Schedule Text Messages On Android By Third-Party Apps

Schedule Text Messages On Android

Schedule Text Messages On Android: It’s interesting how a single missed message can wreck a destruction in one’s life. You have to send an important message to somebody at some point later in the day, and you are so certain you will send it at the perfect time. Just, when the ideal time comes, you neglect to send it. Contingent on the significance of the message you neglected to send, you may experience the ill effects of nothing to a blackout. On the off chance that lone there was an approach to plan your messages, as you could do with your messages. Indeed, if you are utilizing an Android phone, you can. Regardless of whether you need to plan a message to that unique individual, or simply need to send an update content to your companion to ensure he comes to on time, this feature will dependably prove to be useful in such circumstances. In this way, if you are experiencing the “forgot to send the message” syndrome, here we have shared how to schedule text messages on Android phone:


Schedule Text Messages Using Third-Party Apps


There are some OEMs which incorporate this feature locally in their cell phones, however, generally, you should utilize an outsider app to make utilization of this component. The benefit of utilizing outsider messaging customers is that not just they bring the element of planning your messages yet, in addition, incorporate a huge amount of different features which makes messaging fun and simple. The apps will convey theming capacities enabling you to transform anything from shading plan over the app to the textual styles and its sizes. The main thing to recollect is that we are concentrating on planning messages thus other particular feature won’t affect the positioning of the apps.


1. Textra


Textra is a most popular third-party messaging app on the Play Store. Despite the fact that the app is known for giving the users the capacity to redo the look and feel of the messaging app, it can likewise play out a ton of cool capacities which your local messaging app can’t. One of those elements is the capacity to send planned messages. To plan a message utilizing Textra, when you are making a message, hit the, in addition, to catch and tap on the check symbol as appeared in the figure.


Here, you can choose the Date and the Time when you need your message to be sent from your telephone. One perfect thing I like about Textra is that it denotes the planned messages with a green clock symbol. When you tap on the symbol, you will have the capacity to see the time stamp (when it is planned to be sent) for that message. Generally, the app is allowed to use with in-app buys to open some additional features.


Download from play store: (Free, In-app Purchases)


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2. Pulse SMS


Pulse SMS is one of only a handful couple of messaging apps which are truly enhancing the way individuals utilize normal messages. The app brings many cool and special components which can improve your messaging experience. One of those features is the capacity to plan instant messages. To plan a message, when you are in a discussion, tap on the 3-specks menu show at the upper right corner of the app. On the drop-down menu, tap on the “Calendar a message” option and afterward enter the date, time, and the substance of the message. When you are done, hit send.


In any case, one thing which I don’t care for about this app is the way it stores your booked messages. The planned messages are not put away inside the first discussion rather they have put away in their own organizer. Despite the fact that I don’t care for this approach, many individuals may love it as it additionally gives you the capacity to see all your booked messages in one place. To discover the greater part of your booked messages, open the ground sirloin sandwich menu and after that tap on “Scheduled messages”. Here, you can see all your booked messages.


Download from play store: (Free, In-app Purchases)


3. Schedule SMS


In the event that you like your stock Android Messaging app and would prefer not to change to another app, you can utilize this app as an extra, as this is utilized for sending planned instant messages. To plan an instant message, dispatch the app and after that hit the, in addition, to catch to begin forming the message. Here, you can plan a message by doling out the date and time to it. The app is light and fast. Be that as it may, the UI feels somewhat old. The app is allowed to use with advertisements. Yet, the good thing is that you will just observe the promotions once you hit the send button.


Download from play store: (Free)


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4. Schedule SMS: Send It Later


The app may have a similar name with the last app on the rundown, however, I guarantee you, this one is very unique. The main terrible thing about this app is its UI which is exceptionally old and appears to be propelled by the old iOS plan dialect. Be that as it may, in the event that you can look past its UI, the app is exceptionally helpful and includes one important feature which is absent on alternate apps on this list.


The app gives you schedule repeating text messages. This means not exclusively would you be able to plan a message typically simply like on different apps, in any case, you can likewise dole out a sending recurrence (every day, week after week, month to month, yearly. weekday, and end of the week) to your booked messages. Contingent upon the recurrence you set, the app will resend the message at those predefined times. This is the best on the off chance that you need to plan messages for repeating occasions, for example, birthday events or commemorations. This app has helped me to get into the great books of every one of my loved ones.


Download from play store: (Free)