from ADT and have him set you up with the top of the line security for your home! He already hooked my parents up and they love it! Oh, and it’s the guy’s birthday today! Happy birthday, brother!

178. Happy Birthday to my brother and one of the few people I trust! Have a great day, weekend, and year!! Love you lots!!

179. Happy birthday my dear brother. Wishing you all the very best today and always enjoy your day with your beautiful family.


181. I would like to wish my best brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

182. I want to wish my brother a happy 34th birthday. I hope you enjoy your day.

183. Happy birthday. Much love from the City of Brotherly Love Philly happy birthday bro enjoys your day peace.

184. I loving the memory of my friend Herd Fielder Happy Birthday love and miss you. Rest well in heaven.

185. Happy Birthday to my brother, my niece, and my friend. I hope you have a great day.

186. Happy Birthday To the best brother. Enjoy your day.

187. Couldn’t ask for a better brother-in-law. Happy birthday!!

188. Shouting from the top of my lungs Happy Birthday  Brother. love you. Hope you enjoy your day.

189. Happy birthday to a great brother and friend, It was never a dull moment with you bro, turn up like it’s your last.

190. Happy birthday to the most honest brother and true friend I know. I love you and couldn’t make it through a day without you! You’re an amazing friend. Happy birthday love you always!

191. Wishing you lots of happiness & success brother. Enjoy your day to the fullest! Happy Birthday my friend!!!!!

192. Happy birthday to the YOUNG Love you, bro, I miss u being on my right laughing with you.

193. Happy happy birthday to my brother. Hope your day is full of fun and it’s a special day because you have your friend with you. Love you

194. Happy 20th birthday to the best brother in law, we wish to use a lifetime of happiness and joy. Enjoy your great day.

195. Happy Birthday, A Perry! Have a wonderful day of celebration brother!

196. Screaming all the way to sc happy birthday Lil brother.

197. Look forward to going to new places with you this next year!!! Hope you have an amazing birthday, brother!!!

198. A Very Happy Birthday to my best buddy, my main man, half of my everything. Happy Birthday, I love you.

199. Special happy birthday to my best friend and love of my life, you would be turning 40 may you R.I.P. Baby, daddy still holding our little angles down.

200. Happy Birthday to my brother, in heaven. We miss you lots!

201. Happy birthday, bro loves and miss you like crazy. I’m not going to cry just know I feel you with me I’ll make you proud big brother. Love you so much and miss you even more.

202. Happy Birthday to the BEST bro. Thanks for keeping my bro happy and I hope you have a good birthday.

203. Happy birthday Lil brother. When we were kids I didn’t appreciate you the way I should have. I do now, especially since we don’t have to share a room anymore. I love you lots.

204. I would like everyone to help me to wish my cousin /Lil bro a happy birthday. Love you. Enjoy your special day.

205. Sending a birthday shout-out to my brother. Enjoy your special day bro.

206. To the greatest brother in the world. Happy birthday, bro. Love you man, wish my brother a happy birthday.

207. Happy birthday to my best brother. Love you so much.

208. Happy Birthday, my brother and beautiful friend, may your day be overflowing with love, peace, joy, and true happiness.

209. Happy Birthday to my dear brother. Wishing that you are spending it with friends and family! If only today was taco day! That was yesterday.

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