12 Best Android Launchers That You Haven’t Tried

Best Android Launchers

Best Android Launchers: Without a doubt, the best Android experience is depending on a good android launcher. While there are a couple of launchers like Nova, Action or the Apex Launchers which are much excessively well-known, how about we not overlook that the Android Play Store is not precisely a desolate no man’s land with regards to launchers.


There is a significant number of Android Launchers which aren’t famous yet give the functionality and customizations along the lines of the prevalent ones. While a few launchers exceed expectations in speed, other exceed expectations in the level of customizations — the decisions are numerous.


Along these lines, we have assembled a list of 12 best Android Launchers that you most likely haven’t attempted some time recently.


1.Nano Launcher


“Less is More” — this is the saying that the Nano launcher. Also, consistent with it, the Nano launcher is one of the uncommon Android launcher applications which just measures 2 MB. Be that as it may, let not the little size prevent you from getting it, for it likewise accompanies its own large number of features.


Nano Launcher


Maybe the best features are the savvy gathering of your favored applications. The launcher decides your most utilized applications and spots them on the home screen with the goal that it’s effortlessly open.


Additionally, the Nano launcher likewise has a tidy toolbar at the base which incorporates apparatuses like the WiFi switch, volume slider, and splendor control. Much like the Nova launcher, Nano to gives you a chance to long push on the applications to feature the accessible options.


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It’s savvy, light and adapts for your cell phone, particularly on the off chance that you are running low on interior stockpiling.




2.Peek Launcher


Another straightforward Android launcher is the Peek Launcher. Look Launcher is tied in with getting to your applications super quick. It has a basic interface with a T9 keypad for looking applications.


Peek Launcher


The best thing about this launcher is that the shade of the T9 console changes appropriately with the foundation backdrop.


Likewise in the event that you move up to the expert variant, you can set which applications are to be brought in the query item. You should simply look for the applications, long-press and select the proper permeability decision.




3.Power+ Launcher


If you necessity to have the conveniences of power saving mode on your launcher, at that point your most logical option is the Power+ Launcher. This launcher identifies the foundation applications which are devouring battery and places them in hibernation.


Power+ Launcher


Aside from its forceful battery sparing mode, Power+ Launcher packs in a super pursuit include, which gets both applications, contacts and in addition web comes about.


In addition, it perfectly arranges all the comparable devices into folders in view of the usefulness. Also, if your cell phone is as yet stuck in Marshmallow, you can get the Android Quick Setting menu through Power+ Launcher’s Quick Settings highlight. This is a reproduction of the Nougat’s settings menu and contains all its basic elements.


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Power Launcher+ is an able launcher for you if your phone has matured a ton and requirements help in the battery sector.




4.Swipe Launcher


Swipe Launcher is to a greater extent a home screen gadget, at that point a regular launcher, in the event that you investigate it. It keeps running over your base launcher and gives a clever little answer for snappy and quick access to applications.


Swipe Launcher


You should simply set it up and once it becomes acquainted with your most loved and late applications, it’ll consequently convey them to the photo.


Another preferred standpoint of having this launcher installed is that you can get to your devices in a solitary swipe, rather than dragging down the fast settings menu from above.




5.OF Launcher


OF Launcher applies a similar mantra of the above applications — expanding efficiency by having a speedier access to applications. Also, it does as such wonderfully.


OF Launcher


This launcher flawlessly sorts out applications in slide-out savvy organizers, with the goal that you should simply swipe and select the correct envelope. For example, on the off chance that you need WhatsApp, it would be recorded under the Social and Communication folder.


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In any case, what makes this application an unquestionable requirement have are the delightful backdrops. Every organizer has an alternate and completely lovely wallpaper. For customization choices, a long push on the home screen does the trick.




6.ap15 Launcher


In the event that you need your home screen to “spell” out the name of applications, at that point the ap15 Launcher will be the best decision. It goes up against cell phone moderation in an entire distinctive manner and replaces symbols and envelopes with the application’s names.


ap15 Launcher


ap15 Launcher makes utilization of word cloud so that the applications which are regularly utilized are spelled buggery way so that they are simple to access.


The shading, Foundation, textual style, or textual style shading — everything can be redone according to your decision.




7.FastKey Launcher


The FastKey Launcher, discharged a year ago, expects to convey iOS’s Spotlight-like hunt to your Android. It has a perfect qwerty console which looks through your applications and contacts in a jiffy. Truth be told, it touts to have a 16ms turnaround time.


FastKey Launcher


FastKey Launcher likewise gives the alternative of looking for an application through the application drawer catch at the base, just in the event that you don’t remember the application’s name.


Despite the fact that the operation is same as the Peek Launcher, the high ground that FastKey has that the console is considerably more minimized and you can really observe what you are writing.




8.Anole Launcher


In the event that you are a security concerned client, your most solid option to shield your telephone from snoopy companions is the Anole Launcher. The USP of Anole Launcher is concealing applications. You should simply choose your decision of applications and make them private. From that point onward, the applications won’t appear in any hunt separated from your private box.


Anole Launcher


Another incredible choice is the Share Mode. If you need to hand over your phone to your amigo, you should simply pick the applications which they have to see. The launcher will make a different parcel in the phone which will have just those specific applications. Noteworthy, isn’t that so?


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9.Lens Launcher


The following on our list is the Lens Launcher. It’s like the a15 Launcher, the main contrast being that rather than symbol names you get a grandstand of the symbols — all the application symbols — in a solitary screen.


Lens Launcher


In spite of the fact that it is unfeasible to utilize this launcher if you have several applications, an ideal situation would be in the event that you claim a couple of applications (or your visual perception is too great).


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10.Buzz Launcher


Last, however not the minimum, we have Buzz Launcher — the mother of all launchers (Sorry, Nova!). Buzz Launcher joins various launcher usefulness into a solitary one.


Buzz Launcher


So whether it’s the customization settings, signals, blue light settings, backdrops, topics or widgets– you get everything under a single roof.




11.ADW Launcher 2


The past ADW Launcher was a better than average customization choice, but since of no updates by the developer, it was out of our list. In any case, here it is, remaining at the best with a serious launcher to offer. ADW Launcher 2 launcher offers premium features in a free-version. It goes together each customization options that you would consider. The best part is, it accompanies a Pixel topic which enables you to modify each angle according to your need that too in the free version.


ADW Launcher 2



12.Action Launcher 3


It is one of my most loved and the ideal Material planned Android launcher. It’s best as far as a plan. It is the main launcher which has Quick Theme include i.e the hues from your wallpapers are extricated and used to redo the look of your format. This launcher enables you to tweak its each piece. It accompanies a portion of the one of a kind features like Quicktheme, Shutter, and Covers. It’s ideal for customization and additionally execution. Yet, this launcher accompanies a price, the free-version isn’t that attractive.


Action Launcher 3