Happy Valentines Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages

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Happy Valentines Day Wishes

1. I Loved You Yesterday! I Love You Still! I Always Have…. I Always Will. Happy Valentines Day.

2. It has always been my dream to find the love of my life. You came into my life opened my heart, showed me what is love. You make each day best than the one before, you show me to trust. I can’t imagine a day of life without you. I love you to the moon and back. Happy valentine day.

3. My heart beats only for your wonderful love.

Life with you feels like a fairytale,

So beautiful and pure. Let us live in this world of love forever.

I love you lots, My beautiful wife.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

4. Did you know the True History of Valentine Day Well, I decided to look into it and WOW… Happy Valentine’s Day.

5. For you all! I could do at the moment and I thought it would be better than pictures. I’m forever grateful for all of your love and prayers! Happy Valentine’s Day!

6. Happy Valentine’s Day to this pretty lady! I’m lucky.

Happy Valentines Day Wishes

7. I want to say Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful wife. Who has been my ride or die for 8 years? You know I’m not perfect but I do know you are perfect for me. I love you so much always.

8. Just another day she is loved without having to prove nothing, but just being her loving dad. Happy valentine’s day to my beautiful princess, my twin!!!

Happy Valentines Day Wishes

9. Nothing says happy Valentine’s Day like a smoking hot heart pie.

10. Good afternoon all blessed Sunday out enjoying this great day I’m blessed to have with NO COMPLAINTS, great run almost made 4 miles I’m getting there now at a vegan brunch cooking class #blessed #happylife #positivevibes #positiveppl enjoy your special day all.

Happy Valentines Day Wishes

11. Blessed all just finished yoga class swears I need to practice more during the week these muscles are so tight, heading home get some stuff done then get ready for the carnival enjoy your day.

12. Our Annual CUPID IS STUPID Dinner with my Besties! No One treats us better than Us. Missing our other girls!! Being Single has its Perks to Living Life!!! Happy Valentine’s Day.

13. Our little guy loves dressing up in his favorite characters. A couple years ago we made a Thor-themed Val Day Card for his classmates. Last year he was the Flash. This year the tradition continues with a Chewbacca inspired card. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Happy Valentines Day Wishes

14. Happy Valentine’s Day to this goober. Even though we don’t get to spend this day together. I love you, babe.

15. Forever mines, You Are My Starship, Always and Forever, Be my best girl, Forever My Lady!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentines Day Quotes

Happy Valentines Day Wishes

16. This was 4 years ago when we went on the 10 show on Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you all very much love always!

17. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my sisters n cousins. It’s too many of y’all to tag but I luv Y’all. I look up to all y’all out here doing what you supposed to!

18. What a fabulous day!! Hope everybody had as much fun as I did!! My love for this neighborhood is endless and wishing everyone a happy early Valentine’s Day!!!

19. Happy valentine’s day!!!

The weekend is almost here!! I always celebrate Valentine’s day by going to the tattoo convention so this year is no different. I’ll be seeing my favorite artist & getting some new artwork!

Any guesses what it may be?!?! There will be 3 new additions!!

20. So glad you enjoyed our day together at the Auto Show.  I’m glad I can show you that every day you’re special to me & I do pay attention to what you love. I loved seeing how happy you got today. I love you so much.  Happy early Valentine’s Day and happy one month.

Happy Valentines Day Wishes

21. Since I’m up late I am the 1st to say happy valentines to day. Sorry to all the women I couldn’t give more to. Just know I love you all for real you make my world go round.

22. Valentine’s Day is a Few days Away but we wanted to be The First to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” We Love our fans of this page!

23. Happy Valentine’s Day to ME!!! When a store makes a mistake, and loses your online direct to store delivery and comps your new order because they feel so bad.  #winning

24. When you pull up and they say Happy Valentine’s Day first I thought it was fake, wasn’t expecting it young but thanks.

25. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful husband who took me on a cruise today!

Happy Valentines Day Wishes

26. Happy Valentines Day. Love you, my family!!!!!!

27. Still gotta get Mimi some more stuff but HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !! That child been getting stuff all weekend including yesterday but for my babies.

28. Wanna say happy valentines day to my one and only, my love, my friend. Don’t know what I did before you, and I don’t know what id do without you. Can’t wait to travel and live life to the fullest.