How To Delete Emails On iPhone Step by Step Instruction

How To Delete Emails On iPhone: When you don’t need an email account associated with a device, you essentially delete it. Ordinarily, you would do it in the event that you are switching your primary email address or cleaning the slate before selling the gadget. In any case, how do you delete email accounts on iPhone? In either case, would you like to delete the whole email account from your iPhone or simply particular emails?

Here, we will tell you all that you have to know about how to delete emails on iPhone.

Note: This guide works with iOS 10.2.1, although these tricks should be relatively similar in previous and future versions.

How To Delete Emails On iPhone Using The Default Mail App?

Run the “Mail” application.

How To Delete Emails On iPhone

Make a beeline for the mailboxes screen if you are as of now inside the Inbox screen as appeared in the picture below.

In any case, after you have come to the mailboxes screen, you simply need to click on the “All Mail” area.

Then, discover the focus on the email message and essentially swipe left to discover the “Delete” option recorded as appeared in the picture above.

If you need to delete multiple email messages, you can click on “Edit” from the upper right corner of the screen and after that select the coveted messages to be deleted. At last, click on delete subsequent to selecting all the important email messages as appeared in the picture above.

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How To Delete An Email Account On iPhone?

Make a beeline for the “Settings”.

How To Delete Emails On iPhone

Look down to discover “Mail” and after that click on it.

Then, click on “Accounts”.

You would then be able to select the account you need to delete from the iPhone (regardless of whether be it a Google Account, Exchange, Aol., Yahoo, and so on.) However, do take note that you can’t delete the iCloud account, you will just get the capacity to change the settings and sign out.

For example, you click on “Gmail”. You will watch the associated options which can be changed. Here, as you need to delete the email account, just click on “Delete Account”.

How To Delete Emails On iPhone

At last, confirm the action by clicking on “Delete from My iPhone”. You have effectively deleted the associated information from the iPhone yet not from Gmail thus applies for other email service customers also.