Top 10 Language Learning Apps You Can Use

Language Learning Apps for Android

Best Language Learning Apps: A standout amongst the most gainful things to do in your free time is learning another language. Despite the number of times you’ve already heard this, I realize that it’s less demanding said than done. You may either not have enough time to go to its classes or may not know where to begin. In any case, imagine a scenario where I disclosed to you that there was a path with which you can take in any new language that you need whenever you find helpful. Truly, you read that privilege. I am discussing your cell phone. By downloading the correct language apps on your phone, you can take in any new language effortlessly. To help you, In this post, we have shared top 10 language learning apps:


The Best Language Learning Apps


1. Duolingo


With more than 50 million downloads from the Play Store, Duolingo is an exceptionally mainstream language learning app. When you 1st install it, you would be invited to choose a language that you might want to learn. You can look over numerous choices like Spanish, French, German, Italian, and so forth. The course begins with the interpretation of some essential words like a kid and a young lady before bit by bit moving to a larger amount. You can even tune into the elocution of the words being shown on the screen.




Each course is separated into a few lessons. To move to a higher one, you’ll need to finish the ones previously it. On the off chance that despite everything you need to skirt a lesson, you can take a snappy test. As an inspiration, Duolingo offers encounter focuses that you can set as a day by day objective. Moreover, the app enables you to be reminded day by day at a specific time to finish your course.


There are some more cool features that you get with this app. You can join language clubs where you’ll discover members learning a similar language. You can see their improvement and utilize it as an inspiration. In spite of the fact that Duolingo is a free app, you’ll frequently observe promotions. To dispose of them, you can purchase Duolingo Plus with an in-app buy. This will likewise enable you to download the courses for offline utilize.


Download from Play Store: (free with in-app buys)


2. Memrise


Like Duolingo, Memrise offers numerous language courses, including Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, and so forth. You begin off by choosing your aptitude level in a language – learner or gifted, and after that convey forward from that level. Memrise concentrates on dynamic learning as it offers sound and visual tests after each couple of lessons. What’s more, in the event that you come up short a test, you can take that lesson once more.


Language Learning Apps
Language Learning Apps


The lessons can be altered according to your prerequisites. In the app’s settings, you can characterize the number of words that you need in each learning and audit session. Notwithstanding languages, you can even find out about different themes like expressions and writing and incidental data. In the event that you need some extra features, you can purchase its pro version that is accessible through an in-app buy. With this, you can download courses for offline utilize, get boundless access to every one of the courses, and even get video instructional exercises.


Download from Play Store: (free with in-app buys)


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3. Babbel


With Babbel, you can take courses in languages like Danish, Spanish, German, French, and Dutch. As there are numerous lessons in each of the courses, I’d prescribe you to enroll on the app so as to spare your advance. When you begin a course, you’ll begin with some essential words like welcome took after by comparing tests. In spite of the fact that you may just have the capacity to take one lesson in each course for nothing, you can open the others by purchasing memberships for singular languages by means of an in-app buy. In conclusion, to enable you to learn effectively, Babbel offers a set of suggestions to complete your course.

Language Learning Apps


Download from Play Store: (free with in-app buys)


4. Rosetta Stone


Before I dive into the points of interest of Rosetta Stone, let me initially disclose to you that this app works just in scene mode. That being stated, it is an extraordinary language learning app regardless with some pleasant activities. Offering courses in languages like Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, and German, you can look over a sum of 24 languages. Extraordinary compared to other components of this app that isolates it from the others in this rundown is its capacity to influence you to rehearse elocutions. When you begin a course, you learn the interpretations as well as the articulation for each syllable.


Rosetta Stone


You can see the time and the number of steps that would be associated with any lesson before taking it. After you finish a lesson, you’ll need to take a test in which you’ll be required to score no less than 75% with a specific end goal to move to the following one. Unfortunately, you can just take one lesson for nothing in each language. To take more, you’ll need to purchase that course with an in-app buy.


Download from Play Store: (free with in-app buys)


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5. Busuu


Busuu is a language learning app that makes learning fascinating. It has a “Social” segment wherein you can associate with individuals learning diverse languages around the world. The way it works is you get an arbitrary straightforward question and are required to answer it either by writing or by talking in the language that you are learning. Your answer will then be obvious to anybody utilizing the app who has set that language as their local one. Presently, they can offer adjustments for what you fouled up, in the event that anything. This works the other route around as well – you can survey the appropriate responses written in your local language also. It is an extremely addictive yet valuable feature.


Language Learning Apps


Returning to the nuts and bolts, busuu offers courses in 12 languages including Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, and German. With its free form, you can take a course in a solitary language at any given moment. Besides, you can just take one lesson. To access more languages and lessons, you’ll need to move up to the excellent adaptation that can be purchased as an in-app buy.


Download from Play Store: (free with in-app buys)


6. TripLingo


As opposed to just being a language learning app, TripLingo holds fast more to a voyaging point of view. If you anticipate flying out to a nation with a remote language, I’d profoundly prescribe you to introduce TripLingo on your cell phone. When you open the app, you can choose the nation where you’ll be voyaging. Individuals in these nations may talk distinctive languages like Spanish, Mandarin, Greek, and so on., yet the app deals with that. You can download the sound record for the language heretofore.




Utilizing TripLingo, you can figure out how to state basic expressions like security and eating in any language. These incorporate a large portion of the ones that you’ll have to impart adequately. The app additionally incorporates a voice interpreter worked in. You can utilize this to interpret an expression talked in your language to whatever another language. A couple more features that you’ll discover are the WiFi Dialer and the Image Translator. You can utilize the WiFi Dialer (requires purchasing credits) to make telephone calls while voyaging and utilize the Image Translator to decipher any content just by pointing your camera at it. Last yet not the slightest, the app offers social data like the history and economy of a nation to make you more recognizable.


Download from Play Store: (free)


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7. Lingvist


Starting today, Lingvist offers courses just in English, German, Spanish, French, and Russian. You can scale diverse levels in each of them relying on the number of words you have learned in the relating language. The app offers a point by point perspective of your advance. This incorporates the number of words you’ve learned, the time you’ve spent learning, and the words with which you battle the most. Also, you can pick a topic amongst “Paper” and “Cosmos” and even view linguistic use tips that are classified into novice, halfway, and propelled levels.

Language Learning Apps


Download from Play Store: (free)


8. Clozemaster


Clozemaster does not precisely offer an undeniable course in any language, however, it is an intriguing app that gives you a chance to learn distinctive words in different languages over some undefined time frame. A portion of the languages offered by the app incorporate Danish, Spanish, German, and French. These languages can be learned as a diversion. To begin off, pick a language that you need to learn alongside your local language, and afterward, you can decide on either a subjective or a goal play. In the subjective play, you’ll need to sort a word that finishes a given sentence while in the goal play, you’ll need to pick one among the given four options.




Download from Play Store: (free)


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9. Google Translate


Most language learning apps show you a language through activities and dynamic strides, while Google Translate just tells to you how to write and talk anything you went through it.


Google Translate
Language Learning Apps


You can translate content, handwriting, and your voice with Google Translate. This implies you can enter message physically, draw the content, or talk it to change it into the objective language. You can even share your most loved interpretations so you can allude to them rapidly at whatever point you like.


Google Translate may not resemble other language learning apps, but rather it’s positively an extraordinary device in case you’re stuck on a particular word or state, or in the event that you want to focus on your learning to specific expressions and sentences as it were. It can particularly end up being valuable in case you’re talking with somebody that doesn’t know your language.


Works With: iOS and Android


Languages you can learn here: Japanese, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Bulgarian, Swahili, Swedish, Ukranian, Vietnamese, Welsh, Chinese, French, Hungarian, Korean, Czech, English, Persian, Latin, and more than 60 others


Download from Play Store, iTunes: (free)


10. HelloTalk


An app planned to encourage talking practice and dispose of the potential worry of ongoing discussion. Students can discover local speakers and banter with them utilizing a WhatsApp-like talk with voice and text messages.




The best feeling is the point at which you go over a local speaker of your objective language who likewise needs to take in your primary language—it resembles you hit the language big stake!


Users can adjust each other’s messages with an in-manufactured revision device, which changes the language trades into modest mentoring sessions. The app additionally has an incorporated interpretation framework to enable you to stay away from those minutes when you truly need to impart something yet simply do not have the single word that gives the sentence its legitimate importance.


You can check your best discussions or messages, so your most loved expressions won’t get lost and the content to-voice alternative will ensure you generally know how to articulate the messages you get. To help you with discussion inspiration you can likewise mastermind language trades with lengths characterized by various parameters like time (erm, clearly!), number of traded messages or characters.


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