How to Send Whatsapp Message Without Adding Contact in Android

How to send whatsapp message without adding contact in android

Send WhatsApp message without adding the contact: WhatsApp has replaced the normal SMS with its hearty and highlights the rich design. In spite of the fact that it has dashed long ways ahead, the unassuming SMS has still one preferred standpoint over WhatsApp — the capacity to send messages without including the contact number.


Indeed, we have had video calling features, photograph filters, vanishing stories, yet at the same time, we can’t send a basic WhatsApp message, If you don’t have the contact saved. Bummer right? Concurred that including a number doesn’t take a lifetime, yet at that point, why should you mess your contacts when you won’t utilize them later.


The ideal approach to send WhatsApp messages without adding the contact number is to acquire the feature from a third-party application. Furthermore, that is the main route, all things considered, you can’t generally haul the element out of thin air.


The application of great importance, for this situation, is the Click2Chat WhatsApp application for Android which gives you a chance to send and schedule WhatsApp messages. Here the details how to use this app:


1.Step by step instructions to Use Click2Chat


Click2Chat is a single click solution for send WhatsApp messages. It underpins numbers from a significant number of nations, including India. Likewise, you can even calendar messages or auto produce jokes utilizing this application.


Once downloaded, you should simply choose the nation, enter the number and message. Tap on Send and you are done! That is it, not anymore saving and jumbling your contacts application.


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How to send whatsapp message without adding contact in android

In the event that it’s the first occasion when you are utilizing the number, WhatsApp will ask you for confirmation before it sends the message from its end. Another clever trap that this application has up its sleeves, is that you can see all your contact’s WhatsApp Stories.


How to send whatsapp message without adding contact in android


2.Alternative Method


The second technique utilizes the built-in dialer app of Android. Nonetheless, please take note of that relying upon the make of your phone, this alternative won’t be accessible on a portion of the handsets.


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Here, you’d have to sort in the number in the dialer and tap on the three-dot button. Select the option to send a message, which will raise various options including WhatsApp message.


How to send whatsapp message without adding contact in android
Send Whatsapp Message Without Adding Contact In Phone

That is it, simply type the message and you are done! However, as I said over, this will work just on specific phones.


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More Trick: Adding People to Groups Without Saving Contact


Gone are the days while adding a man to a WhatsApp assemble implied including the contact at first. Presently you should simply go to the group data information page and tap on Add participant.



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