Best 5 Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives You Can Use

Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives

Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives: The Fleksy Keyboard is a standout amongst the most utilized, and generally adored keyboards available on Android, and also the iPhone. Be that as it may, in June of 2016, Fleksy announced that they have been procured by Pinterest; and now, Fleksy turned off their servers, which implies that not any more downloadable content, similar to the dialect packs, is accessible in the keyboard application. The Fleksy application is as yet available on the Play Store, and the iOS App Store, however, the application hasn’t been updated for right around a year now and obviously, there won’t be any further improvements. Here are 5 Fleksy Keyboard alternatives you can use on Android and iOS:


Best 5 Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives


1. Minuum


Minuum is most likely the nearest to Fleksy’s functionality. Fleksy had some incredible features, and Minuum can rival them. Much the same as Fleksy, Minuum doesn’t use swipe writing, however, it incorporates a ton of motions that are like Fleksy’s. For instance, you can swipe appropriate on the keyboard to include a space, and swipe left to erase a word. There are various different signals, also, for example, the capacity to turn the space block on or off, or the capacity to change between to the little keyboard include (by swiping down from the number line).




The keyboard bolsters a significant number of themes and incorporates a flip on the upper left to enable, or impairing auto revision, which is a feature I completely cherished while utilizing the keyboard. As opposed to what you may think when you see the little keyboard, it is shockingly great at perceiving the words you might be writing. With everything taken into account, Minuum is most likely your most logical option at finding a decent other option to Fleksy.


Download from here:  Android, iOS ($3.99)


2. Gboard – The Google Keyboard


Gboard was just as of late launched for Android and was already just accessible on iOS gadgets. The keyboard is outstanding amongst other with regards to swipe writing acknowledgment, and convenience. Much the same as Fleksy, you can utilize Gboard to scan for and send GIFs, alongside emoticon look, and a fairly exact autocorrect (in spite of the fact that not on a par with Fleksy’s). Be that as it may, the keyboard improves utilize.




Gboard likewise packs in a considerable measure of other capable features, and the most imperative one is the worked in Google look it offers. You can scan Google for anything, straightforwardly on your keyboard. This can come into a great degree helpful when you have to rapidly remember a reality, or choose the scene for supper while messaging somebody.


Alongside swipe writing (or Glide writing), Gboard additionally underpins several motions: you can swipe left (or appropriate) on the space bar, to move the cursor. You can likewise swipe left from the delete key to rapidly erase different words. Likewise, in case you’re utilizing a gadget with an expansive screen, you can stick the keyboard to the other side of the screen, for simple one handed usage.


Download from here: Android, iOS (Free)


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3. SwiftKey Keyboard


Another better than average keyboard application that you can use rather than Fleksy, is SwiftKey Keyboard. The application has a better than average swipe-to-sort precision proportion, and a not too bad autocorrect (once more, not on a par with Fleksy’s). The keyboard utilizes AI to take in your style of composing, and it truly improves time. The keyboard even takes in the slangs you utilize, and any epithets, too, which is really cool.


SwiftKey Keyboard


If you loved the customization that Fleksy offered, you won’t be disillusioned with SwiftKey, either. The application bolsters more than 80 hues, and topics that you can without much of a stretch apply and redo your keyboard. Not only that, the topics for SwiftKey are currently totally free, so you can without much of a stretch download any subject you like, and make your keyboard remarkably yours. Additionally, the Emoji keyboard that accompanies SwiftKey, naturally takes in the emojis you use with various settings and begins demonstrating expectations appropriately.


Download from here:  Android, iOS (Free)


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4. Swype


Swype (iOS), or Swype Keyboard (on Android), is another keyboard application that you can consider as the other alternative to Fleksy. The keyboard works extraordinary, regardless of whether you incline toward swipe to sort, or tapping individual keys. Swype has a ton of customization choices too, like what you may discover in Fleksy. You can alter the look of the keyboard with topics, and even change things like the keyboard tallness, long press span, vibration, and significantly more. The subjects in the application are updated routinely, and you will discover some that you cherish.




As you utilize Swype, it takes in your style of writing, and adjusts to it, making the expectations, and auto redress features more precise after some time. For tablet clients, the application highlights three distinct plans: a full-screen keyboard, a little versatile keyboard, and a split screen keyboard, so you can without much of a stretch sort on your tablet, too. Much the same as Fleksy, Swype additionally bolsters a few signals, despite the fact that they are actualized in an unexpected way.


Slide from Swype Key to A: Select all

Slide from Swype Key to X: Cut

Slide from Swype Key to C: Copy

Slide from Swype Key to V: Paste


Download from here: Android, iOS ($0.99, You can buy for colors)


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5. Chrooma


Another Fleksy alternative you can consider is the Chrooma GIF Keyboard. This is yet another keyboard application that utilizations AI to improve its forecast demonstrate after some time. The keyboard accompanies what they call a “Neural Action Row”, that can help you with entering numbers, accentuation, and even emojis, contingent upon the setting of what you’re composing. Additionally, much the same as Fleksy, you can utilize Chrooma to scan for and send GIFs specifically from the keyboard itself.




Another huge comparability amongst Chrooma, and Fleksy is the abnormal state of customization it offers. You can browse various topics, text styles, emoji styles, and considerably more. Fundamentally, you can completely modify, and customize the keyboard to make a carefully fit keyboard encounter. Another cool component that is a piece of Fleksy and Chrooma Keyboard is that the keyboard changes shading, contingent upon the application you’re in, which is otherwise called the “chameleon” subject. While this is certainly a curiosity, it’s still fairly cool to see it in real life. Support for signals is another similitude amongst Fleksy and Chrooma that you may discover valuable. The keyboard is accessible in a free form yet it has constrained choices and you should get the Premium rendition to open everything.


Download from here: Android (Free, You can buy for Premium features)