Funny Monkeys VS Dogs and Cats Compilation (video)

Do you need a funny video? Want to laugh more and more. Then watch this video. In this video a funny and naughty monkey disturbing dogs and cats.  Try not to laugh. Watch here funny monkeys vs dogs and cats compilation. This video will help you to laugh, that monkey got serious behind stealing that dog’s food.

Here some comment that people say after watching this funny video:

Monkeys are smart more than cats and dogs

Monkeys are like human babies in the animal kingdom, they are such a jerks with everyone but they just play and try to have patience with them.

Wow, This video is full of SJW.

This is so cruel and so disturbing

I’ve never seen anything get the better of cat like that or maybe the cat is just mollified and friends with the monkey.

Wonderful clips. However, what is completely disturbing is that many of the monkeys are chained and one of the dogs as well. It is brutal to chain any animal. What is being portrayed here that chaining is OK? Monkeys should be free NOT chained.