How To Get Microsoft Office For Free Step By Step

In this post, we will share how to get Microsoft Office for free. Microsoft Office is a standout amongst other desktop office suites, however, it doesn’t come cheap. For the full suite, you need to pay $300+ that many people can’t bear. Regardless of the possibility that you go for a month to month membership of $9.99, it is still generally costly over the long haul.

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free?

Be that as it may, there are numerous approaches to have access to the Microsoft Office suite for nothing. You can either get the real Microsoft Office temporarily or utilize a restricted version for all time. The following are some approaches to fulfill your taste buds with Microsoft Office for free.

Office Online

In the event that you truly require the Microsoft Office suite for your customary work and would prefer not to pay for it, at that point Office Online is the best option. It doesn’t have any restriction on the use and is totally allowed to utilize. Fundamentally, it is a Microsoft Office suite with limited features, however, it is, on the web and you require an internet connection with utilizing it. It is shockingly little-known by the overall population.

It offers all essential to-normal editing tools and furthermore offers some additional features that even Microsoft Office doesn’t have: For instance, “Tell me” gives you a chance to look for Microsoft office functionalities when you are stuck and it likewise has some propelled joint effort tools.

For a normal client, Office Online offers all that could possibly be needed tools to make archives. It coordinates with OneDrive and your reports will be spared there while being adjusted on all gadgets and editable from any gadget. It ought to be noticed that Office Online won’t work without an internet connection, so you will be in a tough situation on the off chance that you disconnect.

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Microsoft Office Smartphone Apps

Microsoft additionally offers free Microsoft Office apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The applications likewise have diminished features, however, are adequate for a normal client. The interface is very instinctive and makes it simple to alter archives both offline and online. On cell phones, it is the best Office suite you can discover with a simple to take after interface.

Obviously, it can’t genuinely supplant the desktop app, yet can agreeable in the event that you are edgy for some sort of Microsoft Office usefulness.

Free Trials (Temporary)

On the off chance that you are not happy with the restricted features tools and need to utilize includes just accessible in the full form of Microsoft Office, at that point there, are some impermanent ways. You won’t have the capacity to pick up perpetual access, yet it can be a decent choice if you simply need to try Office before getting it or need one of its propelled highlights to accomplish a one-time task.

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Office 365 Trial

Office 365 offers a 30-day free trial. Be that as it may, it can likewise be a hazardous choice in light of the fact that to download the free trial, you have to give payment details and when the trial completes the membership will begin if you haven’t scratched off, and it’s anything but difficult to overlook.

If it’s all the same to you giving your payment details and can recall to withdraw (or get it) before the 1-month trial end, at that point, it is a decent option.

Office Professional Plus 2013 Free Trial

Microsoft additionally offers 60 days free trial of Office Professional Plus 2013. It doesn’t require any payment details of interest making it less dangerous. After the time for testing closes, Office Professional Plus will return to a constrained suite of only a couple of features.

In the event that 60 days are insufficient for you, at that point you can likewise build the trail up to add up to 180 days. For this reason, you have to execute a summon from the order line, in any case, there are applications too that can do that for you automatically.

You can utilize the application Office 2013 Trial Extender to broaden the trial with a solitary snap. You should utilize the application toward the finish of every month to increase the greatest advantage. You can read the application’s points of interest for finish directions.

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OneNote is Free!

If you like the Microsoft OneNote and require access to just this device, at that point you will be upbeat to realize that it is allowed to download independently alongside every one of the features. You can lawfully download it from Microsoft’s site with no sort of gets. In any case, you should sign in to your Microsoft account to utilize OneNote once installed.

Get Office 2016 Preview

You can likewise get your hands on Office 2016 Preview if you truly need to experiment with Microsoft Office. It may even now have a few bugs, however, it is, allowed to use until authoritatively released in September 2015. You should hustle just a bit as the time is ticking, however, you will without doubt show signs of improvement encounter than the current Microsoft Office suite accessible. Watch out for a comparable trial for next year’s edition…

You won’t need to give credit card information and in the event that you can download it before it terminates, you will get the chance to utilize it for 120 days for free even after the release. You can download Office 2016 Preview and begin utilizing it with no limitations.


Above are the free technique to get your hands on the Microsoft Office suite or if nothing else its features. Every one of the technique accompanies some sort of catch, you simply need to choose the one that satisfies your necessities and you can likewise be exposed to the catch associated with it.