How to Enable Two Step Verification in WhatsApp

How to Enable Two Step Verification in WhatsApp

Enable Two Step Verification in WhatsApp: WhatsApp has been caught up with improving the security in its application. The Facebook-owned organization enabled end-to-end encryption in the application a year ago and now, it has presented two-step verification. WhatsApp is taking off two-step verification in its iPhone, Android and Windows application. The new security highlight will ensure that nobody can set up your WhatsApp account with simply your mobile number. We’ll certainly prescribe you to set it up on your WhatsApp account and to help you to out, here are the steps to enable two-step verification in WhatsApp:


How to Enable Two Step Verification in WhatsApp


  1. Open WhatsApp Messenger on your iPhone, Android cell phone or Windows cell phone. At that point, go to WhatsApp Settings>Account>Two-step verification.


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  1. Now, tap on “Enable” and after that, enter the 6-digit password, which you will be prompted to enter when setting up WhatsApp once more. Then Tap “Next” and confirm the password once more.


How to Enable Two Step Verification in WhatsApp


  1. When it will be done, you can enter the recovery email address, where you can get a recovery to reset the password if you forget it. You can skirt this step yet it’s still exceedingly prescribed in the event that you would prefer not to be locked out of your own WhatsApp account.


How to Enable Two Step Verification in WhatsApp


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  1. After you have confirmed the email address, WhatsApp two-step verification will be enabled. In the Two-step verification page, you will now discover options to disable two-step verification, change password and email address.


How to Enable Two Step Verification in WhatsApp


When two-step verification is enabled, you should enter the password you set at whatever point you are registering your phone number with WhatsApp once more.


How to Enable Two Step Verification in WhatsApp


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Focuses to Note in WhatsApp Two-Step Verification:


If you don’t remember your password and you didn’t enter an email address, you will have the capacity to re-check your WhatsApp account without the password following 7 days. Be that as it may, you will wind up losing all your pending messages.


You won’t have the ability to re-verify your WhatsApp account without the password until the point when it has been 7-days.


WhatsApp will consistently prompt you to enter the password with the goal that you keep in mind it. This must be debilitated by disabling two-step verification.


If your WhatsApp account is registered and confirmed without the password following 30 days of last utilizing WhatsApp, your account will be deleted and another one will be made.


Enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification to Add Security to Your Account


As you more likely than not saw, the WhatsApp two-step verification include accompanies a considerable measure of shenanigans, which is great since it adds to the security in the messaging customer. With a WhatsApp account featuring personal chats and information, the security highlights are certainly welcome. Thus, we’ll unquestionably prescribe you to enable it.