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Merry Christmas Quotes With Images

I love Christmas. I’m totally the ‘decorate early, start listening to Christmas songs super-early’ guy.

One Christmas build-up tradition, however, has totally bypassed me – that of going up to town and ‘doing a show.’

Christmas music is usually more concentrated pop music in a way. It’s meant to make us feel good, and it’s meant to make us as we belong somewhere.

If you want me to sing this Christmas song with the feeling and the meaning, you better see if you can locate that check.

merry christmas quotes with images
The comfort of home and unity of our nation bless…

Halloween isn’t the only time for ghosts and ghost stories. In Victorian Britain, spooky winter’s tales were part of the Christmas season, often told after dinner, over the port, or coffee.

First of all, I’ve been having a wonderful run of luck with cover albums, songs I didn’t write. I had five pop cover albums and two Christmas albums, and they were all very successful.

I love Christmas. Christmas is family time.

merry christmas quotes
All I want for Christmas is to wish you a happy Christmas and

Most Americans acquire dogs impulsively and for dubious reasons: as a Christmas gift for the kids. Because they saw one in a movie. To match the new living room furniture. Because they moved to the suburbs and see a dog as part of the package.

At Christmas, it’s my siblings running around the house, we’re cooking, talking, laughing, loud, and just crazy. It’s beautiful chaos.

christmas tree quotes
Christmas means love, peace, giving, kindness, sharing and…

Christmas is, for those who wish to follow the way of Jesus, an invitation to accept into our comfortable and safe lives those who come to us from far away, who seem ragged, marginal, in transition.

true meaning of christmas quotes
Christmas is a gift, it comes but once a year, and…

Grief is a room without doors – but somehow, with its tinsel and cliches, Christmas finds a way in.

To understand this Christmas record, you have to understand our ministry.

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Wishing you a holiday of joyful cheer, enormous smiles…

For more than a decade, I led an organization that puts on an elaborate Christmas program each December. It was a big production, with over 250 people participating in more than 20 performances. By the end of the season, everyone who participated was exhausted.

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cute short christmas sayings
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope your…

I was born into the Church of England but in the most nominal way possible you can imagine, so it’s Christmas and Easter. And then like a great many clergies in the Church of England I actually got nobbled by being a chorister.

In our racist, sexist society, Christmas is the 8 hours when we stop killing each other, and gratuitous over eating is encouraged so that the starving and other people in the world can die!

inspirational christmas quotes
I wish you a joyous, merry, bright, grand Christmas and…

Just recently, I thought about how maybe I should have kept using the synthesizers more after ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence’; then, I would have been a more unique soundtrack composer than I am now. It could have been my signature. But then, probably, Bertolucci would not have offered me to compose for his films.

Throughout my college years, I’d watch my sister squeal every Christmas as she unwrapped another ‘Buffy’ DVD set. I didn’t know much about the series, but I was filled with that obnoxious self-importance that comes from having decided to be an Academic Who Reads Serious Things.

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Wishing you and your family a fun filled and…

I don’t know if that’s a year’s bad luck, or if that’s how it works. But stealing a Christmas tree – that can’t be a good thing, karma-wise.

For many, Christmas is also a time for coming together. But for others, service will come first.

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May the spirit of love and hope fill our hearts and…

I always wanted to write for children. When I was growing up, we were really poor. My mother had left, and it was all a mess. So I lived in my head a lot, and I would get lots of books for Christmas – from librarians and teachers – and they just fed my imagination.

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Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday! Have…

My earliest, most impactful encounter with a book was when I was seven and awoke early on Christmas morning to find Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ in my stocking. I had never been so excited by the sight of a book – and have possibly never been since!

For me, the two weeks between Christmas and Twelfth Night have come to be reserved for desultory reading. The pressure of the holiday is over, the weather outside is frightful, there are lots of leftovers to munch on, vacation hours are being used up.

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Wish you all the best this holiday season and…

Country ham is baked whole, usually with a glaze, sometimes studded with cloves, and served as the centerpiece of Christmas and Easter feasts.

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May your life be filled with the blessings of Christmas And…

Most of us remember Nat King Cole as a vocalist. His warm, grainy baritone is still so closely identified with such familiar ballads as ‘Stardust’ and ‘The Christmas Song’ that it’s hard to imagine anyone else performing them.

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merry christmas quotes and images
May the Holiday season fill your home with joy, your…

I met Fred Rogers in 1998 when ‘Esquire’ assigned me a story about him for a special issue on American heroes. I last spoke with him on Christmas Day 2002, when I called him to talk about an argument I’d had with my cousin; he died two months later, on February 27, 2003.

When I was a kid and Christmas was coming up, my dad would ask me what I wanted, and I always said a motorbike. I kept asking for one, and he said it was too dangerous and bought me a go-kart instead.

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Thank you for your love through the year….

Lyndon B. Johnson thought he’d have the boys home from Vietnam by Christmas – for four Christmases in a row (he never shifted course, and lost his presidency for it).

merry christmas wishes text
merry christmas wishes text
May the light of Christmas shine forever in your…

When I was really young, I loved the movie ‘White Christmas’ – I still do – and I thought Rosemary Clooney was so pretty. When I was, like, nine, I would tell people, ‘You know who I kind of look like? Rosemary Clooney.’

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The bells ring for all those who truly believe in…

The South has a way of worshipping appearances – the suburbs are all about presentation and amazing flowers and a beautiful yard and dinner parties that impress people and having the Christmas lights just right.

inspirational christmas messages
May the true meaning of Christmas fills your…

I’m going to take the kids away over Christmas but I don’t, I’ve written 14 musicals now, I don’t want to rush into doing something just for the sake of doing it. I want to do it when I find a story.

short christmas quotes
The biggest gift ever received this season is the…

Christmas in L.A. is weird. There’s no snow. It’s not even cold.

I am a romantic. I want to cry when I throw out my Christmas tree, and I have a lot of feelings about magic and fantasy.

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This the season to keep in touch with those we…

I grew up with three little brothers. Every Christmas, we’d have piles of toy trucks and Lincoln Logs and G.I. Joes under the tree. Those were for them. For me? My No. 1 favorite present of all time: books. Two or three tall stacks of wonderful stories that I could lose myself in for weeks.

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The time to celebrate is here again – Christmas is…

We usually have a beautiful, sparkling Christmas tree and my dad reads us ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales’ in front of the fire and it’s all very cozy. Then we pack up and head to meet my extended family, where we live out our yearly tradition of everyone gifting everyone underwear in their stockings.

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Wishing you a Christmas filled with lots of…

Ranking among the greatest Christmas movie classics, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ tells a beautiful story about the priceless value of relationships.

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I wish you faith, love, hope, and all the good tidings…

South Africa is really diverse, with many cultures and 11 official languages, so there are lots of different Christmas traditions.

christmas tree light quotes
I wish you peace, the beauty of hope, and the spirit of…

I made a Christmas album a couple of years ago and just put it out on my Web site. It kind of smacked of this flavor. All of the reviews said it was Western swing even when it was Christmas standards.

christmas tree movie quotes
christmas pine tree quotes
May your Christmas be blessed and beautiful in…

I still get up every morning at 4 A.M. I write seven days a week, including Christmas. And I still face a blank page every morning, and my characters don’t really care how many books I’ve sold.

quotes about remembering the true meaning of christmas
Christmas comes once a year, may the happiness of the season…

On Christmas, my family and I see a movie and go out for Chinese food. We don’t celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense, in that we do not actually celebrate Christmas.

christmas quotes
The holiday magic is here – may it bring to you…

My little brother and grandma told me I could sing. I used to sing in church, too. Not like in the choir or anything, but for people around the church… on the church bus going home and Christmas plays.

merry christmas quotes for someone special
May the peace of heaven fill your heart this…

You always look forward to the start of the regular season. It’s like opening presents on Christmas morning.

There’s a lot of movies that aren’t all about Christmas, or where Christmas isn’t the focus but have that spirit of Christmas in them. I love that sequence in ‘Auntie Mame,’ where she’s in the department store, sewing at Macy’s, and she doesn’t know how to do anything but fill out a form as ‘cash on delivery!’

Christmas means a great deal to me. I was reared in a family that celebrated Christmas to some extent, but I married into a family that celebrated Christmas in a big way. And my wife always made a big thing of Christmas for the children. We have five children, and we had a terrific time at Christmas.

I just think that it’s strong and it’s important that we recognize what the Christmas season is about; it’s about the birth of our Savior, and there’s a lot of pressure today to be politically correct, but people are realizing, too, that you have to be open to express your faith what you won’t believe.

The truth is that our way of celebrating the Christmas season does spring from myriad cultures and sources, from St. Nicholas to Coca-Cola advertising campaigns.

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