Unique Merry Christmas Messages to Make This XMAS Special

The best Merry Christmas messages

In this post, we have shared best Merry Christmas messages, wishes, greetings.  Wish your friends, family and loved one with this unique Merry Christmas messages. Make this Merry Christmas more beautiful, more memorable. You can send this Merry Christmas wishes to your loved ones by social media, email.  Don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Celebrate this Merry Christmas.

The best Merry Christmas messages

1. Our Christmas tree at work. Merry Christmas to my family and friends! Hope your holidays are magical!

2. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from yours truly! Love Always.

3. Merry Christmas may all your reveal their true face during the holidays.

4. Merry Christmas to all our family and friends. Wishing everyone a happy holiday!!

5. Done with the semester!!! I can’t believe how fast it was. Merry Christmas and a happy new year from us.

6. Somebody mixed the egg nog a little too strong! Merry Christmas & Happy Chicken & Collard Greens!

7. Family and friends due to my religious beliefs do not get offended if I do not say Merry Christmas but I will say I love you guys.

8. Merry Christmas! Hamster selfies are very challenging. Someday I will own a pet that actually likes me.

9. Merry Christmas from Mommy.  We are a little late but got our tree up and decorated!!

10. “Christmas is a day of meaning and traditions, a special day spent in the warm circle of family and friends.”Merry Christmas to all.

11. Happy Christmas week to all my FB friend! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and will be able to share it with your family and friends. I am excited, worried, happy, blessed that Sebastian will be home for good this weekend! It has been 3 long months since his surgery and he is progressing slowly but surely! Please continue to bless him, us with your prayers.

Merry Christmas Greetings Messages

The best Merry Christmas messages

12. Merry Christmas everyone!!! Just came back from a Christmas Party for my workplace.

13. Go away bronchitis! Nobody likes you back to the Dr on Wednesday for this coughing and chest pain. Merry Christmas.

14. Merry Christmas to us! His and hers! My first new snowboard since I was 17! Thanks for the board, Mom!  and thanks for the boots and bindings babe! Ready2shreddy! We’re coming for you, Utah!

15. Good deeds of the day, went jogging saw a homeless and surprised when I say Merry Christmas with Chinese food.

16. No one feels obligated to forward my message. I just like the tree. So I shared it. Merry Christmas.

17. We had her annual family Christmas party last night. Merry Christmas and love to everybody!

18. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hannukah, Wishing Peace, Love, and Joy To All! / Embracing The Celebratory Spirit.

19. Merry Christmas Pay it Forward Friday video!! Why not spread a little joy around during the holidays!? Hope you’re having an awesome day!

20. Merry Christmas! What did you ask for this year? Did you get it?

21. Didn’t work today because of the rain -Slept in  -Watched 7 episodes of Bizarre Foods -Took an hour nap -Now Christmas Dinner with the family Merry Christmas Everybody on Earth.

The best Merry Christmas messages

Merry Christmas Wishes 

Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages

22. Holiday Christmas party. Merry Christmas to all the wonderful Real Estates Agents in the company and congratulations to the top producers.

23. I just got to say… WOW AND WOW!!!! This was one of the best nights I ever had! Definitely the best movie of the year! Thanks to everyone who came out tonight! I hope to see this wonderful gem again! I’m giving it a solid A!! Go see this movie everyone! Merry Christmas and may the force be with you!

24. Don’t forget this Saturday is the Bailiwick’s toys for tots drive please come out and help us make some lucky kids have a merry Christmas.

25. Merry Christmas to all our Family and Friends! loves opening presents.

26. Merry Christmas to all! May the hope, love, and peace that was born that silent, holy night remains in your heart throughout the year!

27. For all my mid-western family and friends. I love you but don’t love your weather……Merry Christmas!

28. From Our Family To Yours. Merry Christmas & A Happy Prosperous New Year!

29. Merry Christmas!!!!! Being a Santa do good turns into a “happy” 1 AM adventure in our neighbor’s yard!

30. Merry Christmas to the Dean Family from Mae Lynn Photography! Thank you for trusting me with your precious memories! I can’t wait to make more with you!

31. Not even mama standing on her head was going to get this baby girl to smile. At least Jack did. Merry Christmas!

32. Merry Christmas my little mini-me… Hope I like your Beats LOVE YOU!!

33. The best Christmas gift a father could ask for! Riana re-wrote some of the lyrics to this song and then she sang it. It was so heartwarming that I wanted to share this with everyone. Hope you like it and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

34. This is what one of my coworkers made the other day!! Merry Christmas you filthy animal…and a happy new year!

35. Merry Christmas and blessing from my loved ones to yours.

The best Merry Christmas messages

36. Merry Christmas from The Hugo Gonzalez Agency family to yours. We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

37. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Merry Christmas!

38. Wishing the residents a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

39. Don’t forget, He is always the best place to celebrate Christmas. Wishing you Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

40. Great holiday dinner with co-workers. The food was amazing! We want to wish all of you and you’re a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

41. Great, Merry Christmas to me. My car just left me stranded. This is what I need right now, more stress.

42. OMG! It was a family sitting next to me just paid for my food and wished me a Merry Christmas! That just made my day.

43. The first wave is wrapped just waiting for the rest to be delivered. Merry Christmas!


44. This was a must have to make sure give to him Christmas, because he always made sure we had a good Christmas. Merry Christmas. Daddy miss you lots.

45. Christmas to everyone this past Merry Christmas to everybody that is out you’re not this past Phillip Tanner Merry Christmas to everyone that is out this past Phillip Merry Christmas to everyone that is out you’re not Merry Christmas to you may God ever bless you and have.

The best Merry Christmas messages

Merry Christmas Messages for Friends

Wish your friends with this amazing Merry Christmas Messages. Make this Merry Christmas Messages more wonderful.

46. Love you guys and Merry Christmas! Thank you for the sweet Christmas card!

47. I have a new friend, whom I connected through Art Leal. Merry Christmas!

48. Goodnight, Sweet dreams, and as my mother would say do not let be bed bugs bite. Merry Christmas.

49. May God Bless my Son doing this Special time of the year. Merry Christmas. I love you and miss you so much.

50. Miss and Love you Papa. Merry Christmas!

51. Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year Last Video of The Year! Facebook Family God Gave Us A Gift  And He Wraps it up In Love.  God Bless you.

52. Merry Christmas weekend everyone!!! (Don’t mind my shitty guitar playing haha- haven’t picked this thing up in months!

53. Merry Christmas to you all my beautiful friends and your family here and around the world.

54. No More Violence Organization members and Youth. Merry Christmas and be blessed, we love you.

55. Won this awesome sweater this weekend. Totally feeling the merry mint!! Merry Christmas.

56. Someone just asked me what they should get their boyfriend for Christmas since they’ve been dating for a week. “He can get a ‘Merry Christmas’ text message. I’ve had laundry in my hamper longer than your relationship.”

57. I got your awesome Christmas card. Merry Christmas. Thanks for always thinking of me. I still have not gotten mine out. I had to redo them as they came out too dark.

58. Merry Christmas to three of my supermodel who is all wear something from my line the House.  You all look beautiful.

59. Merry Christmas to all my friends. Wishes for me and my family.

60. They broom on Christmas night. Merry Christmas everyone, it is the best of year, happy new year.

61. Merry Christmas and a happy New Years to all my Facebook friends and family.

62. The last FB dedication of the year..maybe! LOL Merry Christmas to all my FB family and friends!!

63. Last minute gift wrapping made easy! Merry Christmas all!

64. Come out and have fun! It’s amazing here…SDCCU Stadium We will start at 7 pm Merry Christmas and a New Year!

65. Sweet Christmas carols from the kids at church. Merry Christmas! Christian Fellowship.

The best Merry Christmas messages

Merry Christmas Messages for Family

66. Got a new camera for Christmas. Couldn’t wait, so I ** a cough** decided to grab it from my parents a little early. Take it out for a test run, Got more shots and see what I can do with it. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

67. I am ready to rage with family tonight for Christmas Party! Merry Christmas to everyone.

68. What a great full moon! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

69. Wonderful time with family & friends over the last few days… Merry Christmas!

70. Okay 1st watching the Disney Parade makes me want to be there so badly! Maybe next year! I am a sucker for making him smile! Merry Christmas everyone! God bless!

71. Merry Christmas friends. Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

72. Merry Christmas to all my family and friends! A special thank you to all of Jed’s family for treating me like one of their own! Love Y’all! Also, today started crawling! So blessed to have this little man!

73. Awesome day today with Family and Friends! Got some great gifts and gave some great gifts out too! Plus it snowed! Merry Christmas!

74. Tonight is the night! Thank you for coming and stay with us!! Merry Christmas to all.

75. Practicing the free mount while kids shoot foam darts at me. It’s been a very active post present unwrap morning. Merry Christmas.

76. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Family….all smiles.

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