How to Send Live Photos As GIFs in iOS 11 – Easy Process

Send Live Photos As GIFs in iOS 11: Live Photo is a feature that Apple presented alongside the iPhone 6S. It positively felt more like a gimmick, as opposed to a valuable element in any case. These photos are more similar to modest 3-second GIFs that are recorded by your iPhone camera, which you could see by 3D Touching on the Live Photo. Without a doubt, it adds life to the genuine photo, as the company claims, yet up until now, you could just appreciate it on your iPhone. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, once you transfer these live photos to your PC or try to share them with your companions on the web, it just turns into an ordinary photo. Indeed, we do have a workaround for that. In spite of the fact that you can’t share your Live Photo at its maximum capacity at this time, you could share it as a GIF and get a practically comparative affair. In this way, in case you’re intrigued, we should investigate how to send Live Photos as GIFs in iOS 11:

Sending Live Photo as GIF

Note: I tried this on an iPhone 7 Plus and an iPhone 6s running the most recent iOS 11 betas for trimming, so this should work for you as well. At this moment, sharing Live Photos as GIFs works for the Mail application.

With iOS 11, Apple gives you a chance to alter your Live Photos by giving you various instruments for trimming, evolving thumbnail, and even the impact of the Live Photo, so you can get the best possible Live Photo out of your gadget. We will utilize one of these devices, with a specific end goal to share them as a GIF. Thus, basically take the means beneath to complete it, without much bother:

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Open the Live Photo that you need to share and swipe upwards on your screen. Presently you’ll be taken to a radical new menu, which will give you a chance to change the impact of this Live video. As a matter of course, this is set to Live. Select either “Loop” or “Bounce” as the Effect for your live video. Once done, tap on the “offer symbol” at the base left of your screen and pick the stock “Mail” application for sharing this altered Live Photo.

How to Send Live Photos As GIFs in iOS 11

Once you’re in the Mail application, you simply need to fill in all of the points of interest, and just tap “Send”. Presently, you’ll be made a request to pick either a little record measure or the genuine Size of the GIF. Tap on whatever choice that you lean toward, with a specific end goal to send the GIF.

How to Send Live Photos As GIFs in iOS 11

Presently, the receiver will get the Live Photo that you sent, as a GIF. This is on the grounds that, Mail application consequently changes over it into a GIF before sending.

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All things considered, you don’t need iOS 11 installed on your gadget with a specific end goal to share Live Photos as GIFs over WhatsApp. Simply ensure you’re updated to the most recent version of WhatsApp and essentially take the means beneath to maintain a strategic distance from any disarray:

Once you’re in the talk segment of the specific reach you need to impart the Live Photo too, tap on the offer symbol at the base left of your screen, and pick “Photo and Video Library” to upload a photo. Once you’ve been taken to the Photo Library, 3D Touch on the photo you need to share and swipe upwards.

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You will now observe the option to choose that Live Photo as a GIF or Photo. Pick “Select as GIF” to share the Live Photo to your contact as a GIF.

If you want to convert Live Photos to GIF files, there are plenty of applications that do that. I like the Google Motion Stills application.