250+ Best Happy Birthday Quotes, Wishes And Messages (Special)

This post offers an incredible number of the most special and most hilarious happy birthday quotes, wishes, messages, greetings, and saying for relatives or friends, co-workers, lovers, young and old people. A decent relationship is protected and fortified through birthday wishes. So read on and appreciate! Wish your loved one with these famous birthday quotes.

Top Happy birthday quotes

1. Happy Birthday! Wishing you health, happiness, and love!

2. Happy birthday beautiful wishing you all the best and nothing less.

3. I am wishing you a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a blast. Good times, good friends, and wonderful moments!!! We miss you.

4. Birthday wishes and many blessings to you dear. Have an awesome day and much success in life .. lots of happiness.

5. Happy birthday, friend!!! Wishing you all the best and hope you have a great day! Cheers

6. Happy Birthday. You are doing great you just got a year older. May all your wishes dreams come true.

7. Happy birthday. Hope all your wishes come true cheers.

8. Happy Birthday. Best Wishes on your day Much love your prima LA SANDUNGA.

9. Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best today and throughout the coming year…

10. Have an amazing, fun-filled, and blessed birthday. May all your wishes be granted. Happy Birthday.  God bless you always.

11. Happy birthday! Sending you love and hugs and wishes for a wonderful year!

12. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a great day and year!

13. A man is getting old when he strolls around a puddle rather than through it. – By R. C. Ferguson

14. Exceptional day, uncommon individual, and extraordinary festival. May everything you could ever hope for and wants to work out as expected in this coming year. Happy birthday!

15. Age is a number and yours is unlisted. Happy birthday. – By Unknown

16. Age is entirely an instance of the brain over the issue. If it’s all the same to you, it doesn’t make a difference. Happy birthday. – By Jack Benny

17. Happy birthday, brother!! Wish you the best always. Love you.

18. We share a birthday, Happy Birthday. Wish you were playing this weekend!

Happy Birthday Quotes

19. Happy birthday wishing you happiness and more birthdays to come!!!

20. Happy Birthday, girl. Have an amazing day/week wishing you the best.

21. Happy birthday “HOLLYWOOD”! Wishing you the best day Taylor!

22. Happy Birthday my fabulous friend, wishing you beautiful blessings always.

23. It’s a respect for me that the best man in this world is my brother. Happy birthday!

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Top Happy birthday quotes and sayings

Here we have shared top happy birthday quotes to wish your loved person. Make your father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, and loved person’s birthday more special, memorable, funny.

24. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a year filled with love, good health, and much happiness!!!

25. I like to wish sweet happy birthday and to tell you to thank you for everything you do happy birthday beautiful and I will see you tonight for dinner.

26. Birthdays are beneficial for you. Insights demonstrate that the general population who have the most experience the longest. – By Rev. Larry Lorenzoni

27. Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more fun days of much love your cousin.

Happy Birthday Quotes

28. Happy Birthday. You are my best friend anyone could ever want. I hope your birthday brings much joy and that your wishes come true.

29. I would like to wish my Queen a Happy Birthday. So much I could and would say, but Y’all already know is a mess… Love You and see you tonight. She’s the real Queen.

30. Sending Happy Birthday wishes to my eldest brother. May God continue to bless and grant continued favor in your life! Love you always! Enjoy your day!

31. We wish you the best birthday ever! Here’s another amazing year ahead. Love, your team.

32. They say that age is all in your psyche. The trap is shielding it from crawling down into your body. Happy birthday – By Unknown Author

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boss

33. Happy Birthday. I wish you good health, love, success, and happiness. I will always be there for you. Love you lots.

Happy Birthday Quotes

34. You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. happy birthday – By Bob Hope

35. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my LOVELY friend…. big wishes for you to have anything good on your birthday and FOREVER.

36. Happy birthday to you.  May all your wishes come true and enjoy your special day.

37. Happy birthday. May all your dreams and wishes come true. GOD bless you.

38. Happy Birthday!!! May all your dreams and wishes come true!

39. Happy Birthday!!!! May all your dreams and wishes come true! Lots of health and happiness always! Hope you have a great day!

40. Happy birthday, dear. so sorry for late wish. Hope it was awesome.

Happy Birthday Quotes

41. Birthdays are nature’s method for instructing us to eat more cake. Happy birthday dear– By Unknown Author

42. Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you many more, stay blessed, healthy and happy.

43. Happy birthday. I wish you all the best my friend, God bless you.

44. Happy birthday !!! Wishing you all the best for a wonderful birthday.

45. Wishing my sister a Very Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your special day. Love you always.

Most Funny Birthday Messages

46. Happy birthday my man. All the best wishes to you and your family!!!

47. Wishing you a very special Happy Birthday… Baby you getting on up there! I love you more than anything. Don’t turn up too much I’m flying to you literally wait for me! My special lady.

48. I Want To Wish My Beautiful Granddaughter A wonderful Happy Birthday. Grandma Wishes You Much More To Come to Love, My 8-Year-Old Princess.

49. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I wish you many more.

50. Happy birthday, boss, I wish you all the best things in life.

Happy Birthday Quotes

Short Birthday Wishes


52. Happy Birthday. I wish you many more years of love and happiness. The kids and I love you.

53. Happy birthday, I am wishing you much more to come.

54. Happy birthday to you my sister.

Wish you good luck healthy beautiful successful in your study and in your life!!!

Then wish our good more than before having a lot of money.

Happy every time

Dream come true.

55. Happy birthday to a special girl in my life. Wishing you many more ma may God bless you and protect you always.

Happy Birthday Quotes

56. Happy birthday, dad. Today it is your day for my prince. I wish you all the happiness of the world is between father and son.

57. Screaming happy birthday to my sis, my best friend, my ride or die. May Allah bless and guide you n may he grant you all your wishes on this special day. we love you.

58. To my dear Mother, Happy Birthday wishing you a good Health I love you and I miss you so much.

59. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. On your birthday I’d like you to know that you are loved and cherished today and always. You are the most loving and caring sister in this entire world. You allow me to be myself and I love you for it. Happy Birthday wishes to my Beautiful Sister.

60. Happy birthday!!

Wishing you good health, love, happiness always

Thank you for taking care of me. You have shown how much you truly love and care for our family! You have been a wonderful husband, friend, lover and father….. Take care always!! We love you very much!!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

61. Happy Birthday wishes to go out for the actor, who is now a member of our Facebook family.

62. Facebook family and friends! Thank you all for the happy birthday well wishes and love.

63. Happy birthday to you all the happiness in life -Love you.

64. A very special birthday wish to our fearless designer!  Your hard work, kind heart, and infinite dedication inspire us each and every day!

Happy Birthday Quotes

65. Wanna take this time to wish my father a wonderful happy birthday. Wish you many more. I love you pa don’t worry we be racing soon.

66. Good morning to my family and friends on Fb. please help me with my handsome and ambitious Son Happy birthday wishing him a lifetime of love and happiness and most of all. God continued blessings.

67. I Wanna Give A Big Birthday Shout Out To One Of The Realest OG’s From The Block… Happy Birthday. Wish You The Best & Much More To Come. Thanks For Always Being Like Family To Me.

68. Happy Birthday to my DAD! Write him a birthday wish. I’ll make sure he gets it!

69. Good morning my fan, girls, and boys! How we feeling, good I hope. If not too good, then this little lovely video from the birthday boy himself should cheer you up. Thanking everyone for wishing him a happy birthday. I wonder what prompted him to do this I wonder.

70. We wanted to wish our Uncle a VERY Happy Birthday today! He is one of the many cool people who work behind the scenes at Eyewitness News here in NYC to make it all happen! And, he has a cool collection of Magnum PI shirts, too.

Happy Birthday Quotes

71. An extraordinary companion and a happy birthday. That is the thing that you are and that is the thing that I wish for you.

72. You’re sweeter than the sweetest melody and more wonderful than magnificence itself. Much obliged for making my reality genuinely sweet and delightful. I adore you frantically. Happy birthday, my dearest.

73. Might be a day late, but the wishes are no less happy for PTDC dancer, who celebrated his birthday yesterday! Check out his stunning dancing. Happy birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes

74. Make your birthday important. Victory the candles on the cake and celebrate! At that point appreciate what life got to you the previous year and anticipate what is yet to come.

75. My Birthday wish for you is that you keep on loving life and dream constantly. May magnificence and joy encompass you on your extraordinary day, as well as away.

76. I would like to wish you a happy birthday. May you live to see many more years to come.  We laugh, we fight and we cry but when the day is up we are both one.I am lucky to have you because you are the worlds best brother enjoy your birthday Hunny.

Special Happy Birthday Quotes for Friends

Check below special happy birthday quotes for best friend. Show you’re loved to your friend by wish his or her birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes

77. Happy Birthday to my Princess! It’s astounding how time flies. You are my little girl and my closest companion as well. It’s been my pleasure being your mother. You have turned into an astonishing individual.

78. Behind the scenes of Your Business!!! Wishing our Executive Producer a very Happy Birthday today!

79. Have a superb birthday. I wish you consistently to be loaded with heaps of adoration, chuckling, satisfaction and the glow of daylight.

80. You are just youthful once, however you can be juvenile until the end of time. Happy Birthday.

Motivational Birthday Quotes

81. I trust your extraordinary day will bring you heaps of satisfaction, love, and fun. You merit them a great deal. Appreciate!

82. Thank you all for birthday wishes I can’t express how happy I am to receive so much love from you, guys!!!

83. Have a magnificent birthday. I wish your consistently to be loaded with bunches of affection, chuckling, satisfaction and the glow of daylight.

Happy Birthday Quotes

84. May your coming year amaze you with the joy of grins, the sentiment love et cetera. I trust you will discover a lot of sweet recollections to appreciate until the end of time. Happy birthday.

85. On your extraordinary day, I wish you good fortunes. I trust this magnificent day will top off your heart with delight and endowments. Have an awesome birthday, praise the satisfaction on each day of your life. Happy Birthday!!

86. Will like to wish my son a Happy Birthday. Have a great day.

87. Wishing Actor/Director A Happy 80th Birthday Today!

88. May this birthday be loaded with heaps of happy hours and furthermore your existence with numerous happy birthdays, that are yet to come. Happy birthday.

89. We should light the candles and comment on this exceptional day of your life. Happy birthday.

90. You are exceptionally unique and that is the reason you have to coast with heaps of grins on your exquisite face. Happy birthday.

91. Happy birthday to my gorgeous Momma.  Wishing you all the best wishes for your wonderful day you’re loving, caring and I love your calls. Love you mom.

Happy Birthday Quotes

92. You are my actual companion. You were dependable with me, you bolstered me, you supported me up when I was down. Much obliged for being such a companion of mine. Happy birthday.

93. Let your everything the fantasies to be ablaze and light your birthday candles with that. Have an exquisite birthday.

94. Everyone help us with our baby girl a Happy 8 year Birthday!! Love you lots baby!!

95. Help me with my first born baby a happy birthday!  She hit the double digits a big 15 years old today. Daddy loves you!!

96. It’s your birthday. Presently you’ve more grown up. Consistently you’re winding up noticeably greater.

30th Birthday Wishes

97. Wishing my companion an exceptionally happy birthday and you don’t have to talk it so anyone can hear that I’m your closest companion as well. Adore you dear.

98. There are such a variety of imperative things that I’ve learned from you. Happy Birthday, Father.

99. Please help me with my Father a wonderful Happy Birthday. I love it when he tells me after asking, How’s he doing. His response every time is “I’m alive and I’m blessed with the best”. That he is. He made another year recovering. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my great DADDY.

100. Sister, we are an awesome match since we generally look beautiful in our photographs! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes

General Happy Birthday Wishes

101. The years we shared while growing up resemble fortunes to me. I can recollect us each snapshot of chuckling. Happy Birthday, my dear.

102. I need your birthday to be praised as a national occasion since then I’ll get a three day weekend. Happy birthday.

103. Good morning world please help me with the Love of my life, Stephanie, a happy birthday. I thank God for you and all that you do for us.

104. Another birthday, so you are becoming more established bit by bit. Be that as it may, I discover no adjustment in you. You look consummate like some time recently. Happy birthday.

105. Happy birthday. May all the best things of the world occur in your life since you are certainly one of the best individuals as well.

106. Can I get all my family and friends to wish my beautiful wife a Happy Birthday wish? Love you, honey. Happy birthday.

107. I generally wished to be an incredible companion like you. Be that as it may, there is no real way to be a superior companion than you on the planet. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes

108. Before long will begin another time of your life and I trust this coming year will bring each achievement you merit. Happy birthday.

109. Happy birthday to you! Thank you guys for being such a wonderful sissy and amazing bro-in-law and always supporting me since the very first met until now. I wish you nothing but the best, happy birthday!

110. It’s a brilliant day and I’ve bought a lovely and tasty cake for you. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to celebrate and make this unique day more bright. Happy birthday.

111. Wishing a happy birthday to the best man I’ve at any point met in this world.

Birthday Wishes For Husband

112. I would like to wish my son a very happy birthday. You are 10 and have made me the proudest Father ever. Double digits baby! Love you.

113. You are the special case who helped me a considerable measure, guided me a great deal and never surrendered when even I was not sure. A debt of gratitude is in order to be the distance from me. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes

114. I feel glad when I call you my sister. I need to feel this today and consistently. Happy birthday.

115. TODAY IS MY FAVORITE LADY BIRTHDAY SO I want to wish A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Mom, I love you with everything in me.

116. Father, you have dependably been a decent companion to me and I trust we will remain until the end of time. Happy birthday.

117. I wish an extremely happy birthday for the second highly cherished offspring of my folks.

118. Happy birthday, bro. You are the best sibling on the planet, as well as the closest companion of mine.

119. Mother, there is nobody who can come much nearer to your triumphant ways. Happy Birthday to my incredible mother.

120. Happy birthday to my brother, wish you nothing but the best, love you lots.

121. Happy birthday wishes from the family. Happy 22nd birthday!!! Thanks for making it all happen your the best!

122. Mother, there is no other individual who can replace yours with my heart. I’m lucky to the point that I’ve discovered the best mother in this world. Happy birthday.

123. Each morning when I wake up, I generally bless your heart. You are the person who adores me genuinely. You are forever my stunning mother, wishing you a happy birthday.

124. Mother, you are my blessed messenger. My sincere welcome to you on this exceptional day. Happy Birthday.

125. I just want to say thank you to everyone for the happy birthday wishes yesterday. It made my day.

Happy Birthday Quotes

Funny Birthday Quotes

126. Mother, you are the quality that dependably causes me to battle despite the seemingly insurmountable opposition of my life. I adore you and Happy birthday.

127. Mom, all I need that I could grow up with you in the coming days. I wish you a happy birthday and it’s all your direction for which I have turned into the people I’m currently.

128. Each mother is unique, yet, believe me, there is no other mother who can be contrasted with your qualities. On this unique day, I need to thank you and wish a happy birthday.

129. Sending Happy birthday wishes out to my bro, The “Teddy Bear”. Enjoy your day. I love YOU!

130. Thank you to all my wonderful friends who took the time to wish me Happy Birthday. You are great!

Birthday Wishes For Friend

131. Regardless of the amount I grow up, still it appears that we were youthful yesterday. Adore you so much, brother. Happy birthday.

132. Brother, I adore you to such an extent. May all the best favors rain upon you today and dependable. Happy birthday.

133. Happy birthday. Wish you the best and many more years! Have love for you to you as well for your family! Keep being you and best wishes.

134. Happy birthday aunty!!! Wish you a fabulous year ahead!!

Happy Birthday Quotes

135. I’ll like to say THANKS to God, Family, and Friends for all the Happy Birthday Wishes. Thank you all.

136. Hope everyone can wish my younger brother, a very happy birthday! Thanks for the shout out.

137. Take all the all the best on this extraordinary day and turn into an incredible man in life. Adore you so much, brother.

138. Dear friend, however, the rundown of our battle is too long, yet at the same time, I need to wish an awesome birthday.

139. Father, you never did anything incorrectly in your life so you merit all the great things on the planet. Have a ravishing festival on your extraordinary day. Happy birthday.

140. I may not be celebrating your special day with you but I want you to know that I am thinking of you & wishing you a lovely HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

141. You are not just the absolute best father, you resemble a good example to me. Happy birthday.

142. Your straightforward words could convey a major grin on my face. I’m truly grateful to GOD for giving me such a wonderful sister.

143. I need to thank you, my sister, for being the most cherishing and minding sister on the planet. Nobody comprehends me superior to you. Wish you a Happy Birthday.

144. Have I ever told you guys how much I love my job?? This is me getting to wish a new friend a happy birthday.

145. Had to log in just to wish my big brother a happy birthday! I love you so much Bubba and it was so much fun spending your day with you, my niece, my nephew, and the rest of the family! I know you about to turn up tonight and it’s gone be lit! happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes

146. My hottest wishes for the greatest mother for her extraordinary day. Happy Birthday.

147. Hip hip hip Happy birthday to this cutey Queen. I Wish you more of what you wish your self-baby… Have fun today is all about you…

148. It’s my only Grandmas birthday! Help me wish her a great HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She’s a living definition of everything virtuous! Don’t know where my life would be without her!

149. Birthday still loading 99% guys We wish you happy birthday in advance. May you live long and healthy to care for our children.

150. Your birthday is more extraordinary to me than you, on the grounds that on this day, I found the most valuable companion of my whole life. Happy Birthday.

151. Want to wish a very Happy birthday! I love you very much and hope your day is as beautiful as you are. Let’s celebrate your life and all that you have accomplished and will accomplish. Love you lots!

152. A birthday cake is constantly great, however, to me, a friend like you is without a doubt incredible. Happy Birthday.

153. I want to wish a very happy birthday to the love of my life. This the first year we are celebrating together and I can’t wait for much more to come. I wish you only the best!! Happiness, love, and success. I won’t wish you love cause I know we are blessed with that, now that we got each other. I love you with all I have. You are my world, my happiness, my king! For many more wonderful moments, I  love you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY.

154. We’d like to wish a huge happy birthday to the man behind the scenes, our manager. Thanks for all your hard work!

155. I want to wish our friend Grant a very Happy Birthday!!

Romantic Birthday Quotes

156. Let’s take a minute and wish my husband a happy birthday he’s in NYC to perform for the Super Bowl!

157. Happy birthday. I wish you all the best today and every day you are the best dad that anyone could ask for and I am blessed and thankful to have you in my life that I could call Pa to love you lots.

158. I want to wish my little brother a Happy Birthday. He’s definitely one of the most talented people I know.

159. I would like to wish you a super duper happy birthday. Thank you for letting me share this journey beside you. CONGRATULATIONS, I LOVE YOU LOTS.

160. It is a wonderful moment which is a part of our love’s destiny. Happy birthday. Best wishes and happy birthday to the reason of my success, the reason of my happiness and all the smiles.  Happy 30th birthday to my lovely wife.

161. Fortunate to have you in my life, blessed to call you my husband, lucky to be loved by you, excited to say the best is yet to come. Wishing you the happiest birthday my love, my world!

162. I want to wish my mom a Happy birthday!! May you keep growing old together always healthy and happy!!

163. Wishing my grandmother, My heart, my world, my love a lovely Happy Birthday. I pray you to enjoy your day to the END.

164. Wishing my big brother Rod a joyous and amazing birthday! Blessed to have such a great brother! He’s the big30!!


166. Happy Birthday to the MOST Kind, Loving, Generous and Beautiful Mother “Wishing YOU a Birthday as Special as you are!”

167. Happy 60th Birthday. Wishing you all the Best.

168. Will you all please help me with my brother. Love, a happy birthday.

169. Happy birthday to this beauty queen of mine…

Best wishes to you dear…

I love your new age…

Wishing you all the best in your life.

Long Life And Prosperity.

Love you lots.

170. Just wanted to post a nice great happy birthday to my beautiful wife. You are just amazing.  I love you so much and I wish you all the happiness you could have especially today on your birthday.

171. I just want to wish my boy a very Happy 11th Birthday!! You have overcome a tough start and are now full of life, laughter and show attitude. Just know that we love you, will guide and help you each step of the way. You are my true love and happiness -Your Mom and Dad.

172. Happy birthday to my handsome son …a good and better half and the best father to mine. I love you, son, may all your wishes come true. May God continue to pour His blessings upon you and your family!

173. I wanna wish my son a happy 20th birthday love you and so proud to call you my mojo. Enjoy your day and always wishing the best for you.

174. Happy 14th Birthday!!! Wish you all the best. Love you always.

175. Wishing my Baby Girl a happy 19th birthday. May God bless you with much more filled with health, love, and happiness. I love you from here to the moon and back. I’m truly blessed to have you.

176. Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to my best friend.  Happy birthday, dear.

177. Just want to take the time to wish my lovely girlfriend a Happy Birthday today is your day too bad we got a work but this weekend I got lots planned don’t trip it’s Lit! Love your amazing mother and friend.  I appreciate everything you do even  I’m Mean of sometimes I mean well?  So when we get off It’s whatever you want however you want it.

178. Had a blast this weekend!!!Thank you, everybody, for all those happy birthday wishes!!!

179. Once again our Boo loves this place and happy birthday wishes to her.

180. About last night. Had a great time. You know you had a blast when you only can post the turn-up pics. Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes family and friends it was a great one.


182. A special day indeed! Happy birthday wishes to my sweet brother. In addition, my dad would be celebrating his 90th birthday today if he was still with us. Happy birthday to you both!!

183. 10 years ago today at 5:50 pm I gave birth and my life hasn’t been the same since! I love you to the moon and back. Help me wish my BIG GIRL a Happy Birthday.

184. Wishing my son a very happy 18th birthday. May God continue to bless always and keep you and may you continue to grow as a leader and always give your all in all that you do. There is no limit to what you can do. I am very proud to be your mom. Happy birthday to my lovely son.

Warm Birthday Quotes for the Special Day

185. It’s so hard to believe that you would be 22 today. I miss you terribly and just wish there was some way to know your happy. I love you so much bud. Happy birthday. Until we meet again.

186. Wishing my oldest handsome, caring, loving and smart grandson a HAPPY 18th Birthday. Your Nana love U.

187. Happy birthday to my oldest sister & my nephew enjoy & wish you much more to come.

188. Screaming Happy 15th Birthday to my baby girl. I love you to the moon and back. Y’all help me with the last of my bunch a very Happy Birthday. Gm by the Way.

189. I’m about to cry I can’t believe my little 1lb 7 oz miracle baby is 5 years old today time is going by so fast. This little girl is my everything wishing my baby a happy 8th birthday. Can’t wait to celebrate this weekend.

190. We laughed together, we cried together, I swear to GOD I hope that we can PARTY together!!!” FBF, help me wish my sister a Happy Birthday. I love you, enjoy your day and play nice.

191. Would everyone help me with my friend from ‘way back’ a Happy Birthday? ’60’ all day.

192. Woke up right next to the love of my life wishing him a great Happy Birthday!!! Even though sometimes u get on My LAST nerve, I wouldn’t see living my life without u right by my side!! I know you are going to enjoy yourself today because I’m going to make sure of that! Love you lots.

193. I am truly blessed and happy to wish my brother a wonderful Happy Birthday today! I love you man and I appreciate you holding it down for the Dillard Men!

194. Help me wish my Momma a Happy Birthday, I love you so much enjoy your day!!!

195. Hey everyone helps me to wish my great, and loving granddaughter a very Happy Birthday grandma love you so much.

196. Wanna wish my handsome and intelligent little brother a Happy 21st Birthday; enjoy your day baby bro!!! I love you.

197. Happy Birthday to my Lil sister. She turned 22yrs again. So everybody helps me wish her Happy Birthday. I love you, baby.

198. I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning to wish the best mom, momma in law, grandma and great grandma a wonderful Happy Birthday!!!! We love you to the moon and back.

199. Up wishing my one and only sister a very Happy Birthday….hope you’re having a glorious time!!! Continue to RIH, LOVE YOU FOREVER!

200. Hey, FB helps me wish my daughter a Happy 26th Birthday. Happy birthday.

201. Happy birthday to my Lil brother, my Forza and my everything. Pls, help wish him a happy birthday.

202. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my great husband! Every day is an adventure with you and I’m thankful for you always. This year is gonna be BIG!

203. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby girl! I love you so much!  Because of you. our family is closer than before! I wish you nothing but the best! And many healthy years to come. I LOVE YOU lots!

204. Happy birthday to my baby boy. love you Lil dude you going to do amazing things in your lifetime. My heart you always keep a smile on my face. Everyone help me wish my baby happy birthday an many more.

205. Happy Birthday wishes nephew! Hoping you have a great day!

Adorable Birthday Love Wishes

206. Yoooo! Had a great day Thank you, everyone, that wishes me happy birthday and got me gifts Y’all make me blush  I love all of you.

207. I want to wish you a happy birthday nice Ty have a blessed day love you enjoy your day.

208. Ask me any questions I will answer a good question. Happy birthday once more to me and thx everyone for the birthday wishes.

209. Happy Birthday to my beautiful first born baby! You are blossoming into such a wonderful godly young lady. We are so very proud of you. We wish we could celebrate with you today but we did cook your favorite meal and eat it in your honor.

210. Wishing very special person ones again happy birthday my beautiful sister, future miss.

211. I would like to wish my beautiful daughter happy 15thbirthday. She’s growing up on me.

212. Wishing a very Happy 22nd Birthday to one of the most humble and talented professional athletes I have known! Enjoy your special day.

213. I would like to wish a very happy birthday. Thank you for all the dedication you put into me. You are very much appreciated and are a very important part of our team.

214. We want to wish Hal Weise a very happy 40th birthday!!!!!

You are the rock to our family and my BFF for life!! You put up with all of my craziness and support my wild dreams! Heck, you come up with the best ideas all while supporting us!!

The boys wanted to sing to you.

Happy Birthday!

215. Wishing my youngest child and only son a very happy 15th birthday …mommy loves you so very much.

216. Wishing my hero a Happy 80th birthday!! We have always been proud of your service to this country! I love you Pops! Prost!

217. I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my grandsons. I am so proud of the young men you have become. Keep living a life that brings glory to God.

218. Attention All Ladies! Come to See YOUR Boyfriend Tonight & Wish Him A Happy Birthday!! Bobby Queen.

219. Happy 50th birthday… In this special day I hope all your wishes come true, I love you.

220. Happy birthday to my Big sister no other!!! Wish you all the Best in life and Good health always!!! We love u so much!!!

221. Today is a very special day!! It’s our Associate Director, Robin Romano’s Birthday!!!! Please join me in wishing her a very happy birthday.

222. Screaming “Happy Birthday to you” Auntie!!!! Wishing we could be there to help celebrate but I know the family got us covered. Love you enjoy your party.

223. I wanted to wish my daddy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love you lots, you are the best dad ever in this world. I’m so thankful you’re doing everything. You can make my dream come true! I will make you proud! I also hope you have a wonderful day.  Sorry I won’t be there for your birthday but there are plenty more in the future for me then I’ll be able to make you an awesome cake!!

224. Just want to wish my child a very Happy 25th birthday !!! I love you very much and I’m proud of the young women you’ve grown to be for all you’ve gone through! God is a good baby just keep trusting his word. I love you hope your day is special.

225. 12 years ago today God blessed us with our second beautiful little girl. She’s smart, artistic, talented, sweet, sassy, funny and generous. She donated her birthday. Wish so the kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital can have toys to play with! Thanks to all of her friends that came to her party and donated!!!


226. Happy birthday to my love big 25. Wish you much more and happy birthday.

227. Wishing my brother a Happy Birthday and visiting loved ones too.

228. I want to wish a wonderful happy birthday to my tall handsome man! May you have a great rest of the day/night.

229. Happy Birthday to one of the beautiful and most inspiring women I know! She is proof that hard work, loyalty, and integrity go a long way! Nothing but the best wishes to you on your day enjoy and get spoiled.

Cool happy birthday messages and saying

230. Happy birthday to my best friend and I wish you many more.

231. I just want to wish a very BIG Happy Birthday to a great woman; my mother!! I love you so much, lady!!

232. I would like to wish the mother of my daughters a wonderfully happy and wonderful birthday. You’re a great mother to our daughters and a good friend. I wish you all the best.

233. Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day!! I wish I could be with you! Miss you lots and I love you with all that I am.

234. Want to wish this handsome kid of mine a Happy 18th Birthday. I want you to know how proud I am of the young man you’ve become. Enjoy your day. Love you, Dad.

235. Happy Birthday to my Sister and law Patty may all your wishes come true.


237. Happy birthday!!!! Wish you were with us…love you always.

238. Happy birthday! Wish you both the best of birthdays on this lucky day!

239. Happy birthday! Hope all your wishes come true.

240. It’s this little missy 12 Birthday… she’s the first kid I cared for Happy Day and wish you many happy endeavors baby girl.

241. My youngest daughter wishing her big brother a happy birthday, so lovely!

242. Wishing our Cousin Sister a Happy Birthday…We Love n Miss you so Much…Happy 12thBirthday!!!

243. Happy Birthday! I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart!

244. Birthday wishes!! I don’t know why I am singing so horrible!! Happy birthday, bay!!

245. Happy 10th birthday to my awesome nephew Bentley!! Wish you weren’t sick and that I could be with you! Love you tons you cutie.

246. Hi Grandma Good Morning Happy Birthday. I Love you. Wish I Was There With you Grandma. Thanking GOD For U.

247. Wishing a Blessed Birthday. We Love You Very Much and Pray for many more years to come. From you Bro.

248. Wishing my best friend a happy birthday!! let’s enjoy this weekend! God bless you always.

249. Happy Birthday, friend. Wishing you a wonderful day with good luck on your way.

250. Happy Birthday to my lovely friend!  Wishing you millions of happiness, thousands of smiles, lots of love. Have a great year ahead!

251. Happy birthday, dear. Many many happy returns of the day. I wish you happiness today, tomorrow and always. Happy birthday my dear friend.

252. Happy Birthday. May Almighty bless you with all happiness. Friends, please wish him.

253. Happy birthday to you, friend. Have a nice day with your family.

254. Happy birthday to my friend. May God bless you always. Take care of you.

255. Happy birthday to you my dear friend. Wish you a happy and Peaceful life!

256. Happy birthday to you dear friend. wish you many happy returns with the day & fill up your all good wishes. May God bless you always.

257. Happy Birthday, friend. Many many happy returns of the day comeback in your life with joy, happiness and prosper again & again. Happy Birthday to you my friend.

258. Happy Birthday To You Friend. Many many happy returns of this days. Wish Your Happy And Long Life.

259. Happy Birthday to you, Enjoy the great day with your friends and family!

260. Happy Birthday, friend. Happy Birthday to you. This day comeback in your life again.

261. My Dear Boyhood & Classmates Friend. Happy Birthday to you. And may you & Family live for a long time.

262. Happy Birthday To Your Friend. Many many happy returns of these days. Wish You Happy And Long Life. Have a great day.

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