How To Block A Number on Android Phone

How To Block A Number

In this article, learn how to block a number on your Android smartphone. Staying in contact with family and friends has turned out to be simpler and speedier because of Android cell phones. Be that as it may, not all people who can get in touch with us through our cell phones are peoples that we adore and treasure; some are spammers, irritating outsiders, telemarketers, and other undesirable guests. You don’t have to endure these undesirable calls. Block them!


How to block a phone number with built-in call blocking features?


Most Android phones have their own approach to block particular phone numbers. There didn’t use to be a summed up approach to do this, however, so makers frequently needed to incorporate the feature with their own particular software skins.


This is the reason the methodology can be exceptional on your particular device, as it differs from phone to phone. Obviously, we can’t really expound on the essential strides for blocking calls each and every phone out there, however, we can give you a thought and demonstrate to you how it’s done with the most famous devices.


Stock Android


If you need to know how to block a phone number on a stock Android handset like the Google Pixel or the more established Nexus 6P, you’ve gone to the correct place. There are two approaches. The least difficult one is to open your Phone application and access the area containing your current calls. Long push on any of them and select “Block number”.


How To Block A Number
How To Block A Number?


The second technique comprises of opening the Phone application and tapping on the 3-dot menu symbol on the upper right corner and choosing “Settings”. From the menu, simply hit “Call blocking” and include the numbers you need blocking.


A few carriers make it easier!


Need to truly dispose of those irritating callers? Doing it from your phone works, however, imagine a scenario in which you switch handsets frequently. Possibly you need this done in a more foundational way. A few transporters enable you to block particular numbers on a service level. What’s more, this includes the 4 major carriers in the USA (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint).


There are a few confinements to these, however. For instance, Verizon just permits up to 5 blocked numbers for every line. AT&T likewise does it on a gadget by-gadget premise. Then again you have T-Mobile, which just permits blocking with family plans. And afterward, there’s Sprint, which is by all accounts more accommodating about doing this.


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Call blocking on Samsung phones


The vast majority of you likely have Samsung phones, so you may be thinking about how to block a phone number. They are the greatest Android cell phone producer, all things considered. Endeavoring to dispose of those bothersome callers? How about we demonstrate to you how.


How To Block A Number


>Open the Phone application.

>Select which number you need to block and hit “More” (situated on the upper right corner).

>Select “Add to Auto-Reject List”.

>To remove or make more edits, go to Settings > Call Settings > All Calls > Auto Reject.


Call blocking on LG phones


Presently we’ll demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to block a phone number if you own an LG phone. The procedure is truly like alternate phones we’ve demonstrated you, however, there are slight contrasts. Here we go:


How To Block A Number
How To Block A Number?


>Open the Phone application.

>Tap the 3-dot symbol (upper right corner).

>Select “Call Settings”.

>Select “Reject Calls”.

>Tap on “+” button and include the numbers you need to be blocked.


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Call blocking on HTC phones


How To Block A Number
How To Block A Number?


>Open the Phone application.

>Press and hold the phone number.

>Select “Block Contact”.

>Select “OK”.

>You can remove them from the blocked list on the People application.


Third-party apps for blocking phone calls


If your Android phone doesn’t have an in-assembled call blocking feature or in the event that it does, however, you think that it’s lacking, you may be considering how to block a phone number utilizing another technique. Gratefully, you can pick one from some outsider call blocking applications on the Google Play Store. Of specific note are the Mr. Number application, Call Blocker application, and Calls Blacklist application.


Mr. Number


The Mr. Number application is a free and advertisements free Android application that enables you to block undesirable calls and messages on your cell phone. This application shields your phone from spam, quiet chose contacts, or even keep your phone out of reach by whatever is left of the world.


Mr. Number additionally has a Remote Lookup feature that enables you to discover data around an obscure guest in the U.S. The initial 20 lookups are free and you will be charged about US$1.00 for the following 20 lookups. This application likewise has a Business Caller ID that gives data about guests utilizing a business line.


Here’s a general thought of how to use Mr. Number:


>Download, install and run the Mr. Number application. Tap on “OK” to continue.

>Verify your nation. Select your nation with your country code, and sort your phone number. Tap on “OK” to proceed.

>To start blocking contacts, tap on “No” or restriction image at the upper-right bit of the screen to get to the block list.


The Blocklist contains three tabs: Hang Up, Voicemail, and Exceptions.


At the point when a contact listed on the Hang Up tab tries to call you, your phone will naturally Hang Up the call. Callers listed under Voicemail will have their calls redirected to the phone message box. You can add numbers to the Hang Up or potentially Voicemail tabs in different ways:


  1. Suspected spam
  2. All private/blocked numbers
  3. Look over late calls or messages
  4. Enter a number
  5. Look over contacts
  6. All numbers not in contacts
  7. All numbers starting with…
  8. All numbers in contacts
  9. All numbers


The Exceptions tab lists contacts that won’t be blocked or redirected. Along these lines, if you need to stay in contact with your family and friends while keeping the outsiders and spammers under control, enlist your family and friends’ contact numbers under the Exceptions tab.


You can likewise block contacts appropriate from the application’s principle screen. Under the Recent tab, which demonstrates the historical backdrop of got calls and content, tap the Menu button close to each log section and select Block Number. A popup will show up, requesting that you whether block the contact or divert all the contact’s calls to your voice message. You can likewise stamp it as a spam number and include a remark about the blocked contact number. A warning will seem each time the application catches a blocked contact. The historical backdrop of blocked contacts will be shown under the Blocked History tab on the application’s principle screen.


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Call Blocker


Another convenient call blocker app that you’d need to attempt is the free and advertisement bolstered Call Blocker app. In the event that you subscribe to the paid and advertisement free form, you can appreciate premium highlights, including the Private Space, include that safely stores private SMS messages and call logs.


Here’s a general thought of how to use Call Blocker:


  1. Download, install and run the Call Blocker app. Tap Agree to proceed.
  2. On the application’s main menu, tap the Blocked Calls button.
  3. Tap the add button (spoke to by a symbol of paper with check and X marks)
  4. The Blacklist and Whitelist tabs will be shown on the screen. Tap Add Number to include a contact. You can include a number by means of your contacts, call log or SMS log, or you can sort the number specifically. Contacts listed on the Blacklist tab will be blocked (obviously!) while contacts on the Whitelist tab will be exempted.


Calls Blacklist


Last however not the minimum on our list is the free and promotion upheld Calls Blacklist, an extremely straightforward application for keeping a list of contacts that you would prefer not to permit to contact your phone. An advertisement free premium version is likewise accessible for about US$3.00.


To block calls with Calls Blacklist, simply launch the application and add a contact number to the Blacklist tab. You can include a number through your Contacts, call logs, or messages log, or include numbers physically. Furthermore, that is it! Contacts spared under Blacklist won’t have the capacity to call your Android phone any longer.


These days, home landlines are essentially wiped out, implying that spammers, telemarketers, and other undesirable guests have another objective: your cell phone. Gratefully, call blocking is conceivable on our Android phones or by third-party applications from the Google Play Store. Ideally, the guide above helped answer the subject of how to block a phone number — if not, make sure to connect in the remarks and we (or another analyst) will do our best to enable you to out!



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