Top 10 Calorie Counter Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Calorie Counter Apps: With the world progressing consistently with technology, if there is anything that gets affected the most, it must be our fitness. In spite of the fact that you may as of now be healthy cognizant, a great many people aren’t. What’s more, regardless of the possibility that you are, how about we concede that it’s not as simple as it sounds. Despite whichever classification you fall in, a great approach to begin is by keeping a beware of the calories you devour day by day. To do that, the ideal path is to exploit the mechanical headway that you convey with you wherever – your cell phone. So right away, here is a rundown of the top 10 calorie counter applications for Android and iPhone:


Without a doubt, MyFitnessPal is the most well-known calorie tracker application out there. When you initially open the application, you are asked a couple of inquiries like the objective that you wish to accomplish, your movement level, and a couple of personal questions like your age, stature, and weight. After you fill in all of the subtle elements, you’ll be required to enter your email address and make a secret word to finish the join advance. All of these points of interest can be changed later, so you don’t need to stress over filling in the wrong data around then. Presently you will be demonstrated your everyday objects that the application prescribes for you with a specific end goal to accomplish your coveted objective. You can even continue track with standard reminders.


When you at long last touch base on the landing page of the application, you’ll locate a straightforward condition that discloses to you what number of calories you’re yet to take for the day with a specific end goal to achieve your objective. You can refresh this by including the sustenance that you eat and the activity that you do. This should be possible by tapping on the in addition to the symbol at the base right of the home screen. You will likewise locate a couple of different things that you can include like your weight advance, water utilization, and a status. You can utilize these too to keep a point by point track of your health, yet they won’t assume a huge part in your calorie target.

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A couple of different elements of the MyFitnessPal application incorporate “Diary” that has every one of the passages that you incorporated into the application and can likewise be shared, “Progress” that demonstrates the graphical portrayal of your advance, “Nutrition” that demonstrates a definite calorie consumption for each supper that you take, and some more. The application likewise has a top-notch form that you can strive for nothing for 30 days, and after that purchase a while later at a month to month or yearly membership for $9.99/month and $49.99/year individually. This rendition gives you a promotion free involvement with extra components like document send out, defining diverse objectives for everyday, and sustenance investigation among numerous others.

Install: Android, iOS [Free, Premium at $9.99/month or $49.99/year]


Fundamentally the same as MyFitnessPal, MyNetDiary takes a contribution of the nourishment that you eat and after that tracks your calorie allow appropriately. When you additionally enter points of interest like your age, sexual orientation, tallness, current weight, and target weight, the application makes a “Calorie Budget” for you that is the number of calories that you should expend each day so as to accomplish your coveted target. In the event that you ask me, this application is stylishly additionally satisfying my MyFitnessPal with an excellent interface and pleasant movements.


MyNetDiary additionally enables you to enter your exercise routine and after that gives a calorie examination and weight diagram as needs are. You can include your prior and then afterward pictures in the application to enable you to remain roused and on track. Moreover, you can connect your Google Fit record to enable reasonable information to be shared among the two applications. You can move up to MyNetDiary Maximum that is charged every year at $39.99/year for significantly more components like connecting more applications, definite supplement examination, nitty gritty body and health diagrams, and so forth.

Install: Android, iOS [Free, Maximum at $39.99/year]


Like MyFitnessPal, when you initially open FatSecret, you are asked your objective and are required to enter a couple of individual subtle elements like your present weight, sexual orientation, movement level, your stature, and the weight that you might want to pick up. When you finish that, you’ll be taken to your journal straight away. This journal is where you’ll see the calories that you are yet to take for the day with a specific end goal to accomplish your coveted target and the calories you have officially taken up until this point. In agreement, you can include the nourishment things that you eat for the duration of the day, and the application will consequently lessen the number of calories from the day’s objective as needs be


If you wish to dive further in your advance, you can go to the “Reports” tab that demonstrates to you a graph of the calories you’ve consumed alongside macros and nutrients data for the same. FatSecret enables you to impart your advance to experts like your dietitian, coach, or specialist. Besides, you can interface your record with Google Fit, and utilize Fitbit to match up calories consumed and steps taken consistently. You can likewise send out your journal as a PDF document – a thing that most different applications offer in their paid variations.

Install: Android, iOS [Free]


Like most different applications in this rundown, you can utilize Cronometer just when you join on the application. When you do that, enter points of interest like your age, weight, tallness, and sex, and afterward, you’ll be taken your journal. Here, you can enter the sustenance things that you eat for the duration of the day and list the exercises If you did any. The application will then compute the net calories that you picked up or lost in like manner. This encourages you in watching out for the number of calories that you should take for the day so as to accomplish your everyday target as endorsed by Cronometer.


You can likewise see definite data about the macros that you devour and the individual focuses on every single one of them. When you utilize the application for some time, you can additionally keep tabs on your development utilizing the nitty gritty calorie diagrams and healthful reports gave by the application.

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Install: Android, iOS [$2.99]

5.Lose It!

When you open the application surprisingly, enter subtle elements like age, tallness, and weight, and after that, you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll be gotten some information about your objective. Here, you can specify your objective weight how quick you might want that to be accomplished. You will at that point, as needs are, see a “Calorie Budget” that is the number of calories you should expend every day with a specific end goal to accomplish your objective.

Lose It!

Like the sustenance journals in different applications, you can enter the nourishment things that you consume for the duration of the day and the activity that you do, and the application will fill in the calorie points of interest in like manner. An extra component that you get with Lose It! is calorie breakdown for every supper. This implies you will see the number of calories that the application recommends you can consume in every dinner. The calorie proposals for different suppers are balanced as you enter a sustenance thing under any dinner.

With Lose It!, you can likewise track your weight objectives and offer your advance with your companions. In the segment called “My Day”, you can even burrow further and locate the supplement breakdown for the sustenance that you eat. Finally, you can get the excellent form of the application with an in-application buy to make custom objective settings and access select substance.

Install: Android, iOS [Free, Premium at $39.99/year]


You can begin utilizing Liefesum by entering your fundamental points of interest like age, tallness, current weight, and target weight. You would then be able to pick the time allotment till which you need to accomplish your objective. Your everyday calorie objective will contrast as needs be. When everything is set up, you’ll be taken to your journal that monitors your calories. Here, you can include the sustenance things that you eat, the measure of water that you drink, and the activity that you do. You can even sweep a sustenance thing utilizing its standardized tag. When you at long last include a nourishment thing, you can see its full-scale breakdown ideal from that screen.


In the application, there is another tab called “Plans”. If you have a superior enrollment of the application, you can get to extraordinarily planned eating routine gets ready for particular objectives. You can pick anyone and the calorie target will change as needs are. With this enrollment, you can likewise see formulas for an assortment of dishes under the “Formulas” tab.

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Install: Android, iOS [Free, Premium begins at $34.99/year]

7.My Diet Diary

Begin utilizing My Diet Diary by entering points of interest like your age, sexual orientation, height, current weight, objectives, wanted the weight, and the date by which you need to fulfill your objective. You’ll additionally be inquired as to whether you have diabetes as the application will design out as needs are. Much the same as different applications, enter the sustenance things that you expend, either via looking or checking their standardized tags, your water utilization, exercise, and log your weight periodically.

My Diet Diary

In the application, there is a tab called “Every day Diary” where you’ll see both the number of calories that you have expended and are yet to devour alongside the minutes practiced and the calories consumed. This encourages you in arranging your eating regimen as needs are. For more nitty gritty examination, you can go to the tab called “Graphs” where you can track your weight, calories, activities, and steps – both week by week and month to month. There are likewise a few groups like weight reduction and slimming down, nourishment, sound cooking, practice and wellness where individuals talk about and tackle issues.

Introduce: Android, iOS [Free]


Not at all like different applications in this rundown, SparkPeople expects you to make a record on the application. On the following screen, you can pick to get warnings for dinner updates and instructing tips that assist you to remain on track. After you make your determination on this screen, you’ll be taken to the home screen of the application. Here, as different applications in this rundown, you can include your sustenance and water utilization points of interest, practice data, and weight following. When you enter a sustenance thing surprisingly, you’ll be made a request to set your objectives first. For this, you’ll be required to enter your sex, age, weight, target weight, and tallness.


SparkPeople additionally has some other helpful components like “Community Feed” where you can ask and explain individuals’ inquiries, and peruse through a few subjects and “Recipes” where you can discover the formulas for a wide range of dishes. For the “Recipes” tab to work, you may need to introduce another application that you will be taken to from inside SparkPeople. There is a top notch form of the application likewise accessible that gives you a promotion free affair, enables you to send out information from the application, and view propelled reports.

Install: Android, iOS [Free, Premium at $4.99/month or $29.99]


As clear as it has progressed toward becoming now, you have to join on MyPlate before beginning to utilize it. Enter subtle elements like your age, sexual orientation, tallness, and current and target weights before at long last choosing your objective. When you achieve the calorie objective page, you will see choices like simple, direct, difficult, outrageous, and custom. Each of these alternatives is arranged out to accomplish your objective over various time ranges. On the following page, you can pick the time at which you have your suppers and select to get an update for them each time with the goal that you keep in mind to adhere to your calorie target. The accompanying screen gives you the choice to interface the application with your Google Fit record. You can skirt this if you need.


Like different applications, enter the nourishment things that you eat, the glasses of water that you drink, and the activity that you do. Entering these points of interest will refresh your outstanding focus for the day in like manner. You can likewise observe the large-scale breakdown of the sustenance that you have devoured in agreement. In the “Advanced” tab, you can see the graphical portrayal of your advance. In conclusion, to access nitty gritty investigation like macros by a feast, top nourishment sources, and calories consumed, you can subscribe to the gold enrollment of the application.

Install: Android, iOS [Free, Gold begins at $9.99/month]


You can begin utilizing YAZIO by picking your objective straight away. When you do that, enter your points of interest like age, weight, tallness, and so forth and afterward you will be given a calorie objective. You can change this object to one that suits you the best. At the point when this setup is finished, you’ll be taken to your journal. Much the same as other calorie counter applications, you can enter your sustenance admission and exercise data here. You will then observe the refreshed calorie counter alongside the relating counter for supplements. A graphical examination for the same is likewise accessible in the “Analysis” tab of the application. Ultimately, if you turn into an ace individual from the application, you can see formulas of various dishes and even view diverse eating routine designs.


Install: Android, iOS [Free with in-application buy]