Happy Valentines Day Messages – Make This Day More Special

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Happy Valentines Day Messages

1. Happy Valentine’s day my love thank you for this adventure and much more to come.

2. Got flowers from my Love Chip Thompson tonight. Happy Valentine’s Day to me. My favorite roses ever. I love you, babe, thank you.

3. Got divorced and engaged 12 years ago today, what a long strange trip it’s been… Happy Valentine’s day Folks.

4. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Facebook family and friends! May your day be filled with love and joy. If you are single, know you have the best Valentine and that has always loved you! This day (and every day) is what you make it, so go out there and be a blessing for someone! Smile because you are loved!

5. Just wanna say happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life, my shining star!!! I love you.

Happy Valentines Day Messages

6. Happy Valentines Day Gorgeous!!! I Hope You Have A Great Day I Love You!!!

7. Happy Valentines Day! Sending Love and Happiness!

8. Here’s a little dance that created for us on Valentine’s Day last year. We thought you might enjoy watching our personal dance of LOVE. Happy V-Day everyone!

Happy Valentines Day Quotes

Happy Valentines Day Messages

9. Just walked into my room tonight to find this…the keys to my heart!!! The love my parents have for me is unconditional, nothing stops them from showing the love they have towards me. Thank you for being my sweet valentines and ending my night by bringing pure happiness to my heart making me feel so loved. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everybody!

10. Happy Valentine’s darling. This will be our 35th Valentine’s Day together Love you so much always.

11. Sometimes you watch movies in your favorite park with some of your peeps!! Happy Valentines Day Loves!

Happy Valentines Day Messages

12. If you can also see the heart, Happy Valentine’s Day.

13. Happy Valentine’s Day! Received these beautiful flowers yesterday! Thank you! You are the sweetest!

14. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the reggae legends. We’re here at the ceremonial grounds. It is blessed.

Happy Valentines Day Wishes

Happy Valentines Day Messages

15. Spending the day with my 3 favorite gentlemen. Having an early mommy & son Valentine’s Day!!

16. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Someone got attacked by a red-mouthed monster!!!!

17. Happy Valentines Day to all is FB fans! Fine that one special gift for your loved one from our artists. We’re open daily 12 to 4p.

Happy Valentines Day Messages

18. We making pizzas for valentines spending time is amazing!!!! FINALLY HAPPY!!!!!!!

19. My jumpsuit is coming the day after Valentine’s Day, which means no valentines blues… I, My rig and jumpsuit will be a happy couple jumping out of airplanes together.

20. #Game is an art. i.e. the game is the most powerful weapon. #this level running So, I am so happy… #”Happy valentines day in advance” a lot of fans n parents.

Happy Valentines Day Messages

21 .”You’re my moonlight you shine on my dark times so I need you to keep my universe aligned” Happy Valentine’s Day my moon.

22. Lucky to be spending not just today, but every day with my love Alan Hull! Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

23. Wishing you Valentine’s Day filled with all the little things that make you happy! I heart you.

Happy Valentines Day Messages

24. Happy valentines day to my wonderful husband!! Can’t wait till you get home to spend our second heart day as a married couple together. I love you so so much.

25. From San Diego California to Savannah Ga, singing Happy birthday to my girl. Wish I was there to help turn up for your special day. Happy birthday and Happy Valentine’s day.

26. If your Valentine loves Noodles….bring them to either OB Noodle House this week!!!

Happy Valentines Day Messages

27. Happy Valentines Day To You!

I made this….2  Days early…..

It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

From my Baby….Travel Mug and Water Container for my Gym.

28. Special Valentines Day! Take a peep at these three different squats variations. Give some love to yo booty and #Squat!

29. Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are in a relationship or single, we hope you enjoy this gorgeous day with your loved ones!

30. To all my friends Family Happy Valentine Day.

31. Enjoy this day with my better half. Not sure how she puts up with me but glad that she does, Happy Valentine’s day to all!!!!