Best Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend to Make a Funny Birthday

funny birthday wishes for friend

In this post, we have shared funny birthday wishes for friend. If you are searching for best funny birthday wishes, quotes, messages then you are in right place. Celebrate your friends birthday with this best funny birthday wishes for friend. We share the birthday wishes idea. You can edit this wishes with your own word to make more funny. Let’s celebrate your friends birthday.


Best funny birthday wishes for friend


1. A friend in need is a friend indeed… Happy birthday, friend… wish u all the best and a successful life ahead. Have a fun day.


2. Happy birthday, friend,…very very good wishes come to you


3. Happy birthday, friend Wishing you all the best thing in life More and More wisdom More grace…


4. Happy belated birthday friend! Sorry sorry, I missed it. Looks like you had a great day!  I hope to see you soon again and again!


5. Happy birthday, friend. I pray that this day should come again and again in your life. Many many greetings and congratulations….


Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend


6. Happy birthday, friend. Wish you good luck friend. Have a nice and awesome day.


7. Happy Birthday, Friend. Wish you All The Best.


8. Happy happy birthday friend! See you soon again. I miss you very much. I love you!


9. Happy birthday friend I love you so much!!! enjoy life and God bless you.


10. Happy Birthday, friend. I love you always.


11. Happy birthday, friend. Stay pretty and sexy. God bless you. Lab yah.


12. Happy birthday, friend, I pray for a bigger you in all your endeavors and wish you God favor in age with grace in all ramifications of your life.


13. Happy birthday my dear friend. I wish you all the best in life. May you live long in sound health and unlimited blessing. Age gracefully dearie.


14. Happy Birthday, Friend. I wish your happy life.


Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female


Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend


15. Happy Birthday, friend. I love you so much all the time.


16. Happy birthday, I wish you many many more years of happiness and success, may your day be as beautiful as you.  #birthdayFRIEND. Have a good day.


17. HBD to this great being & ever smiling. God bless you all the time.


18. Happy 40th Birthday Friend!! Enjoy your great day!


19. Happy birthday, friend!! I’m lucky to have a best friend like you. I look forward to many many adventures with our new daughter…I mean YOUR new daughter..! Hahaha! Love you so much!


Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend


20. Happy Birthday, friend. Thanks, to be a best friend.


21. Happy Birthday, friend! Wish you have the best bday ever! many many happy returns of the day! Have a fun day.


22. Happy blessed birthday friend. May God bless you and be with you through your ministry life!


23. Happy birthday friend I wish you have the best all have good salary good score in the class. Have a nice day.


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Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend


24. Now On The way go to Birthday Friend with Sister Love. Happy birthday.


25. A Bless Morning! Happy Birthday. GOD BLESS you AND GOOD HEALTH ALWAYS. Wishing an amazing day and many great things to come to a wonderful person. Happy Birthday.


26. I don’t know exactly about our relationship when we start but how long it will be stable I know exactly. That is called “infinite friendship”. Happy Birthday my dear Friend.


Top funny birthday messages for friend


27. See u again.  It’s your birthday in we are about to celebrate in turn up your memory!!! Yall give a Big S/o Helen Happppppppy Birthday friend!!!!!


28. There is a gift that gold cannot buy

A blessing that’s rare and true

That’s the gift of an awesome person coming into my life

Like I have in you! Happy birthday my dear friend.

Love you too much always.


29. Happy birthday, friend. Thanks, a lunch. Make some more fun time.


30. You are my best friend. You are always there for me, love me, encouraging me, listening to me and all those other things that friends do. Happy Birthday, Friend…. #HAPI WOMB ESCAPE TO D DOPEST FRIEND…


Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend


31. Thinking of you on your birthday friend n wish you all the best  I hope it is as fantastic as you deserve the best and nothing less …ENJOY YOUR BIG DAY.


32. Happy happy 26th 26th 26th 26th 26th birthday friend! Miss you and love you always!


33. Happy Birthday, friend …Bes friend … A new chapter of life for you begins today. Say goodbye to your past and for the future. Pave the way. Smile, laugh, share and cry. Be carefree and bold. Happy Happy 17 Birthday! Love you so much.


34. I’m so glad to be wishing a happy birthday to the man I call my husband. So happy birthday friend and hubby.


35. Party Planning, Birthday Success! The venue is Everything! Happy Birthday my dearFriend!#Awsome always!


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Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend


36. Happy birthday, friend! Much more come to this day! Always here for you!


37. Happy Birthday my best friend! We’ve been through a lot together over years. We’ve had a lot of laughs shed some tears, and prayed each other through this thing called life! Hope you have a great day with your guy! Love you so much!


Amazing funny birthday quotes for friend


38. Today is your birthday so happy birthday wishes you all the best.


39. Always good health. Don’t worry I’m always with you. Love you, my friend


40. Happy Happy Birthday friend. I hope More birthday to come. Thanks, for friendship. Wish you all the best. Enjoy your day! Take care. God bless you.


41. .listening to me and all those other things that friends do.  Happy Birthday my dear Friend. I WISH YOU always good Health And More years To CELEBRATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY REYCEN.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend


42. Happy birthday, friend. More birthdays to come para more foods HAHAHA . more bonding btw.


43. Happy birthday, friend. More some birthday. Good health. God bless. Enjoy your great day.


44. Happy Birthday, friend miss you always. Stay beautiful and gorgeous like and stay humble love you.


45. Happy Birthday friend May all your wishes come true.


46. HappppppppppY Birthday Friend….. God bless youLets turn-up tonight.


47. Happy Birthday Friend

Much more come to this day.


48. Happy birthday, friend. Enjoy your great day. This is only the beginning. Stay happy every day.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend


49. Happy Birthday friend….more bday to come at good health…..I love you, dear.


50. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND!!! Have a GREAT day!!!!


51. Happy Birthday, friend Have a great day all time, greetings to your family!!!!


52. Birthday Celebration of Mam Mel Happy happy birthday FRIEND and more birthdays to come, good health and more power.


53. Happy birthday to my one of the best friend. Best of luck for your next year. Have a good day.


54. Have a birthday friend to be happy very much successful as wished to meet thing normal in life.



55. I know it’s not 12:00 yet but happy birthday friend.


56. Happy Birthday Friend

Sorry for late wish U

I’m sorry that I can’t join your birthday party. Hope U don’t mind me. Wish u all the best..Cuties..Happiness..and Success in your life, Pretty Girl.


57. Sending a special shout out to my ace, coon, boom. Happy birthday, friend, I love you and hope you enjoy your great day.


58. Happy birthday friend… many-many happy returns of the day .. & may this year turn your life in more colorful mode…you get succeed in every step of your life. Best of luck.


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