120+ Beautiful Gaelic Names For Girls And Boys

Gaelic Names

In this post, we will share beautiful Gaelic names for girls and boys with meanings. Gaelic is a language spoken by the Gaels who are for the most part found in Scotland. This language was generally spoken by the Scottish and some different nations like Ireland sooner or later in their history. Choosing what clothes to wear on any given day or event can be very hard, meaning that a choice like what to name your baby could appear to be beside incomprehensible.


Gaelic Names For Boys


Gaelic Names


  1. Abboid: Which meant that“Abbey Father”.


  1. Ahern: Which meant that“Lord of the Horses”.


  1. Aiden: Which meant that“Fire”.


  1. Ailen: Which meant that“Handsome”.


  1. Arlen: Which meant that“Oath”.


  1. Arlie: Which meant that“Oath”.


  1. Arlo: Which meant that“Between two hills”.


  1. Artair: Which meant that“As strong as bear”.


  1. Athol: Which meant that“New Irish land”.


  1. Baines: Which meant that“White”.


  1. Banning: Which meant that“Very fair child”.


  1. Banquo: Which meant that“White hound”.


  1. Bard: Which meant that“Poet” (Baird is the modified and common version).


  1. Barinthus: Which meant that“Son of consolation”.


  1. Barra: Which meant that“Warrior”.


  1. Barry: A form of “Barra”.


  1. Baruch: Which meant that believed to be either a form of Bearach or taken from the Hebrew meaning “Blessed”.


  1. Cathmore: Which meant that“Great Warrior”.


  1. Cecil: Which meant that“Sixth child”.


  1. Cedric: Which meant that“First Choice”.


  1. Cerwyn: Which meant that“Fair love”.


  1. Christie: Which meant that“Bearer of Christ”


  1. Cian: Which meant that“Ancient”.


  1. Cillian: Which meant that“Associated with the church”.


  1. Clancy: Which meant that“Redheaded warrior”.


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More Gaelic Names for Boys


Gaelic Names


  1. Clearie: Which meant that“Minstrel”.


  1. Cledwin: Which meant that“Blessed sword”.


  1. Clyde: Which meant that“Warm or Powerful enough to be heard from a long distance”.


  1. Darby: Which meant that“Without envy”.


  1. Daren: Which meant that“Little Oak” (Has a variety of spelling including Darin, Darren, Darran).


  1. Dawe: Which meant that“Calm”.


  1. Deaglan: Gaelic name believed to mean “full of goodness” (Declan is a derivative).


  1. Deimhne: Which meant that“Proof or assurance”.


  1. Delaney: Which meant that“Challenger or trained warrior”.


  1. Elath: Gaelic name related to “Skill or learning”.


  1. Elemar: Gaelic name related to “the word for noble”.


  1. Elfred: Which meant that“Autumn harvest”.


  1. Ellis: Which meant that“Benevolent”.


  1. Fanch: Which meant that“From France”.


  1. Faolan: Which meant that“seagull”


  1. Farquhar: Which meant that“friendly man”.


  1. Farrell: Which meant that“Brave one”.


  1. Gareth: Which meant that“Gentle”.


  1. Garvey: Which meant that“rough peace” or “peace after a long struggle”


  1. Gawain: Which meant that“White hawk of battle”


  1. Vychan: Another variant of “Vincent”.


  1. Waylon: Which meant that“Son of a wolf”.


  1. Wynford: Gaelic name believed to be an anglicized version of Gwyn meaning “Fair lord”.


  1. Yann: Breton and Cornish form of the name “John”.


  1. Yestin: The Welsh equivalent of “Justin”.


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Gaelic Names For Girls


Gaelic Names


  1. Aamor: Which meant that“Warmth and affection”.


  1. Aela: Which meant that“Ardour”.


  1. Aelwen: Which meant that“Fair of brow”.


  1. Affraic: Which meant that“Pleasant or Simply named after the continent of Africa”.


  1. Anabla: Which meant that“Lovable or beautiful Anna”.


  1. Berneen: Which meant that“hardy little bear”.


  1. Betrys: Which meant that“Voyager through life”.


  1. Blaine: Which meant that“Narrow, hollow OR white, fair”.


  1. Blaithin: Which meant that“Flower or blossom”.


  1. Ceri: Which meant that“Love OR beautiful as a poem”.


  1. Cessair: Which meant that“Great sorrow”


  1. Ciara: Which meant that“Dark”.


  1. Cigfa: Which meant that“Raven”.


  1. Clarisant: Which meant that“Light or clear”.


  1. Daimhin: Which meant that“Little deer”.


  1. Daireann: Which meant that“Fruitful or bountiful” (Also spelled Darran or Darina).


  1. Dana: Which meant that relates to “Power and generosity”.


  1. Dara: Which meant that“Oak Grove”.


  1. Enya: Which meant that either “Flame or Nut kernel”.


  1. Epona: Which meant that relates to “breed” (as in horses).


  1. Erena: Which meant that“Peace”.


  1. Ertha: Which meant that“Strong faith or Firm belief”.


  1. Essylt: Which meant that“Exceptionally beautiful”.


  1. Fiona: Which meant that“A vine”.


  1. Fenella: Which meant that“Fair shoulders (or very beautiful)”.


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Sweet Gaelic Names For Girls


Gaelic Names


  1. Fflur: Which meant that“Flower”.


  1. Findabair: Which meant that“Fair portion” (in stories this is often the name of the heroine who is fated to only love once).


  1. Glenda: Which meant that“Clean and Good” (pure).


  1. Glenys: Which meant that“Valley girl”.


  1. Gobhnet: Which meant that“Foreign woman”.


  1. Gormflath: Which meant that“Famed lady”.


  1. Grainne: Which meant that“the loved one”.


  1. Gwen: Which meant that“Blessed, white, pure” ( Also spelled as Guinevere).


  1. Hayley: Which meant that“Escape”.


  1. Heilyn: Which meant that“Cupbearer”.


  1. Heulwen: Which meant that“Sunshine”.


  1. Hieretha: Which meant that“Holy and upright”.


  1. Inira: Which meant that“Honour”.


  1. Irnan: Gaelic name related to the Gaelic word for “Iron”.


  1. Iseabeal: Gaelic name which is a form of the Spanish name “Isabella”.


  1. Ivori: Gaelic name which is a form of the male name “Ivor”.


  1. Jocelyn: Gaelic name related to the German for “connected to the Goths”.


  1. Judwara: Which meant that“Ruler or lord”.


  1. Kacee: Which meant that“Vigilant or alert in war”.


  1. Kady: Which meant that“First child”.


  1. Kean: Which meant that“Ancient” (Sometimes spelled Cian).


  1. Keelin: Which meant that“Slender, fair and pure”.


  1. Kiera: Gaelic name which is a form of “Ciara”.


  1. Kendra: Which meant that“Wise ruler or helper of people”.


  1. Laban: Which meant that“Soft Earth”.


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More Sweet Gaelic Names For Girls


  1. Lesley: Which meant that“ Protector of the Grey fort”.


  1. Linet: Which meant that“Lake/Waterfall/Pool”.


  1. Merewin: Which meant that“Famous Friend”.


  1. Monca: Which meant that“Wise”.


  1. Muirne: Which meant that“Beloved”.


  1. Nanna: Which meant that“goddess of flowers”


  1. Navlin: Which meant that“Holy Pool”.


  1. Nuala: Which meant that“Fair Shouldered”.


  1. Oberon: Which meant that“Noble”.


  1. Orchil: Which meant that“Prayer or dark-haired”.


  1. Padraigin: Which meant that“Noble Birth” (Female versions of Padraig and Patrick).


  1. Piala: Gaelic name related to a Welsh word for “Prudence”.


  1. Rhedyn: Which meant that“fern”.


  1. Rosmerta: Which meant that“Supplier of food”


  1. Ruari: Which meant that“Redheaded ruler”.


  1. Saraid: Which meant that“Best”.


  1. Senga: Which meant that“The Slender one”.


  1. Tamsin: Which meant that“Female Twin”


  1. Tegan: Which meant that“Beautiful”.


  1. Ula: Gaelic name related to Mythology.


  1. Valma: Which meant that“Mayflower”.


  1. Vevila: Which meant that“Sweet Lady”.


  1. Wenna: Gaelic name related to Gwen (blessed).


  1. Yanna: Which meant that“God is Gracious” (Female form Yann).


  1. Yseult: Which meant that“Fair One”.