How to Send Pictures Without Losing Quality in WhatsApp

Send Pictures Without Losing Quality in WhatsApp

Send Pictures Without Losing Quality: WhatsApp has been unflinchingly increasing its features portfolio. While it was conceivable just to send pictures and videos sometime recently, now you can send over a bundle of pictures subsequent to commenting on them.


Be that as it may, what has stayed unaltered, so far is the way WhatsApp transfers these picture files. For powerful transfer of pictures, WhatsApp diminishes the picture determination to about 33% of its unique determination. In spite of the fact that nothing changes much on a phone screen, the picture loses quite a bit of its better subtle elements when you see it on a PC.


That is a significant bummer, isn’t that so? Be that as it may, stress not, we at Guiding Tech have discovered two clever approaches to send a full resolution picture in WhatsApp. We should look at them.


1. Attach as a Doc


The majority share of us goes the customary way with regards to sending a photo. We take after a similar old drill — tap the Attachment symbol, go to Gallery, select the pictures and send. Ahh, exhausting!


How to send pictures without losing quality in WhatsApp


This may appear to be simple, however previously mentioned, it cuts off the quality. A clever route is to send the picture as a report which will solidify the determination as it seems to be.


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How to send pictures without losing quality in WhatsApp


Tap on Document which will raise all the PDFs, APK files or Txt records on your gadget. From here, select Browse different docs and pick the Images envelope from there.Once inside, select the Camera folder and pick your picture. The picture joined will be the original file size.


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2. Zip It!


The above tip works splendidly when you have a modest bunch of pictures to send. In any case, it might be irritating in the event that you need to do it again and again for a significant number of pictures since it requires it possess sweet investment in sending the high-resolution pictures.


Also, it might be a touch disappointing for the recipient — hitting the download button the same number of times as the quantity of sent pictures.


Along these lines, another brilliant route is to put the pictures into a compressed file. A clever approach to do this is through a file explorer like Solid Explorer File Manager.


How to send pictures without losing quality in WhatsApp


Once opened, make a beeline for the Pictures folder and select the pictures. Once done, tap on the three-spot menu on the upper right side and select Archive. Making a document will expect you to choose the arrangement of the file — ZIP or 7ZIP — and the compression.


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How to send pictures without losing quality in WhatsApp


Rename the document type and hit Create. Contingent upon the number of those pictures, the recorded procedure may take a few seconds.


In the event that you are in for privacy and security, a tap on the Protect with a secret key check-box will scramble the contents with a password.


Once the zipping procedure is finished, the bore is comparative. Append the zipped file as an archive and send it off or share directly from the local File manager.