How to get free WiFi ( Anywhere, Anytime) Simple Way

In this post, we have shared how to get free WiFi. It happens that we visit puts less frequently when we don’t locate an active  WiFi hotspot (all the more critically, a free one). Besides, when sitting at an eatery, the primary thing we are interested in is whether the eatery offers free WiFi or not. Luckily, there are numerous ways which one can take after to get free WiFi anyplace and do it with negligible bother. Give us a chance to look at them:

How to get free WiFi?

1. Use an App to find Hotspots

If you go to the App Store or Google Play Store, you would discover applications that would enable you to discover WiFi hotspots close-by or focused on the area. You simply need to tap on the spot to know whether it is an open system or a secured one.

How to get free WiFi

For this situation, we used Avast WiFi Finder, which is a very well known application by Avast Inc. With the assistance of its guide, you can discover hotspots nearby and pick the best from them. Avast Finder even picks the ideal connection for you. Also, it advises you when there is a conceivable security issue with the WiFi network you are connected with.

It need not bother with an active Internet connection with discovering the best WiFi close-by, it would automatically connect you when it finds the best one. Be that as it may, without an active Internet connection, you may neglect to search for accessible WiFi hotspots focused on the area far away from your flow area.

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2. Search for connections utilizing the default WiFi scanner

In the event that you are not inspired by installing extra apps to discover free WiFi networks, you can basically filter for accessible WiFi networks utilizing your cell phone.

How to get free WiFi

You simply need to explore your way through the Settings to the Wi-Fi option. You would then be able to watch a few adjacent Wi-Fi networks (if accessible) and connect with the one which is named as an “Open” network.

3. Make a beeline for Specific Locations With Free WiFi

You don’t have to install a few applications and continue scanning with the expectation of complimentary Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the day. If you know where to discover one, you will spare more opportunity to use the network rather than discovering it.

Along these lines, you can make a beeline for particular areas that are as of now known for their accessibility of free Wi-Fi networks. For example, Starbucks and McDonalds are some of the sweetest spots that unquestionably offer free Wi-Fi.

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4. Visit a Hotel

Going by an inn just to get free WiFi is not a plausible answer for everybody. In any case, it saves you in circumstances when you seriously require an active yet free Internet connection on your gadget to deal with something pressing in a limited ability to focus time. You must be somewhat cautious here, don’t point the finger at us in the event that you get got!

5. MAC Spoofing

You may have a decent day finding an extraordinary free Wi-Fi network yet it offers the service just temporarily period for any individual connection. All in all, what do you do now?

Worry not, you simply need to take after a method (MAC Spoofing) which would give you a chance to get to the Wi-Fi arrange for a more drawn out (conceivably for a boundless timeframe).

6. Best Spot – Your Friend’s home

Why would it be advisable for you to attempt distinctive approaches to locate a free Wi-Fi network when your companion has one? Indeed, in the event that you are sufficiently fortunate, your companion may very well give you the entrance to his home network as a free WiFi answer for you. It is presumably extraordinary compared to other routes by which you can get free WiFi.

What’s more, an individual WiFi network won’t have numerous limitations on utilization (content separating). In addition, you can simply request that your friend unblock a particular substance in the event that you have issues getting to something.

7. Discover the password to a protected WiFi network

When you scan for accessible WiFi networks, you get a considerable measure of free WiFi arrangements yet some protected WiFi networks also. Imagine a scenario in which you knew the passphrase for the ensured WiFi arrangement. It would be quite recently awesome!

Possibly it would make an issue for the individual who claims it (If it is a metered connection) however regardless you get a free WiFi solution.

For this situation, you can join a group utilizing an application like “WiFi Map — Free Passwords” where you could discover passwords to the different protected Wi-Fi networks. Along these lines, you don’t have to approach anybody for it if the secret word is as yet the same as the client imparted to the group.

8. Utilize a Web service to scan with the expectation of complimentary WiFi network spots

An alternative answer for the mobile applications is to utilize a web benefit. It would be a helpful arrangement if you don’t need an extra application to influence your cell phone’s performance.

OpenWiFiSpots is one of the ideal sites that gives you data on accessible free WiFi hotspots in real urban areas. Its database is not quite recently constrained to the U.S, you can even locate a couple of hotspot areas in nations like India.


At long last, now you think about ideal routes by which you can get free WiFi anyplace. You could separate the previously mentioned focuses in an assortment of ways however these would stay to fill in as the most sensible approaches to get free WiFi.