How to Extract RAR files (Windows+Mac)

How to Extract RAR files

How to Extract RAR files: RAR files are compressed files. You can recognize the files example: abcdefgh.RAR expansion. You can put a heap of files and folders to make a compressed file using an RAR archiver. Albeit, authoritatively WinRAR is the archiver in charge of making RAR files here we will share how to extricate RAR files on Windows and Mac. RAR files can’t be extricated by the built in OS devices, that works for ZIP files on both Linux and Mac. Along these lines, we have some software utilities which can help extract RAR files on Windows and Mac.


How To Extract RAR files on Windows


Utilizing WinRAR


  1. Firstly, Download and install WinRAR from its authority download page (website).


  1. Look for the RAR file you need to extract. For this situation, we have picked an example file named “example.rar” to extract.


  1. Right-click on the file to discover the options to extract the RAR file. On the off chance that you need to extract the files in that spot (in a similar folder), you can proceed to tap on “Extract Here“. In either case, if you need to set a file path, you can tap on “Extract files” which would, thusly, request that you indicate the target area for extraction.


How to Extract RAR files


The extraction ought to be sufficiently snappy if the RAR file is around packaged under 50 MB. If it is higher than that, it would take a few seconds to extract every one of the files inside it thus the time increases with the RAR file measure.


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Utilizing 7-Zip


You can likewise attempt an alternative option to WinRAR which is both open-source and accessible for free.


  1. Download and install 7-Zip from the official website.


  1. After installation, look for the RAR file you need to extract.


  1. Right-tap on the file you need to be extracted and after that scan for “7-Zip” in the options accessible as appeared in the picture above. You have to simply drift your cursor over the 7-Zip option and after that tap on “Extract Here” to extract every one of the files and contents of the RAR file in a similar area where the RAR file exists.


How to Extract RAR files


If you need the files to be extracted somewhere else, you just tap on “Extract files” and afterward you will be required to determine the target storage area.


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How To Extract RAR files on Mac


At the point when on a Mac-powered system, you can open and extract ZIP files without the need of outsider applications. Be that as it may, you can’t extract RAR files without a software utility. Here, the software utility we will use to extract RAR files on Mac – The Unarchiver.


Steps by steps instruction to Extract RAR files on Mac Using The Unarchiver


  1. Firstly, Download and Install The Unarchiver from the application store.


2.After installation, scan for the RAR file that you need to extract.


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3.Simply right-tap on the file you need to extract and afterward set out toward “Open With” option.


How to Extract RAR files


4.You need to choose “The Unarchiver” in the wake of making a beeline for the open with menu.


5.Create a folder on your coveted area or simply select a folder on which you need to store the extracted files and tap on “Extract“.