How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone

In this post, we will share how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. With new iPhone clients coming (and going to) various operating systems like Android, many people need to relocate their contacts from Android to iOS, yet are worried about the possibility that they will lose their current contacts.

We have just disclosed how to move contacts from iPhone to Android, and we have incorporated here the 3 best ways you can use to rapidly move your contacts from any Android device to the iPhone.

Remember that there is additionally an across the board method to transfer everything from Android to iOS in this post, make certain to pay special mind to that.

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone?

Technique 1: Transfer Android contacts to iPhone through the SIM Card

This is one of the easiest forms of transferring contacts to another gadget. For this situation, we’re doing it from an Android device to a fresh out of the plastic new iPhone.

The main thing you need to do is backup every one of your contacts to the current SIM card and move the card to your new iPhone. You could even slice it to a perfect size with the iPhone if essential, yet this is outside the extent of our article.

On your Android device:

♦Run the Contacts application.

♦Tap on the menu symbol (three dots on the upper right-hand corner).

♦Pick Import/export

♦Select Import from SIM card

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone

Remove your Android SIM card and embed it into the iPhone. Once the SIM card is embedded:

♦Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars

♦Pick Import SIM Contacts

Hold up a couple of minutes, contingent upon how large your contacts are. It, for the most part, takes not as much as a couple of moments to do as such. After this, go to the stock Phone application and float to the Contacts tab to see the result.

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Technique 2: Transfer Android contacts to iPhone through Google Mail (Gmail)

Another simple technique to take after while transferring your Android contacts to an iPhone is through Google’s Gmail (you require a Google account). When you include another contact in your phone, it will dependably inquire as to whether you need to add it to the SIM card or Gmail. The explanation behind that is you will have the capacity to migrate your contacts to iOS later on.

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone

From your Android device:

♦Explore to Settings > Accounts and Sync

♦Pick Google and enter your Gmail qualifications (Username and Password)

By entering your Gmail account qualifications, you let Android adjust the contacts from either your SIM card or existing contacts on the gadget to your Gmail account. Once that has been dealt with, Head over to the iPhone and furthermore go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the Settings application. This time, we are not going to pick Import from SIM, but rather tap on Gmail.

You will be requested the Gmail account credentials once more. After you sign in it will ask which data might you want to enact. There are Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes. What we need is Contacts, yet in the event that you likewise have other stuff, don’t hesitate to flip them on. Your Android contacts ought to get transported in after you let Gmail adjust it to the iPhone.

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone

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Technique 3: Transfer contacts, photos, music, and apps from Android to iOS

Apple recently released a very first application called Move to iOS on the Google Play store and obviously, it’s for those Android users that need to move their information, including contacts, photos, messages, applications, and different documents to iOS. This happens directly after the company revealed their new iOS 9 and more up to date models of the iPhone and the iPad, which made it less demanding for Android users to switch.

  1. Open up your Google Play Store
  2. Look for Move to iOS application and install it
  3. Launch the app
  4. Have the iPhone that you’re moving to alongside your Android device
  5. On your iPhone, enter the private Wi-Fi Network qualifications
  6. Back to your Android device, select the sort of information your desire to transfer over (Music, Photos, Contacts, and so forth)
  7. Whenever done, you should see a screen that says, “Transfer Complete. Your information has been copied to your new iPhone or iPad… “
How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone

The way toward transferring your Android information over is done wirelessly and safely. That is the reason you were provoked with a private WiFi network and security code. Since this is altogether done consequently through a private WIFI network, you need to have both Android and iPhone by each other.

“When you migrate your information, your new iPhone or iPad will make a private Wi-Fi network and locate your close-by Android running Move to iOS. After you enter a security code, it will start transferring your content and place it in the correct places.”

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What’s Next?

Well done, you have effectively transferred your contacts or more information from an Android to the iPhone. If you just need your contacts to be transferred without using the old SIM, at that point take after the Gmail technique. Need to move everything over? Utilize the Move to an iOS application. It’s as basic as that.